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    Did it have the 8 way adjustable seats? Tilt the seat back. The front should lift up to give you all of the support you need. I'm 6' 2", and find the seats in my Aero Wagon real comfortable.
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    I agree with previous comments about their product line. 9-5 Looks today like it is 10 years old before it leaves the showroom. Outside, inside, and under the hood, especially the latter. I read somewhere that in 20 years or so about half of vehicles will have some version of AWD. Perhaps overblown, but in the "upscale" market (however you want to define it) AWD will be king very soon. Similar with engines: who cares if power output from 4 cylinders is the same: 6 or 8 always sound better (and it really does have better "culture of work"), same for 5-speed vs 6 or 7 speed transmission (or CVT). It is marketing, as it was with AMD vs Intel processor speed (AMD 1 GHz was faster than Intel 1.2, but nobody listened). Insisting on solutions that were new 25 years ago, decent 10 years ago and pretending that nothing changed is not going to get the anywhere.

    The pricing is also big issue. I see this practice of high list and high incentives/rebates serving dealers only (it gives them more potential play room), perhaps not even them. Everybody else loses. Uninformed customer does not even know that they can get 3 or even 6 large discount, so they don't even bother checking. Informed customer laughes at the sticker.

    New 9-2X is a perfect example: first messed up the product that had great potential (just see sales of Impreza/WRX in previous years); instead of really reworking it and getting something really significant inside (like "Swedish" interior, negotiate Sti engine for Aero trim, etc.), they just changed sheet metal (nicely, I may admit) and slapped the badge. Then they slapped totally ridiculous price premium (esp.on Linear trim, but also for Aero) for virtually no other value than new sheet metal and badge. Result? Now I read reports of selling prices being close or even below the original. They ended up hurting themselves and Subaru as well.

    As much as I find Saab's styling or interior compelling, not knowing the real price is a major annoyance. Not to mention those poor folks who would buy sticker in the first month of the model just to learn about the incentive few months later...

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    We're looking at the 9-5 Arc wagon, automatic.
    What is the real world fuel economy for these vehicles?
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    I Purchased a 2001 9-5 Turbo wagon approx. four months ago. Ex lease car with 54K miles and fairly complete dealer service records (appears well maintained). After putting 3500 miles on the car, I noticed what I thought was a a tire separation problem or a wheel bearing noise. Trans shifts and operates perfectly. The bearing noise is slowly getting louder (still sounds like a wheel bearing-whump-whump?). Took it to a Brake and Tire specialist and was told it was in the transmission. Then went to a local independent Swedish car specialist and was told the same thing. Anyone out there with a similar problem?
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    Hey hoseman,

    I think i might be encountering the same problem. Do you get it at certain RPM? I get a sound around 2,000 RPM which is also supposedly from my transmission.
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    The noise I'm hearing is at any road speed from 30 MPH on up. Noise frequency seems to be related to road speed. The 4 mechanics that have looked at the car aren't sure of the exact location, (not right side or left but center. Trans but possibly differential? Sort of sounds like a weather forecast!! The Saab is now at the Saab dealer for a diagnosis. Enough of the sideshow - the circus begins!
  • hoseman1845hoseman1845 Member Posts: 3
    I thought I'd never use "Good News" and Saab in the same sentence but here it is. Took the car to the Saab dealer for diagnosis of what I was told was a transmission bearing failure. Turns out that my own original diagnosis was correct (wheel bearing). In and out of the dealership in one day ($297.88). I guess it pays to get a second opinion. Unless it's a Saab, then you may need four to six!
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    Perhaps I am totally unique to this opinion, but since my husband purchased his 9-5 in 2004, the memory settings on the mirrors have not worked properly. After no less than 4 visits to our dealership, we got the passenger's side mirror to recognize the 2nd setting. Still no movement in the driver's side mirror when changing from driver 1 setting to driver 2. Finally, the service rep conferred with a mechanic with puzzled looks and the owner's manual out, and told me, "Eureka! your problem is solved!" Seems the driver's door must be open (not a crack but quite open) to make the mirror move to the 2nd setting. I asked the service manager, "Is it me or does this sound counter-intuitive?". On the occasion that I get to drive my spouse's car, I would like to sit down, press 2 and have my seats and mirrors conduct themselves to my personal settings. I WOULD NOT LIKE to have to keep my door ajar while this takes place. I WOULD LIKE to see the mirror setting itself so I can see if it is correctly placed. He explained to me that the logic for having the door open is that after one driver's is finished using the vehicle, he/she would have the courtesy to change the seat settings as a courtesy for the next driver as he EXITS the car, i.e. with the door open!

    Please, someone enlighten me. :confuse: :confuse:
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    I have an '04 Aero wagon automatic and get 21.0 avg. Lots of stop and go on the LA Fwys. Road trips average about 24.0 - maybe more.
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    Thinking of buying a new wagon, and wondering if I could get some feedback on Trim the Aero worth the extra money? Any other options that that you wish you didn't get or wish you did get? Any and all feedback on the decision is appreciated.

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    My '02 arc v6 gets about 17.5 city and up to 29 freeway on the road out to Palm Springs. Very respectable. FYI, I just changed out my original Michelin Energy tires for some new Kelly Platnium tires. What a difference in ride quality! Granted, my old tires were darn near bare, but the Kellys really add some nice cushion to the ride. I've always been annoyed by how much I feel and hear the road in my Saab (from the day I bought it) and these new tires are really nice and quiet.
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    we had an '01 9-5, but turned it in in march of '04.
    my 'memory' might be kind of fuzzy, but aren't the memory seat controls actually on the seat?
    what i would do, is after someone drives your car, press your memory button before you get in(with the door open). if they reset it for you, you are all set. otherwise the it will adjust for you. does this help?
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    I just bought a SAAB 95 sport wagon AERO. Is this necessary to use the premium gas? :confuse:
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    Yes, it hurts but your gas mileage will be better with the premium gas, so the extra cost is often a wash. Also with the Aero, I would give that engine the premium fuel to keep your chance of any pinging to a minimum. I Have a Toyota Avalon also, same deal, Honda S2000, again same deal.
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    as an engineer I would think the use of higher than 87 octane would be a complete waste of money...unless a) you have to drive up gigantic hills everyday or b) drive like you are in a race constantly...I believe the aero has a slightly higher pressure turbo than the linear so the fuel may tend to ignite "earlier", this is the knock referred to as a ping...this can be corrected in 99% of all engines requiring premium by simply accelerating softer...also fyi nearly every computer controlled ignition system sold on the market today has a knock or "ping" sensor mounted on the engine block, when preignition is detected the DI module retards the spark to prevent early ignition...what all this means is you have to try really hard to get your car to knock...the difference in power & hence mpg of 93 over 87 is at best 2 to 3%...I run 87 in my linear and have never had a problem

    good luck,

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    As a SAAB sales representative I find it helpful to try and keep a reference library
    addressing many of the questions that my customers raise.As to the effect on performance of regular vs. premium fuel on the 9-5 Aero,the effect is significantly greater than you propose.An article in Car and Driver in 2001 dyno tested the Aero using premium and regular fuels.The Trionic engine management system dialed down the power by 9.8%,almost 25 H.P.on an '05 model,performance at the track(acceleration tests) was down 10.1%. Your Linear does not require premium to deliver peak performance,any Aero will run fine but at a noticeably reduced level of performance.
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    Saab is coming back with another six, at least I know its coming in the 9-3 combi wagon. Not the same engine as the 9-5 SE/ARC V6. Not sure if its going to be in the 06 9-5 which looks great before the major overhaul of the model. Saabs always go with a model for 8-10 years, I don't know why people [non-permissible content removed] about this.

    I had a new 99 9-5 SE V6, best car ever, less problems than the 04 Avalon I replaced it with. Yes, Saab had less problems than an Avalon. Better gas mileage also.

    Now I am buying my 4th Saab (Aero Wagon) to replace a Suburban. I don't know why everyone freaks with a 4 banger with Saab. They are bullet proof engine's and if you didn't lift the hood, you would think you had a 6 or small 8. Whats wrong with 30mpg on the highway with a car as large as a 9-5? Perfect high gas car IMO. People who complain about Saabs 4 cyl, don't know Saabs or have driven them. Look on ebay, look at the 4 cyl Saabs with over 100K miles, pretty good. Saab is not BMW or Mercedes, but hey, we didn't pay that price. For a low 30K car, its a good safe, "different from the crowd" car.
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    Hello all,
    I have a final price of $32,025 for 2005 Parchment silver Aero Wagon. It has approximately 5500 miles (a demo-but still new car financing) and has Executive package and Sentronic auto. Is this a good price on a Aero wagon? Tax will be another $2000 or so OTD price would be $34,285 here in Texas. Even though it's a 2005, 2006 remodels will arrive at the dealership soon. Dealership is giving me over $12,000 in discounts, but I think I could pull even better price if I could wait just a bit longer...Also, is Parchment silver a popular color? I could live with the color, but I am concerned in a long run if I ever have to trade this car.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I am buying a 2006 BMW 325 and trading my 2004 SAAB Arc Wagon. SAAB has 10,000 totally trouble free miles, I get 18-32mpg on Hi Test. I am selling only because I want a sportier, smaller more-driver oriented car. My buying experience at SAAB was so rotten that I will never again consider buying one. Dealer lied, weaseled and even at delivery handed me documents that were $500. off (in his favor). I wrote to SAAB and got some satisfaction, but friends have had similar bad experiences with other local SAAB dealers. Service has been superb.
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    I have a 2004 BMW 325 and a 2005 9-5 Sportwagon. We (my wife and I) never drive the BMW anymore except to commute. The ride is AWFUL and the seats are very hard. BMW does make a very solid car. I have had no mechanical problems with the BMW. The only really annoying thing about the BMW is that the front windows creak while driving. Oh, and the paint discolors and chips easily. Oh, and it is really, really slow at only 184 hp (The power band is set between 70 and 90 mph and I don't get to drive it that fast very often). But I have had the BMW for over two years and 28,000 miles, and I just have 12,000 miles on the Saab. Right now the Saab just seems like a much better purchase than the BMW was, and I am kicking myself because they were sold at within $1000 of each other in price.
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    Hi: I read the first few notes and did not read the next 900, so here are my 2 cents worth.

    1) The 9000 v6 GM engines requierd a timing belt change every 30k. Believe me, I had one and yes, the belt failed inbetween changes = pretty blady damaged engine.

    2) The 9-5 v6 recommends changes every 60k, and they are not 100% free changes. I think they cover the belt itself. There is also some rumors about issues with the timing belt idler pullys, etc. that dealers try and get you to do and then add on big dollars.

    Being an avid Saab owner, I will NEVER purchase a GM v6 engine in a Saab again. The v4's are PLENTY and I wish now that I would not have purchased a v6 2001 9-5 wagon. I might sell it and find a used v4.

    Don't get me started on the envoy platform for the Saab SUVs (why oh wy aab SUVs?).

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    My Saab 9-5, year 2000 has amind of it's own exactly like the Saab owner in Saab message no. 1968. After driving for a while then turning off the motor, it randomly will not start for about 15 or more minutes. Then when its ready it starts. The Saab dealer says when you have the problem, bring it in...duh! Any help out there?
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    As a recent buyer of a 2001 9-5SE wagon with 47000 miles, I noticed there appear to be heating elements on each of the two rear quarter windows. Do those supposedly operate when the rear window defroster is acivated or are there separate controls? Also, what activates the wipers on the headlights? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I love the car so far. Great in the snow and comfortable.
  • stmssstmss Member Posts: 206
    Don't know about the window defrosters, suspect they would be on the same control. The headlight wipers are activated with front windshield washer (ie assumes the headlights are dirty when the windshield is - likely good assumption)
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    I had the same car, same problem....I recently traded it in frustration.

    Eventually car would not restart - ignition cassette burned up - this is a pending recall from Saab, supposedly later in 06, so if it happens to you get Saab to pay for it ($500)as I did.
    Then it happened again - shop found ignition sensor was bad - replaced ($300) on me.
    Then reason it went bad was a coolant leak damaged the sensor.....I got rid of the car....good luck.
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    I have a 2005 9-5 Arc Wagon and am utterly confused by the owner's manual as well as several "Saab service advisors" from different dealerships regarding proper tire pressure. The manual first states, "Look on driver's door jam," which lists 42/39 psi front rear; then the manual lists 33/32 psi for light load and 36/35 psi for heavy load on the last page. One advisor recommends 36 all around, another recommends 42 all around, and a third said to read the owner's manual. What's the correct pressure?
  • joeshanjoeshan Member Posts: 70
    NEVER exceed the maximum pressure as listed on the sidewalls of the tires themselve. 42 all around? They'd probably blow up in the summertime.
  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Member Posts: 252
    I have a 2003 9-5 Aero wagon. I put 40psi in all around
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Member Posts: 103
    I personally keep my arc wagon at 35psi up front, and around 32psi in the back. whenever I'm at the dealer, they push it up to around 40psi. It drives much harsher then, and in the summer, that would be too much pressure in hot weather. I drive with pretty light loads in mostly city driving.
  • goa2bgoa2b Member Posts: 1
    Purchased Bridgestone all season tires fall '05, disappointed with performance on snow,slush and winter conditions. First winter as SAAB owner-is it common to use winter tires or all season? What brand recommended and sizing? Tire rack recmnds Michelin X-Ice any experience to share appreciated. Wagon is 2001 9-5 SE 3.0t FWD.
  • stmssstmss Member Posts: 206
    Winter tires are the way to go with Saabs if you live anywhere near the snow. I have both winter and all seasons - winters on separate Saturn rims - cheaper than Saab.

    I run the Michelin Alpins on my 01 9.5 sedan and have since new (same set). Great in snow and ice. Not a soft tire so it wears if asked to be driven on pavement. I think Michelin have been replaced with the X-ice. When I get new ones, will likely go with X-ice. Won't look around much.
  • zoozeekzoozeek Member Posts: 32
    Thanks much for all the advice!
  • heart4himheart4him Member Posts: 6
    I am debating wether to get a Saab '03 or a Subaru Outback.
    Can you tell me if Saabs need to be serviced at special shops or can most regular places do the rountine stuff, oil change, brakes, rotate and balance. I have a convienient shop I trust, but I was also wondering if service on a car like a Saab is costlier. I like what I have read so far. I just am a bit concerned about the servicing issue. :confuse:
  • ms35ms35 Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 95 wagon 2.3 liter that with 93,000 miles should I look at replacing it or keeping it. It has been somewhat dependable but in the last 3 years since it past the 60,000 mile mark I have had a few break downs. First was the ignition starter box which had to be replaced left me stranded in a parking lot. Recently had a radiator hose leak and a fuel injector sensor go bad. I also have a problem with smelling fumes in the cabin can't decide if it is my exhaust fumes or a problem with the ventilation system filter and other cars fumes. Just let me know how much more dependable it will be, I hate getting stranded
  • ms35ms35 Member Posts: 2
    I have a Saab 95 and have found that basic service can be done at most places that service foreign autos, but if something is actually wrong you have to find a shop that has the right equipment to service Saabs.
  • georgekgeorgek Member Posts: 50
    I have ordered a 2006 9-5 wagon and am awaiting delivery. The web site, the accessories catalog, two dealers' parts departments and private suppliers can't seem to agree if the 2006 wagons can use the same accessories 2005 and prior ones.

    Does anyone know if the cargo track bolts for the 99-05 wagons will fit the 06? The ones for the 06 carry a separate stock number, look different and are sold invidually rather than as a set of four.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Member Posts: 42
    I just sold my 2000 9-5 Aero Wagon. This was my third Saab and the first one that was not real reliable with regards to repairs. I had way too many problems for a $40,000 car. I sold it at 112,000 miles and bought a Dodge Magnum R/T AWD. I wanted a high performance wagon with AWD and Saab hasn't figured out yet how to build a 9-5 wagon with AWD. While the Aero was a great car it was severely hampered by FWD with regards to performance. The Dodge is awesome - 5.7 liter hemi w/ 340hp. It does 0-60 in 5.9 secs. And it goes anywhere in the upstate New York winter with AWD and four snows. Better winter performance than the Saab thanks to the AWD.
  • toxicavenger70toxicavenger70 Member Posts: 1
    hey bro what year saturn rims will fit on the saab 9-5?
  • stmssstmss Member Posts: 206
    I don't know what year the saturn rims were for. They were for the L100 or L200 and since they were new, I suppose they were likely similar year to my car (01). The tire dealer sourced them for me (not Saab - even though the Saab dealers in Canada also sell Saturn). I think the Catera rims fits as well. The rims were half the price of Saab rims.

    Note that my car is not an Aero model.
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Member Posts: 178
    Any Saturn L Series and Cadillac Catera wheels will fit the Saab 9-5 because all three cars are based on the same chassis. The three cars are nothing alike however.

    If you have an Aero or 2002 or newer 9-5 a minimum of 16" wheels are needed to clear the calipers, otherwise 15" wheels will fit. Used alloy wheels are not expensive or hard to find on places like ebay. Just search for "Saab Wheels". I have two sets and run summer only tires in the summer, and winter only tires in the winter. That way I maximize the performance for each season. All-season tires only maximize mediocrity in all seasons.

    - Chad
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    If you're thinking used - stay away from the SE V6.

    Oh my gosh! Could someone explain to me why I should stay away from the SE V6? I'm currently looking at a 2001 SE V6 wagon and is about to pull the trigger. Thanks in advance!
  • bcoolbcool Member Posts: 59
    43/42 psi is the correct pressure for the 45 series tires on an Aero. Lower profile tires need more pressure. I received the initial same "low pressure reco" from the dealer (34 psi). Later I spoke to a Ronal Wheel sales rep. and he told me to use the higher pressures for low profile tires. I get 1.5 mpg better (20.9 vs 22.4). They wear better. And the car drives much better. They are also less likely to pinch against the rim over a manhole cover or something similar. :)
  • bcoolbcool Member Posts: 59
    The 9-5 was designed around the 2.3 I4. The V6 is heavier, causing the front brake pads to wear more quickly, not to mention what it does to handling. With regards to reliability , instead of one DI cassette, you have 2 to deal with. The I4 has better performance and gets better gas mileage. The I4 is a SAAB design built in Germany. The V6 is a POS GM design, built in England. GM has been forcing SAAB to stick V6's in their cars ever since they bought them. This has never been a successful initiative, but an executive mandate by mindless executive and marketing managers. In '04 SAAB finally put the I4 in the Arc. This is a beautiful car. You'll see many SE-V6 SAABS in the used car lots.
  • bcoolbcool Member Posts: 59
    I've always considered SAAB the superior Euro brand. Best all around designs, great performance, not to mention longevity and environmental consciousness.
  • tebeloneytebeloney Member Posts: 4
    Can I hear feedback from owners of the 2006? How do you like the car, the drive, the new interior look, etc?
    Are there many aftermarket products available for the 2006 yet?
    I actually like the 9-3 SportCombi, but having two kids think it may turn out to be too small.

  • georgekgeorgek Member Posts: 50
    I love mine. Compared to previous 9-5s the ride is better controlled and smoother, while the handling still is very good unless you are used to a 5 series or E class, which run $15K more than the 9-5. Before buying it I cross shopped the new Passat, V70, Subaru Legacy GT, Outback XT and the Tribeca, Mazda 6 and used 5 series and E class wagons. None had the combination of features, comfort, performance and value of the SAAB.

    It has more than enough power, a quiet and roomy interior and exceptionally comfortable seats. I have a wagon without the sport package. The cargo capacity is quite a bit larger than my last wagon, a 2000 Passat, and it carries much more than my wife's XC70 where the rear drive mechanicals raise the cargo floor by 6-8".

    Styling is a matter of taste. I like the new front on lighter color cars (mine is steel gray) but think it looks a bit odd on the dark ones. The interior is well fitted and mostly high quality materials except for a few pieces of cheap plastic around the shift lever and behind the door handles. The sound system is excellent, although I wish it had a cassette player.

    There are a few things that I do not like, but consider them fair trade-offs in what all-in-all is a very high value package: There is very little storage space in and around the dash, especially if you want two cupholders and therefor keep the insert in the console. The front seats have front pockets that are not convenient to reach while driving, and the storage pockets in the doors are small. I would like to see some in dash cubbies or overhead storage for glasses and other small items. The sole in-dash cupholder is elegant but flimsy. Strange for a car in this class the windows are one touch down but not up. I also would like to see a fold-flat front passenger seat as in Volvo wagons.

    The only major flaw, IMO is in the paddle system for the shiftable automatic transmission. You must first move the shift lever to the rear and then use the paddles to shift up and down. You then must move the shift lever forward to resume full automatic. This is awkward and inefficient, and becomes very annoying in use. Much better to control it all either with the paddles or the console lever as with the 9-3 and every other "manumatic" I have driven.

    The paddles were the only thing that almost turned me away from the car, but were not annoying enough to overcome its many virtues and great value. I will never like them, but no longer grumble each time I use them.
  • tebeloneytebeloney Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the detailed feedback. One of the factors leading me to this car is the manual gearbox, but everything else you mention jibes with my needs.

    Thanks again!

  • georgekgeorgek Member Posts: 50
    I considered the manual gearbox, but spend too much time driving in large cities (NY, DC and Baltimore mostly) where I prefer an automatic.
  • bcoolbcool Member Posts: 59
    OK, sorry for bashing the SE-V6. No real good reason to stay away from it. :)
  • ganibarganibar Member Posts: 2
    My 9-5 is causing me pain. It has lived to 104,000, yet it should only be at mid life yet the crisis is that the alarm system battery needs now to be replaced, the airbag system decided to whig out and the coolant system was just re charged, add to this that both fog lamps have taken the abuse of stones from the road and been knocked into uselessness and there is a hefty, none standard, maintenance facing this car. I do enjoy to drive it, but is it worth keeping or am I better off with a 2006 wagon or moving on to BMW?
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