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Honda Odyssey GPS Navigation System

csadecsade Posts: 6
I saw alot of questions in the regular Odyssey
forum about navigational systems, and thought it
would be a good idea for those with NAV systems to
post setup, and other technical information.

Enjoy the ride !!


  • The Navigation system does not provide a traditional trip computer. It is apparently not linked to the fuel gage, odometer, etc. so it doesn't have the necessary information.

    It DOES estimate time until arrive when you have entered a destination, and it updates the information as you drive. This is done by calculated distance, and updated locations and speed estimate from gyroscopic sensor. However, the estimated arrival seems to assume you don't exceed 60 MPH (even if you have been going faster).

    It does have a database that includes gas station locations (and Honda service, and much more) although it is certainly not complete.
  • I finally found this topic, I saw mention of it somewheres but was between offices and such and lost it... in any case when I get more info on the lack of some info from the map database people I will post it here.
  • jefe5jefe5 Posts: 14
    I ordered one and I don't know anything about it's features, I have no info at all. Did I screw up? I did it to talk my wife out of another T&C. So even if it is useless, it was worth it....
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 760
    Jefe5, you ordered an Odyssey, or the nav system?

    If you're talking about the whole vehicle, well, check out its description under "new trucks" at the bottom of the page.

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • jefe5jefe5 Posts: 14
    I have ordered the vehicle and I ordered it with the nav system. I know about the vehicle, but am dieing for info on the nav system.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 760
    OK guys, fill him in with your vast knowledge!

    Jefe5, sometimes it is easier to start with questions. Have you thought up any specific q's that could help spurn some response?

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • I thought this would be a good topic for folks with the nav system to exchange ideas. Maybe everyone's learning as you go or (gasp!) reading the owners manual..
  • jefe5jefe5 Posts: 14
    Does the nav system talk? Does it say turn left at the next intersection? Does it say prepare for a left exit from the freeway?
  • The nav system does talk. A computerized female voice tells you when to turn, right or left lane for freeway exits, distance until you reach the exit, etc.. This happens in conjunction with the display showing a "zoomed" in map of the exit you are to take with your destination highlighted in blue. We have experimented with purposely making wrong turns and the computer will attempt to direct you back to your predetermined route. We will give the nav system a real test in two weeks when we travel to Chicago. So far my wife and I love it!
  • Dhyams has compiled an excellent Honda Odyssey FAQ page at
    The section on the NAV answers a number of general questions about the Navigation system, and you might want to read it.
  • I know from experience with PC-based software that roads and destinations can become outdated faster than one might think. Will there be updates available to the NAV database, and if so, will they be free? Has anybody asked about this yet?
  • I haven't heard anything about the Odyssey database, but the Acura system (basically the same) offers annual updates, allegedly free the first three years and about $60 thereafter. Of course, that was for CD-ROM updates; possibly DVD updates will vary.

    There is also the potential for add-on updates -- I would be willing to pay for updates containing detailed information for places not included in the standard DVD. However, this is just a wish -- I haven't heard anything suggesting this from Honda or NaviTech.
  • According to the Nav manual, new updates will be available in the fall of each succeeding year. I suppose this coincides with new vehicle model introductions. That will provide those buyers with the latest information. No mention was made as to whether there would be a charge for the updated DVD. I can't imagine that it will be very expensive and all you need to do is pop it in. Could be wrong though.
  • I had read that also... I am hoping that since my version appears to be last years... that we will get a free update this "fall"!
  • Just back from picking up my ody/nav. The nav sys worked perfect from reno nv right to my front door in ocean beach ca

    i love it
  • You can make the clock display in large digits when not using the Nav?
    Press on the time while at the shutdown screen.
  • Thanks!

    A great tip! The clock is actually visible now.
  • delete an entry in the previous destinations list? It is easy from the todays destinations, but impossible from previous one...
  • I'm away from the Odyssey and manual so my memory could be wrong, but I thought there was an entry on the setup screen for PREVIOUS DESTINATION and I had assumed that would let you edit (delete) entries.

    Apologies in advance if my memory is bad ... I haven't tried deleting previous entries.
  • well that was enough of a hint to find it in the manual...(pp61)
    from 1st setup screen
    press previous
    then follow the instructions to delete any of the addresses on the list or all of them!

    Also in the other topic, someone had trouble setting up the pin for the use personal addresses list... the 1st time you try it, you have to enter done with no numbers i.e. there is no pin yet so don't try and enter one... (pp 52 in the nav book)
  • e173me173m Posts: 5
    Does anyone know the size of the NAV screen and weather it is an active matrix display or not.
  • pkrbkrpkrbkr Posts: 6
    I had trouble setting up the pin number. When I followed the instruction to press DONE I got a "pin number error" or something to that effect. I finally entered the anti-theft "CODE" number for both user 1 and user 2 and that solved the problem. Try it.

    I too have tried to delete previous destinations. I think you just enter new ones and the old ones eventually go away because the system will hold just so many.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    Well I will try the pin number thing... but the poster above that expalined how to delete the previous entries was correct, hit setup then previous then scroll through the entries and touch each one to delete. fast and easy.
    nav screen, maybe 3.5 x 5? but it is not lcd... at least it does not look it, or have the problems with looking at it from an angle... it is very bright and viewable from any angle, side to side or high or low.
  • Again, I'm at work, so I don't have the manual, but the screen certainly looks like an active matrix LCD screen. It is very good display, well-backlit, visibile even in sunlight.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    if it is an lcd... it is the best I have ever seen, with absolutly no degradation when viewing from the sides... Although from the application and size contraints... I would have thought it to be an lcd... but it does not look like one or behave like one... i.e. when I touch my laptop display... the colors shift around the point I touch, this does not happen on the nav. It does feel a little like the lcd display, but that is the touch membrane ... (if I ever find a reason to pull off the dash panel I will know.)
  • triftrif Posts: 4
    Since the NAV system already has a satellite receiver, the next step up is a continuously updating map database streamed from a satellite. It would be paid for by advertisers who want their establishment beamed to every customer with a NAV system, the NAV software would be smart enough to figure out to store the highest possible detail for the area you happen to be driving in and delete detail in areas you aren't.

    Any guesses on when a NAV system will feature in the first criminal trial? "Where were you on the night of October 3rd?" "I was at home all night." dramatic pause "Not according to the NAV system in your CSS '02 Ody EX-NAV you weren't!" "Rats, I forgot about that."
  • I'm almost positive this wouldn't work but does anyone know what would happen if you put another DVD disk in the player. Like a movie disk. We asked the dealer and he didn't know.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    since the system knows the database is not avail. i.e. I removed the dvd and the system blanked and then said the database was unavail. ... It would seem it has an operating system of sorts, that is waiting to find the database and continue startup and initialization...
  • dhaxtondhaxton Posts: 16
    I suspect what they did with the display is put a fairly thick layer of glass between the touch sensitive layer and the LCD layer. Normal LCD panels don't need this extra weight and expense because being touched/pressed is not their normal mode of operation. I think the colors change on regular LCD panels because the crystal carrying liquid is being compressed.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    but it still does not suffer from the usual off angle viewing problems that lcd's exhibit.
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