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We purchased a brand new 2007 HHR in Sept of 2007 at Gainesville Palm Chevrolet. Ever since then, we have had the car back to the dealership several times for repairs. The steering column, had to be replaced, the electric seats have a short and have gone out (a couple of times) and they cannot find the short, the sunroof motor had to be replace and we had to take it in a couple of times to get it repaired,the radiator fan blade fell off, the paint job, (which was bad on the roof and had a few scratches that they were supposed to fix before we picked up the car, when we bought it. It wasn't done. We had to take it in 4 or 5 times for the paint job alone. It was never done correctly and they ended up putting swirl marks in the paint. The manager said he was done, that they weren't going to touch the paint again. And THEY dented and scratched the car while they had it and tried to give it back like that) Clicking noises in the car when it is put into gear, fwd or reverse and you accelerate, which they still haven't figured out what is wrong with it, now that we are out of warranty, (bumper to bumper) they want to charge us to fix it or to tear it down and diagnose the problem. This problem has been a problem for over a year and we keep taking it back and they keep telling us it is one thing or another and do not fix it or tell us they can't find what is wrong with it. They never broke the car down to find the problem when it was under warranty. Also now our HHR is losing power. Well it no longer has get up and go. They told us it was filters or the fuel injectors needed cleaning. That didn't do the trick. They have no idea why it is bogging down.

We talked to a law firm and they believe not only do we have a lemon law case they also think we may have a breach of warranty case. They asked us to send in copies of all our service records. We were on our way to the dealership at the time because our car once again started messing up. Which was last Friday, July 17th. I told them that I would scan and email the reports when we got back from the dealership. Because our HHR's cooling system and a/c went out that morning.

We called the dealership ahead of time, we already had a pending appointment with the General Manager for the following Tuesday (today) at 8:00 AM to discuss this case and told the G.M. what was going on. He agreed to meet us when we got there. He took all of our service records we brought for him to look over and said he would like to take care of the problem in house.He offered to give us a trade in amount of $12,000.00 which is over the KBB value. If he could trade us out that morning he would do it then and there to get us in a vehicle that works.

We picked out a Jeep Which was only 16,200.
and then they asked us if we wanted to put down a down payment on the Jeep, besides the HHR.

We told them no, that we just wanted to trade across the board. That this is not something we planned on doing, we are in the middle of moving, and we hadn't saved up to put a down payment on a car, we already put $10,000.00 on the HHR. He understood and agreed. He let us keep the Jeep for the weekend and was supposed to have things worked out for Monday, with NO down payment, just the HHR as a trade in. The General Manager said he was going to sell us the Jeep wholesale and turn around and sell the HHR wholesale. We were just supposed to sign and drive away.

When I called them Monday AM July 20th, they said they still didn't have the loan worked out and that they would call me in a little while. (I work in my car on the road all day long.) They called several hours later. It was also hours after I did an interview with one of the loaning banks. They again started to pressure me on the phone wanting $2500.00 down or we couldn't get the Jeep that I am still driving. They haven't started working on our car. They told me to keep the Jeep again, until I heard from them this morning. Tuesday July 21st. But we may not get the loan with out a good faith down payment. (I don't understand this when the bank called and interviewed me she said everything looked great. We even talked about why I wasn't giving cash down along with our HHR.)

We have contacted GM and the BBB. We are seeing who can do what for us. GM said they would exchange the car, but only for another GM car at that dealership. We are so tainted on GM cars right now we are looking to just get a refund and start over.

We now have our records in our hands again, we have faxed them to the lawyer's office. If he thinks we have a case, then we will follow accordingly, whether it be with the BBB or the Lawyer.

It was explained to us that the General Manager was trying to get another sell from us instead of taking care of us and our lemon car. Also that the down payment plus GET THIS the interest rates. (They can legally set your interest rate up to 2% higher than the bank asks for), and that is all gravy for them of course so is the down payment. He was just trying to get us to give them MORE money!!! I actually told him he should be ashamed of himself.

We had to leave the car at the dealer's service department and pay for the diagnosis and a rental. We are now just playing the waitng game.


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    We found out today that the Thermostat had gone out. That is why our cooling system shut-down. It was under warranty and replaced. That means we don't have to pay for this diagnostic. Whoo hoo!

    They still have the car though, they cannot find out what the clicking noise is when we put it into gear and accelerate.
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    If you don't have the extended warranty are are stuck keeping it you had better get it. I think I'd go the lemon law and get another car.
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    not knowing what state you are in all lemon laws are different....the fact you are trying to work a case on a 3 MY year old car at this point and based on mileage puts it beyond most lemon laws in most states....would get the specifics first....and way against lawyer fees.....also most lemon laws take effect when there is a repeated attempts at fixing the same issue...usually a safety related issue that keeps the vehicle out of service for more than 30 days....you had mentioned paint issues..which probably will not fall under lemon law. plus a single repair of the steer column and a persistent problem with the power seats.....again..a judgement call if that is an actual safety issue.....so be aware of what actually falls under the lemon law clause in your particular state..based on time limits, mileage of ownership and number of attempts to repair for a specific issue.

    seems the dealership is trying to handle in house....is the dealer a Jeep dealer as well....if so..dont really see the probably with the cross the board trade....but again...I would work specifically with the GM.....did he ok the Jeep trade....you had mentioned that he (GM) now apparently only wants to trade across for another GM vehicle......if your original selection of the Jeep was Ok's by the GM...dont see the problem....unless he is now changing his story on ya.......keep pressing...and good luck to ya....
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    Yes he changed on us. He never mentioned the fact the GM would only trade for another GM, nor did he mention that we would have to trade up to the current year,of the same type of vehicle or pay the MSRP with NO discounts.

    Been talking to GM corporate. That is the deal they are willing to offer.
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    Now the question is...is this corporate GM or the dealership laying out the restrictions.....this is a dealer problem...I went though this with another dealership with a Kia..back in 03......but was within 90 days of purchase.....the dealership gets the reimbursement from corporate GM......so its up to the dealership to make this happen.....if they really want to...they can...to be honest....keep pressing....

    own 3 GM cars here...04 Chvy Malibu Maxx LT (148K), 06 Pontiac Solstice (40K) and 09 Cadillac CTS (16K) and they all have been great....dont give up on GM....look around.....the issue seems to be they want to keep you in a HHR.....the BBB will arbitrate for a deal.....again..will be a like car....or moneuy returned or applied toward another model....if Im not mistaken.....see what they say

    good luck
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    My hhr was bought new and within a month (and our first rain) my front passenger floorboard was covered with an inch of water. I told them at the time I didn't want a "new" car that I would be paying on for years that leaked but they said under the law they had a right to fix it! Well, I am now on my 4th water leak and they still are pulling my chain! They keep advertising great customer satisfaction but I have not seen anything close! They know my car is crap, but they just don't care. I have contacted a lawyer this morning and hope to hear from them soon!
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    My 2007 limited half year edition, or so I was told, Limited because of the black chrome is a lemon in Massachusetts. Its been in since new for the check engine light 6 times.It nevers stays gone for more than a day or two once its fixed. I comp-lained early on about the clunking sounds and even thought I heard things falling off and hitting the underside. ...turns out it was the stabilizer bar snapping off and then it took out the running board on the passenger side as it flew out from under the car. At least it has (had) running boards to protect the paint. The bug screen/deflector on the sunroof flew off as I drove it down the road. I've had to replace both headlights and this morning I discovered that the autostart doesn't autostart. The chrome on the driver door handle peeled off. The dealer replaced it with a black chrome handle that didn't match the others proving that I was right from the beginning when I told them the handles were not right for the model. The grill is black chrome but the handles are not. Now the replacement doesn't match the others. This car is in the dealers more than its in my own garage.
    For the folks trying to make a lemon law claim on a three-year old car: I hope you live in Massachusetts. At least we do have another law ( I will look it up later) that covers those vehicles with consecutive on-going problems that are no longer under warranty.
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    I have a 07 hhr bought in Mar 07 I have over 162k miles on this vehicle I replaced the brakes and rotors only twice had several blowouts especially in the mountains, been in two accidents (an 18 wheeler, and a full size van) hauled extremely heavy loads while traveling all over the country. And this vehicle still cranks up good but it does get the mileage it used to get. I change the oil regularly and I use cruise control a lot. It powered down once about a month ago it was extremely cold I turned it off for a few moments turned it back on it never had that problem again. The engine light turns on and off when it feels like it and runs a lil rough when it does but I don't really worry about bc its been doing this for three years y worry. I going to replace my suspension all of it lil by lil. I can't keep the lights working properly they go out every 6 months.
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    My grandfather bought a 2007 HHR from Nicholson's dealership in Millersberg, Ohio and has had nothing but problems with it, the breaks in particular.
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    I am from GM Customer Service. Do you currently have issues with the breaks? Or has the concern been fixed? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I am still having issues with my front driver side breaks as I have to replace them 3 times in just 2years. I also have the paint peeling off of my hood- bubbles up and peels off.

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    Hello Ksad0372,
    I am sorry that you are still experiencing concerns. Can you please email me more information so I can look into the situation further? You can access my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    We purchase our 2007 HHR March 2008. We began having problems within a month (4/08) of purchasing the car. I took it back to the dealership because the front end was shaking. The car sales person told there was rust built up and they had to re-cut the rotors. 3 months-Aug2008 later I was back@ the dealer having the rotors re cut. So by December of 2008 it was time to go back to the dealer to have my rotors re-cut/replace. They told us we were driving the car to "hard". I told them I had a VW Jetta for 13 years and never had this many problems. They fixed what they could and I was on my way. I was back in Feb 2009 once again but they could not find any shaking in the front end this time. April 2009 I was once again back @ the dealer 1k miles over my warranty so this time they were going to make me pay. I fought with them,because I was here in Feb but they could not find anything wrong. They said they will pay for rotors but I will have to pay for labor. They were doing me a favor because I was over my warranty miles....So $900(rotors, brakes, 4 tires) later I am leaving the dealer totally annoyed. This February 2010 I went back to the dealer for one last plea for help. This would be the last time they would re-cut my rotors @ no charge. Only because I was sooooo upset. Today I took it to my local mech. He is replacing the rotors, brakes, and 2 front tires, apparently HHR go thru tires also. So in the last year I have put $1500 into a newer car. What kind of crap is GM making? I will never purchase another vehicle from GM if they are not going to stand behind their product.
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    Bottom line is this: Our 2008 HHR is unsafe and unreliable.GM knows HHRs have various issues and I am very upset!

    My wife will no longer drive in this car and I feel unsafe as well.Heres our story:
    Our 2008 HHR which we bought new, is currently setting at Reynolds GMC in Covina CA, and our case being reviewed by a "smug" District GM manager by the name of Aeris (pronounced IRIS), to see if they can offer "assistance" to help pay for something that should technically still be under warranty! (has only 39k miles) I had to find out from the service mgr. yesterday that Aeris told him that GM could not offer assistance to pay for $900 repair bill. (So he only calls the dealer it is at now and didnt even bother calling the other SERVICE MANAGERS at the other dealerships which I gave him in the first place) He did not even bother to validate any of my visits at the other dealerships. ( I know because I checked with the 3 dealerships before) He has not even bothered to call me or return my message. I am furious!!!!

    Again, I have had it to 3 different dealerships- (none of them were aware of "STALLING ISSUES" even though its all over the internet & Blogs) I took it to the original dealer where we purchased, Mark Christopher Chevy in Ontario (2x in one week-June 17th-June 27th 2010) could not find problem but did replace main computer. Drove car the next day up to northern CA only to have it stall on the way up and on the way down. Towed to Power Chevy in Valencia from bottom of the Grapevine on I-5 south ($320$$$$) on 4th July! They had it for 2 days & could not replicate. Got it back-Stalled again on July 9th in the middle of LA Traffic on the 134/5 fwys at 6pm. Had to have towed to Allen Gwynn Chevy in Glendale.

    Found out that my sisters next door neighboor had same problem with his '08 HHR and he had it in to Reynolds GMC Buick 7 times. Neighboor said they fixed his, traced it to bad main elec harness and faulty fuse box.( Reynolds also told him he could not take it back to Reynolds any more-he will have to deal directly with GM?)

    So I drove it to Reynolds on Monday the 12th, from the Chevy Dealer (Yes it was decelerating/missing/stalling issues while driving) and it stalled right there in the service bay. The Service writer Mike Floyd, and I had spoken before I brought it in so he was aware of my situation. So now I am having to write other GM cust serv folks and post this on Edmunds. (You can see and feel my resentment and I plan on trading this vehicle in ASAP for something else besides a GMC product.) I will also be posting a link to an EYEWINTESS NEWS video of another HHR owner who had the exact same issues...My family or your family could be seriously injured or worse by an HHR driver if GM does not take the responsibility to investigate these issues.
    Stay tuned.
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    Please copy and paste this link into your browser to view if not directly linked. it is an Eyewittness news video of a HHR owner who is one of I dont know how many thousands, that have various stalling issues with there HHR.

    Here is a transcript below:
    RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Loretta Barnes says she drives around Raleigh in fear.

    "I'm scared. It's going to die and somebody's going to hit me in the back," she told Eyewitness News referring to a stalling problem she says she had with her 2007 Chevy HHR. "It happens around Raleigh. It happened in Roanoke Rapids. It stalled on the train track in Roanoke Rapids."

    Barnes told investigative reporter Steve Daniels that the car died when she least expected it.

    "It stalled on the train track?" Daniels asked.

    "It stalled on the train track," Barnes replied.

    "It's always a bump that makes it die?" Daniels inquired.

    "No, not necessarily a bump - even sudden stops sometimes," said Barnes. "It is frustrating. I'm going pull out my hair."

    Barnes has the service records to show she had the problem checked out five times at White's Chevrolet in Roanoke Rapids. But she says the dealer never found out why the car stalled.

    An Eyewitness News investigation revealed other consumers have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alleging the same type of problem with the Chevy HHR. There are 22 complaints in all.

    NHTSA said it is aware of the problem and is monitoring it closely.

    Tom Lacek is a mechanical engineer who specializes in investigating vehicle failures. We asked him to look over the NHTSA documents.

    "My stand is it is a problem and it is solvable. It is really a matter of putting in the effort to do it," he said. "The potential for a tragic event goes up with this kind of problem."

    Lacek said he believes General Motors should thoroughly investigate why the Chevy HHRs are allegedly stalling. He said that could mean driving the cars for several days while watching every move with a flight recorder - trying to recreate the stalling problem.

    "Diagnostics are not complicated, but diagnostics must be systematic," he explained.

    Eyewitness News contacted GM about the problem. It told us it does not comment on investigations in progress.

    "Keep in mind that when you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of vehicles, there are going to be scattered problems. The question is, is there a defect that can and should be fixed with a recall or other action," said a spokesperson.

    GM also urged Barnes to get her HHR towed to the nearest Chevy dealership the next time it stalled.

    "To me it is insufficient, 'Well it stalls. We can't find it. Take it back. Let us know if it does it again,'" Lacek offered.

    After Eyewitness News got involved, GM contacted Barnes and offered her a special deal to put her in a new car.

    "I really thank you from the bottom of my heart - ABC, Channel 11, Steve Daniels, the whole team. Ya'll have been great," said Barnes.

    But Barnes said she's still concerned about the problem and she's suing GM under the federal lemon law. She also said she has a message for the car company.

    "You need to recall this. I'm scared someone is going to have to die in order for you to recall this car," she told Daniels.

    GM told Eyewitness News that it's sorry it couldn't solve Barnes' stalling problem. It said it tried to work with the customer to resolve the problem, but is happy to hear she is in a new vehicle and happy about that part of the outcome.

    Can someone at GM please respond? Thank you...ANGRYHHROWNER
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    My wife & I perchased a 2007 hhr one month after we owened it i heard scraping noises from the passanger side front end. i took the tire off to inspect the brskes and found that that the inside pad was wore down completely. the othe brake pads were fine. i took the car back to the dealers and explaned the problem to my surprise there were four other HHRs on the lifts getting look at. i still have problems with brakes. now the rotors&struts are bad Iam sorry i brought it
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    Hello Abbygas,
    I apologize that you are experiencing concerns with your vehicle. I know you stated that you got the pad replaced. Has the dealership taken a look at any of the other concerns you have? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    Hello Mariah
    I just want thank you for responding to my message its not just the brake pad its a combination of a few problem. my HHr is a 2007 i should not have to replace the rotors,struts&breke pads(X2) the dealer did work on the brake caliper(r)side but the brake pads keep wearing down faster than the left side

    thank you
  • abbygasabbygas Member Posts: 4
    Hello Mariah
    I just want thank you for responding to my message its not just the brake pad its a combination of a few problem. my HHR is a 2007 i should not have to replace the rotors,struts&breke pads(X2) the dealer did work on the brake caliper(r)side but the brake pads keep wearing down faster than the left side

    thank you
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    Hello Mariah
    I was just woundering how many people have you apologized to about the problems or concerns of the HHR? Don't tou think one is to many? thank you abbygas
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello Abbygas,
    Unfortunately, I don't make policies nor can I force a recall. I can help customers by answering questions and escalate their concerns if need be. I do apologize because I know how frustrating it can be for people when their vehicles have concerns. So if you have any further questions pertaining to your concerns please let me know. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    COPY THIS LINK TO YOUR WEB BROWSER http-//abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/abc11_investigates&id=6811236

    If you would prefer I can send a typed transcript (word for word) of this News Broadcast?



    I purchased a 2006 chevy HHR LT, in 2007. Since i have purchased this vehicle the following issues have occurred.

    Mileage on car 33,346
    1) The key locked up in ignition..9/06/07
    2) Shifter froze up and would not come out of park. . 9/06/07
    3) Headliner Trim – Energy Absorption Capability
    4) Front end and whole car started to shake when applying break..9/06/07
    Dealer turned rotors( but did not fix issue)
    5) Replaced driver side running board..9/06/07
    6) Got in vehicle one morning tried to take kids to school, vehicle would not go over 15 mph, had towed back to Lawson Chevrolet.
    working on getting date/mileage..This issue occurred twice before being resolved.
    7) Front end still shaking so I purchased new rotors and brakes...installed...still shakes whole car.
    8) Replaced headlight six times over a 1 year period....crazy.
    9) Driving vehicle one morning, vehicle suddenly stalls(quits running) restart drive a little ways, stalls again. Have towed to dealer they tell me AC compressor locked up. Causing belt drive to lock up. Also replace belt...of course.
    10) Driving down road and both front wheel bearing are locked up...need to replace
    11) Now once again driving car hit brakes car starts to shake..getting worse over time of course
    12) Vehicle stalls( quits running) when I hit the brakes or drive up hill or down hill or hit a bump......very unsafe
    take to dealer...for a fee of course...they tell me now ....well i will list below..
    13) Throttle body assembly needs to be replaced...to the tune of...$392.45..plus tax
    14) Need to replace rotors and brakes again.. to the tune of..$399.50.. plus tax
    15) Need to replace steering column est.. to the tune of..$745.63..plus tax
    16) Need to replace sway bar links..to the tune of..$147.66..plus tax
    17) Need to replace sway bar bushings est..to the tune of..$87.40..plus tax
    18) Need to replace steering shaft to the tune of..$271.90..plus tax
    19) Need to replace front struts
    20) Need to replace bearing plates
    21) Need to replace lower control arms
    22) Need to replace rear shocks
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    We have a Chevy HHR 06, that has been in the shop for MULTIPLE problems.
    The power steering motor had to be repleaced twice, this is what they told us was the cause of the engine just shutting off... The car is back at the dealer, as it shuts off at any given moment while driving and they want us to pay for a new motor and crank shaft. I am waiting for a call back from GM, I am asking that THEY pay for the repair. My daughter and grandson, are the primary users of this car, do they need to die before GM does the right thing?
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