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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    Yea, I've had a can of Meguiars Carnauba (spelling?) Wax for YEARS. This stuff never dries out. It spreads so thin, it also goes a long long way. I don't feel it lasts a long time though. A couple months, and it is cooked off the car.

    I'd like to go the Zaino system someday. Don't know if I can get rid of enough of my laziness in order to treat my car that well, but I'd really like to.
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    my 5spd has a squeak when i shift into any gear. i dont mean like a belt or pedal. i mean there is a squeak just by putting the shifter in any gear. i hear it both when im at a stop and when i drive with the window open and shift. it sounds like a metal on metal squeak from the transmission what can it be? im scheduling a service this week at a toyota dealership. also... my suspension has gotten a little squeaky and occasionally will thunk very loudly on what seems like very small breaks in the pavement. sounds like the squeak is coming from a bushing on the right side and the thunk is coming from the strut tower but im not sure. will the dealership do a check on the suspension for me just based on my suspitions? toyota dealerships are so busy it seems they only want to do work on cars that are very obviously in need of repair.

    what do you think? thanks...

    P.S. when your friend pulls up in his brand new M3 do you ask what kind of mileage it gets? sorry, i had to poke a little fun =)
  • oneibtoneibt Posts: 12
    I am currently using Mobil 1 in my 01 GT. I first started using it in a Sunbird I had 10 years ago. At about 210,000 miles the Sunny blew a timing belt and chipped a valve. I did a top end job on it and when I got the head off I was pleasantly surprised. The liners didn't have even a shadow of a ridge. When I sold the car at 220,000 miles, it still ran great and didn't burn a drop of oil. Since then I won't use anything else.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    Two reasons to buy Toyota over BMW: 1) mileage 2) reliability.

    I can take a joke :) But your Bimmer owner dreams of eliminating his 6 month $$$ visits to the dealer.
  • we use it on our newest car and it provides spectactular results!!

    C'mon, with a compact car like the celica, it can't be that much work!! :) :)

    Agree with you about toyota reliability over bmw...

    take care,

    :dave and krystyna
  • griffinggriffing Posts: 21
    I think that BMW's are very nice cars, but why do people constantly try to compare bimmers with celicas? They are in two totally different price ranges. Anyone who drives a celica (gt or gts) knows that for the money, a celica is a really good buy. If someone wants to spend $5,000-$15,000 more to get a BMW, more power to them. I hope to own a new BMW some day, but when I do, I certainly won't be comparing a luxurious refined car with a sporty toyota.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    Sleazyrider, you obviously don't know, I'm a lazy, LAZY man. But you have a point. I remember trying to keep a coat of wax or 2 on my Delta 88. The thing has the square footage of a small house! Everything since then has been pretty easy. But you know, I just used a clay bar on the GTS. Had tons of tar on it, and that took a long time to rub out. So that's fresh in my mind, and I don't wanna think of more work!
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    auto GT-S is probably about as fast as a manual GT, it is ironic that the cheapest celica is faster then the most expensive celica.
  • griffinggriffing Posts: 21
    What's more ironic is that I have raced a gt 5 speed with my auto gts and the gts is a lot faster. The gt 5 speed is only fast compared to the gts at very low speeds, since it has more torque at lower rpm's. I was many car lengths ahead by 65 mph.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I don't understand how that is ironic. 180 hp should be faster than 140 hp in the same car no matter what the transmission is. A 5-speed will not make up for a lack of 40 horses.
  • lelandclelandc Posts: 26
    Was wondering if some folks were willing to share how much a GT with 5spd is going for? Are you happy with the performance from this set-up?

  • griffinggriffing Posts: 21
    Actually, I was poking fun at the previous comment saying that the gt was faster than the gts. The gt is fast, but not faster.
  • It's kind of funny when people talk about speed, comparing one car to another. When I look at a watch one second does not seem like that much time. Especially, to pay alot of $$$ for. Even though I have a gts, I bought it for a number of reasons, not just b/c of the faster time.

    Even though I payed a couple extra for my car it will always be worth more and I'll get it back when I sell it.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    I agree with you jrieder, BUT at the same time, it is nice to get the premium model, and actually have a good performance edge over the other models. Toyota and Honda tend to blur model functionality together, and its enough to irk me bad sometimes, ya know what I mean?
    I just didn't bother me when I (got a deal, and) paid 12,700 for a '93 Integra, and got the same performance, maybe better due to weight, than someone who would buy a loaded model for $18000 (ballpark, I don't remember the LS prices.) Sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes against!

    Regarding 40hp difference: It really is all about how quickly the engine reaches its peak horsepower, not the HP itself. And it certainly is cool that these modern slushboxes transfer the power so efficiently.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    check the used car book value web sites,,, and you be pleasantly pissed off that your GT-S is not priced anywhere near 4K more than GT. Get's even worse as they age.

    My bud's 98 grand prix GTP was a measly $450 markup over the standard grand prix when he traded 6 months ago. It's was 8K more new. go figure.
  • Bluebook and all that the numbers are guides. If a car is in good condition it will sell and possibly higher than the blue book. As I recently found out when I sold my 92 celica for more than the book price. I didn't pay 4k for the gts model. I know I will get the money back when I sell it.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    Both are good points. One: accessories rarely bring their value back at sale time. That is why when leasing, the accessories are completely residualized (paid for) over the lease. They don't have value after 4-5 years. I think this is especially true with non-functional pieces, like the spoiler.

    Also, Jrieder has a good point: The GTS is a pretty exclusive car, and probably over a period up to 10 years, it'll still command the book's retail price, not wholesale. Besides, you keep any Toyota in great shape (don't know what your personal habits are guys!) and you can sell it well above wholesale. These cars sell themselves used, due to their reputation.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    uhh, numerous tests proved that the manual GT is about as fast as an auto GT-S. If you guys don't belive me, go to A lot of the celica owners can tell you the same thing I am telling you.
    If you think about it, celica has a high peak engine, and auto GT-S has "4" gears. Everytime the car shifts, you are dropping out of the powerband on the 2nd cam. Not to mention the automatic robs a whole bunch of power just because it is an automatic. It is true that the manual GT will gain at first and the auto gts will probably catch up around 40 mph or so.. but that is still a close number from 0-60mph. Besides, 0-60 is not everything. Cornering, braking is also very important.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    "Numerous tests" Where are they located? I could only find discussions with nothing but speculation. Of course, I have trouble navigating those mazes too!

    You don't drop out of the powerband when racing. You shift at redline, either manually, or hopefully pedal to the floor in the GTS auto results in redline shifts, but I wouldn't know.

    The GTS has variable lift, lower profile wheels, a larger bore and shorter stroke, 40 more horses...the answers are too complicated to guess, we need a race!
  • I bought the Celica GT-S a week before my 50th birthday which is now a year ago.
    I was going to buy a station wagon but my wife said go buy something you can have some fun in - and besides it's cheaper than a girlfriend!
    I like the feel and the looks of the car, and I wanted the "legendary" reliability of a Toyota.
    Well, it seems all of that legendary stuff has gone to Toyota's heads and they have become arrogant and unresponsive; it will be their downfall.
    The car is kind of cheap inside; I've had the moonroof sliders replaced a couple of times only because one of the panels seems to get dirty on it's front edge.
    But my serious gripe - and this has to do as much with safety as with expectations - is the fact that until the temp. gauge moves to first notch there is a noticeable hesitation. It feels like it's about to stall. It can really be unnerving pulling out from an intersection.
    Toyota says that "this is within normal parameters"
    You can imagine what I say!
    I've never had a vehicle that didn't respond when cold - the computer's supposed to take care of these things - right????
    I would think a change in the computer codes would fix the problem; but what does Toyota say about it?
    They're working on it.
    I hope they find the problem soon - I now have 2 of the 3 years warranty left!
    Anyone else having similar problems?
  • I have not had any hesitation problems in my GT-S when the engine is cold; However, you are not the first person I have heard mention it.
  • griffinggriffing Posts: 21
    You can almost tell which model of celica a person drives just by their posted messages. All the GT owners think that their cars are nice and the GT'S is noth much better. All the GT'S owners are constantly trying to prove why their car is better. I think it's funny because I know someone who bought a 40 year old mustang for the same price as a new celica. In my mind, that would be a complete waste for me, but for the person who bought it, it is their dream car. To tell you the truth, the reason why I bought a GT'S was because I wanted leather, and you can't get that on a GT (I bought mine used, and you can't find a used GT with leather, or a new GT for that matter).

    Everyone has their own preferance. I myself know that there are at least 10 different reasons why the gts is better than the gt, regardless of if it is auto or manual. But rather than look down on someone next to me in a GT, I give a thumbs up, because any new celica is a nice celica!!!!
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    who says that any Celica is a nice one.

    I had to order my 2001 GT from the factory, all because I didn't want a spoiler! And they also don't come through with ABS, at least around here. So I ordered it just like I wanted it, waited 4 months (!), but it was worth it now.

    As they say, that's why there's chocolate and vanilla....
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I believe there is some sort of limiter at about 7000 rpm's whenever the engine is cold. Is this what you are referring to? It's almost like the engine shuts off. I've hit it a couple times pulling out on the highway for work in the morning.
    As for any other signs of a hesitation, I haven't experienced any. Just the normal higher revs of a cold engine as with any vehicle.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    Today went to dealer. Was getting brake pulsation. Looks like they cut all 4 rotors. Don't know 'cause they were backed up so bad they offered to mail the paperwork, fine. Kind of a bummer when they only have 3000 miles. But if it happens again, I'll ask them to put 4 new rotors on.

    Also ordered new shocks for hatch. Below 30 degrees F it falls on my head as I put my guitar in back. It is warm now, but they said the shocks feel weak, so they'll put new ones on.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    40 year old mustang? a GT500? now that is a dream car.
    " The GTS has variable lift, lower profile wheels, a larger bore and shorter stroke, 40 more horses...the answers are too complicated to guess, we need a race! "

    So you are telling me that a 200hp truck will out run a celica GT-S? I think not. Weight to power ratio, gear ratios, and automatic/manual plays an important part on the overall car performance. Hp is one part of the formula, not everything.
    Auto GT-S has "FOUR" gears, close gear ratio is VERY important on high rev cars like acura Rsx, Integra and s2000.. especially Celica. Think about it, you are engaging the 2nd cam very close to the redline. The only way to STAY within the redline is to have close gear ratios, since auto GT-S only have "FOUR" gears, everytime you shift you drop out of the power band. The gears on the auto GT-s are too long to extract the best performance out of that engine. Btw, you do know that manual GT-S have 6 gears right.. there are 6 gears for a reason.
    Torque converter on a auto transmission doesn't help either. Like I said before, go to and people will tell you the same thing. GT-S or GT owners alike.
    By the way, I don't own a celica. I was going to buy a 6spd manual but toyota decided to stop production on the 6spd for this year. I was going to buy a auto celica but found out that it can be slower then the GT manual. I can race you in my wrx if you want... hehe.
  • marktestmarktest Posts: 43
    I don't need a race to know the GT 5-speed is quicker than my GTS-auto (about .8 sec). I drove a GT 5-speed and own the GTS-auto. I'm sure the GTS is faster, but the GT got to 60 mph more quickly. It all becomes a mute point when you consider that these are not sports cars, rather sporty economy cars. I base that on a personal opinion that a sports car doesn't take more than 9 sec to get to 60. The 6-speed GTS is marginal assuming auto mag tests of 7.0 - 7.5 sec to 60 mph are accurate.

    If I had it to do over, I'd have gone to the GT, but I'm happy with the car - just wish I didn't have to pay for premium gas for mediocre performance. As a comparison - my wife's 4-cyl Solara is as quick as my Celica GTS. Solara's a nice car, but no sports car.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 758
    JK111, my point was merely the same as yours, that there are too many differences to know which is faster, GTS auto or GT manual. That's the point I was making in listing those differences.

    Yes, I know the GTS has 6-gears as that is the car that I have. I also think that the gearbox is more to offer a unique package, rather than performance. Yes, it can be helpful in an all-out drag race. However, ALL THE TIME, like cruising through the park at 35-45, I find there is no perfect gear to be in. The lower gear will drag too much, and the higher gear won't have enough torque. And I believe Acura is copying Toyota for the uniqueness factor only. I used to push my Integra 5-speed to the limit all the time. Comparing the 2, I say with the proper footwork, there would be very little difference in performance from 5 to 6 gears. And like I said, road course driveability suffers with the 6.

    That being said, I still love the 6-speed. I appreciate the uniqueness factor in drive-feel. Every new thing I drive teaches me new things. This is like buying a new computer, or router. I get to play a lot with it, and figure out new things.

    "I'm sure the GTS is faster, but the GT got to 60 mph more quickly"=====What do you mean by this marktest?

    You make a good point about sports economy cars.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I agreee, the 6 speed gearbox has a lot to do with a marketing ploy. But as far as not being able to select the right gear to go down the street in??? I don't understand that. Owning one myself, I don't get what you're saying. Pick a gear and drive.
    The extra gear makes downshifting power increase (more options) and helps out with gas mileage I think. Of course, the 91+ octane does get old!
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