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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • Hello

    I'm new to Saabs. How do you think they compare in reliability and durability to something like a Honda or Toyota?

  • sinawalisinawali Posts: 2
    Hi folks. I'm new to this board and I am curious as to the rear storage capacity of the 9-5 versus the volvo wagon. Any thoughts or experiences??
    I leased a 9-3 because I doubted the depreciation value of this automobile. I bought a Volvo 850 because I felt its depreciation was a known factor. I personally feel that give Saab's quality track record in the past that you are opening yourself up to a lot of risk in the market when you purchase a Saab.

    The 9-5 wagon really is a nice vehicle and you should definitely consider it. The engine is something to die for especially in the V-6 form. As far as thrill to drive factor might influence your decission the Saab is the car to have, but the depreciation is steep. Buy the car because you love it not because you think its the smart buy. This is a car for the passionate and the enthusiast.
  • tom123tom123 Posts: 15
    My cousin in England drives a new 9-5 and I have tracked his experience carefully. He loves the car but is on a two-year lease and says emphatically he would NOT keep the 9-5 any longer... he has no confidence that it will age well. From the fussy cupholder that lives vertically in the dash to the brakes and exhaust... he doesn't want to keep the 9-5 long enough to suffer. I listened to him and bought a Volvo V70 AWD. Lease the Saab, have fun, and walk away afterwards... buy the Volvo and get comfy with it.
  • jeheymanjeheyman Posts: 3
    Just drove them today.

    V70: Tried base model and the R version. Former was wheezy and later was too stiff for day-to-day. Both felt heavy in handling. I think that if I was going to drive a Volvo station wagon I would try to find the guy to whom I sold my 240 (5 speed) these many years ago.

    9-5: Sweet machine. In normal driving almost zip difference between the 4 and 6 cyl. engines. On the highway, the 6 was a little quieter and passed a little quicker. Considering what most other companies charge to add a pair of cylinders, I'm not sure I see a reason to go with the 4. Am I missing something here?

    A4: Quatro, Tiptronic - lots of fun. But... To how much pain do I want to subject the back seat passangers? The smaller size isn't a problem for us per se but it's hard to justify given the price tag.

    Any other thoughts out there?
    I rode in the middle back seat of this car from Munich to Prague last January and it was a total nightmare. The 2.8 V-6 auto version of this car is completely anemic.
  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    The overriding consideration is transmission and interior choice. If you want a 5-speed rather than an A/T (world wide), or if you want cloth seats instead of leather (in the USA), you must choose the 4 cylinder. Bear in mind that this choice is worth $4.5K: 1000 for leather, 1000 for A/T, and 2500 for the V-6.

    Performance wise, the V-6 is deceptive because the "drive-by-wire" throttle response is very linear. We have been trained by Detroit and their tendency to build in a very "quick" throttle that just a nudge should produce mucho torque. Driven that way, the V-6 seems almost lethargic. Press down harder, though, and it FLIES. the LPT 4 doesn't do that.

    I haven't driven a 9-5 4-cyl A/T, so I can't comment on the idle shake. In most cars, this is the worst part of a 4-cyl a/t combo. I can say that the 9-54 V-6 is very well behaved at idle.
  • thornthorn Posts: 91
    Check the new Car & Driver for a full test of Euro

    Needless to say, the two Swedes - Saab and Volvo -
    take the rear behind the superlative German wagons
    from Audi, Daimler and BMW. Volvo's Frigidaire
    styling is easily the worst, but the new Saab came in last place.
  • jculfsrjculfsr Posts: 2
    Saab USA has just confirmed that Saab Scania has "run into production constraints on the V6 engines" and that, as a result, Saab 9-5 V6 Wagons and Sedans will not be available "until the situation has been resolved at the factory." I just had two dealers in the Washington, D.C. area tell me that it might be 4 to 6 months before any V6 models become available in the USA. Does anyone have any more detailed information about the so-called "production constraints"?
  • seebagoseebago Posts: 1
    Help Me!!

    A4 Quatro -- too small, thought great for city parking

    A6 Quatro -- Big, ungainly, and pricey

    V70xc -- I already own a refridgerator

    BMW 540i -- Expensive but very nice

    Subaru -- Wonderful reliability, but who ran it through the gaudy patch?

    SAAB 95 -- Is this the one?

    I have owned a 4x4 Subaru Legacy for 12 years and love it -- I know nothing about the reliability and quirkiness of Saab.

  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    I have traced this rumor, and will continue to do so. All the information I've received indicates that demand is greater than predicted, and thus the supply is being rationed. That the V-6 was 6 months later to market than the 9-5 itself, and the 9-5 was already held back 6 months from its original schedule, certainly doesn't help.

    I'd expect the demand for the V-6 to slacken some when the High Output Turbo becomes available, sometime in the 2000 model year. Especially if the HOT 2.3 is available with the A/T.
    Now there is a car I could get my passion going for. Would it have a sport suspension?
  • kandacekkandacek Posts: 5
    Since discovering Saab had a station wagon, just a few days ago, I trotted over to the only Saab dealer in my area to see what I could find out. The salesman has one wagon coming in, they have one 9-5 sedan on the showroom floor. He's supposed to call me when the wagon comes in, so I can test drive it. I asked him what the configuration is, and he said it's green with the V6 engine. It didn't know for sure when delivery would be, but not for several weeks. He confirmed that there had been some production constraints on the V6s, but that has now been resolved. I think this car might just have my name on it. :) I wanted the V6 in blue, but green is my second choice. :)
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    In regard to the rumor about a high output turbo 4 cylinder engine in the wagon, is this a serious option? What timeframe? I would love the sportiness of the Viggen (especially the suspension & sport seats) in a functional body like the 9-5 wagon.
  • jeheymanjeheyman Posts: 3
    Read some postings on the 9-5 Sedan that sound like dealers are willing to, well, deal. Local guys (southern california) seem to holding tight to MSRP. Local auto-by-tel was invoice + 1500. Plus destination. Is it me or does this seem high?

    Would be willing to take a cross-country drive for a vacation for the right deal(er).

    Any ideas?
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    Has anyone heard about the price list for the new model year? I've heard Saab sometimes introduces new models at a lower price and boosts them once they're established. Since I am still in the market, I would like to avoid getting surprised.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    See SAABUSA site under online then news for info on 2000 Aero model. Assume a wagon version will be available by Spring of 2000.
  • marciemarcie Posts: 6
    Well, I am quite frustrated to about the production constraints. I ordered the 4 cyl., standard in cosmic blue 3 weeks ago. I called periodically so they could track it. My dealer called yesterday telling me that they have stopped making the cosmic blue till 2000 so I would have to wait 4 more months till they possibly become available. What's with these guys? Is this just a dealer trick to get me to buy existing colors on their lot?
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    Sorry to hear about your problem,

    How much did you have to put down to order the car?

    I don't know if you recall an earlier post where I mentioned a dealer in Lancaster, PA who sells Saabs Online (
    I'm still debating on the V6, but I noticed that they now sell at invoice. They have quoted me a 1 month wait for a green silver V6 wagon. You may want to check with them about getting you a 4cyl 5-speed in the cosmic blue. The online rep is Jay Barry.

    Good Luck

  • marciemarcie Posts: 6

    Thank you I will try these guys. I E-mailed autobytel ( from Edmunds) and don't you know the dirty dogs contacted the dealer I was using. Embarrassing.
    I asked to put money down to secure the car and they said it wasn't required. I thought that very odd.

  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I had the opportunity to drive the US spec Saab here in Germany. Unfortunately, the US spec version seems to have a much softer suspension which I didn't enjoy. Until a sport suspension (which would be the standard german spec version) is available, I will pass. In all other regards, I was very impressed with the car. By the way, the german versions come with Michelon Pilot tires while we get the Michelon MXV4--no fair.
  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    As Rfellman pointed out, Saab has "announced" (a teaser on the web site, nothing more) the 9-5 "Aero" sedan (and, presumably, wagon) which will be shown at the Frankfurt(?) show ON MY BIRTHDAY! (does that mean I get one as a present?) They have indicated that the car will have "upgraded brakes, sports suspension, 17 inch wheels, and special seats." In other words, about half the Viggen treatment - the main bits and pieces, but without the "extra mile" of tuning by TWR (I'm guessing here), and the "off-site assembly". The Aero WILL be available with an A/T, but the engine's torque will be held back to the level of the V-6 (330 NM vs. 350 for the 5-speed).
  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    AFIK, the tire choice is the difference in the suspension between the European and American Spec cars. It really CAN make that big a difference!
  • kingameyakingameya Posts: 4
    Anyone have a good lease deal on a 9-5 wagon or sedan? How does the Harmon and Kardon sound system sound? What do you guys think about the Michilen MXV4 tires? I plan to change them to the excellent Michilen Pilot series. Anyone put different tires on their Saab? If the AERO comes in Wagon form, then there is a god!!!
  • jculfsrjculfsr Posts: 2
    I recently queried SaabUSA about the possible availability of an Aero version of the 9-5 wagon in the next model year. The response: They will be releasing a 9-5 Aero sedan this fall, but no decision has been made about the wagon. They suggested that I check back in September when they would have brochures and specifications to mail.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I also had asked about the wagon and received a somewhat ambiguous answer which gives me hope that they might spring for it. I also sent a question asking if they would at least offer a sport suspension for the wagon and have not received a reply. If you rapidly move the steering wheel back and forth at about 30 mph (simulating going through pylons), you will understand the need for a sport suspension. If I had my way, anyone selecting the manual transmission would probably want a sport suspension as well; they should just tie the two together.
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    That should be a fun car. It actually has some personality, which is becoming rather rare now in cars. That is something about Saabs that I have picked up; the people who buy them really seem to enjoy them.
  • goohousegoohouse Posts: 10
    Just took delivery of a frost grey 9-5 wagon with leather, heated seats and an automatic transmission. Very pleased. Got the car for invoice (actually a little less), and the price was agreed to prior to any discussion about my trade in. They also threw in a child seat (which I didn't want) free (although they did make one attempt to sell it to me at invoice). Took advantage of a current financing incentive program (3.9% APR for 48 months) and SAAB's loyalty program $1,000. I know it's the end of the model year, but I doubt the incentives will be around in the fall, and besides, I needed it now.
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    Did you get the 2.3 or 3.0L engine -- I assume the former since you specifically mentioned the auto tranny (the 3.0L only comes with the auto).
    Also, what dealer didi you use??
  • goohousegoohouse Posts: 10
    I got the 2.3l engine. My understanding is that the V6 is essentially unavailable at present, particularly in the wagon. (Apparently this is a production problem, see earlier posts.) The dealer was SAAB of Framingham (Massachusetts), which is part of Charles River SAAB. Salesman was Randy Wheeler. I would recommend this dealership and salesman to anyone.
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