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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee has trouble starting.

tdale1tdale1 Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Jeep
My Grand Cherokee has trouble starting up from cold. The first time I try to turn the engine over, it just won't start. Then when I try the second time, it ALWAYS turns over. This has been going on for 3 months now. I never have any engine problems, it just doesn't want to start on the first try. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Try Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems. You're more likely to get an answer there.

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  • hi, yes my 2001 limited does the same thing when i start from cold start.
    if i turn the engine off it starts right up
  • this problem just started a week ago,i tryed to start it and it cranked very well but starts after i try several times and when it does start it sputters for about 15 sec's then runs well after that. i had the codes checked and no codes but with further checks found out carbon buildup!!! a mechanic friend suggested seafoam in carb. and gas tank. this did not cure the problem, could it be the fuel filter? thanks for any help with this problem,when it starts everything runs fine.
  • my jeep limited just started acting up since it was new! when i start the engine it takes several times 3-4 and then slowly starts up and after 15 secs starts running normal. i added some seafoam to gas and oil but it made no impact.
    i was wandering if anyone with this engine type v-8 has experienced this.
    its been acting like this for about a week. could it be the gas filter clogged?
    thanks for any replys on this.
  • I have the same issue. Have you found an answer yet????
  • tdale1tdale1 Posts: 2
    I actually just changed all my spark plugs and spark plug wires and the problem went away.
  • jsenjsen Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem for about a year now (starts the second or third time every time and once it is running no problems). I did my plugs, but not my ignition coils. It seemed to help, but it did not fix it completely. Did you change your ignition coils or the spark plug wires?

    I have also read a lot of suggestions for replacing the crank position sensor for the same problem as well. Has anyone tried that?
  • Sounds like your temperature sensor. Just had mine replaced for $ 158.00. They are easy to put in if you know anybody that can do it. You can buy the part at autozone. Good LUck
  • a/c clutch is making noise and smells like rubber burning and air is not cold.
    is it simple to replace this part and do i need to take belt off before removing bolt
  • I had the same problem for about 1.5yrs. It started out as cranking after turning over about 5-7 times the first time but if I shut it down and crank it up again, it would fire right up.

    In the beginning I could let it sit (after shutting down) for about 30min and it would still crank right up. However over time, I couldn't shut it down and run in the store for 5 min without it having trouble cranking. I took it to a mechanic and as I've read in all the forums, he suggested it was the fuel pump. $550 later it was not the pump. He cleaned the injectors cause he said they were clogged and that didn't solve the issue. I finally just took the jeep since he didn't have a clue of what the issue was. I replaced the fuel filter, crank shaft position sensor, temp sensor, plugs, and nothing worked. Finally I read an article that mentioned leaky injectors. I did the poor man's test but didn't have a leak. I did however think it was an injector issue, maybe clogged or failed. So I purchased on injector from O'Reilly's for about $40, took the injectors out and noticed all were shiny except #6, it was a dull color. I replaced that this weekend and the jeep cranks every single time just like new.

    I have seen so many articles with people having the same issue but the thread would die off with no solution noted. I hope this fix will be able to help you guys and hopefully save you some money and offer a solution that doesn't take 1.5 yrs to come by.
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