Nissan GT-R Prices Paid, Buying Experience, Insurance & Maintenance Costs

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Hey guys, I'm new to Edmunds and when researching about new cars, I find this website & forum to be quite helpful especially when purchasing the '09 Lexus RX350 for the family. So I've been looking at the GT-R for awhile now but the price was marked up at dealerships when they first came out.

With the ailing economy and one dealership that has three 2010 GT-Rs and one 2009, how much do you think I can get the '09 for realistically? All 4 GT-Rs are Premiums and new. Currently they are asking for $84K for the 2010s and the $83K for the '09. Also, no trade for as I love & keeping my current Nissan. Someone on a Nissan forum says he can get an '09 in the 60K range. Is that true?

My uncle has been telling to go w/ Porsche but I am a Nissan guy and this is the ultimate Nissan vehicle out there.

I've also heard owning this car is going to cost a lot. Must this car be serviced at a GT-R certified dealer only even for oil changes & tire/rotations?

Is Nissan still only putting out 2000 of these cars a year and do you see them still putting them out in 5 years from now? Thanks for all your help.


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    Sounds like your dealer needs to deal.

    Going rate for '09 Premium should be 76-78K.

    '10 premium should be closer to 80K.

    As for the guy talking upper-60K-range, if it has 10,000+ miles maybe.

    They are producing 1500-2000/year for the foreseeable future, yes.

    I see no reason they wouldn't continue for at least a 5-year model run, other than external factors like an utter collapse of the dollar :surprise: which would have the same affect on all carmakers.

    You might find a wealth of educated opinions if you try the owners clubs.

    Here, you'll find a wealth of opinions.... ;)
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    Thanks for the info bigmclargehuge. Yea, the '09 GT-R that I've been looking at has been sitting at my dealer for more than 6 months now. I don't really need a new car now but would like to get this monster sometime in the future. If my dealer will sell it to me for $60K, I don't mind going for it now. I guess I'll just have to pay a visit to my dealer at the end of the month and find out. :confuse:

    Good to know Nissan will be making these for at least the next 5 years. That way, there is no hurry to get one now. :D
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    My dealer is asking for about $75K for an '09 Red Premium about a month ago... Looks like they sold both their 2010s but the 2009 is still sitting there. The thing is the interior is grey and the rims are silver. I think the car would look better with smoke rims and black interior... Is it realistic to get them to go into the $60K range? It's last years model, and I don't think many people are willing to dish out this amount of cash for a Nissan.... IF the car is still there in Aug or Sept, do u think the dealer needs to push for a sale?
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    They are definitely falling... but ever-so slowly.

    My guess is they'll wait until the '11s hit before cresting the magic 6x,xxx with the '09s.
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    Lowest I've seen a new 2009 go for now is $72,999. So about $2K less than a month ago.

    I just picked up an '09 Premium with 3K miles for under $71K. Thought I got a fantastic deal, then come to find out another club member got the same car with 1K miles for a grand less. Oh well :P

    Point is, the '09s are being cleared out. And there are some decent deals on new and slightly used if you have the means.

    If anyone wants to pick up a slightly used one, but is worried about it being launched prior to the LC2 update, here's what you do:

    have the GT-R taken to a Nissan dealership certified to do the diagnostic test. If the black box comes back clean, buy the car. You are not liable for any defects before or after purchase. If there are any problems, don't buy it. You're only out $115.00 for the diagnostic test. No biggie.

    Mine came back negative for any VDC-off launches. i.e. the car has a full warranty intact. I have the signature of a GTR technician that says as much.

    I only intend on using LC2. So I can launch as much as I want, full warranty.

    I'm also probably going to buy an extended maintenance plan. Similar to my experience buying Audi maintenance plans. All pre-paid maintenance, so I never have to reach in my pocket henceforth. The prices I've heard weren't that bad for full maintenance on a supercar.

    Another tid-bit I found interesting, is my dealer told me I can track the GT-R as much as I want. They'll still cover everything under warranty if you track so long as you increase the frequency of your maintenance and check-ups. All cars need fluids and brakes done more often when driven hard, so no surprise there.

    So that part was no different than other cars. I think people were jumping at shadows.

    What they discourage is RACING. Big difference. They don't want you racing competitively, since that is abusing the car with the hopes of profiting from it personally. Nissan doesn't want to cover the costs of your private racing team. So go get a sponsor to cover all parts and maintenance.

    So a lot of things have been cleared up for me. I'm fairly comfortable after getting the full story.
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    I purchased a new 2010 GTR Premium at the end of June '09 (near L.A.) and thought my experience might be helpful to you if you're considering buying this amazing car.

    I paid sticker, but no markup at all. Anyone who's getting anything over sticker is charging too much, even for the 2010 models. The hype has died down and inventories are there, so do not pay anything over sticker. I had one dealer call me the night after I'd taken delivery of the one I bought and offer the same model to me for $2k under sticker, so that might be some indication of the current market for 2010 models, for what it's worth. Could've been b.s. by that other dealer to try to get me over there, too...not sure.

    I also wanted to comment on the other post earlier that said something about Nissan's warranty covering track use. It does not. I have about 4 pages of disclaimers and notices they make you sign when you buy the car, and track use is definitely NOT covered under warranty, at least according to my Nissan paperwork.

    Also, Nissan does strongly recommend all services be done by a GTR-certified Nissan mechanic. With a car of this caliber, I'm not sure why someone would go anywhere else. I do realize money is the main reason, but this car is so high tech, I'd be nervous about a non-Nissan guy touching it.

    Cost of maintenance is very high, that's true, but for what this rocket ship will do, to me it seems well worth it. Great daily driver and amazing track star all in one.

    Hope this info helps and see you on the track!
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    also wanted to comment on the other post earlier that said something about Nissan's warranty covering track use. It does not. I have about 4 pages of disclaimers and notices they make you sign when you buy the car, and track use is definitely NOT covered under warranty, at least according to my Nissan paperwork.

    Never said it covered actual track use. They'll still cover everything under warranty if you track so long as you increase the frequency of your maintenance and check-ups. All cars need fluids and brakes done more often when driven hard, so no surprise there.

    Indeed, you can track it as much as you want. I have no expectation that any damage I incur while using it off-highway is coverd by anyone but me and me alone. If that was not clear, I apologize.

    Driving hard or tracking does not decrease the life of a warranty was the point I was getting at.

    They do, however, recommend that when you track it, bring it to Nissan, have them check it out.
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    Just as examples:

    GM performance parts warranty:

    "This warranty does not cover:
    Damage due to improper installation, negligence, alteration, accident,
    improper use, or any use related to racing, track, or competition. Proper
    vehicle use is discussed in the vehicle Owner’s Manual."

    Porsche warranty:

    "This warranty does not cover:
    Abuse, accident, acts of God, competition, racing or track use or other events.
    Note: Components and/or parts that fail during racing or driving events (including Porche sponsored events) will not be covered by the manufacturer new car limited warranty. "

    They all read pretty much the same. And this is indeed the same language the Nissan paperwork used. I'm sorry if it seemed I was implying otherwise.

    When you drive a GM, Nissan, or Porsche ON the track, your warranty does not protect you for those laps. Or drag racing passes, etc.

    But, what they all also have in common is once you bring it back to the highway, your warranty is 100% intact.
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    I'm fairly new to this forum, and soon on the market to purchase my new car. I currently lease a BMW Z4M, and the GT-R is on my short list...huge step ! (I still really enjoyed my BMW).
    I was trying to get an idea of how much discount I could expect for the GT-R Premium model, and also heard about mark-up.
    I looked at to get a report, and see that the "TrueAverage" was around ~77k from a ~84k sticker price. the factory invoice begin ~79k, it's below the invoice. It seems very unrealistic to me.
    Also, while I recently walked into the Nissan Dealer to get the brochure, and see the car, I was surprise that they didn't have any (that was back in Nov), and it seems to be very challenging, or impossible to test drive, unless you sign the order... :cry:

    Any feedback or experience (I'm in PA), would be appreciated before I start my process.

    Thanks !
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377

    You should be able to get a '10 at invoice. You can even find them below invoice.
    If the car is marked up, walk away. Mark-ups are no longer the norm.

    I did have to start the paperwork before getting a test-drive. This is typical. Since they are all ~identically equipped, my advice is if you decide you like it, to check out eBay. They vary by up to 5K region-region. You might save a few Mr.Grants picking one up or taking delivery.

    If you want a test-ride, the GT-R community is typically very friendly for most potential buyers. Especially if you attended a track-meet, there are abundant generous individuals that typically offer a thorough ride-along.

    There are a few dealers that do give test-drives to serious buyers on the EC, and we might be able to get you hooked up with one of those as well. You might have to drive a ways once you get in touch with them though.

    Where in PA are you? PM me and I'll see if we can't get you hooked up with someone in your area.

    Happy posting.
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    I just leased a 2010 GTR Premium at dealer invoice. The maintanence/service contract to cover the car for 36 months is $6,500. I was told if i bring the car in for all scheduled maintanence it is more costly without a maintanence agreement. What is everyones experience with this cost? Is it worth it? I would appreciate any guidance and insight.
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    Yesterday, I just a leased a 2010 Premium with the $3000 added paint job. Car listed for $87,340. I got the car at invoice $80,000 give or take $30. Dealers do not carry them if they are not certified GTR service centers. I live in Westchester NY and went to dealer just to see the car's paint job. They had 3, black white (just sold) and the super silver. They started the negotiations at MSRP. I told them to blow me away if they wanted me to take care that day. It took some negotiating to get this price, about 15 minutes of my time. This was lower than what a car broker negotiated for me by $3200. The black is still available. Its in the Bronx, NY. They were great to deal with. I took out the tire and wheel warrantee since I heard that the tires wear quickly. Wear is not covered but damging the low profile tires or rims in a pot hole is. One tire and rim is way more than the cost of the entire warrantee for 5 years. Im still deciding ( I have until monday) to go for the service maintanence warrantee $6500 which covers all required maintanence over first 3 years
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    I've found you can haggle the price of maintenance as well. So hard to say if it is worth it in anything but retrospect.

    Depends where you are located and what your local dealer can hook you up with. If they won't come down on price of maintenance because you don't have other local Nissan dealerships to 'compete' against one-another, then it is what it is.

    I live in an area with 4 or 5 local Nissan dealerships, and one I encountered is willing to drop the price of maintenance by a significant amount to win your business.

    Congrats on the lease! :shades:
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    For those of you that lease the GT-R, what were the conditions of your leases and what are your average monthly payments? I'm trying to get an idea before having to sit in a cubicle at my local dealer for two hours working out the "numbers". Thanks for your input!
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    I went with a 60-month/ 60K miles. $1002/month on a $73K car (Old MSRP).
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    Thanks for the reply! Thats pretty much what I thought it would come out to. More incentive for me to pay off my current car and get one.
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    good to know
  • mattsammattsam Member Posts: 25
    Does anyone know the current lease money factor for the 2012 GT-R Black?
  • IEHoopitieIEHoopitie Member Posts: 4
    wondering if the earthquake affected production. Anyone know?
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    Hey guys, I'm new to Edmunds and was looking to buy a GTR or a M3, the other day i went to a Nissan dealer and he scared me with the maintenance prices. I want to take a used GTR may be a 09. Could any one suggest me what is the best price i can get one and how much would the maintenance costs be ? I live in MN.
    Thanks in Advance.
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