2002 Kia Sedona not starting - 0335 code - Crankshaft position sensor

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Our 2002 Kia Sedona just decided not to start (turns over but does not ignite and run) one afternoon. It is producing 0335 codes (Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit). I replaced it. Still not starting and still producing the same code. (I have cleared the codes many times and after just a few seconds of cranking the code comes back).

When reassembling I saw that the camshaft sensor wires were pinched, so I fixed them. Still no start and still getting the same code.

I went through the whole diagnostic. The harness is okay BUT I am seeing exactly 5.00 volts on the crankshaft and camshaft power supply lines. The manual saves this should be the same as the battery voltage, which is about 12V now. I traced the wires back to the ECM and there are no shorts in the CKPS to ECM harness. All resistances to ground, etc, check out... except for the 5.00 V instead of 12V.

I have not found any bad fuses or relays. HELP! any wisdom here?


  • peteddpetedd Member Posts: 3
    Pinched camshaft position sensor wire took out IGNITION FUSE. Replaced it and we were back to the races.

    Figured it out by tracing the power source on the wiring diagrams that I downloaded from eautorepair.com :blush:
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    mine is doing the exact same thing you think all i need to replace is the ignition fuse mine is an 03
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    Without being snarky... perhaps it is easier to check the fuse than to ask me to speculate on your car. Hope the fuse is all it is if you have eliminated the other potential causes that I diagnosed on my car. Good luck.
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    I have a 2002 kia sedona with 180,000 miles. For last 2 weeks car will instantly stall anywhere from 5 mph to 60 mph. Other days can drive all day and not a single "hiccup". Sometimes it stalls and starts with just a big "hiccup" other times I have to shift into nuetral or stop and restart. Sometimes restarting takes several tries. Engine codes says 0335 crankshaft sensor. I found one website on hotw to change yourself "kafossils.tripod.com" but looks like a real job. I am curious on how much work it is to change out.
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    My daughter has a 2002 Sedona and it has the same stalling problems everyone else has. Its been going on a month. We have changed the coil pack, put in new spark plugs, oil change, air filter and fuel ejector fluid. We are sheduled to replaced the crankshaft sensor in 2 days but if that not going to fix the problem, I don't want to do it. We live in South Dakota and this all started when the temps here got into the 90s. Please Help
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    We have had our 2002 sedona since October of last year. Didn't have any problems. Well, all of a sudden the tail lights wont work. Every time you touched the brake the blinker would go on. We replace the exterior fuse and it works for a little while about an hour than burns out. We replaced one of the back bulbs and replaced the fuse again. Had tail lights but the blinker lights would stay on. Has anyone had this issue? The Kia dealer is useless. It's like nobody knows anything about this vehicle. Pretty sad. Any advice would be great. Getting a new car is not an option. LOL
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    Mine is doing the same thing 03 kia sedona. Crankshaft position sensor, any help would be greatly appreciated 
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    So anyone get this figured out? Have an 03 Sedona throwing same code so replaces Crankshaft Pos Sensor and still same code and stalled, talked to local mechanic said he always replaces Camshaft Pos sensor too, so did it..nope still hiccuping and stalling randomly and tonite-drove it around block, parked it two hours tried to start and it will crank but not start. Stumped. Another mechanic said maybe fuel pump or filter or both? Checked all fuses and relays-all good. Very stumped
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    Sounds like you're still working in the dark here because no one has tested to see if you have lost spark or fuel or injector pulse on the no-start. You would have to determine that before anything else.
  • moochymom56moochymom56 Member Posts: 2
    Checked and do have spark but reduced fuel pressure so either fuel pump or filter and since going to have to access the pump to get to the filter, just going to replace pump and filter both tomorrow. Will let you know what the final results are.
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    02 Sedona. Van died, got jumpstart, drove home, van did not start again. Possible I blew something from the jumpstart? I checked fuses and relays.
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    We just bought a used 2003 Kia Sadona about 2 months ago!
    It was driven a lot.
    But well taking care of!
    Person had maintenance records all the way back to 2003!
    We felt it was a great buy not to turn down!
    Since buying we have put maybe 1000 miles on it.
    One morning, it would not turn over!
    I ordered a new starter.
    I replaced the starter.
    Car would started and then died!
    When we checked the codes.
    It said Crank position sensor, was faulty!
    Was a pain to replace.
    But with patience, it just took a little time to replace.
    Once we got all the parts and bolts put back.
    It starts and runs great.

    Hope this info helps someone!

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