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Ford Edge Front End Creaking Noises

banjoplayerbanjoplayer Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in Ford
Bought my 09 Ford Edge 2 months ago. After just 1000 miles, the front end started making clunking and creaking noises (like an old bedspring) when going over uneven surfaces or turning a hard left or right especially into a driving into a curve. Took the car back to dealership and they removed the struts and replaced both the left and right side bearing plates (brackets). The clunking noise quit but the creaking noises are as bad as ever. Anyone else have this problem? Car is going back into shop next week and am hoping someone else can help out with this complaint.


  • cmarcuscmarcus Posts: 17
    I have an '07 Edge. Front end clunks. So did many of the other '07's and '08's the dealer drove over the same pothole in his driveway. Ford HQ dealer rep drove my car. Gave me the "it's normal...we don't have a fix" story. Left front strut replaced, link to stabilizer bar...way back. Still clunked. Recently, dealer though he had isolated it to steering rack. Replaced. Sounded like a Lexus until the right front, then the left front hit the right kind of depression and rise (e.g. for a manhole cover). I don't think there is a fix. Just keep the paper trail running at your dealer's in case it ever affects steering and handling.
  • I paid $30,000 for a car that sounds like a 15 year old junker and there is no solution??? I owned Nissan and Toyota for years but thought that I would do the American thing this time and I am regretting it very much at the moment. Love the car otherwise, just hate all the creaking and clunking noises.
  • dc2nydc2ny Posts: 1
    I had a similar sound to what you are speaking of. I have a 2007 Edge SEL and after purchasing mine after about 2 to 3 weeks I started hearing squeaking noises. I didn't know if it was coming from the front or the back. It would make that sound after I would come to a stop, pull off, turn left or turn right. It sounded really bad when my music was off and I was driving quiet. I took it immediately to the dealer to give them this car back and they took it for a couple of days and drove it and couldn't hear or find anything. I went back to get it and started to push the car back and forth while the Rep was sitting inside and then he heard it for himself. They kept it for a few more days and realized that it was the mechanism inside the gas tank that keeps us from hearing the gasoline swish back and forth while we're driving. That mechanism was loose and was causing the noise I was hearing. They replaced my gas tank and I have had no issues since. Hope this can help! :D
  • hey I have a similar issue. I just bought a lease return 2009 Ford Edge SEL and as soon as I turn the car on the squeaky noise starts. like a fan that is running somewhere under the car, inside the car it just squeaks. I try to tune it out but its just getting louder I don't understand it. I have to take it back to the dealer. thanks @banjoplayer I will ask about the gas tank mechanism cause it sounds similar to the issue you were experiencing
  • I had a similar sound to what you are speaking of. I have a 2010 Edge Limited. I started hearing squeaking noises. It would make that sound after I would come to a stop, pull off, turn left or turn right. It sounded really bad when my music was off and I was driving quiet. help!
  • santo3santo3 Posts: 3
    have to say this is turning out to be a bigger deal for ford edge. I purchased a
    2010 edge 7 months ago, just recently started hearing the same issues with a rattling
    noise. not a big deal until a few days ago it started getting louder and I also had the
    clunking noise whenever i went over speed bumps. your normal wear and tear I
    though. it actually is the top strut support that's part of the metal
    frame of the car. the welding points are separating from the frame. that is the rattling
    noise you get initially, and it grows. hard to tell when is minor and the car is just not
    moving. you can actually see the problem now in my ford edge, my welding points in the
    frame have separated. I just started complaining to ford and so
    far no one has taking responsibility. if more people are getting the same problem in their
    ford edge, you should ask to check the welding points holding the metal that support the struts.
    you will only be able to see it if pressure is put on the strut. at least until it completely
    separates and bends like my situation.
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