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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part XIV

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 2014 in Ford
The fabulous ZX3. We keep talking and talking and
talking about this special car. To catch up on the
conversation, please click here.



  • At least we don't have as many blow outs, or even flat tires, as we did back then. But I have to admit that there was a lot more metal in those beasts. We had a 41, followed by a 51 Pontaic, then a 57 Chevy Bel Aire, a 63 Chevy ?, 66 Pontaic Tempest (Think that was called a T-100) when I was growing up. My first was a suicide door Fiat four speed on the column (59, I think), 64 Tempest two door, both used followed by a brand new 69 yellow VW Convertable brought when I got back from Vietnam. Followed by many more after I got married. Think the ZX3 is the most fun one of all. Don't ask me why, can't explain it. It's just a fun car to drive.
    Pat :>)
  • Let us know when your "perfect world" arrives.
  • Hey Guy,

    I think you have a very good point. From your own personal experience, I can appreciate your point of view regarding a potential serious flaw in our Focii. Therefore, his remarks should not be criticized and I understand your concerns.

    The guy we should really criticize is Pat C. How old is that guy anyway?...1941 Pontiac for crying out loud!!

  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    you will have to wait for the afterlife. you can increase your odds
    to get there sooner if by fate your rear wheel comes off.when your times up , so be it.let me state again,i have been a very vocal supporter
    and at times an outspoken person in regards to the z and ford in general.
    however, i am older and wiser not to let myself be a blinded loyalist
    for a company which has compromised the safety of its loyal consumers.
    since the firestone recall the focus will be on ford whenever there is
    a potential problem with their products. the fact of the matter is, they
    blew it first with the contour and for now the jury is still out on the
    focus.i want them to succeed,i want for the focus to be a real winner,
    i made a financial investment in my hard-earned cash for this is,
    as many have stated,a fun car to drive.but i have to tell you,it wouldnt be much fun to drive with only three wheels.unless of course,ford releases the new trike version.
    re:pcleveland2,pat - this past saturday i passed a teal color 57 belair
    it was a real beauty! now those were the real fun times and nearly a
    "perfect world" as one will ever get in this lifetime. let the good times roll!
  • minizx3minizx3 Posts: 32
    Checked this morning and my car is affected by the recall. I called the the customer service number and they stated that the recall was a safety issue and I should take the car in right away. I have an appointment for Monday at 8:00am. Of course, they're not sure if they have the parts to fix it but they said they will inspect the car and IF they have the parts fix it Monday IF NOT then I will have to wait for them to be ordered. I asked them what they will do if they don't have the parts, of course they said we'll see when you get here on Monday. If they dont' have the parts then I WILL get a loaner. I'm not going to sdrive a car that isn't safe. Anyway I'll post on Monday and let you all know what the deal is. Thanks to all who posted on the recall....I love this forum!!!
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    thanks for the reply. IYO, would it make any difference vis a vis brake cooling if the covers had vents in them? Supposedly, even w/ the vents they still stop the brake dust from forming.
    Also, re: the non-dust brake pads. Other than the dust are they any better in other respects than OEM pads? TIA
  • I've examined the "vented" dust covers, and the vents are pretty tiny - obviously, if they made them too big, you'd be right back where you started, as the dust would pass through the vents too. Several sources (BMW among them) specifically advise staying away from these covers. They inhibit brake cooling, and can cause wheel mounting problems as well (since you are essentially placing a "shim" between the surface of the hub and the mounting surface of the alloy wheel). Yes, pads like the EBC Kevlar pads are much better than stock pads, in that they don't dust and have a MUCH higher temperature rating - upwards of 1000 degrees F. They are a good choice for aggressive street driving, and light track use.
  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    hey SB... i know you've told us a million times before, but i uess i didnt pay attention because i couldnt afford them... but im ready for my EBC pads. where did you order them from and what was the cost? did you install them yourself? if so was it easy, if not what was the cost of installation? do they go right into the existing mounts? or are extra parts needed for them? these may be stupid ?'s but it's my first car so ive never had to know this stuff before.

  • I paid more than that for my pads direct from EBC - oh well. They are a straightforward swap for the factory pads - no extra parts are needed. These are very easy calipers to service, so if you've done brake work before, you'll have this job done in about an hour, tops.
  • miata23miata23 Posts: 26 has added a September update to their long-term test of a ZX3 at
  • It was older than me, but I do remember it because I remember when we traded it in on the 51. Took the 51 Pontaic on vacation up to Canada, came back and brought it.

    Talking about age, I see a lot of "older" people driving foci, even the ZX3. For being aimed at the generation Xers, it sure has a varied following.

    Lets see, late 1946, na I'm not old. Am at the age where I really enjoy life and all it has to offer! But I have to admit, it took a long time to slow down and look around so I could see it. Think I felt older when I was in my twenties.

  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    Thanks miata23,

    It is reassuring to read the positive reviews of our Focus.
    It is also interesting reading about the PT Cruiser, a not so glowing review.
    I'm happy I made the decision to buy the ZX3 and not the Echo or Cruiser.
  • Also check out Mintex. Suppose to be good.
  • Yet another very good pad I've used in a variety of cars for years. The Repco Deluxe pad would have been my first choice as a replacement, but they haven't made an application for the Focus yet. Repco Deluxes are also virtually dustless, and much less expensive than the EBC pads - but aren't in the same category as far as temp. rating is concerned.
  • rmsabcrmsabc Posts: 17
    how dangerous is the focus with the brake recall
    i am bring to lincoln mercury dealer
    my ford dealer cannot even change the oil without

    do we get a loaner car or not
  • scousescouse Posts: 14
    My black, fully loaded Z, (sans side air bags) can be seen zipping around Denver. Despite the altitude it provides blistering performance and taught handling. Suspension is a sheer delight. I have de-badged the tailgate and added the BMW tail pipe.
    I have one criticism, slight wind noise around the lower left side of the windshield.
    Sum up: Most fun I have ever had in a car (in the front seat).
  • You say "the jury is still out on the Focus"? Huh? In a very short time period the Focus has become the best selling automobile in the world. The jury has spoken. You are in denial.
  • A few weeks ago we took the Zinker out sailing. Our most recent weekend trip was to the mountains of Massachusetts and Vermont where the Zinker appears to be flying. Actually it was just mountain climbing. Check it out!
  • minizx3minizx3 Posts: 32
    Great Pics! I've seen a Zincer upclose. It looks great in this color! You never have to worry about finding you car in a parking lot!!! LOL!
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    Can I assume that the dust free pads w/ higher temp. ratings are longer lasting than OEM pads?
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Posts: 147
    #17 of 22: brakes (rmsabc) Wed 04 Oct '00 (07:50 PM)

    how dangerous is the focus with the brake recall
    i am bring to lincoln mercury dealer
    my ford dealer cannot even change the oil without

    do we get a loaner car or not


    I thought the recall for for the rear wheels falling off?
  • Cobie - the EBC Kevlar pads will last longer than the OEM pads in normal street use. Except for the cost, there is no downside to switching to EBC pads.

    Zgrrrl - you are correct; the 00S31 recall pertains to improperly installed rear wheel bearings, not the rear brakes. If a rear wheel bearing failed, there is the possibility of the hub (and therefore the wheel and tire) separating from the car... unlikely, but possible.
  • minizx3minizx3 Posts: 32
    As far as I know the recall is for the bearings/wheel falling off issue recall 00S31. Unless there's another one????
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    "We have some disappointing news for our customers. Sadly, starting today, October 5th, we will begin to close our WebHouse Club Service
    and you can no longer make a request for either Groceries or Gasoline. We will wind down our operations over the next 90 days."
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    to almost 6 1/2 at the moment.
    No more of 10-20 per gallon savings.
    That's sad.
  • Foci has had a total of 3 recalls. None to do with brake system.
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    I checked my owner connection account and sure enough my Z is affected with the recall. I called customer care and they said it was for the wheel bearings. I called my dealer to make an apointment and they said they can't do it until I get the recall notice in the mail. What century are we living in where we have access to information in an instant, yet we still have wait for snail mail. I should have gotten a call from my dealer saying, we have your part for your recall please come in so we can fix it. Makes me angry.
  • Hello to all... My zx3 is now a week old, and I am totally happy with my new car. I love that you guys are equally excited about the focus. She will be going on her first road trip this weekend. (My first road trip in my own car, my old chevy wasn't quite reliable enough for more than an hour of driving)

    I just had one question that maybe one of you knows the answer to. No matter how lightly I step on the brakes the whole car still shifts back before stopping. I have a feeling this is a new car thing, but I thought I would ask if it would get better. Any thing else in particular I should look out for?
  • njzx3njzx3 Posts: 170
    Wow!! thats all i can say... got my watch tody and that thing is ENORMOUS!! but i love it... wear it when im not at work (since it wont fit under my dress shirt sleeves lol) I lucked out and got a nice black and grey one... it's so fitting... a unique car gets ya a unique watch... ok... gotta go

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