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Post Your Van Gas Mileage Here



  • tbavistbavis Posts: 7
    24-25 MPG commuting to work, about 25 mi each way. I don't think I've ever checked the milage on a trip (no calculator...), but should do close to 30. My Dodge Spirit with the same drivetrain did 27/34.
  • spangler1spangler1 Posts: 9
    My MPG is highly dependent on where the gas is purchased. Interstate driving Southwest Virginia Gas 28+ MPG, Maryland gas 25 MPG, Ohio gas 20 MPG. All have been trips of 350 miles or more of interstate driving with a load of six adults and luggage.
  • so far, it's 18.4-19.8 city
    24.0-25.4 hwy
    some of hwy was at night, without front/rear AC blasting. almost all city driving was with AC on.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    but its slowwwwwwwwwwww
  • zveb01zveb01 Posts: 1
    We purchased a new '99 Sienna XLE in May '99,we have gotten poor gas mileage; ranging from 9.5 to 14 mpg in city (Houston-flat & hot with a/c on, but not long traffic standstills) and the highest for highway/country was 18.5 mpg. The van has also had a "gas rich" exhaust smell. We have asked Toyota's service department on several occasions to check into this when we have taken the van in for a continuing "moldy smelling" a/c problem-(I will post about this problem in another forum), they stated, "We put the gun (? analyzer) to it and everything checks out OK". What can we do about this problem? How do we document our warranty work, showing we have performed or had performed all required maintenance/upkeep such as oil changes, et if there is ever a question Toyota will not state we did not do all required maintenance? Thank-you!!!
  • vandadvandad Posts: 5
    I get 16-18mpg around town and recently got 23mpg
    on the highway. This is with 87 octane fuel. With 93 octane my milage around town tends to
    be a mile or so better per gallon. Next trip
    I'm going to fill up with premium to see if I
    get an increase there too.
  • blatchblatch Posts: 2
    My LX with 1700 miles and city and freeway driving I have been getting 22.5 - 23.0 mpg. I'm happy!
  • We recently did a 3400 mile round trip from Nashville to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This included much interstate driving but also a significant number of miles on two-lane and gravel roads in the mountains. Overall average was 26.00 mpg on the button. The van's mileage is now at 25k. It has the 3.3L V6 with 4-speed transmission with front air only.
    Last year an almost identical trip to the same destination taken with about 8k miles on the van yielded a mean of 24.68 mpg. This year the only differences, other than the increase in mileage on the van, were: 1) use of Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic motor oil (last year I was using Pennzoil 5W-30) and 2) the use of a standard replacement K&N air filter.
    Prior to last year we did the trip three years in a row in our old '90 Caravan with 3.0L V6 and 3-speed transmission. I didn't keep detailed notes but average mpg's were in the 25-26 range.
    Given the amount of gear and the dogs we drag along, and the comfort level of the Caravan and Grand Caravan, I have been most satisfied with fuel economy. One other thing I should mention, a few years ago the cheapest grade on unleaded regular out in Colorado only had an octane rating of 84-85. I had no problems using this gas. This year it seems that the cheap pumps all had the typical 87 octane.
  • We're still EXTREMELY pleased with our new(3,200 miles) purchase. With 3 adults, 2 kids, a minivan full of luggage, and the AC at a chilly 69F, we got 23 mpg from Richmond to Outer Banks, and 25 mpg on the return trip, 23 mpg roundtrip to Baltimore(4 adults, 2 kids). We use 89 octane, and have averaged 20 mpg around town!!!!!!!!
  • kranjec1kranjec1 Posts: 20
    I'm getting 15 to 16 in city with air on most of time. However, 17 to 19 seems more reasonable. Any suggestions from anyone out there on improving mileage?
  • Ours did that badly on first tank of gas, but never again. We found out our tires were way overinflated (45) and expected a big drop in gas mileage, but it did not happen... How many miles do you have on mpg? ours has 3,700 and it gets between 18.1 and 19.3 in city driving. Can get 24 mpg on highway. We have (dual) air on almost constantly, with outdoor temps in high 80s/mid-90s.
  • Thinking about purchasing a E 350 with 3.55 rear Would like feedback on non towing mileage expectations
  • Bought ours in Jan. Now have 10K miles. Just got back form a 2000 mi trip through Nev. our best MGP was when we drove at 95mph ave for one tank, (I hit 104mph before my spouse had a fit, felt good too) AC was on too, 26. mpg. not bad,
    So far we like our van, just wish it was larger for the long trips.
  • Follow up test for 1994 Ch. Lumina with 3.8L v6

    405 mi. Columbus to Chicago 87 oct > 24.29 mpg
    305 mi. RT Chgo to Milwaukee 93 oct > 22.8 mpg
    topped off with 87 oct for 405 back to Columbus
    (25%@93 octane + 75%@87 octane = ~89) > 23 mpg

    It seems I actually get better highway milage
    with lower octane fuel. I wonder if my better city milage with premium fuel was a fluke (or a
    miscalculation.) ...It does seem to run smoother with higher octane fuel, though. My mother uses
    nothing less than 89 octane in her Buick Park Avenue. (same engine) Otherwise, she says, the
    engine knocks.
  • mcsap, I have an '89 Chevy Van w/a new 350 "crate" motor, and get about the same as your numbers. I do have a hightop, which probably adds some weight. I have done all sorts of things trying to get improvement, and nothing changed. My old 350 w/100K miles got the same milage. My Travel Trailer is 30 ft. weighs 8,000 lbs, and on a recent 9,200 mile trip out west (from Florida) I ranged between 8 - 9.5 MPG. This was in June/July, so I hit the highest gas prices.

  • I continue to see a wide variation on the fuel consumption dependent upon where the fuel is purchased, I use 87 octane fuel and get 27-28 MPG for southwest Virginia and North Carolina fuel; 25-26 MPG for Maryland fuel;and, 20-22 MPG for fuel purchased in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. All of the driving has been on interstate roads at similar speeds and vehicle loads.
  • "96 Dodge Gr Caravan--
    3.3 Engine
    Hwy 23-23
  • I own two villagers, one a 96 with 32k miles, the other a 97 with 14K miles. Both were delivering 18 city, 23 highway as stated on the window sticker. This was using Speedway, Marathon, Starvin' Marvin and Citgo Fuel, all of which are laced with methanol, up to 10%. I changed to BP 100% gasoline and at first could not believe my calculation: 27+ mpg!! We used both vehicles for 400+ mile trips in July, August and September with the same results (I let someone else do the calcs to be sure). Same results last Sunday. Local (grocery store) trips yield 20 mpg. My experience with Ford products is that they deliver 20% lower gas mileage than the sticker states, GM products higher. The Villager uses a Nissan powertrain. Earlier models of the Villager/Quest have had major problems. I guess I'm somewhat fortunate in that respect. Mine have been the best all-around of the 47 vehicles I owned in 44 years, noting they are better than my past Corvairs, but not as good as my Cadillac or Town Car. Unfortunately, the Villager waves bye-bye after 2001 (or fortunately if you own a 93 or 94).
  • Today was my first gas station stop with my new Mazda ES. I was stunned that the 12.63 gallons cost $24.25 and I only got 14.8 mpg mostly city driving with A/C on. Having read some of the above posts, I am hoping that the mpg will improve.
  • ....I forgot to ask this in my above post.
    Can anyone explain how to use the "over-drive button"? The "TURN O/D OFF" light glares at you, so are we to drive with the button on at all times(and the glaring light does not appear)? Would this then help our mpg?

  • You should have overdrive ON almost all of the time. (which mean the light does not show up). This means the transmission uses all four gears and provides better mileage.

    I turn overdrive OFF is when descending a steep hill, which provides engine braking instead of overheating your brakes. Overdrive OFF means your transmission only uses three gears.

    The only other time I turn overdrive OFF is driving in hilly terrain at 30-40 MPH. This keeps the transmission from shifting back and forth frequently from 3rd to OD.

    I have never gotten below 19 MPG with my MPV. My overall average is 21.5, and I've gotten over 24 on trips.
  • just got back from Utah--3000miles, 16.01mpg average. this was all 85-87 octane-no premium
  • ruggbruggb Posts: 5
    21.55 MPG after 13,000 miles on 87 octaine NC fuel.

    Max 28.3 (maybe a lot of downhill freeway)
    freeway avg 25
    City avg 19
    worst 13 during the blizzard of 2000.

    with this weight (4300#) and power (200HP), I'm impressed.

    My '91 150HP short wb Caravan avg 21-22mpg
    when it wasn't in the shop for recall or transmission work.
  • ktxnktxn Posts: 1
    We bought our Sienna in Jan 2000 and it has 7500 miles so far, and mileage is not more than 16/18 mpg. I am thinking of taking this to the dealer. Any other suggestion that I can do to get this fixed.
  • Just got one 4 days ago, only have 300 miles on it. So far, not impressed with the mileage, preliminary figures show 13 MPG in city and 22 MPG on highway.
  • Here is an update for this car: 18.6 MPG in mixed driving (50% hwy / 50% local roads) with my wife and a kid in the car. Total passenger load is 360 lbs (sometimes people forget to mention load). Local roads (all NJ) were primarily hills in Summit, Berkeley Heights, River Vale, Watchung, Warren, Morristown - max 45mph, avg number of lights; highways are Garden State Pkwy, Rt 22, Rt 202 and I-78 (max 70mph). There was a 30-minute traffic jam, and lots of idling as I was programming the NAV system. Also, I usually give 2-3 minutes for the cold engine to warm up before I start driving. I don't think it is that bad since the car has only 400 miles on it.
  • We bought this van early in early 96 as a "program vehicle from a dodge agency. We get 23~28mpg. HOWEVER, I will be threatened with removal of important body components before I ever do it again. The 92 voyager predesessor was a pain in the gazinta as well. It and this one survive on brake pads, rotors and rear window wiper motors. The spark plug wires were a given and 30000 mile
    plug changes are mandatory. Oil consumption is normal@ 1 qt in 3000 miles. Now for the piece de resistance, the resale is so bad I'm ashamed to drive it and seemingly drops like a very aerodynamic lead weight from high in the sky. Thx for the vent,dirtsurfer
  • What a disappointment. I noticed right away that my gas mileage is terrible. I drive only in the city (Chicago suburbs) but not much traffic. Just a lot of stop signs to and from work. My first tank averaged 12.8 mpg and the second tank 13.5 mpg. Car now has 400 miles. Does anyone know why the gas mileage is so bad?
  • rooba10rooba10 Posts: 38
    We bought the van new, at the beginning on highway it was getting 25-26MPG from Indiana to Florida driving 70-75MPH. Two years ago, one night, the check engine light came on and it smelled like rotten eggs for a few stop and go miles. then the light and the smell went away. After that incident, the van never did better than 22-23MPG on the highway. I did want to take it to the dealer to charge me $100-$150 to tell me either everything is normal, or it needs new Oxygen sensor or catalytic converter.
  • 200 Hp CPI 4.3L 262 CID V-6 3.42 axles
    best ever tank of gas- 18 MPG
    Average highway mileage 16 MPG
    Towing a trailer with transmission not in overdrive- 10 MPG

    Really not too bad considering the thing weighs 4500 pounds and has all the aerodynamics of a barn door. With 27 gal tank no problem going 300 to 350 mile between fill ups, letting gas guage get down to 1/4 full.
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