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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • xmf314xmf314 Posts: 154
    This is in response to post #184 concerning the safety of the third seat in a Volvo V70. I recently saw a seriously rear ended V70, with the third seat, at a local body shop. The tailgate of the Volvo had been pushed to within a few inches of the third seat on the right side. It appeared to me that anyone sitting on that side could have sustained leg injuries. However, I'm sure this kind of damage is rare, since it appears the Volvo was struck from behind at a high rate of speed, and was also pushed into another vehicle, because the front was damaged as well.
  • ceenaceena Posts: 3
    I just leased the l999 Saab 95 wagon. What a
    mistake. The front seats are so horribly
    uncomfortable I shudder at the thought of driving
    it again. There is a gaping hole under the lumbar
    region that apparently places great strain on not
    only that part of the body but includes pain
    down the front of the legs,arms (drivers side) &
    feet. I've only had it for a week, am locked
    into a 3 year lease, and can't believe the pain
    I'm in. Anyone else having this problem?
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I bought a Saab wagon last week and immediately drove it 600 miles in three days. For whatever reason, they felt uncomfortable in the first 60 miles the first day, and after that they felt great. It almost felt like they were slightly conforming to my body shape.

  • ceenaceena Posts: 3
    I'm wondering Wayne, if the wagon you bought was
    a "99 or a 2000. Perhaps it took 600 miles to
    break it in. Although you did say after 60
    miles it felt alright. I've driven it 180 miles
    & it only feels worse. Who else is suffering?
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    It was a 2000 model I picked up in Sweden. I do have the lumber support knob maxed out as well. I also found that I needed to have the front of the seat all the way up and the back of the seat all the way down to provide proper thigh support; being 6'2" that didn't cause any visibility problems.

  • I have test driven the 1999 9-5 wagon and my initial thoughts were that the seats were great! But that's only about 20 miles of driving. Frankly, I thought that they were better than the BMW 528i wagon.
  • hc3hc3 Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the feedback on the third rear seat. It is useful information that we'll take into account as we make the final decision. We are currently leaning toward the Saab and will make sure that the front seat is all the way back if one of our kids needs to ride in front for a short distance.
  • If I order child seats, do they fold up when not in use so that the rear seat can accommodate adults? Or am I stuck with seats that only work for kids? Help, please!
  • kybrkybr Posts: 1
    I've gotten a price of $500 over invoice for the 2000 9-5 Wagon 4-cyl, but "invoice" includes $95 prep and $150 advertising. Does anyone know of better prices out there in the NYC area? $500 over sounded good to me until I started reading this bulletin board and saw some of the numbers on the 1999. Thanks!
  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    The child seat is located behind the front passenger seat and when folded, is a fully functional seat for anyone. The only thing I noticed in the test vehicle was a slight "bulge" but it was not uncomfortable/obvious.
    Hope the info helps
  • Try Saab of Greenwich, CT just got a great deal on a 1999 wagon.- salesman Robert Batman.
  • Just had to respond to stumeister (post #190) since the issue of being stranded by a car came up. I personally know of two people who have had this problem with Volvo 850's, and one with a V70. One of the 850 owners actually got a new car from Volvo under the Massachusetts Lemon Law. Another friend had the problem with his Audi A6 wagon, and he too got a new car under the lemon law.
    Bottom line: Modern cars with electronic and computer controls are ALL subject to these problems, particularly early in their production runs.
  • goohouse: thanks for this info. It does seem that there is always the chance that some poor soul is going to get the "gimp of the litter". I do try and avoid the first model year of any car. Not sure if that helps much; ie the 850s seem to be dogged by some problems all the way through their life. Thank heaven for the leamon laws. I hope I never have to use it (but will if I have to).
  • Well today I finally made the choice.. After considering and test-driving the Audi A4 1.8T Avant (the A6 is just too over priced), the Volvo, and Saab 9-5 2.3T Wagon, the choice was easy.. The Saab. Having owned Saabs (2 900's)and Audis in the past (A6 - current & 100 Wagon -soon to be ex)I admit I was partial, but the Volvo was too blaa. The Audi I loved, but 31K is too much for a glorified Passat.

    And then the Saab came into view. Overall the most interior space, great unique style (I like the quirkiness Saab has), SAFE, wonderful handling (read: traction control), it felt put together better than the rest and most of all, my wife promises to let me drive it once or twice... a month. (joke)

    When comparing safety, cost (first time leaser), history (I've owned 2 of 3 I test drove), brand management (how customers are treated).. there really was no choice.
  • dmeyers99: Congrats on the new Saab Wagon! Did you get a 99 or 00? Would you share what you paid? Options? Color etc.

    Plse keep us posted on your ownership experience (ups, downs etc).

    Happy motoring.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    Others who have purchased Saabs have noted this defect: it is very hard to pry the keys out of our wive's hands once they get a chance to drive the car. Be forewarned.

  • Actually I leased a 2000. Oddly enough, the leasing option was cheaper on a 00 than a 99 (I believe Chase has just offered a very low APR on a lease). As for color and options.. "Arrest Me Red" (laughing) was my wifes choice and I'll admit, I'm not a red car person, but it really works on this car. As for options it's completely loaded including the premium leather package (TCS, HK Stereo System included with this option), doggie cage, roof racks, carpeted cargo area (I think Saab calls it a versitility pack), and automatic (her choice). The sticker price was almost 37K and the price of the lease base was 32.5k (thereabouts).

    In case any New Englanders are wondering.. I bought it at Charles River Saab (I've bought 2 previously from there, and my family has purchased a total of 6 from there.. see Bill Perry he is a great sales guy). There are a few dealers who could get it for me cheaper (about $10/mth) but the service at CRS is unequal.

    I'll let you know how it is in about a month or two.
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    Yes, Wayne's defect is the same one that I am experiencing. We have had our 99 9-5 Wagon for about 1 month now, and I can't seem to pry the keys away from my wife either.......
  • I'm a student at Central Washington University doing a report on comparing 3 cars. I choose Saab 9-5 wagon, Volvo V70 and Subaru OUtback. All 2000's. I'm supposed to survey 15 car owners, 5 for each car. I know this isn't a response or much of a question I just haven't had any luck finding anyone I know who owns any 2000 cars. If you can I would appreciate you answering these 7 questions to help me with my report.
    1.Have you had any problems with your car so far?
    2.If yes, please indicate what kind.
    3.Howmany miles to the gallon do you get?
    4.How would you rate your car when driving long highway trips? 1 being quiet and smooth, 10 being rough and noisy.
    5.How comfortable is the seating in your car?
    6.Are their any special features youlike about your car?
    7.How would you rate the roomminess? 1 being big and roomy and 10 being small and cramped? Thank you for your time I appreciate it.
  • Here is is list of my comments on my 9-5 wagon, 2.3 4 cylinder, leather pack. fully loaded.
    & general comments to you all:
    Everybody loves this car, and SAAB did a great job.
    I find the previous SAAB seats to be better.
    If you have a back problem, the previous 9000 seats are better.
    SAAB cannot fix your back problems that so many people have these days due to too much driving and sitting.
    Yes, tilt the seat back all the way, seat high, max. lumbar, should alleviate back pain.
    The 9-3 should be dropped and replaced with the 9-5.
    The 9-5 should have been bigger to compete with A6, and bigger cars.
    The trouble is,it's hard to find a nicer car to drive after you've had the 9-5, unless you pay more.
    Safety features are superb. It's too late to say"I should have bought the SAAB as you're heading into the ACCIDENT."
    The cockpit is cozy, and forward visability VG.
    Build quality is way up.
    SAAB has gotten rid of all the old unreliable parts and replaced them with reliable GM OPEL parts. (My Euro friends have OPELS that seem to last forever).
    Buy what you like to drive, not what auto reports say.
    For people in NY Conn area, Lighthouse Motors is rated the best. They do only SAAB.
    Stay away from dealers that handle too many different cars, they don't care about you.
    Drive the car a few times, and compare with others.
    It's hard to find something so special. Many other cars are so alike, for instance Camry, Maxima, Accord.
    Most vehicles are cars. Few are automobiles. SAAB is an automobile.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    Own a 2000 Saab 9-5 2.3t Wagon with 1200 miles
    1.Have you had any problems with your car so far?
    2.If yes, please indicate what kind.
    3.Howmany miles to the gallon do you get?
    About 24 mpg, but includes driving on autobahn at high speeds (mine is a U.S. spec car)
    4.How would you rate your car when driving long
    highway trips? 1 being quiet and smooth, 10 being rough and noisy.
    A 2
    5.How comfortable is the seating in your car?
    Very good. Just wish it had the side bolstering of sport seats
    6.Are their any special features youlike about
    your car?
    A bunch. Smooth manual gearshift, dual climate control, cargo tracks, great visibility, outstanding stereo, Saab uniqueness, outstanding quality feel
    7.How would you rate the roomminess? 1 being big
    and roomy and 10 being small and cramped?
    A 2
  • I would like to say thank you for the great responses to my survey, the information is greatly needed. I'm also glad the car is working out for you.
  • Does anyone out there know of a Saab dealer within a 300 mile radius of Chicago that offers particularly good deals. My local dealer wants list price, and although I think the 9 5 Wagon is nice, I may be forced to take a hard look at a Volvo AWD. Help!
  • making the big step toward my first saab. friends tell me saabs are prone to electrical problems. any major problems out there? this car almost seems too good for the money!
  • I have had five Saabs. Good car, expensive to repair. I have a 88 9000 Turbo with 307,000 miles on it. Major epairs included a new air conditioner and an alternator. Depreciation is murder, so if you lease you don’t have to worry about that. By the way, what price did the dealer quote you on your wagon-sticker, not lease rates.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    Depreciation is a factor of public ignorance over the state of turbo technology. Today's turbos are now designed to last the lifetime of the SAAB. They are made of better materials and remain cooler with less friction on moving parts.
    Mpreover. Audi-VW and Volvo are opting for more turbo models. SAAB is the world's leading design firm of turbo technology. As for the costs of repairs, try replacing the transmission in a Jeep cheaply or fixing a the a/c system on a Honda. There is no such thing a cheap car repair? Parts are not commonplace nor is the labor cheap.
  • Thanks for the info. Only leasing for two years. Company policy! Going over to see a dealer Sunday. I still have five months to go on my gas hungry Dodge Durango. Most dealers will "buy" out the last few months of a lease just to get you into their car. Over the phone dealer offered 9.5se at $1250 over invoice. We shall see. Have done a bit more research. Find lots of info on the '99 version. Much difference between the '99 and the '00? People loved it overall. Some complaints about road noise and "not so tight" feel. Re: turbos. I had a Mazda 626 GT with a turbo. Never a problem!
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I just returned from a trip to the Black Forest and encountered various snow packed roads. The Saab had no problems with traction at all. Very confidence inspiring. You don't realize how bad it is until you see the problems other cars are having.

  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    WCF- This is a timely question, since we are in the throes of our first serious snow storm of the year (Boulder, CO). Haven't taken the SAAB out yet for a road test in slippery conditions. Are you running the stock Energy MXV4 tires? Do you think they are adequate "snow" tires? Anybody else have feedback?
  • Does anyone have an opinion on the extended warranty program from the Saab 9-5 Wagon. Also, what are the stereo options for the Wagon and do those differ from the options for the Sedan.
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