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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part XIII

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 2014 in Ford
Let's continue our previous Focus conversation
here. First order of duty, find a cool tag for
konagrl's ZX3!



  • Knew it was getting close by looking at post #s. But now I know the feeling of being zapped with no place to go. Now I know the power carlady has. Watch out for her when the post #s get up over 500.
  • I know we should do this elsewhere, but are you from Salamanca, or do you have family here?

  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    in my Z last night... I know, it probably was the dumbest thing i could have done, but With my tonsils out, all ive eaten in the past 3 days is jello and mush... so I drove to burgerking at about 2am and got a #2 meal.... well, it tasted good, but hurt like H*ll to eat... so without thinkin i popped a couple painkillers halfway through the burger.. and well.. I guess i finished the burger but I woke up this mornin still in my Z in the BK parking lot lol
  • nj-gee,i only thought mcdonalds served"happy meals"
  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    Best happy meal toy ive ever gotten lol...

    by the way, I was sittin at a stoplight today w/ my windows down and radio off... I do have that rattle noise... almost like a "ping" like there's a marble rattling around inside the engine. This is the best I can describe the sound I am hearing. Is this the same sound everyone else has? I dont think it's anything to worry about


    WHERE IS EVERYONE??!!! must be out for the long weekend... my gimpy a** is stuck in the house after surgery... at least the painkillers are good =)
  • Not to worry:-)
    about those NJ owners
    If I see ya I'll be sure to give you a big five digit wave when I get my Malibu Blue!
  • I feel your pain-Just had my wisdom teeth out 1 1/2 weeks ago-JUST started eating solid food again. I work at a gym and got sick of all those damn protein shakes!!ughhh
  • whatcare the speed limits there nowadays? i haven't been there in a few years. can't recall.
    i seem to remember the turnpike being 65.?
    here in NM the speed limit is 75 outside of city limits. makes it nice to drive.
  • "what are" is what i meant.
    I really should use the spellcheck.
  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    The speed limits here in NJ as with most of the North East Coast area is 55mph unless otherwise posted... in areas that the posted limit is 65mph, all speeding/traffic fines are doubled... so this is my logic... I do 80 in a 55mph zone and do the speed limit in a 65mph zone... Kinda bass ackwards isnt it =) BTW, does anyone here drive a green Z w/ tinted windows or a Sangria red Z that lives in the northers bergen county area of NJ? those are the 2 zx3s that i see regularly.

  • Thought everyone would like to see my photos of my new car! Just got it this week, all decked out from the dealer too! Ford is selling the rally packages now, but they are expensive.
    Check out

    BTW, I noticed the engine noise too. Should I be concerned? The fog lights didn't get hooked up so I have to take it back this week anyway, but was wondering if I should ask them about that as well?
  • Before I start, I did enjoy the McDonalds story. In all seriousness though, it probably wasn't the safest thing for you to sleep in a public area. I enjoy your sense of humor though. Order in a pizza next time, ok?

    My tapping sound is different from your ping. I can hear the tapping with the windows rolled up for example. I can drive for an hour and while I am at a stoplight, I can step on my clutch 2-3 times and while I keep my feet off all pedals, hear this fairly loud tap tap tap. I first noticed this sound in a traffic jam. I was thinking, man that car in front of me is not running well. You can imagine my surprise when I realized, hey that is MY CAR. BOO HOO, I exclaimed!!

    I also notice that after my car has been driven for about 20 minutes that the transmission sounds like a MASSEY FERGUSSON transmission. (That is a TRACTOR manufacturer). It has a RASPY sound as I accelerate. It is very noticeable in first and second gear below 2500 rpm. The transmission makes a lot of noise too. So I have tapping and rasping. I wonder what will come next? I can't wait to bring it in on Wednesday nite. My zx-3 sounds like a piece of junk right now. Truly. It's moments like these that I think maybe I should about a Hon__, but they are not free of problems either. I worry about Ford's response to my concerns. Will keep you posted. Ford has not earned my respect yet (except for their engineering department)

    I also used to get 27-30 mpg and now I get 23 mpg. I also think I have less power.

    As another note, I have seen a lot more zx-3 cars lately and that is pretty cool. The drivers on the most part look pretty cool too and that makes me feel cool too. It's a great car, don't be frightened by my comments. I still love my green z. My feelings are through thick and thin!! (I think I used the word cool too often in this paragraph!)

    Enjoy your drive,

  • Do you know that you must turn your lights on and PULL on the switch to operate the foglights.
  • Capriherb,

    I am truly impressed with your z. I like sangria red. Who installed the external custom parts? Are you satisfied with the paint quality and finish of these parts? Could the foglight problem have anything to do with the customizing work you had done to the exterior?

    It looks really racy and sharp. I wouldn't worry if you have a slight noise as long as it is not obtrusive like it is with mine. My car sounds like junk right now. It is no fun to drive.

  • kkankkan Posts: 18

    What color is your Zx3 I can't tell if its Sangria Red, or the autumn ornge. I must admit it is a sharp car regardless of the color.


    I am glad you like your car I just wish I had my car so I could compare notes. Please keep us informed as I feel that once I get my car I will be fighting with the dealer on some of these same issues. And If I can't get some satisfaction I will let my wife deal with them, she is very business like and does not hesitate taking an issue to the service manager, and higher
  • Perhaps your car is autumn orange. Still, I like that color too.

    The only Focus colors I do not like are fort knox gold and especially atlantic blue. Fortunately, both those colors are not available in zx-3 trim.

    My rainforest green is only so-so for me. I am not crazy about it, but not too bad. My first focus was sangria red and I prefer that color. (Ford bought my sangria red z back from me and replaced it with my current drive because of significant parts issues back in Winter/Spring)

    Notice that I state Winter and Spring: I hope you get the impression that I was waiting a long time.

    But that is ancient history.

  • And you beat me to it!!

    I apologize Capriherb. I checked your photos again and noticed my gaff.

    Forgive Me!!
  • When will you expect your z? What color and options are you getting?

    I am notoriously unlucky and I am sure you won't have the problems I am having. They are just the annoying things in life and not a big deal really. I appreciate your comments and I will let you all know the result.

    I guess I keep writing about my problem because it is getting steadily worse and it is somewhat therapeutic to share the issues with others.

    I also, of course, would like to know if anyone else has had a similar problem. This site is very helpful, in this regard. Vadp, perhaps is the only one.

  • looking very fine! congrats + best of luck! color
    seems to be autumn orange,my first choice but
    could not find one in 5spd.
  • nd- sorry to report but i an experiencing same
    issue.i will report back about the tap noise.
    believe me, as you are well aware,i have always been a staunch defender of ford,but given the re-
    cent concerns being posted,i have come to realize
    the genuine doubts that former import buyers have
    in regards to long-term reliability.if it turns out
    the focus isnt what it first initially seems to be,
    i will be the first to admit i was wrong.heres
    hoping we were all right the first time.
  • just remember- if you want an autumn orange Focus you better get it now!! the color is replaced by an all new color in '01- Jackpot Gold (it is a funky yellow, orange, gold shade), and as for the Atlantic Blue (that was not available on ZX3 anyways) it has also been dropped. They will now use the Twilight Blue that was exclusive in 2000 to the ZX3. So the "rare" Foci in will be the autumn orange ones, or the Atlantic Blue sedans and wagons.
  • Okay gang'

    Do any of you remember the sound of the little machines in the movie "Batteries Not Included"? That's the sound, now where is it coming from?

  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    I love the body kit... I was leaning towards the Wings West Kit, but now that I have some good pics to go on with the Razzi Kit I'm not sure what one I want to get... lookin sharp man! Also, did you put on an exhaust tip? or did they add a new exhaust? if so what system is it? Did they do any modifications to the engine setup or interior? what did they charge you for all the extra visuals? Also, like norwaydoug asked... are you satisfied with the paint-matching on the body kit? I have heard hhorror stories about people getting kits and the match being absolutely horrid.

  • 1300 miles on the Z, just filled up the tank, only getting 22 mpg. I'm a little disappointed, my Ranger with a 4.0 gets 20-21 consistently.
    didn't really take the mileage into consideration when purchasing, but it should be a little better than this, considering the size of the car and all. (5 speed, 90% city miles)
  • Hi, gang-

    1. Personal to Pat: no, I didn't grow up on Salamanca. My grandfather moved to Ithaca as a child, and he was an only child himself. No family left from that branch, but whenever I am "passing through", it feels like home to me anyway. Last visit was in the mid '90s, though. I'm glad to know a ZX3 has found a home there!

    2. The NOISE! Yes, I have it, too. I'm not as worried as most of you seem to be. My Escort hatch that lasted for 11 good and half a not-so-great year also had "the noise." That's all it ever was -- a noise. No problems associated with it, except the slight embarrassment of having an otherwise great car sound like it was being run by hamsters in a wheel. If anyone gets an answer about it, though, I'd be more than pleased to have the calicomobile fixed!

    Now, where's my help on my defrost problem?

    njzx3, I promise to wave next time I'm up there!
  • Sorry Calico - it was 107 degrees today, so checking the defroster wasn't something high on my priority list ;-) I haven't studied the manual on this point, but I'd guess it is just a question of setting the air temp and distribution controls according to factory recommendations. Many cars switch on the A/C compressor when the defrost setting is selected, to dehumidify the interior ASAP - maybe the Focus does, too.

    Vadp, despite the heat, I went ahead and changed the lubricant in my manual gearbox today - I went with the Redline D4 ATF. Shift quality was okay before, but is terrific now. I haven't driven enough yet to tell if the trace amount of gear "sizzle" I had is better or worse - I'll let you know.
  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    Dont know if this helps, but ive found the my defrost only works if i adjust the temperature knob to about half way... if it's all the way on cold it fogs the windows and if it's all the way on hot it fogs.... just has to be right in the middle for some reason...... that probably made no sense, but my head is full of painkillers still, so in my mind it made perfect sense... sorry calico, I tried.

  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    Silver Bullet is also correct... when ya put on the Defroster in the Z it does always initiate the A/C... it isnt necessary to leave it on... I found that just using the fan w/ temp adjustment worked fine... I figured this all out last night when i slept in the BK parking lot.

  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
  • We're all sleeping at McDonalds tonight...
    you've started something.
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