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Mercedes E-Class Wagons (E320, E500, E55 AMG)



  • liz32liz32 Posts: 2
    My 2002 wagon has the six-Cd changer in the rear and it is a real pain...I have no idea why it's there. I orig. thought it was for safety but all of my husband's recent cars - Mercedes and other - have the changer right where it should it's not exactly safe to stand outside your car with the lifting door wide open taking time to load's one of the only things I don't like about the car...
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    It does seem very incongruous with such a technologically advanced car to have a CD player that's located where they used to put them about 10 years ago. It's not a deal breaker, but it is a real head-scratcher.
  • benzownerbenzowner Posts: 20
    The 2001 and on C-class Mercedes has the 6disk CD changer in the glove compartment
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    That makes a lot more sense. I may have to start targeting 2001 as the year under consideration to by a used one (which means I'll probably have to wait until next year).
  • liz32liz32 Posts: 2
    my 2002 wagon has cd in rear so you might want to look into it~
  • benzownerbenzowner Posts: 20
    It says on the companey web site that the cd changer is in the glove compatment. It might be in just the 2002 and On. what year is your wagon p;model=C320W
  • maurcedesmaurcedes Posts: 38
    The Maurcedes now has 180,000 miles on it and has started to run hot. It also needs tires, brake rotors, tie rod ends, transmission seals, a full serice, and a windshield. Instead of fixing these things I'm considering a new car. I liked the Volvo XC70 and rented one for a long trip. It was OK, but ultimately boring. Are all new cars boring? Mine's a 95 and it isn't nearly as slick and polished as the new ones, but I like that. I don't really want to feel like I'm driving a couch down the road.

    So my question is: are all new cars boring and plush to the point of blandness? What about a 99 or 2000 MB320 wagon? I can find one with low mileage for about the same price or less than the Volvo. But do they have any character at all?
  • does anyone on this site have a low mileage 1999-2003 MB wagon with AWD?
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I've been looking at getting a used MB E320 wagon as well, although "exciting" wouldn't be the word I'd use to describe it, "stately" seems more apt. I'm also looking at several other models and have scouted the class pretty well. If you are looking for "exciting" then I'd suggest checking out the Saab 9-5 Sportwagons (particularly the "Aero" trim line) as well as the Audi (A6) and BMW (5 series) wagons, if cargo room isn't such a premium in your decision. Hint: the more "exciting" they are, the less cargo room you get. You may want to look at the VW Passat W8 Wagon as well in that price range, or drop a little further down and check out the Passat GLX wagon or the Subaru Outback VDC.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To Everyone - Since our policy forbids advertising/private sales in our discussions, please understand that messages that conflict with this policy must be removed. Feel free to email me if you have any questions/comments about this matter. Please do not address this with me here. Thanks!

    To bmushinsky - If you're looking for a MB 1999-2003 MB wagon to purchase, you may want to check out this page at Edmunds: Used Car Prices, Listings & Info.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted.... ;-)

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  • Hey, StdPudel (or anyone else), you mentioned a cargo mat to put under your dog. I'm trying to find a mat for my '95 wagon. Ideally, I'd like something that folds/unfolds with the middle seat. I can't find anything on the net.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Hey group,

    My wife is considering a e320 wagon. I have some questions. What else besides the steering wheel changed between '99 and '00? She is getting rid of her 528iT for this MB. The BMW is just not very big in the cargo area, even thou it is bigger than an x5.

    How are the owenership cost and should I consider an aftermarket warranty?

    Also, were heated seat a stand alone option or did they come in a package? The bmw has cold weather package which includes htd seats, htd steering wheel and headlight washers.

    Thank you in advance.

  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I know that they added Stability Control, rear side airbags, and the Touch-Shift "manual" shift transmission in 2000. I think some other things as well. Of course, there were some additional bugs in the 2000 models according to Copnsumer Reports.
  • mc_behrmc_behr Posts: 1
    Hi -

    I currently own a 2001 Volvo XC70 and the lease is coming to an end. My first thought was to get another XC, but after driving my parents E320 wagon and reading some reviews, I am contemplating buying a used E320 Wagon. One feature that I will definitely want is the LATCH system for car seats. Can anyone tell me when Mercedes started installing the LATCH into the Wagon? also does Mercedes make an retrofit kit to install into earlier years that don't have the LATCH system?

    Any years better than others in people's opinions, and also what should I reasonably expect out of a late model wagon ('99 or newer). What I mean is if I am going to purchase a used vehicle with miles on it, how many miles should a wagon get out of it before you start to run into major problems.

  • maurcedesmaurcedes Posts: 38
    Thanks, NCVOL, for your tips. I wanted to look at the BMW 5-series wagon, but when I went to the BMW dealer I was completely ignored. It was annoying as hell and I won't go back there. My mechanic fixed the running hot problem. Apparently after 180,000 miles there was about an inch of dead bugs clogging up the air flow between the radiator and the A/C compressor. He took the whole thing apart and chiseled them out, fine now!
    I've been investigating the VW Toureg. Now that's a hell of a vehicle! Maybe in a couple years when VW isn't quite so proud of them and the diesel is available. I'd have to change my radical "anti-SUV" stance, though. Maybe my pro-diesel stance would make it less of a sell-out.
  • Does anyone here have a CD changer in their E-series wagon? I just got an aftermarket changer, but it does not have a wagon-specific bracket or instructions. It's a generic model that fits MB, Volvo, Audi, etc.

    Can you describe how the changer is mounted? The only thing I can visualize is cutting off the plastic parts that hold the first-aid kit, and fabricating a bracket that would attach above the washer-fluid reservoir.


  • Oh, I should have mentioned, this is a 1995 Wagon. The CD changer goes in the back, behind the right side panel in the cargo area, not in the glove box. liz32, you still around?
  • What kinds of tires are we using on our older wagons? My 95 E320 is due for a new set. The last ones were Toyos, lasted 30K, which is not bad for where I live. The Michelins before that ran 28K, but Michelins are so expensive now! I have had wheel balance and vibration issues for the last 15,000 miles or so. I'm going to take the car today to a different tire store than the one that sold me the Toyos and see if I have a bad tire. Balancing lasted only 12,000 miles before the vibrations came back and that was with a brake job in between. Any suggestions?
  • Can anyone tell me where the cargo space on the new E-class wagon went? I have an E500 4matic wagon on order and when I re-checked the specs I found that the cargo space has dropped from 43.7 cubic feet down to 24.4 cubic feet. Thats a big loss and I am not sure where it could have gone!
  • I just cancelled my order for a 2004 E500 4matic wagon! The cargo space has been reduced dramatically (from 44 cubic feet to 24 cubic feet) and the third row of seats is virtually unusable since it is now small and cramped. I have been waiting 10 years for M-B to offer an 8-cylinder wagon with AWD and a third row of seats. And what do they do? they totally messed it up!
    I bet they will have numerous cancellations and unhappy customers... just wait until the automotive press realizes what they have done to what was a great automobile. I challenge anyone from M-B to repond with an explanation
  • 3star3star Posts: 3
    According to the specs on Edmunds, the total cargo room with 2nd and 3rd row seats folded has also decreased from 83 cu-ft to 69 cu-ft.
    Length, width and wheelbase of the car has increased slightly. You pose a good question...Where did the space go?
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    That really sucks. One of the great appeals of the E320 Wagon has been its amazing amount of rear cargo space. A full 10 cubic feet more than competitors from Audi and BMW.
  • I just bought a pre-owned 02 E320 Wagon. I really like it. I agree with the earlier posts about the cargo/3rd seat space lost on the 04's. Mine was parked next to an 04 on the dealer lot. It looks like MB shaved off the rear end and hatch to make it look sleeker. Most people will only notice the loss when trying to put large square or rectangular objects in the cargo area.

    I' am sure they looked at the typical profile of the 1st time buyers and saw fewer folks in the age bracket with small children. I am not sure what profiles they keep on the pre-owned or second hand units. I don't doubt that in the not too distant future the 3rd seat will all but disappear.
  • khicekhice Posts: 13
    I bought my first MB when I was lucky enough to come across a Starmarked 99 E320 wagon this year in near mint condition. I love the classic look with the flat doors, round headlights & sculpted hood, though the staid interior took some getting used to. The car is an absolute joy to drive. If I win the lottery I'll ship it back to Germany and get it completely reconditioned in a Designo edition.
    So when the new wagons arrived at the dealer my 12 year old daughter and I had to have a look. She climbed into the 3rd row seat as I checked out the view from the cockpit. "Dad, they messed up! This car is smaller than ours. We can't get it!" In addition to the new sloped roof, I think the spare is in the floor which of course raises the rear seat and reduces the headroom.
    There are plenty of small wagons out there, including MB's own C. What were MB thinking?
    There are several families in our neck of the woods who are 1st time MB owners because the E's were the only large luxury wagons available. There are plenty of us who are just too snobby to be caught dead in a minivan and SUV's just aren't politically correct! Restore the cargo space!
  • It seems that people are realizing our friends at Mercedes Benz have blundered again. According to a well placed source, over 70% of people who owned 2003 and earlier wagons have cancelled their orders for '04 Wagons. It seems the downsized rear cargo space and ridicuosly small (and unusable) third row of seats have taken their toll. If you are listening Mercedes, bring back the SPACIOUS wagon with a usable third row!
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the C-Class wagon now have more cargo space than the E-Class wagon?

    That ain't right.
  • If you have not received the letter yet you probably will. They are recalling the '04 E-Class because the 2nd row seat belts release in a car crash. We just got our 04 E-320 wagon in sept and love it but we regret that we did not get the trunk closer and four-zone climate. But the Push button start is great! I forget the key looks like it never leaves my purse. The dealer will pick up my car for me later this week to fix the seat belts. So that i can continue to love this new car. And FOR ALL YOU HATERS the trunk space is not that bad how often do you use EVERY cubic square foot. I think it is much roomier in the front than my 01 E-class wagon.
  • In earlier posts there were complaints about AM radio reception. My 1998 wagon has the same lousy reception. The FM, tape and CD are great. Has anyone found out what's the problem here? Is it common? Is there an inexpensive solution?
  • pb17pb17 Posts: 33
    Local radio shop installs a small whip antenna on the rear of the roof. Cost over $400. Don't know if this works. Tinting affects reception, especially metallic. Open to all ideas for my 99 wagon.
  • rjtrjt Posts: 2
    ready to purchase an E wagon. was told that wagon with AWD needs the extra power of E500 engine rather than 6 cyl of the E320. wouldn't mind putting the extra money into options instead but don't want to be disappointed later if engine is not powerful enough. any thoughts?
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