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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    blah, another one of those muscle car heads from the camaro thread. This is like saying why we should get a civic instead of a neon.. same argument. If the camaro is such a hot seller, why are they discontinuing it a year from now?
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Am I the only (soon-to-be, it's on order...) Celica owner, who doesn't give a crap about racing, and how fast the car goes?

    One reason I got the Celica GT 5-spd was because of it's gas mileage 28/34 EPA. I'm not a racer, but neither am I slow driver, and I think the car has plenty of quickness. Not too mention how great it looks, and the Toyota reputation (I'll be passing my '93 Camry with 121K+ miles on it to my daughter).

    So who cares if the Celica can beat the Eclipse, or the Camaro, or what. If you like the Celica, buy it, drive it, enjoy it. Otherwise, get something else.

    Just one man's humble opinion....
  • I rarely exceed the speed limit, and I'm quite happy with my Celica. The traffic in my area, it's not really possible to be a speed demon anyway.

  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Just got the word today, that my Celica GT which I special ordered on 8/30, is officially built in Japan!

    I asked the dealer if she thought I might get it as a Christmas present... she thought more like New Years! Oh well....

    I'm sure she'll call me when there's some major blizzard or something too!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'm glad you've got the word! It's hard to wait and I know it will be worth it!!

  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    they are making you wait for 4 months? why the long wait?
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Long story. Short version -- I ordered the car built they way I wanted it. Celica's are still made in Japan. Contacted several dealers, all but one didn't even want to bother with it.

    That's just how long it takes, that's all. The dealers say something about they get together before the model year, and decide how they want the cars configured to be delivered to them in their region (mid-atlantic, in my case).

    For the GTs, they all came with spoilers, we didn't want that. None came with ABS, we wanted that. Also didn't want the security system, most came with that. So we got the all-weather pkg, sunroof, alloy wheels, power package, ABS, mats.

    I've been trying not to think about it too much these last few months....
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    Anyone has automatic? I am somewhat frustrated by the so called engine braking which they mention in the manual as a plus. Most of the time it really sux, on a road where I don't have to push accelerator at all with my mercury, the Celica slows down if you release accelerator pedal. Recently I noticed that if I simply switch to neutral it rolls for a mile without slowing down (there is slight slope). Why should I burn gas to go down??? Yes, I know that for a couple of days when it is icy that helps, but I have done without that and never noticed. Anyone knows if constant switching to neutral is bad for transmission?
  • If it's still sitting in Japan then ya got about another month to go.
    Surprised though, cause you ordered yours a week after mine, and my salesman just called me this morning to say that it was now on his allocation sheet, which means it's now in the U.S. (1 more week to go)

    Maybe your car got slowed down due to the sunroof.
    (I need the extra headroom so I left out the hole in the roof)

    Anyways I know how you feel. After so much time goes by without hearing anything you start wondering if the order even went through. Then when your dealer calls you feel like you won a battle or something.

    I got my TRD exhaust Friday, and got that feeling all over again. Only waited 3 months for it.

    BTW, what color did you get hbark?
  • I just got the front end mask for my 2000 Celica, this really improves the appearance of the front end, a bear to put on but worth the effort. I don't want to jinx the car, but 8800 miles and no mechanical problems so far. The recent cold weather in town has brought on an interesting development. It take a while to get used to the fact that the autotrans does not go into overdrive until the motor has warmed up. Anyone else out there experienced the same thing or do I have something wrong? Still love to drive the car. I hit the speed limit going up and as I slow down. Best thing I bought was a Cobra (around $120.00) radar detector. It has saved my but a couple of times.
  • Isn't Toyota's VVTL-i system almost identical to Honda's VTEC? I saw earlier in the forum there was a discussion about premium fuel, and Honda says that their VTEC engines "can run on regular unleaded with decreased performance". Maybe VTEC has a lower compression ratio?

    Also, i believe that constantly switching an automatic to neutral is not bad, but shifting back into drive while moving can cause problems.

    Also, anyone have any idea how much it costs to lease a GT-S manual?
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    The Celica I ordered is Spectra Blue Mica. Or Spectra Mica Blue, whatever... I don't see hardly any of them around here in that color.

    I like it... then again, I'm color blind, so who the heck knows????!!!
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    more or less, vvti is the same variable value timing technology used by Honda. But the new celica is a little bit more advanced that is all. So in an essence, a second set of valves will open up when the car reach a certain rpm (for hondas) the 2nd set of cam will introduce more air into the combustion chamber, with extra gas and air.. you get more hps. But it does burn a lot more gas tho.
    cool. You can tell your friends that they custom built your Celica at Japan..hehe.
    About automatic shifting. I don't think it is bad at all unless you rev the engine all the way up and than dump it into D. Shifting in low rpms shouldn't be a problem for an auto.
  • I own a 00 GTS 6spd w/ 3000 miles. I love my car. I purchased it b/c I wanted something with decent power and good gas mileage. Price was also a factor. I've owned at least 10 Trans Ams and Camaros. I love them but the gas mileage is not good for a daily driver. I don't see how anyone can compare the Celica to either of these cars. They're not even in the same class. I will always own a Trans Am but I would never compare it to my Celica. As far as reliablity someone posted that a Camaro would always be in the shop. That is not true. Camaros and TAs are very reliable and I've never had any major problems with any of the ones I've owned. Very easy to work on yourself. Just recently got rid of a 96 TA to buy a truck for now. Am looking for another one but not that new. The 96 was to big and very uncomfortable.

    When I decided to buy my first new car I looked at the Celica, Grand Prix, and Prelude. I really wanted a Prelude but for the price turned it down. I thought for 28,000 I'd buy a new TA instead. My husband really wanted me to get a Grand Prix Supercharged b/c it was bigger. But I did not want another big car! And the gas mileage around town was only 18, which we argued over continously until my mother purchased a Bonneville SSEI w/ same motor and she's only getting 18. So I settled with the Celica got it for 22,558 Loaded with everything but side airbags and ABS.

    Purchasing my Celica was not a very pleasant experience. Dealers around here did not want to give me the time of day nor did they seem to know their product very well. So far my celica has pleased me except for some minor things which I don't know if they are worth a trip to the dealer. The CD player skips (common complaint), the loose antenna (another common complaint), I have a rattle in my dash somewhere. The only thing that concerns me is the other day when I started it (very cold day) the idling went crazy and started loping then quit. I owned a 87 Prelude that would do that every once in awhile and was not expecting a new car to do that. Anyone else have the same thing happen to them? All in all I would recommend the Celica for what you get it's worth the price.
  • Anyone have any comments on the GTS vs the VW GTI VR6?? I'm trying to decide. The VW puts out 174hp and has 181lbs torque avail at only 3200rpms. They claim 0-60 in 6.8 with "Benz like quality". Price is around 21K loaded. Thanks for your advice.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    The VR6 engine has really nice low end torque. While the Celica GTS has good high end, nice turning and brakes. Overall, I think GTI is a good car if you want to get from point A to point B. But Celica is a fun car. So it is really up to what you need. If you want a commute car, a accord V6 coupe might be a better choice.
  • happy that you feel that your GM products have been reliable. I think it's kinda weird how alot of GM owner simply live with defects in their car while these same defects would enrage a Japanese Automobile owner. Your own comments about the CD player skipping, a dash rattle and loose antenna show that you accept these kinda faults with vehicles EVEN WHEN IT'S STILL UNDER WARRANTY. That just doesn't cut it with me. I am wondering if you even bother to wash your Celica.

    Do a search in Town hall for Camaro & Trans AM and you will see that everything, but the kitchen sink is going wrong with these cars. BTW, my buddy in Hampton, VA has a 1998 Grand Prix GTP. He just replaced the entire engine and supercharger at 48K miles. price $8400. Ummm, He was enraged!
  • Does anyone know where the older topic on the celica gts is located. i haven't been to this site in a while, so if you know please let me know what happened to it.
    I have over 5500 miles on my gts and i'm still loving the car tremendously, it's even got me in a little trouble with my wife b/c she thinks I take care of the car more than the house. She's right, the car is like my life blood. This was my first new car and spent hard earned money on her, and I want it to look good for a long time.
  • yeah, just click on new car on the home page, then select toyota,then celica. You will find the link in the review.
  • where's all the posts? they dissapeared!
  • taken off the stickers on the sun visors, they are about child seats, they seem to be stuck on for good. I got my car two nights ago, love, was rear ended this morning, not a great start but I would love to take the stickers off. thanks
  • I believe the stickers are required by Federal law. They are also required to be placed on the visible side so that the interior looks like crap. I don't know if it is a violation of Federal law to remove them.
  • I'm interested in hearing stories about accidents with a Celica. Please tell me about personal safety and also structural damage to the car.

    coupe2001 - I've also noticed a block of posts which disappeared after message #50.
  • Try using a hair dryer to heat them up, this should loosen up the adhesive enough to remove them. I use this technique to remove dealership advertising stickers. Melts'em like butta!
  • I was rear-ended last week (two days after buying my 2001 gt). The bumper is on order, structural damage has yet to be determined. I am driving the car and haven't noticed any problems, but would i necessarily ?? My neck is a bit sore/tight but I can't tell if that is from being rear-ended or stress from work. Thanx for the suggestion on how to remove the ugly stickers from my visors.
  • Hey Toydriver

    Where did you get your Celica and did you get a good deal? I live in Sherburne County but work in downtown Mpls., so distance is no problem. Thanks for any leads. Lovely winter we're having.
  • mt_kilimanjaro,

    a couple of years ago i got into an accident with my '86 celica. the car was turning and slipping, hitting this VW golf that was next to me. the passenger side of the golf was in pretty bad shape, while my celica has some of his paint on the bumper and a slight turn of the hood. there was very slight frame damage, it wasn't noticeable unless you looked carefully.

    i just bought a '94 recently, don't know how it handles accidents though, and i'd rather not find out.

    hope that helps.
  • hi,

    i just recently bought a '94 celica GT hatchback... upgraded from an '86. i have a question... the dash has a light for ABS which doesn't ever come on. according to the owner's manual, it should be checked if the light never comes on. but, i have no way of knowing if the car actually has ABS, or even if it has 4-wheel disc. i guess i could take off the wheel to see if it has disc (i am alloy-less, unfortunately) in the back, but i still wouldn't know how to check to see if it has ABS.

    any ideas? thanks...
  • Kick Man 1
    I bought my GTS from Rudy Luther on 394. Jack was my salesman.
    I was happy with the deal. The car is great on dry pavement, but I've garaged it until Spring.
  • I am wondering what i should clean the dash of my 2001 gt with , I am not thingking that it is supposed to be glossy like with armor-all. Any suggestions ?? Incidently, I got my car 400 over invoice in So. Cal.
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