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Ford Escort Wagon



  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    Well, I've got a post about a '97 Escort with manual transmission, except mine is a sedan, not a wagon. But, since the engine and trans are the same, I figured I'd post it anyway.

    Bought '97 Escort LX with 5-speed in Feb 97 for wife - she commutes 40 miles a day to work and back. She prefers a stick - before the Escort she owned an '86 Tempo LX with stick that had 98K miles on it.

    So far, we've put 18,000 miles on the car, with no problems at all - just oil changes. No, it's not a hot rod (not with 110HP), but it's satisfactory for us. As mentioned above, I wouldn't own a stick w/o a tach - fortunately, the one we decided on had a tach as an option.

    We've been talking about an Escort Wagon when the lease on my car comes due (Feb 99), but I've heard that the Escort is being replaced with the Focus in Aug 99 - no wagon planned ! What does anyone know about this? Not sure I want to purchase a car that is being discontinued 6 months later.
  • restiforestifo Posts: 2
    this is for sulli (message #26):

    i bought a 93 LX wagon in sept. of 93. it went from florida to upstate new york to michigan to pittsburgh and then to bloomington, IN. my wife and I have put about 65K miles on it, and it worked in 100 degree orlando days. it's also started in new york at 25 below. the only thing i have ever had done to it was to replace the alternator (and that was under warranty). (well, i did have some body work done because of an accident, but that doesn't count.)

    i have noticed some minor rust near the back doors, but given the winters it's been through and the road salt it has seen, it's done pretty well.

    i've been fairly religious about changing the oil, but i've let other maintenance items slip. we can still get 40 to 42 mpg on the freeway (max was 46). the only thing i've noticed is the stick is little stiff, but that's probably due to the fact that my personal car has a much easier stick.

    overall, i'd say it's held up great. heck, it beats out my piece of crap 95 dodge neon sport coupe. if you're looking to buy one and can find a good one at a good price, i'd say it's worth it. on the other hand, the 94's had airbags and the CFC-free a/c systems, which is something you might want to consider.

  • medioblancmedioblanc Posts: 1
    Own a 93 escort station wagon with 85 thousand miles. Live in upstate NY. No problems except brake rotors and drums go out of true and round prematurely it seemed to me, however ford took care of that problem when the car was under warranty. No rust, always starts, good mileage. I am looking to buy a 98 if anyone knows of good deals
  • tgallustgallus Posts: 1

    I live in Toronto, Canada and am thinking of buying a Ford Escort wagon with an automatic transmission. I would appreciate any advice as to what the best price is for this car (not including rebates, taxes and delivery charges).
  • DaiveDaive Posts: 1
  • emathisemathis Posts: 3
    Hi. I am looking for a wagon. Looking at '97 Escort w/ 12,000 miles and a new Saturn SW1. Any thoughts on which one might be the better buy? The Escort I am looking at is a program car and they are asking 12,400 for it with auto, air, and stereo cassette. I haven't started negotiating yet? Does this seem like a good price?

  • shelleykshelleyk Posts: 1
    I have shifted from considering a 1994 Subaru Legacy to searching for a 1995-1997 Ford Escort. I wasn't impressed with the Legacy after driving a VW Passat. Since I can't afford the Passat, I decided to go for the efficient Escort. However, I am worried about safety in a lighter, smaller wagon. Does anyone have any recent information on how the newer Escorts hold up in crashes? Thanks
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    <<Does anyone have any recent information on
    how the newer Escorts hold up in crashes?>>

    Below are two links that may help you find this information.

    Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    KarenS/SW Host

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  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47

    Was in two (2) accidents in a 93' Escort wagon.
    Repaired twice and driven for an additional
    75,000 miles and four years. No noticable problems. 'No' light vehicle will fair too good in
    accidents. However, I came out of both, albeit not
    serious, accidents with only minor injuries.
    I would venture to guess that 95'-97' Escort wgns.
    are even safer d/t airbags and stronger, more
    rigid bodies.
    However, if you'd like a larger wagon, consider
    a used Subaru Legacy or Honda Accord wgn. Both
    seem to hold value and reliability well.
  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    Although it's being a "program" car with low miles helps, all should note that the '97 model year Escort was produced for something like 20 months. In other words, a '97 could already be pushing 3 years old!

    As for it's being a "program" car, remember the difference between a used car and a rental. The rental has been ruined by being driven by dozens of different drivers, while the used car has been ruined by only one or two drivers ;-).
  • scotty2scotty2 Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm new to this wonderful site, so please bear with me. I'm going to be buying a new wagon in the near future and am considering the following: Escort, Saturn, Subaru wagon or Forester. As a fan of Escorts based on owning three of them going back to 1985, I still lean in their direction. Maybe blind faith..I don't know, except they have been exceptionally dependable, low maintenance wagons. Does anyone out there have any input regarding these choices? Thanks.
  • Hi! I am shopping for a stn wgn. any opinion on
    the mercury sable GS stn wagn vs Ford Taurus Stn
    wgn? which has lower maintenance?

    I test drove both of them and wondering what was different.

    Do anyone have any inputs on these choices or any other?

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Check out Topic #40 and Topic #83 here in Station Wagons for opinions on the Sable and Taurus.

    KarenS/SW Host

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  • I own a 1997 Ford Escort Wagon LX, which I purchased in 1996. It's my first wagon and I love it. Unfortunately, for a family of 4 (which includes two carseats) there isn't much elbow room, especially with talk of more children in the near future. We are looking into purchasing either a minivan or conversion van. So if anyone in Michigan wants to buy a great wagon please contact Sheri at
  • mckee. As has already been pointed out, the previous poster's prices were Cdn$ (Canuck bucks).

    jfs. The Sept. 1997 Consumer Reports had a review of 5 wagons: Ford Escort, Subaru Legacy, Ford Taurus, Subaru Impreza, Volvo V70. An eclectic mix to say the least.

    The average car has fewer "sample defects" (i.e. obvious ones, right from the factory) and better reliability than the average car of 10-15 years ago. So, yes indeed, even owning a newer car, with average reliability can be a step up.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Edmund's info and review for the 1999 Ford Escort Wagon is now available!


    1999 Ford Escort SE Wagon

    KarenS/SW host

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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    #0 of 1: TAHURD (tahurd) Mon 26 Oct '98 (08:20 PM)
    We've had our 94' Escort for about 5 months now
    and I'm pretty happy, but maybe you can help with
    these two strange things: The vehicle BEEPS at me
    whenever I open a door. No key in the ignition,
    she just beeps until all the doors are
    rear passenger doors. Does yours work this way?
    Also, the AC works beautifully (altho a power
    drain), but I can't seem to locate a setting for
    airflow that is not chilled. I'd just like air
    blown in and not run the AC. Isn't this doable?
    Something's not workin', eh? Any
    suggestions/comments greatly appreciated.

    Tom Hurd

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  • I wonder, along with Shelleyk, about the escort wagon....I loved the passat, but realistically, both the car, and insurance are far more costly with the vw than the ford. Big Bummer.

    I thnik there is probably no real way to compare these two cars, however, does the escort seem like it will be a reliable...not in the shop, tough car. We are good about the regular maintainence stuff.....

    also, if buying from a fleet saleman, and buying a new '98 (big rebate...supposedly no updates from to the '99 besides new colors maybe-is this true?) what would a good price be approx....for a manual?

    thanks for any help!
  • abc4abc4 Posts: 5
    We own a 1993 Ford Escort LX wagon. We bought It new. It has been very reliable. It has always started during our cold New England winters and is a very versitle little wagon. I agree with Mckee4 about the idea of the Escort having AWD like the Subuarus. Maybe the new Focus will have that as an option. Has anybody heard any news about Ford putting AWD on their cars? Thanks.
  • Im starting the process of replacing my 96 Escort
    Wagon because of collision damage.
    What other wagons are comparable in
    terms of size , performance , safety and price ?
    Would appreciate inputs.
  • If you were happy with you 96 Escort wagon, how about a 98-99 Escort wagon. Pretty good review in the Sept. '97 Consumer Reports. Let me know if you can't find it at your local public library, I'll mail you a photocopy (

    The review is for the 1997 redesign which, by the way, has a more powerful engine so performance should be improved. From everything I've heard so far, though, fuel economy is still quite good.

    The 1999 Suzuki Esteem might be worth a look, as it's engine has been upgraded. I haven't spoken to any recent Hyundai owners, but I do recall the Hyundai Pony being abysmal!
  • hvcc79hvcc79 Posts: 1
    I work as a courier and have driven many Ford Escorts over 100K miles, Im curently driving a 98 with 35 k on it. We have a 97 Model at work that allready has 98K on it. The 97 and newer Escorts are much improved. The power now is almost adequite the previous models where real lacking in this area. The build quality is noticeably improved. The ride and handling has also improved. No real major complaints from Co workers. I think Ford did a good job on Re Engineering from the previous model. These cars are a pretty good value for the money. If your lookin for a low priced economy car.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I've had my 94 wagon for five years now. Just went over 70,000 miles, and so far no major problems at all. Seems that the auto transmission may need some attention, as it doesn't like to stay in overdrive during even modest acceleration at 40+ mph, and constantly downshifts. But otherwise, it's been a really good commuter car, and I it's been great for trips to Home Depot hauling 8 foot lumber, mattresses, top soil and mulch.

  • I have am interested in purchasing an Escort SE wagon, and have been offered CAN $16K (around US $10,400) from the dealer (subject to negotitiation, of course). It's loaded with all the options (not that I wanted them, it just happens to have them) and is a new 1998 model. What's a fair price for this car? Are there any significant differences between the 99 and 98 models that should incline me to one or the other? Many thanks.
  • jshaw1jshaw1 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of purchasing a 1997 LX wagon from a NC dealer does anyone have comments a regards potential problems with this design?

    Is the 2.0 l engine up to it when coupled with 4 speed Auto transmission?

    All comments welcome.
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    I will be buying a small wagon soon. Toyota and Honda no longer make wagons, and I really don't want to spend $14,000 for a used one with 40,000 miles on it. I looked at a Escort wagon today. It is a good price ($11,700). I have been used to a Sable wagon (1989). I love the ride, but I no longer need that big of a car. My family is giving me a hard time because it is American, and if you compare the reliability of the Sable to our Toyota, the Toyota wins hands down. I have heard good things about the Subaru wagons, but they are too expensive. The big drawback of the Escort wagon is the back seat. I am a heavy person, and I could not use the back seat seat belts, but I will be driving and the front seat belts are fine. The only people in the back seat will be my teenagers. Any reassuring owners of a "99 Escort out there?
  • winginawingina Posts: 1
    Brown: Where did you look at the 98 Escort for 11,700? We test drove one today and the cost came to 11,716. I have been trying to find out if this is a good deal and it seems to be. Is your price the lowest the dealer will go? The one we drove was loaded and it was nice. THought it was a good deal and came close to buying it then, but wanted tor research a little more. Now I am wondering about the 99 Escort.
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    I forgot to mention the features. Most of the power items are standard, power windows, power door locks, air conditioning, assisted brakes and steering. No ABS, but I got one of my favorite little items, power side view mirrors.
  • dirkdirk Posts: 1
    I bought a 97 escort in June of 96. I had owned several Honda Civic Wagons, and the Ford seemed to be very similar in design which is why I bought it. My Escort has been very reliable, and I would recommend this car to others. I have the five speed transmisssion, and all of the power and ABS options. With the five speed I get better gas mileage than the last Honda civic wagon I owned. (over 30 mpg with mainly city driving).
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    Thank you for your reassuring evaluation of ESCORT vs. HONDA. I am not sorry I bought the car, but my kids are so Toyota loyal, they gave me a hard time when the Sable needed repairs. It is nice to know that my reputation will not be further marred.
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