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Best Vehicles for Tall and/or Large Drivers

jhallgrenjhallgren Posts: 7
edited October 2014 in General
Just tried a Saturn LW2 for size & it kinda
Not like the 92 Cavalier I have now but....
That was move seat back 6 inches..
Any comments on any other posssible solutions?
Asked same in Ford Focus area but just now thought
I should try for a larger audience..
Any help is appreciated!
Since finding a newer (94 was last yr) Cavalier is
like finding the EYE of the needle in the


  • Can any one help me I am over seven feet tall.
    I am moving to Unionville CT to get married in
    from England. My girlfriend is only 5'6".

    What I want to know is "What SUV is available with
    lots of leg/headroom?
  • lekelelekele Posts: 1
    I don't know if this helps, but I have a Jeep Gr Cherokee and I'm 5'6". My seat is all the way back and all the way down (it's adjustable up and down) and it's just right for me. It would seem that someone 7 feet tall would not have enough leg room, although I think you might have enough head room. We also have a Blazer and seem to have enough leg room in it, but from what I understand they don't have passenger side airbags, so that's why we didn't buy another one. I know someone with a Pathfinder who sits all the way back and he's 5'10" and feels he'd like a little more leg room.
    I guess they don't consider there are some tall people out there when designing these things!
    You should go around and check them all out and take a good long test drive. Beware though, my Jeep only gets 10-12 mpg, so that's another point to consider. Good luck.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
    It Depends.....

    on whether you're proportional, long in the torso, or long in the legs. Definitely stick with the full size SUV's - Suburbans, Tahoe/Yukons, Expedition/Navigators, etc. "Extender" rails are available for the front seats of most SUV's by special order. Of course that eliminates anyone riding behind you.

    You might check 4x4 Pickup Trucks as well....
  • I'm 6'4" and I'll be getting a Subaru Forester. Plenty of leg room for me. It does get tough to sit behind me though.
  • tomhtomh Posts: 1
    I own a 1984 full sized Blazer K5. Plenty of
    head and leg room for me. My height is 6-7.
    My son, 6-9 fits well too. Also, the new
    Tahoes, Yukons, and Expeditions are OK for me.
    As I remember, the Tahoe/Yukon was the best of
    the lot. The type of seat option has a lot to
    do with it as well. Example, I have been in
    several Explorers that were not comfortable
    for me. Then I borrowed a friend's new
    Explorer over Thanksgiving. It was better,
    not perfect but quite acceptable. It has the
    optional zillion-way adjustable seats. They
    apparantly can be adjusted to fit us better than
    the normal ones.

    Good luck. I know what you are up against.

  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Try Mitsu Montero or Isuzu Trooper. Have fun shopping!
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I'm 6'3" with long legs and like to stretch my legs when driving if possible. I have a Range Rover and it has plenty of room. I have a friend with a new Explorer I drove one weekend and it had great room. What I have found that makes a big difference is if it has power seats - you can tilt them up in front and down in back for more comfort. The Japanese brands have poor leg room for me, even with power seats. I test drove a Landcruiser once and could not believe how poor the legroom was for such a big vehicle.
  • ronnocronnoc Posts: 7
    I'm 6'4" with particularly log legs( short
    waisted- head room is not my problem). There are
    decreasingly few cars for tall people that still
    have anything approaching a back seat when the
    drivers seat is positioned. I'd like to hear from
    other tall folks and their experiences with recent
    car models. I'm still driving a 1983 Caprice wagon
    which is approaching 200,000 miles and will have
    to be replaced soon.
  • I'm only 6'6", but I seem to have problems with the majority of vehicles although I'm fairly proportional leg/torso. Forget anything with a sunroof. the sunroof takes away 2-3" of head room. the point about the power adjuatable seats is well taken. I have a 98 tahoe 2 door and it offers the best room i've had in years.

    Make sure you take whatever you are considering on a test drive that is more than once around the block. The japanesse cars seem to really scrimp on the room, but it may be understandable if you consider the average size of their people. Not much help if you are a tall and non asian.

    good luck!
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    Try a Saab. The 900 I test drove seemed ideal for your situation. I didn't look at the 9000, but it might be worth a look for you.

    Try the search function at the bottom of the page, it will take you to many Saab discussions.

    Host of the present.
  • kazookazoo Posts: 1
    I live in Far West Texas, and out here you're not dressed unless you have your Stetson on your head. Add that to the fact that at 6'4" with the legs that take only a 33" inseam, you might get the idea there is not much around that I can sit in with my hat on - you'd be right.

    The only vehicles that accomodate me are made by Ford. And that extends all the way down to that peanut they call Escort. I was amazed that I could sit upright in this vehicle and not have my hat touch the headliner. Same is true for the Taurus and the Crown Vic; however my vehicle is an Explorer with it's 39.8" of headroom - great.
  • chorakchorak Posts: 2
    I'm tall from the waist up and I find one of the best mid size suv's for headroom is the isuzu
    trooper,98 model.
  • NasirNasir Posts: 1
    I recently purchased an 93 Ford Explorer and it does have a lot of leg and head room. I'm about 6'2-6'3.

    I've noticed that in Amer. cars, especially Fords, there is more leg and head room than compared to Japanese cars.
  • kenokeno Posts: 6
    You said "'Extender' rails are available for the front seats of most SUV's by special order.'
    Special order from where?? The manufacturer? Or from a specialty company? If so what's the name?

  • achuuachuu Posts: 1
    I am also interested in 'extender'rails for a ford f-series bench seat.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
    I Heard from A Guy Who Had A Step Neighbor-in-Law...

    Actually, my wife, the LCSW, has a client with very long legs and a Japanese 4x4. He got "extender" rails thru the dealer. Presumably from the manufacturer.

    My guess would be that seat mounting assemblies are reasonably standardized as to size, pattern, etc. "Extender" rails for an SUV might be "standard" rails for a large sedan....
  • I'm also 6'4" and currently looking for a new car with the same type of requirements you appear to have.....with the driver seat back is there enough leg room for the rear seat passenger.

    I'll be getting for the Lexus LS400 for many reasons, one of which is the amount of driver legroom. It is the only sedan I drove where I will not have the drivers seat all the way back. The rear legroom in this car is pretty good, but when I'm able to give the rear passenger and extra inch plus by not having my seat all the way back that allows excellent leg room for that passenger. Of course, if you want to opt for the Mercedes S class you'll also get a lot of rear leg room.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    A few years ago I looked at a Landcruiser and the front legroom was abysmal for me. The dealer told me no way could they touch the seats to modify them in any way. I don't think a dealer will touch the factory seats mounting at all. I would be very wary of changing anything due to crash standards. You don't want your seat to come loose during a crash.
  • bdritterbdritter Posts: 9
    Anyone ever dealt with extending seat rails? I'm told it can be done without violating safety regulations. Considering a Jeep Wrangler--any other tall folks out there find a way to fit in this vehicle?
  • bdritterbdritter Posts: 9
    Can someone please provide me with more info about 'extender rails'---I'm want to order a Wrangler but will only do so if there is a way to get the front seat modified to move further back.

    direct email me if possible at [email protected]
  • cmk73cmk73 Posts: 1
    my husband is 6"2 and we found that some American cars have good legroom. Check the specs for front and rear legroom - Edmund's provides this in the info for each car. Monte Carlo is too short. We liked Grand Prix, Century.
  • ckarackara Posts: 1
    My father is 6'6" and has always driven the big Buicks like LeSabre. He can extend his right leg at least to the right on long trips to stretch, over where the gear shift would be on most cars--granted not the safest way to drive for accident reasons. I recently bought a VW Passat and he thought it provided a good amount of room for him, for a mid-sized sedan. It has a "greenhouse" roof design, giving great headroom (and mine has a sunroof so there's probably more in ones without) plus it has an easy ratcheting handles that raises and lowers the seat plus a telescoping steering wheel which all helps give a better driving position. With the seat all the way back, those in the rear seat still have some room to spare. He may seriously consider it for his next car purchase because it's a fun car to drive and something very different from his history of big, GM "boats". Depending on options and engines, it ranges from the low 20's to mid-20's so it's an option for those that find the Lexus's and Mercedes too steep. Next year, it will also have a 4-wheel drive option which my dad likes as he lives up North.
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    Try a pontiac bonneville. This is quiet big , comfortable GM boat as well as very good power and comfort conveniences.

    Could you share some of your 200,000 mile journey with the caprice, as to how was the performance of the car over the years, and the seriousness of the problems?
  • xcdatxcdat Posts: 2
    I'm 6'2 and can comfortably sit in the back seat of my 98 concorde. (though you'll catch hell getting me out of the driver's seat!)
  • sammy5sammy5 Posts: 1
    Isn't it the case that the "B Pillar" determines how far backthe front seat is allowed to go? I believe Fed Law won't permit manufacturer to place seat in such away as to block clear view by the "B Pillar".
  • jekv12jekv12 Posts: 1
    If you're OK with used cars, try a Merkur Scorpio
    (German built Ford). Lots of leg room, good
    thigh support, and a lots of room in back.
    And the hatchback will come close to the utility
    of your wagon. Try for an 89.

    Other than that, Saab 9000 or its replacement,
    the Saab 9-5.
  • lorinclorinc Posts: 2
    It's not a Saab or Mercedes, but it's roomy:
    I'm 6'6" and I have plenty of headroom and legroom in my Intrigue GL. You'll need to skip the sunroof, though; in every make & model I sat in, you lose an inch or two of precious headroom when you add the sunroof. It pays to go sit in the cars you're considering --- subtle differences in roofline and seat position can make a big difference, even among "twins" like the Intrigue and its Pontiac / Buick sisters. Power seats help, too; they seem to sink lower than the "compromise" rails on manual seats.
  • lorinclorinc Posts: 2
    Oops! I just re-read the very first posts to this topic, and I see the original question was more about legroom than headroom. Oh, well --- my comments still stand. I have a 36" inseam, and the driver's seat still has about 1.5 " of backward travel when I've got it adjusted comfortably. Backseat room behind me is adequate but not spacious. For a bigger back seat, try a Toyota Avalon. It's a stretched Camry (old-style). I drove one before buying my Intrigue. *Plenty* of room --- I could sit behind myself. Beautiful car, but $6,000 more than the Intrigue, similarly equipped.
  • I Found of the three cars I looked at (Maxima, Accord and Camry) The Maxima has by far the most legroom and is the main reason I choose it over the others. Just a sidenote according to Edmunds stats the Maxima has more front legroom then a BMW 7 Series by 2 full inches. I couldn't believe it.
  • cbishopcbishop Posts: 2
    I am 6' 10" and own a '97 Jeep Wrangler. I have plenty of head room, but leg room is a little tight. Does anyone have a know where I can get "Extender Rails" for this model? I called Jeep and they do not sell them.
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