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I'm working with a dealership that is about 2 hours away from me on a 09 WRX 5-door. The salesman quoted me a price of dealer invoice+2% but I feel I can do a bit better than that.

I did take a weekend to look/drive the car so I'm now talking with him through email to get a new price.

I sent a price over and he came back with this:

"To present an offer to the sales manager, I can fax you a buyers order and you can include a credit card number as your deposit along with your signature and I’ll will present your offer to our management for their consideration."

My question is, do i need to sign a buyer's order? I feel a price should be set before the buyers order.

Thanks for any help.


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    Don't do it! It's possibly a scam to hold your deposit for 30 days. Try to deal directly with their internet salesperson. Your less likely to have your time wasted with this old fashioned bull fodder.
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    Negotiating question...I have opinions...read on if you are interested in opinions...In this market...LOL...offer him what you want to pay and work upwards. Don't work down.

    Me...I would start at 3-5K below invoice..."I will take it today for this price"...and then walk away...let him come back to you with a price.

    Don't sign anything or commit unless you are ready to buy. The sign a buyers offer is just a way to get you to feel obligated to buy it and make poor decisions.

    I don't want to suggest the dealer doesn't have a right to make a few $$$ on the sale...however it is a buyers market. Figure out what you think you should pay for the car based on internet pricing and offer $150 more...that gives the sales guy a few dollars to make on the deal.

    Again...I would start really low, way below invoice...over the phone (since it is 2 hours away)...ensure that you make it clear that if the price is right they are going to get a sale, set your price and tell them to get back to you. When you are confident on what you are willing to pay, then at least you don't have to second guess yourself.

    HInt...if you offer to purchase the extended warranty and then "decide" to not get it at the final table...you make money...they make deals expecting to clear $500-700 on the extended warranty...and then when you back out...the original price is already set. It is kind of sleazy...but don't for a second think that the salesguy is telling you the truth either.

    Another suggestion...if you aren't comfortable dealing this way...go practice. Go to a Dodge Dealership and shop for a challenger. When they sit you down tell them you will take it for $5000 under invoice cash...if they make the deal now...and then walk. Practicing how to manage the deal makes the actual sale easier. I like to test drive new cars...however to test drive a car...you usually have to go through part of the sales process...the whole learning how to deal with a sales person when you have no skin in the game makes it much easier to manage it when you actually do. To be honest...I would have bought many a car over the years if they made the deal..when I offered $35K on a $41K car...I was serious...however I knew they never would have had agreed to it...it is a kind of chicken. I got close on a 350Z twice...but they could only get within $1500 of my price...had they met it, I would have bought one.
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    I hope no one takes your advise and you are banned form Edmunds. Never ever set foot on my lot
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    LOL...I don't want to get into a back and forth...you are entitled to your opinion. What is your suggestion to the person asking the question? Perhaps you could offer different advice or perspective?
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    I think the $3-5k under invoice is a bit much.

    I'd suggest invoice minus holdback. If there are incentives you should get those too.

    I don't see a point in offering below cost, though, it just puts the buyer-seller relationship on rocky ground for no real benefit.
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    Agree. Invoice minus cash incentives (if any), minus the holdback, is a good starting point and then work upwards from there. But making unrealistic offers like $3-5K below invoice up-front, simply projects the idea to the dealer that the fellow is not serious and is essentially wasting everyone's time.

    My time is far too valuable to be playing such useless games, IMO, and I prefer making a realistic offer upfront (after doing my research before setting foot in the dealership) and if everything works out well, closing the deal in a short period of time.
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    FYI. I just received this quote by emailing a local philly dealship. I haven't replied or tried to negotiate. Anyone seen a better offer?

    MSRP: $26,197 plus tax/tags
    Internet Price: $22,941 plus tax/tags (includes rebate)

    You also have the choice of Subaru’s special low-rate leasing or 0% financing special.
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    I got a left over 2009 5 door WRX with premium package for 25K +TTL in Los Angeles.

    The car also had wheels front spoiler and some STI goodies (shift knob, battery tie down, Oil cap, etc)

    Also got 4 years 0%.

    Good luck.
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    Wow, nice deal. 4 year is a very long term for no interest, too.
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    I love this car but the insurance would be more than my current 08 BMW 335. To many kids buying these and racing/wrecking them. I'm 39 with few tickets btw.
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    BMWs are cheap to insure... and Imprezas are decidedly not...

    However, my base Impreza was recently re-rated (why, I'm not sure), and is now the same premium as our X3.. Previously, it was 30% higher..

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    Maybe claims have gone down now that stability control is standard? That would explain it.
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    Either that.... or, some of the safety equipment didn't get acknowledged with a new model... and, it changed, once that mistake was rectified..

    Pretty big drop... and, I'm not complaining... = $15/mo. :)

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    Cool. :shades:
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