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    It was pointed out to me that this topic and #404 are two different subjects. All I can say is...oops!...and sorry.

    KarenS/Vans host, unfreezing the frozen.
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    Re #2: KarenS (KarenS) Fri 21 May '99 (07:29 AM)
      "It was pointed out to me that this topic and #404 are two different subjects. All I can say is...oops!...and sorry."

      KarenS/Vans host, unfreezing the frozen.
    Thanks for speeding things along. #8>#)_

    I will be freeway roadtripping in a couple of weeks in my new 1999 Grand Voyager SE, I'll post my mileage results.
  • rhtrht Member Posts: 4
    99 Quest GLE with 2450 miles. Last fillup 20.5 mpg.Combination city highway. Taking a trip next week. Will post when I get back.
  • royallenroyallen Member Posts: 227
    '95 Caravan, 3.3L, 4 spd with 2 adults and light luggage 24.5 mpg at 70-75 mph on interstate without AC, 22 mpg with AC.
  • rhtrht Member Posts: 4
    99 Quest GLE - 400 mile trip mostly highway 24.5 mpg
  • codetalkercodetalker Member Posts: 11
    600 mile round trip last holiday weekend in my 98 Sienna XLE (highway driving at around 72 mph); 23.7 using 87 octane.
    Includes multiple stops at McDonalds. If I see another Big Mac or Beanie Baby I will puke.
  • dmatiasdmatias Member Posts: 1
    I'm still getting an average of 30 miles per gallon on my 1990 Acura Integra GS 5-spd. Pretty good ha!!
  • bojiebojie Member Posts: 1
    Driving my 99 Odyssey to work and back averaging about 550 Kilometers a week. I averaged about 11.75 liters / 100 kilometers.
  • VshunVshun Member Posts: 21
    Quest GLE, suburban driving (not much traffic though) - 18 MPG which does not thrill me. It has 2000+miles on it, maybe will improve later.
    My second car Toyota Corolla(with stick) averages 36 MPG, i.e. twice of that under the same driving conditions on the same streets.
  • drive2drive2 Member Posts: 10
    1999 Dodge Caravan with 3.3L engine. Get about 19.5 mpg around town.
  • rpaigerpaige Member Posts: 3
    1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, 980 mile trip from DC area to FL, driving freeways rarely below 75 mph, averaged 21 mpg with A/C on continuously.

    I'm in the same camp with codetalker about the Big Macs and Beanie Babies, but I do appreciate the playlands, so the kids can work off some pent-up steam at lunchtime.
  • tfordtford Member Posts: 1
    - '98 GC w/3.8L engine & 16" tires - OH to Ontario, Can, roundtrip, 65-70 mph, with AC on, got c. 22 mpg.
    - the overhead computer remains set on average mpg. The AC seems to cut the econonomy by 2-4 mpg.
    - have 15k and no problems so far and like the van very much; but am reluctantly anticipating problems, especially the transmission, due to the data gathered far and wide!
  • stolbertstolbert Member Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Grand Caravan withthe 3.0 litre V-6. In town I get 18 mpg and on the highway I get between 24-28 mpg. Oddly enough, I have gotten some of my best mileage driving fast, 75-80mph and I have the 3 speed automatic.
  • mrh3108mrh3108 Member Posts: 41
    '99 Chevy Express Conversion- 17 MPG, all downhill, 70-75MPH, on 750 mile trip up I-75 to Detroit (vacation land USA).

    Collected all 12 beanie babies plus duplicates.
    Most importantly, TV/VCP eliminated Playland stop and with the porta potty we managed to cut 3 hours off our normal 15 hour family trip!! Knoxville got pretty smelly.
  • nasmcnasmc Member Posts: 1
    1998 2500 Chevy Express 12 passenger 5.7L.
    Mileage is awful 9-10 mpg and Chevy says there's
    nothing they can do. Nothing appears in their testing.
    Unfortunately, there are no problems with the
    cars operation. Others indicate better mileage
    but that's not my experience.

    I'd like to hear from others with the same problem.
  • rogerf2rogerf2 Member Posts: 5
    1988 Chevy Beauville (12 pass 1 ton) 350 cu in
    10.11 MPG on Calif fuel (adulterated w/10% MTBE)
    12.2 MPG on Oregon gas.
    These are freeway mileages over the same route. City mileage is not much different.
  • stoltziestoltzie Member Posts: 15
    Second tank on my new Odyssey was at 19 mpg. Mostly city driving with AC on. Should improve as we get some more break in miles.
  • philipcphilipc Member Posts: 2
    Just came back from the Smokies round trip (1575 miles) pulling a popup camper 1875 lbs, with luggage rack about 300 lbs with 3 adults & 3 kids, a dissapointing 13.9 mpg traveling 60 -70 mph. City driving with no load except the kids 18 mpg. Bought new in april only has 4785 miles on it since trip
  • tbavistbavis Member Posts: 7
    I haven't ever checked the mileage on a trip, but it does about 26-28 MPG commuting 40 miles a day. I think 480 miles is the most I've driven on a tankfull. My Spirit (same engine, less air resistance) does about the same commuting, 34 MPG on the highway.
  • codetalkercodetalker Member Posts: 11
    Averaged 25.6 mpg driving to Colorado and back (2300 miles) on my 98 Sienna with 22000 miles. Van had lots of power going up the mountains loaded down with 2 adults and 2 childrens. I've been very pleased with the vehicle.
  • inkyinky Member Posts: 370
    After 8 months I get 17-19 City/expressway and an excellent 25-27 on the highway depending on speed.
    My guess is that with this gearing, one could get 32 mph at 55-60 with the air off-consumer reports did just that.
  • guest4254guest4254 Member Posts: 6
    Driving on the Highway up to 75 mph with A\C on, including stop and go traffic for over an hour, and about 75 city miles, 2 adults and 2 children plus luggage = 26 mpg. Van has 3400 miles on it. I'm impressed!
  • goodfellowgoodfellow Member Posts: 2
    My first tank of gas on an E-150 4.6V8 was 19,360 YPG, yards per gallon, (11 MPG). Many short trips in stop & go traffic. I'm hoping for 30,000 YPG on the highway.
  • philipcphilipc Member Posts: 2
    terrible 13.9 mpg towing a 1800 lbs popup camper, about 17 mph in cith around 19 on highhay. pretty dicapointing.
  • billvbbillvb Member Posts: 1
    Have averaged around 18-20 in the country and 23- 26.6 on the highway. First trip was to the shore with a fully loaded vehicle- 6 passengers, luggage, and cargo carrier-with A/C on and a 13 mile back-up- still got 22.5. Last highway trip was to Penn State- 350 miles round trip and averaged 26.6. This is much better than I ever got with my '91 Grand Caravan.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Just completed a 1200 mile trip on mostly 2 lane roads, fully loaded, running A/C. Avg 25.8. Very pleased. With the 25 gal. tank it gave excellent range.
  • tomfitztomfitz Member Posts: 7
    Just traded our '93 (bought Jan 93) Villager after 120K miles. During break in 1st winter, got 15 around town; 1st transcontinental trip, averaged over 24 mpg loaded to gills, but no luggage rack, used A/C a lot. One tankful (eastbound PA-NY turnpikes)over 29 mpg. Last few years, got 19-20 around town, 22-24 on trips, started alternating mid-grade fill-ups on advice of dealer service guy. She served us well. Now, a Silverado, for something completely different. We'll see....
  • mebexcelmebexcel Member Posts: 1
    I have recently purchased a '96 Windstar and am not happy with the gas mileage. Any one else?
  • perwperw Member Posts: 1
    Drove Portland-Seattle-Portland (a regular occurrence for me) using my Odyssey EX for the first time. 28.4 mpg with AC on about 60% and cruise set to a true 72 mph (just had speedo checked). 87 octane gas. Seattle/Tacoma traffic a nightmare, so I don't know how badly it affected the results. Up 'til now I have averaged 31.9 mpg on the same trip with a Rover 825S (2.5 liter Legend V6) so I am pleasantly surprised by what this big whale (OK, a very quick, big whale) can do.
  • scannerscanner Member Posts: 295
    I get 20 MPG with my 97' Voyager 3.0. It's driven all hard city miles.
  • thunderpawthunderpaw Member Posts: 1
    I still get 18-20 mpg in my 1977 VW 2.0 liter van with 218,000 on the original (never rebuilt) engine. No A/C. Mixture of city/highway (rarely more than 60 mph)
  • bmac5bmac5 Member Posts: 1
    i get 14-17 mpg on my 99 tahoe Z71, it is a really great car and i plan on keeping it for many years based on what i paid for it.
  • sld1sld1 Member Posts: 12
    My 1986 Toyota Corolla gets about 22-24 mpg driving in the city with a/c on. It has about 187,000 miles on it.

    1999 Chevy Venture, 3,200 miles, has only averaged 17.3 mpg so far with mostly city, some highway driving, always with a/c. Am disappointed since I hear others are getting 25-28 with this van. Maybe it'll get better when it's broken in a little.
  • bcm0030bcm0030 Member Posts: 3
    Has the 3.8L engine and gets 22 m.p.g consistantly on the highway at 75 m.p.h.+. Does'nt make much difference with or without air conditioning on.
  • gdanielgdaniel Member Posts: 1
    90 Grand Caravan: gets 14-16 mpg in the city. Something is always breaking, so I never had a true "highway" mpg.

    93 Legacy Wagon: gets 21-22 city/26.5-33 highway. Went to Maine in June with wife, 4 kids & luggage in car, bicycle & luggage bubble on roof, A/C was not on though and still got 31 mpg!
  • brtbrt Member Posts: 1
  • bolton3bolton3 Member Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 1993 Dodge Caravan with 99K on the odometer. The first few tanks have returned approximately 22-23 miles per gallon. I'm not used to this as my driver is a 1990 Chevrolet Berreta 5spd, which averages almost 40 mpg. Based on a review of the above responses, my mileage is quite average. Any legitimate ideas on ways to improve?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioMember Posts: 864
    If it ever needs tires, get a good hard set, Michelins, etc.

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • plejapleja Member Posts: 1
    I just took a 2300 mile trip with my 2000 and got 20.9 miles to a gal that was from St Paul to Colorado Springs and return.
  • vrybickivrybicki Member Posts: 3
    92 Grand Caravan LE 3.3 Liter Engine 4 speed Transmission

    Highway - 26 mpg
    Mixed Suburban Driving - 22 mpg
  • tom3ktom3k Member Posts: 91
    worked out to just over 17mpg, about evenly mixed between local and highway driving. 87 octane regular.
  • uncletruckuncletruck Member Posts: 1
    20 - 22 mpg on a 150000 mile engine w/4spd auto trans. The old Mystery Machine burns a quart of oil in 5k miles, but is still pulling her own!
  • bmolerbmoler Member Posts: 1
    Between 22-23 mpg mostly highway.
  • itsup2uitsup2u Member Posts: 3
    A lousy combined 14.4 MPG with 11k miles.
  • jackson43jackson43 Member Posts: 15
    I have a 1989 full sized Chev G20 Conversion van with a 5.7 (350) motor with 106K miles. I just came back from the smokies (Tampa to Asheville) and averaged just about 10 MPG pulling a 30ft. 8,000 lb. travel trailer. I pull in 3rd gear at around 60 mph turning ~2500 rpm's (3:73 rear gear).

  • lanemlanem Member Posts: 3
    Have consistently gotten @22-23 mpg. since brand new. Use 87 octane gas
  • jhultmanjhultman Member Posts: 1
    This van now has 175,000 miles, has been driven to Alaska & back & used as a daily commuter. The engine runs fine, but lately the gas mileage has dropped from just over 20 mpg to 15 mpg or so. It's become really noticeable because I now commute 60 miles each way & I'm paying over $10.00 a day for gas. Anyhow, I'm using up the van, not fixing anything, yet it still motors along. My drive is on a fast highway, so I'm constantly into the passing gear just to keep up to 75 mph. There goes the mileage!
  • creidcreid Member Posts: 54
    The van you speak of is what type of Toyota van? Does it have the same engine as the Previa? The 2.4L double OH cam? Do you have an automatic or std? I was asking these questions to gauge my own life from my previa & what I should expect as longevity for the vehicle.
  • minnowminnow Member Posts: 2
    2000 Astro AWD with 3.73 rear differential averages 12-14 mpg combined city/highway. Not pleased!!
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    Average, 19-22 mpg in mixed city & highway driving.

    Low of 14 point something in city-only, below zero F conditions, with lots of idling to warm up.

    High of 24 mpg in strictly highway, mostly 55 mph speed limit roads (cruise set at 60). Usually around 22-23 mpg on 65 mph speed limit, interstate highways (cruise set at 70-75).

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