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  • carriendancarriendan Member Posts: 1
    We can all appreciate an honest car dealership and if that's what you're looking for, plus an amazing vehicle, visit Gurnee VW. Like anyone else, we were researching the market for a quality compact vehicle. We went to other dealers and can tell you that the experience at VW Gurnee is in a class above the rest. They truly listen to what your looking for and deliver.

    Both Joseph and Mitch did a lot of footwork to find our ideal Golf and in the end, we got exactly what we were looking for! Joseph is very knowledgeable of the vehicles and it makes for an informative and enjoyable experience. We also really enjoyed our interactions with Mitch...he is honest and treated us like family. Those are traits any person in the market for a vehicle can appreciate!

    As for price, they can't be beat. The transaction went quickly (we weren't there for hours) and was seamless. Their location couldn't be more convenient...on Grand, right off the tollway across from Gurnee Mills. The dealership is impeccable and they have a large selection of new and used vehicles. Save time (+ gas) and go see the friendly folks at VW Gurnee...just like us, you'll be glad you did! :shades:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    Sure is lonely here...

    FWIW, my son just paid about $17,800 (including document fee) for a 2010 Golf with MSRP of just over $19K. That was without the 0% financing, would have been $1500 more with the discount financing.
  • sportflyer1sportflyer1 Member Posts: 13
    The Golf 2.5 is low volume compared to the Jetta. also it is outnumbered 3 to 1 in the dealers lot by the TDI. Anyway I paid $100 over invoice, and I really got paid exactly what I wanted for my old 1996 Mercedes C220 trade. I could not get the 1.9% @ 60 months, but I got the 2.9% at 60 months, that is about $500 more in payments over 60 months, but still very good, so it is the the trade plus $2000 cash D/P and $350 month for 60 months. I was going to buy the 2012 Civic LX, but I heard that they wanted you to pay MSRP and 4.9% APR at Honda.
    I owned VW's before and I am actually happy driving a Volkswagen, I actually got the car for the wife she loves it too.
  • area_manarea_man Member Posts: 1
    Went through Costco and got this one for $400 below invoice at a dealership in Edmonds, WA. Very helpful and courteous sales staff and a highly rated service department.
  • koctailzkoctailz Member Posts: 87
    I am shopping for a 13 Golf 2.5. They seem hard to come by. Many TDI's out there, it seems that is all dealers are ordering. I like the car, but only for about $1k under invoice max. Has anyone purchased a 2.5 lately?
  • koctailzkoctailz Member Posts: 87
    ill reply to my own post. i got offer of $19580 from Sunnyvale VW. He said there is only 1 of these available in CA. It seems like all the dealers order the TDI's. I like the car, but not for that price.
  • fminaudfminaud Member Posts: 3
    I used to know how or where to find the dealer's true invoice cost. I cant seem to find it on edmunds? Im trying to get the dealer invoice for a 4 door , AT, GOLF TDI, 2013.

    also need to get dealer invoices for all of the TDI packages? Thanks in advance.
  • fminaudfminaud Member Posts: 3
    Is it wise to buy a used TDI, since I dont know if it was properly broken in by previous owner?

    Im referring to buying from a certified dealership? Is it risky to by Golf TDIs used?

    Thanks in advance.
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