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Mercedes E-Class Wagons (E320, E500, E55 AMG)



  • Sorry, instead of sticking to invoice price, I should have said the dealers are sticking to MSRP (a lot of difference)
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Does anyone know when the C-Class wagon is coming out? I'm wanted to purchase a E-Class wagon for my wife on her birthday, but I've been researching the C-Class and noticed that there are more options in the new generation C-Class than in the current generation E-Class (i.e. 3-memory driver seat vs. 3-memory for driver and passenger. 1 sun sensor vs. 4 sun sensors). I'm sure the next generation E-Class will have all the new features but for now, the C-class has more features. I did the comparison on the Mercedes website and cross compared each feature. The E has one or 2 more distinctive features, but the C has much more.

    The C could use more space, but she already has an SUV for that.

    any info would be appreciated. thanks.
  • after spending the past couple of months in the town hall chat room. It has become quite evident to me that many people either do not know how to negotiate with a car dealer or just feel uncomfortable with it. Therefore, I hereby offer my services in negotiations (for free)in buying or leasing a car to anyone in the townhall chatroom................
    My credentials..20 years in my own business as a clothing manufacturer...and in that same time buying or leasing no less than 20 cars!!...for myself ,wife and two kids...oh yes..and E mail is ( ) good hunting!
  • I am new to Edmunds. I have been looking for a new wagon over the past several months. I have on order and due to arrive a E320 4Matic Wagon due in the next couple of weeks. As far as the negotiating goes, I too was told that these cars sell at MSRP, I then scouted around and found that I could get one for less from online car dealer
    I went back to the dealer ( whom we had either leased or bought 3 other cars before) and after much discussion he agreed to knock off $1,400. I am now considering purchasing the Audio All road instead. The car comes with more standard options and seems to have the same safety features. Audio has a better Maintenance contract, 4 years/50000 miles which includes wiper blades and brake pads. I am concerned because my 98 Audio A6 Wagon needed a lot of repairs (albeit they were free) but they were an inconvenience. The long and the short of my question is-Is the E320 worth the approximate 10k more?
  • Has anyone had any luck installing an after-market phone into the integrated Mercedes Audio system. When I bought my 1999 E320 Wagon I opted to not purchase the phone due to the excessive cost and service fees. I would like to know if I have any options (outside of the dealer) for linking my existing digital phone into the E320.

  • Purchased a new 99 ML320 for $26k including tax and all options for that year - no nab system.
    This included trade-in allowance for a 95 Avalon, 4 years old. Sticker on ML was $41,500.
    I find negotiating for high end cars to be fun with quality trade-ins.

    My 2001 BMW 525 at sport wagon is a great wagon/sports car. Like the BB 320 the 525 six has enough power for my taste.

    Lastly, my 2000 Subaru Outback Lad is also a great wagon and does all things well.

    So, therefore it follows that I must order a 2003 E320 4matic as my next wagon. My dealer says order taking will commence in spring 2002. Who knows.

    Wagons rule!!!
  • Do any of you have 4-matics? I test drove them side by side and loved the handling of both of the wagons - they have 50/50 wt distribution just like my Porsche 944. It seemed to me however that when I drove the E320 4-matic wagon I could hear the engine working harder or perhaps it was the transmission up front. Any comments on this? It seemed like there was additional drag on the system. Do the 320 4-matics handle anything like the audi quattros in the curves? Does the AWD pull you around corners like it seems to in the quattros? Are there any dry land handling advantages. I go to the snow quite a bit, but manage quite well with snow-tires. Also, if generaltso is reading this, did you get your car for $3000 below invoice or below MSRP? (You stated invoice above.)
  • I see so many people saying that their dealer wants to sell at sticker price...95% 0f the time thats just nonsense...unless the car is a hot new model which has'nt gotten up to production speed..or the car company continues intentional should be able to get 4-6% off sticker on luxury cars or wagons...if you can't.. contact me and i'll negotiate for you!!
  • Hello out there, "thegeneraltso", I am looking for you. Did you get your e320 at $3000 below MSRP or $3000 below invoice? I would really like to know because I am about to start negotiating with dealers, etc. If the host sees this, could you please e-mail "thegeneraltso" and ask him if he would be so kind as to provide me with this information. It will be for a good cause because some of the money saved will go to charity. Sincerely yours,
  • I recently purchased a Mercedes Benz E320 4Matic. I got the car for $1,400.00 below sticker. Although this was not as good as previous posts, at least it was below MSRP. When I first ordered the car, the salesman explained to me ( and take this for what it is worth) that the margins on Mercedes cars were lower than the rest of the industry and that they did not subsidize their leases like Audi. He said he might be able to get me $300 to $400 off the car. It took 3 1/2 months for the car to come in. During this time I went on the internet to research prices. Most often the price came up close to sticker($50.00). However, had a car for $1,800. under sticker. The car had everything that I had ordered except heated seats(E1,E2,leather, metallic paint and heated seats). This particular car was located approximately four hours from where I lived, and if I wanted it delivered there would be an additional cost. When I called the salesman and told him that I had done better on the internet than he had expected, he enumerated the benefits of buying a car from a local dealership where you intended it to be serviced. This argument waged by the dealer was probably more persuasive than he realized. My previous car was a 1998 Audi Quattro, and although I loved the car, it ended up in need of repairs far more often than I could ever have imagined. I had leased the car from a dealership an hour away, but had gotten a better price than I could locally. Although, all the repairs were covered by Audi, a couple of times, I was left without the car for 5 days or more. Dealerships give priority to the customers that have bought/leased a car from them. Furthermore, the salesman argued that most people in the northeast want heated seats and that the car on green light was probably ordered to a customer's specifications and then he/she decided not to get it. I ended up with the $1,400 below sticker because I too spoke of how we had previously done business with the local dealership (2 Mercedes and 1 BMW and that this too needed to be taken into consideration).

    As far as comparison with the Audi, I did not test drive the 2001 Quattro Wagon, because I was so displeased with all the extra servicing that my 98 had required. This could have been bad luck, but 1 tech told me that the Audi's were back for service far more often than the BMW's or Mercedes at this particular dealership. I love the way my E320 handles. The Audi did great in the snow and I'm hoping the E320 does the same. As for noise, there may be more engine noise, but the overall ride is not as noisy in comparison to the Audi- the heat/air was very loud as was the noise from the exterior and sunroof.

    Good luck to you!!!!!
  • Does anyone have any wisdom regarding manufacturing and delivery of '01 E320 4matic Wagons ? I ordered mine October 13, 2000 and was given an approximate delivery of the beginning of 2001. Since February 8 it has been coded "99" which supposedly means "produced, waiting for shipment". The latest listing still has the auto sitting on a wharf or parking lot somewhere. What is the MBZ process for moving cars to the States ? How long does it take to get cars to California after the start sailing ? Starting to wonder if they only have one ship going back and forth :-)
    Thanks for any info.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Wagons.

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  • braguybraguy Posts: 1
    Started with a 190, then a 240, then a 320 and now a 320EWagon. We get bored every two years so we trade in or sell our MB for a newer demo. Thought about a BMW wagon for a change but think I like the MB. Anyone want a perfect 99wagon?
  • mchwemchwe Posts: 23
    planning on getting volvo v70 t5 2001, but also interested in late e320 wagon. how many miles, what is interior color, and does it have side head protection curtain?

    thanks! feel free to email me directly

  • veeikleveeikle Posts: 13
    I just leased a 98 merc 4matic has a factory installed phone...the phone is analog not digital...does anyone know if I can update this phone to digital..thanks.. Veeikle
  • Which is the better value in the long haul? Price does not matter, value does. Thanks...
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    These are two completely different vehicles, and two significantly different price points and technologies. If price is not an issue, then the E-Class Wagon is the better value, if only because it holds it's value better, over time. That being said, if you drive the two, you will see that there is no comparison...the MB is in a different class, as it is meant to be.
  • I am interested in a 99 E20 4matic wagon with leather seats, moonroof, heated seats, xenon headlights and cd player. Asking price is 49,995. It only has 8500 miles. What kind of leverage can I use to get the dealer to come down on price? Or is this a good price? I've never been to this dealer before.
  • i am sorry marko ... i was having problem getting onto the net the last month. computer crashed (those emachines). anyway it probably is too late to give anymore advice but i got mine 3000 under invoice. it was a dealer in arlington va. he was very nice and a couple of weeks after i asked if they sell many wagons. he said the sedan is a hotter sale. and the ml is even hotter. from looking at his lot he has about 10 wagons and tons of sedans. maybe this was the reason for getting a great deal.
  • mersonmerson Posts: 7
    Does anyone know when the new e-class wagon will be released in the US? The MBSpy page is down so I don't have pictures or release dates.
  • i read some place that the new refaced e-class will be a 2003 model and surely a wagon would be followed.
  • officially it will be at the detroit auto this jan 2002 and will be released 3/02. a wagon will come a year later. check out automobile magazine 5/01, it has a picture and a little write up. i couldn't post a pic on this post. :-(
  • I appreciate your response - I still have not bought my wagon and armed with your knowledge I will get a good deal.
  • okadaokada Posts: 2
    general tso-i live in the n. va area and am ready to buy an e wagon. who in arlington(salesperson)did you deal with. thanks!
  • I noticed that the front tires on my wife's 2000 E320 wagon (only 7,600 miles) were wearing poorly. I took it to the dealer, who informed me that the front end was so bad that it could not be aligned, and that I had to replace several parts, to the tune of about $1,200!

    My wife insists that there was no event (pothole, bump,etc.) that could have caused this. Does anyone know of another way this could have happened? Could there have been some sort of manufacturing defect? Has anyone heard of anything similar?

  • If you think you're going to get $3,000 below dealer invoice on this car keep dreaming. I've contacted several dealers, including the one the general mentioned in Arlington, VA, they won't do it.

    I keep coming up with invoice plus something like $500.

    In a couple months they might discount up to $3,000 when they want to get rid of the 2001s. But not now in May.
  • I recently test drove this car (actually I drove 2 because I could not believe what was happening) and had a real concern. At 35 - 50 MPH with the sunroof wide open and windows closed, the flow over air over the car caused such an loud "drumming" that I had to laugh. It was so bad that the whole car shook. It went away at higher speeds or if you closed the roof part way. Any one else experience this and know what I am talking about? I really like the car, but this problem seems to be enough to turn me off... can't believe M did not get this right!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Wind buffering happens with just about all vehicles (think of it like blowing across the top of an open bottle), but is worse on MBzs since they're so air tight and there is no place for the air to leak. Most owners have gotten around this by driving with the rear windows opened a bit when the moonroof is open, or by installing a moonroof deflector. This is also the reason why the moonroof only opens 3/4 of the way in the one-touch mode; it's explained in the owners manual.

    You may want to ask other E-class owners (in the sedans message board, for example) for their input on this as well.

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  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    The "thumping" sound seems to be endemic to the wagon and M-class as well (I have owned both). It has to do, I have been told, with the (good)aerodynamics of the car and the (bad) design of the deflector. If you don't open the sunroof totally, or crack open any window, it disappears. Adding a sunroof deflector also alleviates the problem, but I found detracts from the looks of the wagon (if the car's not black, anyway.) All in all, it's been a minor quibble for me. This is a truly wonderful autombobile.
  • timhtimh Posts: 5
    Hi all,
    Just purchased a 2001 E320 wagon (4matic) and so far so good. One puzzler though -
    In the catalog (back pages - specificatons) it states that the remotes can be tied to the individual seat/mirror/steering presets. I read this, and did not mention it to the sales rep, as just about all your higher line vehicles provide this function (hell, even our low ball GMC Envoy has this). Well, after spending about an hour going through the owners manual (300+ pages - whew!) I could not find the procedure on how to program them. I contacted the local dealer (were I had purchased the car) and could not get a answer on how to program it. After waiting for over (2) weeks to get the dealer to figure it out, I contacted M-B directly. I was informed that it was a typo. OK, I thought, everybody makes typos (just read this) but the printed date for the catalog is 7/00. Has nobody else caught this? Am I the first person to bring this to M-B's attention? I think not. The funny thing about this is that most of the on-line auto review sites list this as a new for 2001 feature! Anybody else catch this?

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