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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Honda spokesman at the show said it will have "almost" 200 hp.

    If it's as heavy has the current Integra GS-R (which is 250 lbs heavier than the Celica), it won't be much faster than the Celica GT-S in racing terms, and probably won't be as nimble in handling.
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    I ordered mine August 30th, to be exact.

    Have no clue why mine took like a month longer than yours...

    Today she told me "it's on the truck" from the Port of New York going to southern NJ... gave me the VIN #, etc.

    Hopefully in a day or 2???
  • The service mgr said that there are a bunch of 6

    speeds out there that are starting to fall apart,

    no fault of the driver. The trans started getting

    hard to downshift into 4th, then it started grind-

    ing, so instead of trying to repair it, they said

    it would be easier to just replace it.My wife wants

    an MR2 ( they weren't around when she bought the

    GT-S). The dealer allowed 18K as a trade-in, I just

    hate to see them make even more money off of this

    car !
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Picked up my '01 Spectra Blue Mica GT. 5-spd.

    Waited over 4 months, since I ordered it special from the factory, with ABS and no spoiler (which was impossible to find on the lots).

    Looks great, love the color! (Can't wait to see it in the daytime...)
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    oh man, now I have to decide between the new integra (RSX) and GT-S. This is going to be tough...
    How about the new WRX? It is a little more expensive but hella better in terms of performance..
  • Hey I'm looking for anybody still driving one Toyota's best kept secrets!! I'll put my 88 AllTrac up against any GTS out there! And if any of you happen to be driving a 93 AllTrac, I buy it from you!
  • dq1dq1 Posts: 44
    I'm shopping for a 2001 Celica CT in Orlando. I have been to three dealerships and they all have a dealer add on for a Toyota Protection Package (paint protect ant, fabric protect ant and undercoating) for $619. This seems like dealer fluff since the paint is clear coat, Scotch guard cost $5 for a can and why would I want undercoating in Florida. I haven't started negotiating yet and I'm wondering if this is something I can tell the dealer I don't want or is it something I have to accept. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    I went and leased a GTS. Unfortunately, they only had 2 stick shifts, gray and red. Of course, I took the red one. But I had to take the leather and spoiler. What a waste of money for both options. But, I had to take what was there.

    You wouldn't want undercoating. We have harsh winters up here in Cleveland, and my car is currently caked in pure road salt. Guess what? Toyota did a good enough job that your wheel wells will last 10 years or more without any problems.

    Have you checked other dealers? If it boils down to having to take a car with these extras, the same rules apply as without them: Figure out a fair cost for the car, and offer it to them. My deal on a GTS was based on $500 over invoice. Granted, our sales may be worse up here due to the weather. But you should be able to get within the ballpark. And simply figure in $0 for the protection package. You're right, it probably cost the dealer $15 total.
  • aim9aim9 Posts: 9
    Go to Mike Erdman Toyota on Merritt Island Fl, and ask for salesman Dan Macleod, and sales mgr, Hugh. There are some things that SE Toyota just will not negotiate, but this dealership/salesman has treated me extremely well, in addition to providing great service to both my 98 4-Runner and 2000 GTS 6spd. I leased the GTS from Erdman when I moved to Fl last year. I love the car and you will too. It is my 4th Celica since 1978, and truly the most fun. Tell Dan that George the
    "Phantom Phlyer" recommended you to them, Good luck.
  • We own a 2000 Celica CT - automatic - Red. 25,000 miles

    What we like

    Color - lots of looks and comments
    Build quality - Typical Toyota - I,I an engineer - this car is well thought out and put together
    Handling - corners like a go-cart
    Ergonomics - everything is where it belongs inside the car - switches have a good touch - solid feel
    Radio/DC - Good sound - large buttons
    Dash lights - easy on eyes - easy to read
    Minimal road noise - good solid feel
    Cargo room plenty - unreal how much stuff you can put in this thing - even with the rear seat
    Head lights - unbelievable illumination from the projector beam lights - on high beam you can see from LA to New York - every car should have these things
    Gas mileage - great - combined around 30 mpg

    Not so hot stuff

    Visibility - up front O.K. but back and aft side is horrible - almost would consider it unsafe - you do not change lanes without doing the owl thing - scared to death making emergency lane changes when those times have occurred to move quickly. Have creased the rear bumper twice on both corners from not being able to see when slowly backing up - and I mean slowly! - spoiler makes it even worse.

    Engine - good sound and power at speed but weak at the low end - especially with the automatic - have been times when pulled out into traffic and prayed for the thing to get up and go - way too sluggish considering the vehicles image. Has a long spool up time before the power torque comes in.

    Seats - comfortable but low to the floor - as you get alder long rides make your back stiff because your legs stick straight out - but hats an age thing - good support - and durability.

    Reliability is great - only issue has been that on very rare occasions the automatic misses a shift - when kicking down for needed fast acceleration - and acts like it goes into neutral - lots of rpm but no poop - dealer can,t pick it up on the computer diagnostic thing - but it has happened three or four times - read about this happening in another Toyota product being tested by a magazine - avalon I think.

    Kick to drive but our biggest complaint is the rear and side visibility issue. Edmusnds long term test report of a GTS says the same thing.

    Hopes this gives some user friendly insight
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    I turned my outside mirrors as far out as possible, so I can easily see just about anything coming up on me in the next lanes. I still have a little paranoia. However, unless some other driver does something very stupid, I feel I have a good hold on my view now.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    I'll second both guitarzan and bstone2: visibility to sides and rear are bad. Spoiler makes things worse. I keep my mirrors adjusted out as far as they will go which works just fine in traffic. When backing up, you better be DAMN sure what's behind you and exactly where it is.

    Other than that one glaring problem, I think the car is great.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I took a trip and averaged 33.7 miles a gallon driving 80% highway and 20% city with 17" wheels.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    First of all, do you have stick/auto? And how many miles? I've driven my car from 40 miles to the 700 it has now. Even on mostly freeway, I get 29 or so, and that is with 94 octane. So, I wonder if the mileage will improve somewhat/greatly. I have a stick, and to break it in, I've kept it between 2300 (try to never bog it by going too low during breakin) and, not sure without looking at the tach, about 4500 I think. So, without even engaging variable valve timing, mileage is low compared to yours, although just in the ballpark that I figured.

    Can I talk about your pics?
    #1 The pics are GREAT. Many times, noonday pictures are TERRIBLE because they are washed out due to the son. Not these two. Especially the one on the shadow side of the car, that is cool.
    #2 I have to scroll to see the whole thing. Can you size it down to a normal screen? Me, I prefer 1024x768. Someone running at 800x600 might still have the same complaint. But my biased opinion is that nowadays, when so many have advanced video cards, 1024 is fair game.

    #3 Do you remember your camera settings? Looks like you used low speed film (100?) because the image is PERFECTLY clear. I'm just curious also about the settings. I'd guess F16/1/125. Close?

    #4 Who makes the wheels? They are excellent.
    I scrolled back and didn't see you mention them.

    I see my ambiguity on dash protectants. I accidentally found the warning in my glove box, which said not to spray these things directly on the dash. I made an incorrect mental note from that.

    You were right previously: I cannot believe how many people look and gaze at this car! Mine is red also.

    Anyone know: I have to run an extra power wire for an electric antenna, right? Any opinions on the reception of the rubber one versus a long electric one? The stock one is long, but reception is average. Poor for my taste, actually, since I like several stations that are 60 miles away.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I have a 5 speed. 391 miles traveled on 11.6 gallons of 87 octane in good ol' VA. She has 1400 miles on the odometer.The wheels are Focal F5's (

    I toke the photos in a hurry with my Sony Digital Mavica which uses floppy disc's. I plan to take more photos after I have it waxed and detailed Saturday, and I will adjust my camera settings too.

    Yeah, the power antenna needs power wire from the radio. The universal power ones run $60. Not sure about reception comparison, but I would think the power one would have the advantage. The rubber ones are a easy install, so you could try it out, and take it back if ya didn't like.
  • bcloughbclough Posts: 97
    Visibility issues is the reason why I didn't want a spoiler. It's hard enough to see out the back as it is!

  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    I think you made a good call. Unfortunately, I had 'new caritis' and when I first laid eyes on my Spectra Blue Mica GTS, I just hadta have it. Overall, I love my car, but I'm seriously looking into the cost for a body shop to remove the rear spoiler and fill the holes in the body.

    Anybody out there want a blue spoiler?
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I kinda like the somewhat obstructed views that the celica has. If you have a difficultly seeing out, then everyone else has difficulity seeing in. For instance, my seating position from the side looks as if noone is in the drivers seat.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131

    Personally, and this is just my opinion, I don't give a damn if someone else can see ME in the car while I'm driving or not. But I CERTAINLY want to be able to see what's behind me, beside me, etc.

    Are you one of those guys who reclines the seat so far back that you are looking THROUGH the steering wheel while you drive?
  • bcloughbclough Posts: 97
    I feel sure there is no aftermarket for Celica spoilers. Perhaps the only hope would be to recycle it for some other use -- how about a garden ornament?

  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    I wouldn't make that assumption. If all it takes is to drill 2 holes and install it, if a person sells the spoiler at less than the dealer would sell it, he might find a buyer.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    When the time comes, I'll probably just stick it on E-bay; people will buy all sorts of stuff over there.

    Brenda - I doubt my wife would appreciate a big blue spoiler in with her tulips and whatever else she's got in there. Probably clash with the little garden gnomes and pick flamingos....
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I see very easily OVER the steering wheel, and I'm very comfortable reclined with my 6' 5" body stretched out.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    gooood gawwd.....6'5"? Yea, I guess you DO have to recline the seat a bit.
  • bcloughbclough Posts: 97
    It seems to me that most Celicas have spoilers already -- to find someone who doesn't have one, and wants one of your exact color, might be kind of hard. But I'd be interested to hear of any aftermarket for them. (One of the dealers I talked to tried to convince me that it would be perfectly OK to pay $800 for the spoiler I didn't want, and then have them take it off. I wouldn't bite.)

  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    Spoiler for $800??? It should be less than $500, and that includes fog lamps.
  • Nope, that's the price listed by Toyota. And there are no fog lamps.

  • Well, according to Edmunds, the MSRP (2001 pricing) for the spoiler/fog light package for the GT is $540.

    Are you in Canada?
  • Nope, but I am relying on memory, which is less good these days.
  • I think Brenda is trying to say that if you order a painted spoiler from the parts department for your spoilerless celica, you will pay $800. The TRD painted spoiler is almost $1400, so that sounds about right. However, it would be tough get retail for used parts. Probably worth about half.
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