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GMC Terrain

steverstever Posts: 52,683
GMC has just announced that the 2010 Terrain crossover, the mechanical twin of the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox, will start at $24,995, $1,810 more than Chevy.

2010 GMC Terrain Priced at $24,995 (Straightline)



  • bvf925bvf925 Posts: 12
    I just discovered the Terrain today while looking around on the GMC website for info regarding any special deals on Sierra's for my husband. We had spoken to a local dealer who said the Envoy would be discontinued after 2009, and replaced by a new, somewhat smaller SUV. This is it! I find it very intriguing by what I see on the internet - patiently waiting for the dealer to get some in so I can test drive it. I would get the AWD model even though I would prefer actual 4wd that I can control. I currently have an AWD vehicle that really doesn't cut the mustard - when I want it to be engaged, it doesn't. When it's a day late and a dollar short, then it kicks in. Maybe GMC has a better set-up?

    If anyone reads this and has an AWD Equinox, please tell me how it handles in the snow - I live in an area that gets belted with snow & the plows don't make regular runs down the street. I need to know if GMC's AWD will be enough for me. Thank you!
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    it's an AWD system without the 4wd lock, unlike the one that's offered in the Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm a tad disappointed at this myself because I like the look of both the Terrain and the Equinox, but I'd prefer to have that 4wd lock function. It's the same reason why I have not bought the Ford Edge yet.
  • Anyone know when the Terrain will go on sale?
  • I like many of you are interested in this downsized GMC "SUV/Crossover". I currently on a 2004 GMC Envoy and hate the gas mileage which averages 16.5 MPG all around driving. I also have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT and it averages 25.5 and I have made one trip with Hwy 32.3 MPG on a 1550 mile trip. My concern is "do I want to believe that the new GMC Terrain which is 700 pounds heaver than my vibe will actually get the 32.0 MPG HWY and will it equal my Vibe's 25.5 in everyday driving.
    On appearance, I don't think much of the large fender bulges on this vehicle. I hope "Motor Week" gets one of these and does some actual testing to see what the real world performance is.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Should be arriving in a few weeks. Production is up and running.
  • Just got back from a test ride. First, one of the back doors would not open as the handle is already broken. That did not create the best first impression. I will say that it does look nice but it is smaller than I expected, more like the Escape that was right next to it. We test drove the 4 cylinder and it is clearly underpowered for this vehicle. It also was quite jittery and bump noises were quite noticeable over the not so great road we were on. I would recommend that anyone considering this vehicle really consider the 6 cylinder version.

    For me, the deal killer was the second seat. I cannot remember a more uncomfortable seat in any vehicle, especially the center position. I won't get too much into my assessment of the interior materials, but just say that they look and are cheap. Such a shame as this is suppose to be the first new vehicle from governmental motors. I am much more interested in the Traverse and I am a very happy owner of the Chevy Avalanche, so I am not just bashing this vehicle. Good luck GM on how others feel.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    It's strange that you consider the interior materials "cheap". The reviews I have read all seem to indicated the Terrain and Equinox interiors are about the best in class. I'm not sure what you are comparing the interior to but this is not a Lexus, its a $25K cute-ute.

    The Terrain indeed does compete with Escape which was standing next to it, Traverse and Avalanche are in a completely different class and price range. It sounds like you were expecting something the Terrain is not.
  • test drove 2 terrains tonight, one a base 4cyl, and 2nd a slt 2 4 cylinder felt ok maybe a touch underpowered, but it felt ok, slt 2 was a bit peppier but fuel range was less. The vehicle seem like it was well built the only quibble was that i was surprised that the interior had as much plastic as it did, but it as a previous poster said it is 25k suv not a lexus. Did not notice any suspensions noise or issues. Perhaps we may order one.I would definitely put it on my short list.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Chiseled fender flares give it a more truck-like, less grocery-getter appearance than the Chevrolet Equinox or Saturn Vue, though. Apart from that, it's just a useful compact SUV. Its five-passenger cabin is spacious, and even with electric-assist power steering, the Terrain's handling is crisp.

    And, we might even take the base four-cylinder engine over the optional V6."

    First Drive: 2010 GMC Terrain (Straightline)

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Decent review. Thanks Edmunds.

    Can someone get this added to the GMC forums, I keep having to search it???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hmm, the Terrain is listed at the end of the SUVs discussion list for some reason (probably something I did :blush: ).

    I'll see if we can get it in the right alpha sort order.

    Where are you looking when you can't find it btw?
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    It's not listed under the SUV page list, the Equinox is however. I don't know how I found this forum. I had to hunt and peck around.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Gotcha, it is missing there. Thanks for letting us know! Should be fixed now, but if you don't see it now, please yell.

    Now that you are here, you may want to follow this discussion with the Watch tool.
  • Please I need some advice. I purchased my new 2010 Terrain! I fell in love with it, until it started leaking oil. I took it to get serviced and they put on a new gasket and re-sealed a plug. Two weeks later my Terrain is back in the shop for an oil leak! I took the $500 off the price (customer satisfaction guart.) How can I go about getting a new Terrain instead of them fixing it ?
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I doubt it's anything serious, it could just be that they didn't install the new gasket or seal correctly. That happened to me once after my car was worked on. I wouldn't hit the panic button yet.
  • I am kinda sad that the slt-1 & 2 does not allow to downgrade to cloth seating. I also noticed that I can not have a auto liftgate with cloth seats?? I was at a dealer in st peters, mo and a terrain came in, that was a "mistake" in this issue. It had cloth seats (even heated!) and the liftgate...which is how I found out that it can not be ordered that way...I should have bought it right there, as I was just learning about the terrain vs. the equinox. I want liftgate and cloth seats, so i suppose until that issue is resolved, I may have to go with the equinox. as it is possible to choose it. Anyone else notice some strange trim options that need attention? :confuse: :confuse:
  • @alohalisa

    Fairly sure that I saw the same "mistake" in NJ last week - for sure the salesman said cloth heated seats are possible on some models. We are both tall so the lift gate was not an interest.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "General Motors will invest nearly $100 million in a Canadian plant and call back all laid-off workers to boost production of its Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain, Toronto's Globe and Mail reports."

    GM Invests to Boost Equinox, Terrain Production (AutoObserver)
  • What prices have people paid for the 6 cylinder SLT-2 package?
  • Picked up a SLE2 4cyl gave up a Equinox 6cyl can't tell the difference.
    except for gas mileage ave. 22.5 around town got 31 on a 100 mile trip
    Got it with heated cloth seats and trailer package.
    Don't understand why you can't get a hitch on the 4cyl Equinox?
    If you want to dress it up a little more you can order chrome mirrors as an aftermarket option Pain to put on though have to take apart your mirrors without breaking the glass
  • gloygloy Posts: 3
    Can anyone please tell me when to properly engage the "ECO" button on the 4 cyl. model? GM service can't give me a direct answer on this. Anyone know out there?
  • I test drove a Terrain with cloth seats and they not very comfortable. Can anyone tell me if the leather seats feel better.
  • It's an individual thing but I found the firm support provided by the premium cloth seats very good and appealing. After test driving one I didn't even bother checking out the leather because I thought the cloth seats were so great and bought one accordingly. I suppose it depends on what you're used to (G8GT leather seats) and how close your body shape is (I'm 6'2", 240 lb.) to the target design.
  • i traded in my '08 GMC Sierra crew cab for a '10 Terrain SLE2 w/ V6 2WD, heated seats & remote start. reason being better mileage & smaller vehicle. very nice ride, comfortable & awesome sounding stereo. some things the Terrain didnt have that were on my Sierra would have been nice. the rain sensing wipers, 6 disk cd changer, blinker leds on mirrors & memory seat. there is a major blind spot when looking back to lane change to the left. side mirrors could have been bigger. i miss the rear back up sensors that beeped- the camera is nice but you definitely have to get used to it. there is an ANNOYING rattle in the rear- sounds like its coming from the passenger side lift gate area. i feel a difference when on the highway w/ the transmission. when i set cruise to 60 & it comes to a moderate incline it downshifts to get speed. the Sierra didnt (it was however a v8). i also had a cavalier 6cyl that never did this. also when cruising i tap the break & you can feel/ notice the downshifting. i dont know if this is because the 6 speed AT. overall a decent ride.
  • oh & i was told the 4cyl only came in the awd you couldnt get it in 2wd.
  • rysterryster Posts: 565
    The 2.4L 4-cylinder is available in the front-wheel drive models. The dealer that told you it was only available in the AWD models was mistaken.

    Memory seats are also standard on SLT-2 models.
  • i took it on a 3 hour drive for the holidays & was a good time to get used to it. mileage was average but it was comfortable. it was hard finding a decent position with the power seat & finding a good height. im used to sitting up higher in my pick up. that blind spot & the rattle are very annoying. im going to take it in for the rattle.
  • gloygloy Posts: 3
    I bought a 2010 4 cyl. Terrain a little over a month ago. I went from a 6 cyl. Pontiac G6. I don't understand people saying that it dosen't have power...I drive 80 miles round-trip to work everyday and it has plenty of power to me. I find it extremely comfortable and would recommend one to anyone wanting a small SUV. The only thing I don't quite understand is....the ECO button. I know you save fuel with it,, but I don't know if your to use it in city traffic or on the highway. Anyone know?
  • Just bought both an '09 Pontiac Vibe with the 2.4 and 5 spd auto and a base 4 cylinder Terrain two weeks ago. My daughter is driving the Vibe, so I don't have much feedback on mpg, but we got 23.5 mpg on our first tank in combined driving for the Terrain. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power with the 6spd auto. We live in Dallas so its pretty flat and right now no need for A/C. I too am very interested in the mpg as it was a major factor in getting it. Went to zero out the avg mpg feature after I filled up and it wouldn't clear! Have to take it back to the dealer. Other than that, we love the vehicle. Downsized from a Tahoe in July to an HHR and my wife absolutely hated it. To small. The Terrain seems just right for our needs. Plenty of room and very comfortable seats. Has a nicely appointed, classy look inside. The only drawback we've found so far is that the front seats are so deeply contoured that it makes it a little difficult getting out. Its not a big deal at all and the tradeoff is very comfortable seats that kind of "cradle" you. Overall it seems to be a very well done vehicle. By the way, the noise cancellation feature really works well. Very smooth and very quiet. I'll try to get my 32 year old daughter to figure the mpg on the Vibe and post it for you. Also, once I get the mpg feature fixed on the Terrain I'll post that as well (will do it the old fashioned way in the meantime if I can get my wife to cooperate and record the numbers!).
  • my 1st tank got 21.5mpg (V6). kinda disappointing but its new & i did some idling. yes it has power. i notice more shifting (both up & down). when on highway & i kick it in for on ramps it seems like it has to downshift more to get the power.
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