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Saab 9-5 Wagon



    I do want to see these cars, but I hate the way that the auto industry always just roooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllsss things out to the public. Lots of press and no car! Let's hope this is not another vaper ware Passat V6 Syncro!
  • The wagon is on sale now in Europe, and will launch in the USA in April. Samples are on the ground, although not with the equipment of the US products. See
  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    The current R&T issue features first drives of the 9-5 and 540i wagons.
    Goldberger: your link isn't bad. Thanks.
  • The Saab Network has the 9-5 wagon pricing and equipment specifications, along with those of the rest of the Saab model line up. The 9-5 wagon is actually priced lower than the sedan, considering its standard sunroof. Also, the base wagon has the premium audio system of the SE sedan.
  • contributors in the Saab list "turbo!" have reported that 9-5 wagons are on the ground at several dealers, in time for its official April Launch Date.
  • tt66tt66 Posts: 9
    Caution to any audiophiles on the 9-5 Wagon. It has the same premium amplifier as the SE Sedan, it is missing the two shelf speakers that the sedan has. The sound from behind you sounds weaker than in the sedan. It does add a subwoofer that does not exist on the sedan. Total speakers 8 instead of 9.
    I realize this probably not a critical element in choosing the wagon over the sedan for most buyers but it is something to be aware of.
  • aspetuckaspetuck Posts: 4
    One other (minor) difference next to the audio piece:the wagon is approx. 200lb heavier.To get
    to 60 mph takes 10.5 instead of 9.9 sec for the
    2.3 auto,9.3 instead of 8.7 sec for the manual-
    calculated from European Saab specs.Mileage down
    a tiny bit too.
    I am a very happy Dutch owner of a 2.3 Wagon SE,
    it sure beats the Audi/Volvo hands down...the intro price in USA is VERY attractive as long as
    it lasts
  • The 9-5 wagons and sedans allure me for no particular reason, they just seem to be different from everything else. Also, the dealer network for these wonderful cars in the USA is so friendly, the salesmen sent a postcard to me four months after a quick visit to sit in the 9-5 sedan to ask how I was doing and tell me about the new v6-t. He knew I was in no position to buy, having bought a new A6 (with that smooth engine that needs to be revved), but mailed me anyway -- in cursive! It is refreshing in this age of computers.
  • I have been following this conference for some time and ordered a 9-5 wagon, sight unseen except for pictures, in January. My local dealer received his first inventory and I was very impressed with how it looked and drove. However, we had also been considering the Volvo XC and was impressed with the (several) test drives we took. After a lot of contemplation we chose the XC because of its practicality for New England winters and the overall tightness of the car (we thought it was significantly tighter than the SAAB). The 9-5 is a terrific vehicle, but I think we made the right decision for our needs.
  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
    of will be our new First Drive of the 1999 Saab 9-5 Wagon!

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager
  • I saw one at a local dealer's, and it looks even better in "real life" than in the pictures. This one had the trick roll-out rear floor, just the ticket for Mrs. Goldberger's "trick" back.

    Amazingly, the wagon is priced lower than a comparably equiped sedan (the base price is higher because the sunroof and "SE" audio system are standard on all wagons). This is either an apology for not building a hatchback 9-5 or a torpedo aimed at the keel of SS Volvo, but either way I'll take it!
  • aspetuckaspetuck Posts: 4
    Being a happy 9-5 wagon owner,the recent edmunds
    review is right on the mark.To Goldberger..this I
    believe has been said is not the SE audio package:minus two speakers and adding a woofer under the shelf.More important though and
    not mentioned in the review:the infamous wagon in-
    crease in cabin noise is NOT there-beats Audi and
    Passat hands down.The slide floor(PLUS TARGETED
    LIGHTING!)is absolutely stunning,bound to be copied by others
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    aspettuck (and any other current 9-5 wagon owners out there),
    Do you have the 4-cyl or V-6? Also what other wagons did you look at prior to your purchase.

    Just had the pleasure of test driving both models earlier today. I would also agree with the Edmunds' review. This wagon handles much better than the Volvo XC and the A6 avant that I've driven earlier in the month. The suspension soaks up the bumps in the road with minimal sway. Other positive aspect include the acceleration (on both engines), even at highway speeds, and with minimal discernable turbo lag. I was also impressed by how well the cabin was insulated from road noise, even with the 4 Cyl. Most of the noise seemed to come from the Michelin tires. Other positive aspects -- the price! The least expensive of the other two competitors. The seats fold down completely flat unlike the others. Finally, that sliding floor. It really can support a lot of weight. The dealer offered it in a "versatility package" for $800 that also included an alloy screen to separate the rear seat from the cargo area.
    Some of the down sides (just some minor gripes): interior ergonomics, actually good by Saab standards, but the A6 avant wins in this category. The side panels are covered in velour, even on the leather models. Furthermore, the grey interior is a light shade, like the tan color .... can you say "dirt magnet" ?? No available traction control on the 4cyl -- why is that ?? I know that you don't typically need it on front-wheel drive vehicles. But since its standard on the V-6, at least make it an option on the 4 cyl. Finally, the lack of an available third row seat for the kids - thats why we initially looked at the volvo and audi.
    One things for sure, I glad that european automakers haven't stopped bringing their wagons across the Atlantic. These $30,000 wagons have so much more to offer than any SUV for everyday use!

  • aspetuckaspetuck Posts: 4
    gclu,in response,we looked at value for money.A
    loaded A4Avt cost as much,but feels cramped.A6Avt,
    a beauty alright,but overpriced and underpowered(
    i mean torque).The Passat Wagon pretty basic and
    handled not as well as the 9-5.The Volvo did not
    stir any emotion-old design.The 9-5 was love on first sight...for both of us.I felt the fuel economy and the performance of the stick shift 2.3
    was more than adequate(w'll take the car back to
    Holland,and gasoline is 4 times as xpsive),and the
    price differential brings it up appreciably.
    I believe the 2.3(inc most 'SE' features) has on
    purpose a low 'introduction' price point-it is
    bound to change with the next annual Saab MSRP adj's(Sept/Oct)-just compare the current Sedan $'s
    SE/2.3/V6 with the 2.3/V6 wagon and y'll get my
    Cannot comment on you gripes(minor,right?)By the
    way,the sliding floor has an additional bonus:well
    hidden space under it-we used it to house a CD chgr we had already-the 'official' Avant like box
    on yr left is very tight-can be used for other stuff.The cargo net is great.
    All in all,it's just sheer pleasure to drive in!
  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    Good point about CD changer under the floor. I did noticethe space while at the dealership, but didn't think about putting a changer under there -- I've always had an in-dash single CD player.

    Also, who did you get your 2.3 with a manual from and how long did it take to get your car? What kind of deal were you able to negotiate as well? My local dealer (the only one in town) tells me the manual trans is a special order and will take 6-8 weeks. Haven't started to negotiate since I'm probably at least a several months away from needing a wagon.

    Thanks, George
  • aspetuckaspetuck Posts: 4
    Dear glcu,Got my car through the 'IDS program',ie
    for corp expats it is possible to order from the
    factory direct at approx invoice,have it send to
    USA.Local dealers don't get mad because these cars
    MUST go back with the expat!In Europe,stick shift
    is still standard on most cars(better mileage)and
    is readily available on the 2.3 wagon.Guess that
    yr dealer assumes most folks would go automatic in
    USA...but for the 2.3, manual is more fun to drive
    If the dealer has to 'factory order' it,the car
    would not even hit the dealer lot=interest saved-
    By the way,the SE sedan's do have now leather in the doors instead of the velours-by the time you order yours it may be spilled over to wagon's.
    Good luck in yr endavours
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    Does anyone have an final update on the availability of the 3rd row seat?

    If Saab won't offer it, are there any aftermarket outfits that might produce one?

    The 3rd row seat would only be used to occasional short trips and it would spare us the horror of owning a mini-van.
  • a6wagona6wagon Posts: 19
    Saab is not going to offer a third seat. To them safety is compromised when little one are in the back. BMW doesn't offer a third seat for the same reason. Audi does, but the Saab is a better value. I have a 97 Audi A6 wagon and am going to trade it for a 9-5 2.3t. I will get better performance and gas mileage, while saving about 12k in the process. You should do a comparison between the A6 V6 Quattro and both 2.3 and 3.0. Pay close attention the torque. The 2.3 delivers better torque than the a6, which translates to quicker off the line. that is the biggest problem I have with the A6 today. My lease is almost up and to get a car loaded that way I have it today would cost me almost $10k more. I can't go for that. . . . .
    Is the depreciation killing you or has Audi substantially raised their prices in the time you've owned the wagon?
  • marciemarcie Posts: 6
    Well, It's finally here! Glad I waited( Even though my trade in car just blew the head gasket). I have been test driving cars since last September and NOTHING seems to beat the wagon. I happen to own a 1993 CS and the wagon far surpasses mine and all the rest, including the Audi and Volvo. I tried not to be a SNAAB... I will order the standard model, I am not sure why there is no traction control , but I have alwyas fared well in the NewYork State winters without.
    One question...what's your feeling about Cosmic Blue for a color choice? The salesman and my male friend sputtered and coughed at this...I think it might be unique...hmmmph.
  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    Can't say that I've seen that color on our local dealer's lot. The color (from the Saab website) looks alot like a blue Sienna minivan I say around town today -- I'll agree its unique, but IMHO, it doesn't seem like a color for a car. But hey, look at all the color options for the Audi A4's!

    IMO I would get either the green-silver or cayenne red. (One's more classy the other more sporty, and they're both not too common).

    BTW, who are you getting your car from and what kind of deal are you getting?

  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    Can't say that I've seen that color on our local dealer's lot. The color (from the Saab website) looks alot like a blue Sienna minivan I saw around town today -- I'll agree its unique, but IMHO, it doesn't seem like a color for a car. But hey, look at all the color options for the Audi A4's!

    IMO I would get either the green-silver or cayenne red. (One's more classy the other more sporty, and they're both not too common).

    BTW, who are you getting your car from and what kind of deal are you getting?

  • marciemarcie Posts: 6
    Hi George,

    The reason you have not seen a Cosmic Blue wagon on your dealer's lot. (if you are on the east coast) is that, there aren't any! That's what one dealer told me. Hmmm...perhaps this should tip me off. There is also a midnight blue, nice, very close to black though. The cosmic is a bit lighter than a royal blue ( geesh, now I sound like Myrna Loy)

    I have only been to one dealer so far and they offered me $1,500 off. Dosen't seem like a great break, but seems like the Saab dealers never budge much.I am ordering cloth seats and standard which brings it to about 31G. perhaps you could give me some pointers.

  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    My second favorite in the new 9-X color pallatte, with "sand gold" being the first. Of course, the gold was discontinued almost immediately, and the last time I was in a dealership, they told me that Cosmic Blue is also discontinued :-(. That leaves "arrest me red" and "Cayenne red" as the only bright colors left (even the white has a grey tinge to it.)
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    I'm assuming by the way the numbers you listed that the $575 dest charge is in $31K price.

    Aside from the generic advice of shopping around (generally limited by how many Saab dealers are in your area) and negotiating from the invoice price up, you may want to try this online Saab dealer located in Lancaster, PA (near you???).

    Check out

    Once you fill out a request form for the specific vehicle you're interested in, they will display their standard quote -- which is roughly 3% above invoice cost. I haven't tried to negotiate with them yet. However, they have been prompt about responding to my inquiries.

    Also, although the quote you got doesn't sound great in general terms, you have to consider what you are trying to purchase. This is not a Honda Accord or Chevy Cavalier y'know ?!?! -- so I would'nt expect invoice price or cash incentives.

    What also makes your purchase somewhat more difficult is your desire for a manual trans and cloth interior. These two features are less attractive in this "near luxury" car segment. Not to say that its impossible, but a wagon with these items is unlikely to be sitting on many dealers lot. Therefore, dealers are probably less likely to bargain with you.

    Oh BTW, one more thing, if you have the interest, time, and extra $$$ for a European Vacation, consider Saab's IDS program. That way you can get a customized wagon right off the assembly line and a nice trip too!!
  • spence530spence530 Posts: 2
    I am very interested in the 9-5 wagon and have driven the 6 cylinder. The test drive sold me on the car immediately, not only because of its superb handling and utility, but also because of the plethora of good idea that I find in this car. Of course, the price is daunting, so I am considering the 4 cylinder with a manual transmission. Can anybody give me information on how the two match up? Thanks.
  • marciemarcie Posts: 6
    Thank you all for your response re: color and bargaining on the wagon.

    I finally made the decision and have ordered the manual in Cosmic Blue with leather seats. I wasn't thrilled about the leather though, seems like it might be sticky in the summer and cold in the winter . In addition, I didn't want to be responsible for the demise of our wide-eyed friends. I have spoken to some owners of leather interior and they assure me they hold up well , heat quickly, and are not being killed specifically for my car ... thus, I have dubbed my new car " Cosmic Cow" catchy ?

    Spence530 in response to your question, you should test drive the manual. I can't speak in technical terms, but I can tell you that I drove both the V6 and the manual. I found the manual very zippy and held the road beautifully. I feel I have more control over a car with a manual especially in the snow Personally, I don't like a car that takes off by itself and the V6 felt that way to me. The mileage is better I believe and how much more power do we really need?

  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    Congrats on your purchase!

    Were you able to find a better deal than the $1500 off invoice you mentioned previously?
    You didn't happen to lease your car did you??? (if so, what were the terms)

  • marciemarcie Posts: 6

    Thank you. Well, They didn't do much better than the $1500. They knocked off a few hundred on the bike hitch and rack. I told this guy I thought they ought to throw the heated seats in too,seeing as they were always inclusive before. he laughed at me. No, I didn't lease, I do quite a bit of driving so it wouldn't have been cost effective for me. I have been searching since last October for a car and I was tired of haggling so I decided to if the teamsters are good boys I should be sporting around within 6 weeks.

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