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Nissan Armada Brake Problems



  • I already filed a complaint and was assigned a specialist who I never heard from for 2 months. I was finally notified that she was gone and that my claim was being denied. I escalated that to a supervisor and they looked at the file with the District Parts Manager. I informed him that I still had the old rotors and he had me thake them to another dealership for an evaluation. They said the rotors were severely warped. I ended up having to re-fax them my receipt for the new brakes and last week he declined a reimbursement based on the fact that I had new brake pads put on with the brake job.

    I immediately called the consumer line in Tennessee and was assigned an executive specialist who says they are re-evaluating the file. She was down right nasty. She basically told me that no matter what, my warranty was up if only by 2 weeks. My gripe is the truck has such low mileage they could have given me the brake job.

    Yes, we do live in New Jersey. Blackwood to be specific which is about 45 minutes north of AC. My husband loves to gamble so we go down a few time a year.
  • :lemon: :lemon: As a prior owner of Armadas sistership the Infinity QX56 (a piece of crap in Infinity clothing), I HAVE ENDANGERED MY LIFE AND THOSE OF MY FAMILY & PASSENGERS ON NUMEROUS TIMES WHEN THE BRAKES FAILED FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS.

    Reason # 1: The truck is oversized for it's brake rotors & pads. They fail about every 4 or 6000 miles. The rotors must be replaced or "turned". This is something that should naturally occur in about 100,000 miles.

    Reason # 2: The ABS system fails without warning.

    Reason # 3: The Vehicle Skid Control takes over and starts steering the vehicle by activating the brakes (to steer the car). This can as has caused loss of control on busy streets.

  • I just saw your listing. I feel for you I own a 2005 Armada with the same problems. I wrote letters upon letters, complained about the brakes, the dealer could frankly give a crap about us owners. I finally contacted a lemon law attorney. Well it's been about 6 months and this month Nissan has agreed to buy it back. It's not a bed of roses, I am making out better than trading it in, but I am getting no where near what I should get with all the aggrivation and my time spent. It was either take the offer or go through a long court battle. If enough people file lemon law claims I may someday see some justice. Good luck Don't let people tell you that all manufactures go through this. This Armada / Infinity has had these undersized brakes since 2004. People will say it was traced back to a computer error. We'll thats great if that was the case than why has Nissan put out several tech bulletins (3) about the problem. Oh ya did I mention that for 2008 the made the rotors larger (hu-m) . If I seem bitter I am. I spent alot of money on my Armada that I will never see. I paid for a product I expect it to work safetly and properly. YOUR RIGHT THE ARMADA / INFINITY ARE LEMONS!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    And as a counterpoint. I tow a 10,000 lb High Performance Boat with my 04 through the mountains, and after the brakes were upgraded at 2k miles I've had 48k miles w/o issue. I've replaced the pads 1x at about 25k and will probably replace the pads again around 60k miles. Rotors generally last about 80k and usually get turned at about 60k miles.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • Mike,

    I have an '04 with the same problems that everyone has mentioned. I read your post - what did the brake "upgrade" consist of for your vehicle? My truck is obviously out of warranty but I need to have something done to fix this problem. I really do not want to get rid of the truck, I love it otherwise!

  • I have a 04 ARMADA I have had several problems with brakes, the most recent problem is when the brake light comes on and the pedal goes half way to the floor and it makes awful noises, and you have about 25% braking ability. I have taken it two time for this the first time they "could not find any thing wrong with the brakes" the second tiem I called they told me I might need brake fluid, and so the second time I took my car to a different Nissan dealer they upgraded my abs software and charged me for this "UPGRADE" I purchased the " Gold " 75000. mile waranty and currently have 46000 mile on my car. I don't understand how a computer problem that makes my brakes not work is not covered under the Waranty. I am asking if the other owners of this :lemon: are your "upgrades to the computer system" covered and does any one have a recomindation for a lemon law attorney I love my car but feel unsafe when the brakes do not work!!
  • shopinfulshopinful Posts: 47
    I had this problem quite a few times. Took it in and they could never find problem. Contact BBB to file Lemon Law and Nissan had one more fix. They said there engineers found it was in the electrical. They finally fixed it a year ago and have had no problems since. You need to take it to the Dealer and tell them you want a rep to come out and look at your vehicle and want reimbursed for the charge for this was a call back. I would also write Nissan and complain and tell the you will file with the Lemon Law unless you are reimbursed and your Armada is personally look at by a company rep. I think that will get their attention!!
  • ofsincofsinc Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Armada with the same issue. The vehicle had the software upgrade (at no charge from dealership after some debate) and we still experienced the same, hazardous brake failure. The truck is at the dealership as I write this to get a brake booster replacement...cost after Nissan assistance is $250. Hope this helps.
  • lgarzorialgarzoria Posts: 1
    I am having the same scary issues with my 05 Armada. I paid for a TBS test at a local auto shop and they referred me to the dealership for reprogramming which is going to cost me more money. I have 52000 miles on vechicle and am encountering several problems with the car. Water in the headlight(have to replace entire light), back door hinge is broken, per TBS - CODE 1179(reprogramming brake system), and DVD system is broken. Very unhyappy with this vehicle and plan to follow through with all the advice provided in this forum. I cannot find Service Tech Bulletin, can anyone help??
  • wood3462wood3462 Posts: 8
    Hi, I feel your pain I owned a 2005 Armada. I had wrote several times on this site. I had made numerous complaints. Finally, I had enough. My vehicle had 42K when I had the dealer buy it back. Because of the high milage it was not covered under the basic Lemon Law. However, it was covered under the breach of Warrenty which is basicly the same thing. Nissan has had several TSB's to fix the problem. Nissan knows they have a problem with the early Armadas. If you are smart you will contact a Lemon law Attorney about your Armada. Any Lemon Law Attorney will be familiar with the brake issue. Good Luck!!!
  • ljg2ljg2 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have an 04 Armada, brakes went out 3 times (separate events) on my wife while she was driving on the highway, it's at the dealership right now, their telling me they can't duplicate the problem, 3 weeks ago when it happened, they said it was the Master Cylinder and they charged me an arm and leg to replace. Brakes went out again 2 days ago (6/2/09).

    Did you get any resolve, please share so I can follow suite, thanks. Anyone else with recommendations please join in (name of a good lawyer is also welcomed)!
  • shopinfulshopinful Posts: 47
    We have a 04 Armada too and had it in the shop for a while after our breaks went out a few times. We gave them one last chance and believe it or not they fixed them. It wasn't a break problem after is an electrical problem. There is a fix out there and make them check out the fix in the electrical and computer area. It has been 3 years now and we haven't had any problems sense. Hopefully that continues. :P
  • drcurbelodrcurbelo Posts: 3
    Hey, did the upgrade work? I have had the same problem just started about 6 months ago but it happens rarely. If you didn't get any resolution and need a good lemon law attorney contact they represented me against Dodge and I won all my money and then some.
  • drcurbelodrcurbelo Posts: 3
    I used Norman Taylor & Assoc. against Dodge and won pretty easily.
  • Does anyone have the same brake issues with their '06?
  • mzswannmzswann Posts: 5
    :lemon: i have a 2004 ARMADA, when purchases in MARCH it only had 43k miles on it. i have taken it to CARMAX and to NISSAN on Several occassions to deal with the ABS system shutting down. At first they told me there was nothing wrong, I was mistaken,. If the ABS light didnt come on. then it wasnt the ABS.. Then They made me aware there is a ABS MEMO and the computer needs to be reset. I will tell you that my computer has been reset 2 times since APRIL. Just recently the system went out and I called NISSAN on the phone and asked them...while riding what to do. Because it was 5:45pm and i was 30mins away from them and they closed at 6. The service man told me to pull over.., I am like,, HELLO no brakes,.,. easier said than done.. So.. finally i get the car to slow down. I pull over and he instructs me to turn the car off.. I do so.. when this happens. The light goes off and the brakes start working again.. The computer reset itself.. this is the only solution that they give me.

    so i guess i need to find someone that has had the system replaced and how they went about doing it.. i love my truck.. but I LOVE MY LIFE MORE!
  • vhypevhype Posts: 1
    Yes I have an 06 also, took it to them today for the same problem. Charged me for diagnostic test and said I need a brake booster, but going by what I have read on here it's very common. Seems to me this should be a recall item that Nissan should be paying if not all at least 80% of.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sorry to hear all the issues guys. My 04 has been working flawlessly. Even had to tow my 11,500 lb boat trailer about 200 miles with no trailer brakes when they died on me and the Armada actually stopped all 16,500lbs!

    I did notice that when my pads went low that I started getting an ABS and Brake lights (forget which 3 they were on the dash but more than just the usual brake light that comes on when the pads go low) and once I swapped the pads to new Akebonos they have been fine since.

  • I have read through alot of the problems that the Armada's are having with the brakes and I find it very hard to believe that some of the dealers and reps are okay with telling people to pull over and reset it by starting the engine again. How many people have to get hurt or worst yet die before Nissan bites the bullet and does a recall to repair all of these issues. I am sure most of you know that these vehicles were not cheap and we should be getting a quality vehicle for the price we paid. If anyone has had the reprogramming and has not had any issues, I'd love to hear from you.

  • well yes it did happen. more than once.. however, since my post NISSAN had taken the responsibilty and replaced the ABS system.. and it only took from APRIL - SEPTEMBER to get it done!! CARMAZ also volunteered to fix the other issues. So my truck has been okay for the last month. PERSISTANCE is KEY.. ifyou value your life that the PRECIOUS CARGO you ride in your TRUCK., dont give up until its been taken care of. I dont know how many people it will take for them to take care of it.. BUT we shouldnt have to almost die or kill someone else to get help.. THANK GOD i didnt.
  • What procedures did you have to follow to get Nissan to take care of the problem? I have the same issues and would like to expediate the process as much as possible, Thanks for your help.
  • Hi. I took the Car to NISSAN and CARMAX several times. I called NISSANs corporate.. and I called CARMAX corporate. Within 1 day BOTH corporates called me back.. Both asked me for copies of my receipts. Both told me that someone would call me back within 24hours. NISSAN was first. they told me to call dealership and make an appt to get the ABS fixed. You have to call the corporate and let them know whats going on. You will have to prove how many times you have had the issue and they should help you out. I hope that this helps you.
  • titan8titan8 Posts: 41
    I have a titan truck 2004 and let me tell you I had my share of warp rotors, front and rear, mainly fronts, Nissan covered me up to 75,000 miles and now on my own, so I did alot of research on brakes and bought the slotted/ dimpled rotors for the front and rear, and semi metallic pads, I only have 200 miles right now on these rotors so time will tell. I had a very hard time removing the rear rotors and found out why-- The emergency brakes shoes ( both sides) came unglued---bonded pads-- and made a deep grove in the rotor/ drum making the rotor very hard to come off. So if anyone has a hard time removing the rear rotors, your emergency brakes shoes are wiped out. also make sure you replace all parts for the emergency brakes,adjusters, clips etc.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I tow an 11,500lb Cigarette Boat trailer with my 04 Armada. I have 65k miles and replaced the rotors once around 30k with OEM Rotors and Akebono Pro Act Ceramic Pads. So far at 65k miles the pads and rotors are fine. I did upgrade the pads and rotors and braking system on the boat trailer to discs from drums which helped a bit. Otherwise though I've had good luck.

    I never suggest doing drilled or dimpled rotors due to it creating weak points in the rotors.

  • I have an '05' Armada and had the ABS brake issue, I took it to the Nissan Dealer. The first time they re-set the computer. The second time they tried to do the same thing and I said I was in already for that. They called technical support and had to order a new brake "booster"/box. We were leaving for vacation the next day and she told me that it was "unsafe" to drive the truck, apparently the first time they didn't care?
    They said the part was about $1200. I have the extended warranty, not sure if it helped or not with only having to deal with it twice. Good Luck
  • jdmmfjdmmf Posts: 1
    I love my “Night in Shining Armor” silver Nisson Armada 2004 SE 4 wheel drive w/ off road pkg. It looks great and drives comfortably and safely here in the hills of Hanover, NH, if you invest in good tires like Dueler Revo P265/70R18. You must rotate tires and change oil every 3,000 miles religiously. Inside seats v. comfortable. Carries 8 people including driver with small storage in rear. I have versatile middle row that flatten or half flatten and a 3rd row that flattens for large flat bed carry all. 6 DVD changer is great. Cloth seats clean up better that optional leather. Great cup storage.

    I had the same problem with the computer which was fixed and charged for with the 60,000 mile maintenance service $443. I hope the problem is fixed as my warrenty expires after another 4,000 miles.

    Now for the really bad con’s: brake rear and front pads/rotors replaced v. often.
    Wears out tires too soon, v. expensive for both.

    City mileage advertised as 14 mph/ highway 18 mph. I averaged 11 city/13 highway. Very disappointing!!

    After use of 4 wheel drive or low 4 WD seem to have problem with lights on for repair. Brake rotors recalled but still v. frequent pad and rotor replacement. Power steering leak and transmition leak at 58,000. Make sure to get everything on the warranty checked before the warranty Expires. I was lucky the that a replacement of the manifold ???? , stated by the service manager as a $2000 repair was caught and repaired before warranty expired.

    I would buy a 2012 Armada again if the gas mileage was lower, and the brake/tire replacement needed less often. The dealership could give
    discount coupons for replacement of brake pads and rotor all around
    if they could not correct the extreme wear in the 2011+ Armadas.
    If the manufacturer could not lesson the tire wear, the dealership could
    include discount for owners that agreed to buy the best tire (like the Dueler
    Revo) with 3,000 mile rotation mandatory. If the price for the tires were
    comparable to the cheapest available price this would be a great incentive to buy Nisson Armada.

    I would buy a used 2004 Armada and take the preventions needed to lower the tire and break replacement expense. This would not be such a great expense if you lived in a flatter area.

    I would recommend the Armada especially if the manufacturer was upfront
    about the flaws and offered discounts for the dealership to use as incentives to the buyers.
  • sandyb3sandyb3 Posts: 3
    In September 2007 I experienced the same brake problem at 33,000 miles with the VDC locking the brakes. Victory Nissan of Macomb County Michigan diagnosed the problem and reprogramed the VDC. Now at 66,000 miles the problem is re-occuring again. Nissan of McKinney Texas upon examination of the vehicle state they can not duplicate the problem and deny any service bulletins on the subject. I will pursue the issue as this is a major driving hazard. Shades of Toyota.
  • sandyb3sandyb3 Posts: 3
    I believe the last model year for the Armada will be the current 2010 model.
  • We are having the same problems The VDC\Slip\Brake lights all come on and the front brakes feel like they are about to fall off the car. I just had the brake booster replaced at my local mechanic shop and as my wife was drving around on Saturday the lights came back on. I just spent over 700.00 and the problem is not fixed it has to be something electrical now. I am going to bring it to Nissan tommorrow to see if they can check the computer system any suggestions? We love the car but hate the problems that we are having.
  • shopinfulshopinful Posts: 47
    We had our Armada fixed a few years ago. They did find it was a computer problem in the electrical area. They reprogramed and haven't had a problem since! :)
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