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Ford Escort Wagon



  • Need some advice. I have '97 Escort Wagon which has developed a noise in the rear passenger side wheel area. The noise is only evident when the rear seat or hatch area is carry some weight (anything from a adult to couple of cases of coke will cause the noise). Any suggestions? The dealer has checked it twice. Once, I was told the brake linkage needed lubricating and the other was a strut was out of alignment. Well problem still exists. Thanks for any help.
  • When I use the a/c on my escort the car looses a lot of power, and the gas peddle feels like it's skipping or hesitating. Any suggestions, other than turning off the a/c which I don't use now.
  • pbb98pbb98 Posts: 19
    desabenz: My '93 does funny things with the A/C on too. It goes really slow until it gets to about 2000 rpms or so and then picks up. I think the problem is that the engine doesn't have enough power to run the A/C and move the car at the same time.
  • Dumb_Dave says: Need some advice. I have '97 Escort Wagon which has developed a noise in the rear passenger side wheel area. The noise is only evident when the rear seat or hatch area is carry some weight (anything from a adult to couple of cases of coke will cause the noise. Any suggestions? The dealer has checked it twice. Once, I was told the brake linkage needed lubricating and the other was a strut was out of alignment. Well problem still exists. Thanks
    for any help.

    Dave - it sounds to me like you have a broken rear spring. Most Escort wagons have a problem with rear springs because Ford, in its supreme wisdom, decreed that wagons could use the same springs as the sedans.
  • i am the recent new owner of a 97 ford escort wagon (paid $6000, 48k miles). aside from the coil spring problem, that i gather is common with this car, i have had good service so far ...

    BUT, there is now this strange surge or stutter that has occured both at moderate speeds on country roads, and at higher highway speeds. it's as though i were depressing or lifting my foot from the gas pedal, but i am not. it doesn't do this all the time, and doesn't seem to be related to temperatures (they've been seasonal here (western mass.)). any ideas from you veteran escort wagon owners out there? i would appreciate your help.
  • Hi. We just purchased a 1993 Mercury Tracer Wagon with 87,000 miles for $3,250 (private sale). It was very well kept, garaged, and serviced regularly. I am just wondering about the gas mileage with these wagons--either the Tracer or the Escort--I assume they would be pretty similar.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what gas mileage you are getting with your wagons doing highway driving?

    THANKS for your information!!!
  • Sorry, I should have noted above that we have an automatic transmission. Thanks!!!
  • pbb98pbb98 Posts: 19
    I usually get close to 40 on the highway with a 5 speed with my '93 escort.
  • Thanks for your response!
  • lcbeelcbee Posts: 4
    We've had our '93 Mercury Tracer wagon for just over a week (bought it used with 87,000 miles) and a couple times the "Check Engine" light has come on while driving, stayed on for a minute or so, and then goes off. Has anyone else's '93 Tracer or Escort wagons had this happen? At this point, unless the light comes on and STAYS on, we're not rushing out there to have it looked at. Maybe it's a faulty sensor or something. Thanks for any information anyone out there can provide on this subject.
  • Just bought a 93 Escort Wagon with 116K miles.
    Private sale - The guy was asking $2400 but I got it for $2000 by paying cash.

    It seems to be in excellent condition. Everything seems to work except the cruise control. I think it is factory original. Why is the handle that it sits on movable? It seems weird that I can move the handle, but the handle itself (below the turn signal) serves no real purpose, except to provide a place to mount the CC switches.
    The switches don't seem to work to set the cruise. Has anyone else seen this? Is it usually easy to fix?
  • faurefaure Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm new to this site but think all the information advailable is great. I am currently buying a 92 Escort Wagon with 171k miles on it for $600. It runs great and is in visually good shape. The only problems I can find is noise from the rear passenger side wheel. Could this be a broken spring/strut? I do almost all work myself,what is involved with this type of repair? Anything else I should look for to be a potential problem on this car? It has a 5 speed manual transmition which works fine. Not sure about the A/C though. Any idea what it would cost to convert to non-CFC freon. Any other comments or insights into this model car would be much apreciated.
  • the escort topics here seem to be somewhat dead, at times. but it can be a good place to try and get answers.

    it could be the strut/spring causing the noise.
    at that mileage, if the struts are original they all are probably shot. mine were replaced at 60k!!

    you might raise the car and check to see how much side to side play there is in the wheel. you could have a bad wheel bearing assembly.

    also, examine the brakes. the flat piece of metal that runs from shoe to shoe, that contains the pivot for the emergency brake cable can become frozen, and not allow the shoes to release fully.
    (that is what happened to me). it caused some noise, and it caused the shoe in the rear to heat up the drum and gave me that warping feel after braking repeatedly.
    if the wheel cylinders are original, check to make sure they are not rough in operation.
    if you find a brake job is needed, consider replacing them(the wheel cylinders) along with the brake hardware.

    if i could get 170k on my escort i would be happy.

    see you,

  • faurefaure Posts: 2
    Thanks for reply Lee. Upon further investigation the passenger side spring is broken. Dosn't appear to be too big of a job to replace spring/strut if I can buy or rent spring compression tool easily.
    So far brakes seem fine but I am planning to take a day in the near future to go over the car. After driving the car a few days I would have to say I am impressed how well runs and handles after 170k miles. Having owned 2 Honda's for the past 13 years I would have to say the Escort ranks right up there with them.
    Thanks again,
  • I have a '94 Escort Wagon that shimmied at highway speeds. At 70 mph, I couldn't hear my stereo, but it was also noticeable at lower speeds too, like 30 mph, however then it was more of an oscillating sound. I thought that it was a tire problem, so I bought new tires; it didn't fix the problem. After putting up with the noise for 1 year, I found it was a bad wheel bearing on the front passenger side. After replacing the wheel bearing, my car is completely different; it is quiet and pleasant to drive.
  • We loved our 94 escort station wagon. Bought it new 2/94. 106K mi and 6 years later the rear of a semi finished it off. In reading these posts I'm happy to say we had none of these problems. The timing belt did go, w/out warning, but that was my fault for not changing it on time. Regular maintenance was all we had to do. The only additional problem was a radiator replacement. The car returned 37.5 mpg even going 75-80 on the hi-way. It was an excellent car for a beginning family, cheap and roomy enough. And when we graduated to a mv it became a great commuter. Wish I hadn't totaled it, but considering I hit a semi that was doing about 15 mph while I was doing about 65 mph and walked away w/out a scratch, I think I'd buy another one.
  • Hi,

    I just recently purchased my wife a 97 Escort Wagon with 23k miles on it. During the test drive I was just ecstatic to find 7 receipts in the owners manual from where the previous owner had gotten the oil changed on this car like clock work every 3k miles. My question is to do with the door locks, why did the only put an auto door lock on the drivers door ??
  • I've been browsing the boards at Edmunds because I'm shopping for a wagon to replace the 96 Escort wagon I bought two years ago. After reading folks' comments on the cars I'm now considering, and wondering how accurate they are, I thought I'd look here to see if my Escort experience is at all similar to others'. Looks like many of us do share the same issues.

    My Escort has had NUMEROUS mysterious noises coming from the wheels since about a week after I bought it.
    First there was a thumping that I could actually feel through the floorboard when applying the brakes. A dealer tried replacing the brake "counters" (four brass cylinders), and that did change/muffle the noise but didn't end it. Others have looked into it too, without ending it.
    Later a scraping sound began coming from the rear wheels when applying the brakes at low speeds. Several mechanics have worked on this, eliminating it for short periods. Each mechanic has blamed the previous ones for causing the problem but fails to resolve it permanently.
    Most recently a swishing sound has begun coming from the front end as I drive. It usually fades away above about 40 mph, and on turns. I took it in to the shop for that also, and the mechanic insisted it was coming from the rear. Turns out, he was zeroing in on that other unresolved noise instead.

    I'm tired of dealing with this. Even though my first car was a Mustang, back in the 60s, I never was much of a Ford fan. There has to be a car that's more pleasant to own and drive.
  • always a good idea to replace the water pump along with the timing belt, because the labor isn't much more. if the water pump goes later, it can take out your new belt with it and you will be doing it all over again. (happened to me).

    new water pump & t-belt & radiator flush/new antifreeze & new thermostat cost me about 300.00 at a reputable repair shop.


    I would snap a code scanner into the diagnostic post and check for error codes.

    other than a flaky speedometer at highways speeds, nothing major so far.
    my 95 lx is at 80k miles and is used for a roughly 104 mile per day commute.
  • i have had brake problems/noises on my 95 lx, but since i overhauled the rear brakes(new hardware & wheel cylinders) no more problems. the flat piece of metal that runs from shoe to shoe that contains the emergency brake pivot can sieze up and stop the shoes from retracting properly. this caused a noise & warpy feel when applying the brakes.

    have you checked your front tie rod ends?? they can cause a thumping to be heard when they get worn enough. i have went thru 2 sets of calipers on front of the car since new. they stop releasing fully causing rotor warping(and noises), even though the caliper sliding pins are lubed properly and the brake fluid is changed every couple of years.

    my mpg has fallen from a high of 42-44 on the interstate this summer to 35 or 36. suspect my o2 sensor is finally failing, even though no trouble codes are registering yet.
  • Check your oil level and antifreeze level. I get 28-30 city/highway;33 highway. Have 134,000 miles on it and replaced the water pump and timing belt around 70,000. Only major repair and it was preventive maintenance- it had not failed. Will replace it with Focus wagon since they've discontinued Escort wagon.
  • We bought a new 1999 Escort Wagon SE. Which is the last year they made them. It seems to have quite a bit of power for a 4cyl Auto. But I have never gotten very good milage around town, especially in Winter. Somwhere between 17 & 23. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • The oxygen sensor is often the cause for the Check Engine light to come on. New sensor is about $60 and fairly easy to install; screws into the exhaust and plugs into the wiring harness. You may have to temporarily remove the radiator fan housing to have room to work. Takes about an hour, or maybe two.
  • I'm in process of buying a 97 wagon with automatic transmission with 37,000 miles and am wandering what kind of gas mileage city and highway I might expect.
  • This car is a lost cause! When the engine block gets too hot the ignition module fails, a thrity-five doller replacement. You can't go through a car wash, a puddle, it won't start if it is real humid out because something gets wet and it will either die on you or it won't start. My question is, does anybody else have this problem or is it just my car?
  • the stalling in humid/damp weather...

    anyone check the coil wire(distributor cap to coil)?

    the ignition is hot enough to actually burn this wire in two in time.
    if you have the original ford plastic sheathed wire it can be difficult to see this phenomena.
    i had an 86 with the same symptom as yours, and thats what the problem was.

    as for the tfi:
    is the plug for your tfi module perfectly clean or corroded?? that can short out a perfectly good tfi module in a hurry.
    also the white goo that come with the module must be used generously, else the heat from the engine will get ya in short order.

    is the engine temp normal??

  • Bought a wagon new in 1995. Had some initial problems with fit of the doors which dealer took care of in the first week. Have only had 2 problems. One was mentioned by another poster regarding the speedometer freaking out at highway speeds; only happens when it is cold out. Only other problem was a broken rear spring. Probably my fault as I tend to use it like a pickup. With 102,000 miles and only normal service and maintenance, I'm hard pressed to seriously consider buying anything new at this time. Plan to hang on to it for at least 2 more years. With 5 speed I am able to get 40+ mpg in the summer and around 33-35 in the winter. And by winter I mean northern Maine where daytime highs may only reach single numbers or less. If Ford still made the Escort, I'd certainly consider buying another one. Have not looked at the Focus yet, but probably will when the time comes based on my experience. By the way, this is the 4th Escort in our family. Wife also owned a 1982, 1987, and 1993 before trading to Honda Civic. (She did not care for the Focus; but may have bought another Escort if they weren't phasing them out.)
  • Hi, I just purchased a 1995 ford escort wagon for 1200.00$ It has a rebuilt transmission (last month) 131,000 thousand miles. How long do you think the engine will last for? Should I change the timing belt?
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I think that depends on the maintenance the previous owner or owners have performed on the car. I have a 93 Escort Wagon with 130,000. Still running strong. The engine has never used a drop of oil.

    I know someone with a 94 or 95 Escort Wagon with over 200k. He changes oil every 3k.
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