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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • wgreenewgreene Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any updates on selling prices for 1999 9-5 Wagons...what seems to be reasonable sale price...invoice, invoice less X, invoice plus X?

    Any news on the 2000's retail prices and changes?
  • We are considering the 9-5 wagon. We love the car and are ready to buy it. The only problem is the dealer is telling me that it has a towing capacity of only 2000 lbs. We have an 18 ft. boat and with the trailer and a full tank of gas the weight is about 2750 lbs (which is relative light). The trailer alone is 510 lbs. Considering the weight of the car and the low end torque, the 2000 lb limit sounds low. Has anyone had any experience towing anything of comparable weight? This is the only thing keeping me from making the deal.
  • goohousegoohouse Posts: 10
    Regarding prices for the 1999 wagon, it seems clear that in most markets the current price is at (or possibly just below) invoice. A friend who is planning on an IDS (European delivery) purchase has been in contact with SAAB's IDS person in Atlanta, and has seen at least the IDS prices for the 2000 model, and they are about 1% higher than the 1999 prices. He did say that the premium (Harmon Kardon)sound system becomes an option, offered as part of a premium package that includes leather and memory seats. He also says that Traction control is available on both 4 and 6 cylinder models (unclear if it is standard or optional on the 4). Given the apparent improvements on the soon to arrive 2000's, any dealer with inventory on 1999's should be willing to deal. Good luck. I love my 9-5 wagon (6 weeks old, 87 octane, 29.5 mpg loaded on a recent 300 mile highway trip).
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    From what I've been able to gather, the 2000 base prices will be the same, but the leather package will now have memory seats (for the former price of the ventilated seats option). The ventilated option is additional money. I've heard that the leather seat option will include leather on the doors where the fabric was before. The alloy wheels are 10 spoke now. Overall, people who wanted ventilated seats will see a boost in price, but otherwise prices will hold. Disclaimer: all this is verbal, I haven't seen a price sheet yet.
  • dblotdblot Posts: 5
    The Kelly Blue Book web site (sorry Edmunds) has 2000 prices ( From what I can tell, it looks like a comparably equipped 2000 is about $1500 more than a 1999 model, based on comparing dealer invoice prices. That includes automatic transmission and the leather package, since that's how most of the '99s seemed to come. Some of the paint jobs now cost an extra $300. It doesn't appear that you get much more than the memory front seat for that extra money.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    In regard to the towing question, it is my understanding you were quoted the sedan's towing capacity of 2000 lbs. The wagon is able to tow either 3000 or 3500 lbs on the U.S. spec version. I can't find the U.S. brochure, but the german spec brochure for the wagon (called combi) can tow 1800 kg which works out to about 4000 lbs because the german version has a stiffer suspension than the U.S. version.
  • hc3hc3 Posts: 5
    We're in the market for a wagon and have narrowed it down to the Saab 9-5 and the Volvo V70 GLT. We really like the Saab but have heard too many horror stories about reliability and cost of maintenance. Can anyone shed any light on their experiences with Saab reliability?
  • I don't think reliability is an issue.

    Like any car maker, the possibility of lemons is omnipresent. And certainly there are people in the world who, having bought a lemon, will have an ax to grind forevermore, proclaiming to the world that "Car Maker A is the worst auto maker bar none." Some guy even has a web site somewhere trashing Saab for the horrible injustice his 900 has been. Gosh, I think by that measure the American car manufacturers would have lots to answer for. I'll bet there are more Saabs (and in fairness, Volvos) out there running strong at 100K plus miles than many other makes. How many American cars manufactured between, say 1973 and 1989 are still on the road? As a percenatage of the total cars manufactured, I'm willing to bet the Swedes are ahead of most everyone but the Japanese. Maintenance, however, is another issue on which I have no basis for comment, except that if Saab wants to grow its market share, it ought to make maintaining its cars less expensive.
  • My husband and I have owned 3 Saabs in our
    lifetime together and they are dream cars. The
    Saabs have been through a rigorous beating with our family and have outlasted Fords, Buicks and
    chevys owned by other family members who put their
    cars through similar paces. I am now in the market for a wagon, and thought I would abandon Saab to go to a Subaru or Saturn, when to my
    surprise...Saab came up with this wagon!! I am
    delighted. As for service and the expense; I am
    no expert, however, we have had our Saabs serviced in 4 different stations, located in 3 different states (we moved a couple of times!)and
    I think that the conclusion that I must draw from the variance in price, would be that the cost of service is highly dependent upon region and the owner of the dealership.
    Overall...we have been extremely satisfied with our Saabs, and with the quality-to-cost ratio of
    service that we have received.
  • I'm a new 9-5 Wagon owner - shopped several dealers and tried Autobytel and Carpoint - got the best deal at local dealer - Saab of Framingham (MA). I test drove the 4 cyl auto and couldn't believe it was really a 4! Bought the 4 cyl manual w/ leather - dealer threw in heated seats to get me in the color my wife wanted - I learned the hard way over 10 years that color is important to her! Did a lease since I drive about 12,000 miles per year - now, it's not looking so good since I'm driving more due to love affair with car!
  • hc3hc3 Posts: 5
    Your responses are great and we appreciate them.
  • Any thoughts or suggestions on roof rack setup? I need to accommodate skis and thought about the Thule box - $395 seems like a lot to me, however. I'm also interested in anyone's experience with snow tires and whether they are necessary
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    I am getting close to making a decision on a new wagon to replace an aging and annoying minivan. I love the SAAB 9-5 (1st choice for the moment) and I'll go through the usual V-70 and Audi A6 comparisons. Here is the problem. My wife is 5'0" tall and doesn't feel comfortable (i.e. pedal reach and distance from steering wheel)in some cars (like my 93 Audi 100). Since she will be the primary driver, she needs to be comfortable. Anybody out there driving the SAAB/Volvo/Audi wagons that can comment on driving positions for shorter folk?
  • ....every reason to like the Saab. Wife is 5'3" and enjoys the 8 way seats AND 2-way steering wheel (it telescopes).
  • I test drove the V-6 last week and saw little difference in the performace between the 4 and the V6. I did find that the noise level of the V6 was higher. Has anyone else found the V6 a rougher engine?
  • There have been earlier comments regarding the quality of tires and the need for a more firmer suspension. Has anyone replaced the OEM brand and with what type. How do you feel about the ride now.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I have ordered my Saab wagon, but won't pick it up in Sweden until late October. Abbott Racing has a set of Koni shocks that they say will make an enormous positive difference in the car. It costs $1000 for the shocks. Before I do a plus one or plus two upgrade on tires/wheels, I want to evaluate the improvement from the shocks alone.

  • Donnee-

    I've read contradicting reviews on the V-6. Some loved it. Others thought it was rough. Can't recall where or which, but they were among the 15 or so we found all over the Net from professional, published car reviewers prior to buying the car.

    My curiousity is in our 4. The engine seems to growl when accelerating up a hill or under acceleration at speed. Now, pick-up isn't a problem...this car zooms. It just sounds like the engine is working kind of hard to do the job, which doesn't seem so out of the realm for a 4 cyl 2.3, no matter how much the turbo boosts the HP and torque.

    Anyway, whenever I feel like there's not enough GO in the 9-5, I rationalize the growl with the following: Some people claim that Saabs are underpowered. On the contrary, considering the circumstances of operating cars in Sweden, where environmental mandates are no doubt strict and gas costs a fortune, Saabs aren't underpowered... they're just not OVERpowered like so many other cars. The curves representing fuel economy, emissions, HP and torque all seem to intersect at Saab's proven 2.3.

    Face it, the 9-5 isn't designed for the Autobahn. It's designed to haul you back and forth safely, with a large margin for error. It results from a sober, but nevertheless well conceived Scandinavian utilitarian design philosophy.

    Am I an apologist for Saab? Maybe. Maybe not. Read my ticked off post #10: Is Manby Listening? in the "Who owns a Saab" board elswhere on the site.

    Now I'm curious about the 2.0 in the 9-3. How does that do?

    Whenever I saw Infiniti G20's, I used to laugh and think to myself, "What's the point?" The G20 is to Infiniti what the Cimarron was to Cadillac. And then I see Audi A4 zooming around with 1.8 liter engines. I don't care about turbo and gear ratios, I'm just not going to believe that this car performs with four adults plus luggage on a return trip from the airport. 1.8 liters? C'mon. Then again, I've never driven one. I'd like to know if I'm wrong.

  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    As one who lives in Germany, I can promise you the Saab 9-5 isn't found in the slow lane over here. I was passed by a 9-5 wagon going at least 130 mph (I was going 110 mph at the time). Admittedly, the U.S. spec car has a softer suspension, but when I test drove the US version wagon at 120 mph (in Germany, I had no complaints about its autoban behavior. I was bothered by its leaning on curvy roads though.

    Incidently, the wagon (known over here as the combi in Germany and estate in UK) will come in an Aero version in Europe. Edmunds is claiming it will be available in the U.S. as well, but I don't see confirmation of that on Saab's website.
  • Anyone think saab will be offering any factory rebates or incentives in the next month? We love the 9-5 wagon but feel it is the end of year. The local dealers have many on the lot in most colors and options. Thanks for any information.
  • The 2.3 4 cyl. does growl a little bit, but it really makes the car fly. I cracked the 100 mph barrier yesterday and the car was solid - no complaints, no bobbing or lurching, and not much body lean. I think this car would be right at home on the autobahn( I also like the daytime running lights because people actually see you coming and surprisingly get out of the way!)
  • FYI: Saab's Swedish site has photos
    of the Aero wagon and engine details.
    Go to:, then
    click 9-5 Kombi, then Prestanda, then
    Motorer. Alas, still no news on
    the USA site.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I am being told that Saab will wait a year and see how the Aero Wagon does in Europe before they make a decision about the U.S. market. A pity.
  • I'm a newbie at the internet, so sorry if this is in the wrong format somehow.
    I drive a Volvo 850 and am 5'6". I don't have a height problem but I do have small feet and had to have the gas pedal adjusted so that I could keep my heel on the ground in the correct position while pressing on the gas. Bit of an odd problem to haved, but fixable. I recently test drove the 9-5 wagon and had no problems. That will be my next car.
  • lrklrk Posts: 1
    Way back in posting #96, Garv said that after considerable research, he decided on Saab 9-5 wagon over Volvo XC. If you are still out there Garv, are you still willing to elaborate on how you made your decision? Safety a big concern for our family... Thanks
  • SAAB USA finally provided Robert Bowden with a car. Se his excellent review oview of the 9-5 wagon @
    Also see what a real car review is like. Edmunds take note, the subjective esoteric crap you turn out as "journalism" lacks substance and research. try to lose the cuteness and stick to an objective review.
  • Sorry, I'm not GARV, but after reading your post (#152) I followed the link in post #153, where issues of safety are extensively discussed. I suggest you read it. I've long been frustrated by the public's perception that Volvos are the safest cars, since Saabs have been named the safest cars in Sweden by that country's largest insurer for about a billion years straight. And Saab doesn't offer a third row seat placed right in the rear crumple zone, as Volvo does.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    Last year over 41,000 US Citizens died in auto accidents. Thousands more survived with crippling injuries. Anyone who doesn't consider auto safety as a top priority is out of touch with reality. Because there are more Volvos on the roads to see, Americans think they are safer than SAABs by sheer virtue of their numbers. Give me a Volvo or a SAAB any day over a Lexus, Acura or any American make. US government crash tests are a joke. A Taurus in no match for a SAAB or a Volvo. German cars such as BMW, AUDI and MB are't bad either. Buy anything else, and you paid too much a car which is lethal to its occupants. Where is the cost benefit? What valueation is there on life and limb.
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    Thought this might interest people since recent discussions are on safety issues. Check out this link to the European Crash Tests:

    The 9-5 (sedan) received their highest mark according to the text. Interestingly the S70 got only a 3 star (it was dinged for its offset frontal protection)
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    I'm debating buying now or waiting for the Y2K model Wagon with the 2.3 4cyl/traction control. However, local dealers are pushing the 1999s pretty hard w/ invoice pricing. Any thoughts/wisdom on advantages to waiting (i.e. bugs worked out, trac control, etc., any other improvements?) vs. getting the better deal now?
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