Nissan Armada Brake Problems



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    What procedures did you have to follow to get Nissan to take care of the problem? I have the same issues and would like to expediate the process as much as possible, Thanks for your help.
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    Hi. I took the Car to NISSAN and CARMAX several times. I called NISSANs corporate.. and I called CARMAX corporate. Within 1 day BOTH corporates called me back.. Both asked me for copies of my receipts. Both told me that someone would call me back within 24hours. NISSAN was first. they told me to call dealership and make an appt to get the ABS fixed. You have to call the corporate and let them know whats going on. You will have to prove how many times you have had the issue and they should help you out. I hope that this helps you.
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    I have a titan truck 2004 and let me tell you I had my share of warp rotors, front and rear, mainly fronts, Nissan covered me up to 75,000 miles and now on my own, so I did alot of research on brakes and bought the slotted/ dimpled rotors for the front and rear, and semi metallic pads, I only have 200 miles right now on these rotors so time will tell. I had a very hard time removing the rear rotors and found out why-- The emergency brakes shoes ( both sides) came unglued---bonded pads-- and made a deep grove in the rotor/ drum making the rotor very hard to come off. So if anyone has a hard time removing the rear rotors, your emergency brakes shoes are wiped out. also make sure you replace all parts for the emergency brakes,adjusters, clips etc.
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    I tow an 11,500lb Cigarette Boat trailer with my 04 Armada. I have 65k miles and replaced the rotors once around 30k with OEM Rotors and Akebono Pro Act Ceramic Pads. So far at 65k miles the pads and rotors are fine. I did upgrade the pads and rotors and braking system on the boat trailer to discs from drums which helped a bit. Otherwise though I've had good luck.

    I never suggest doing drilled or dimpled rotors due to it creating weak points in the rotors.

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    I have an '05' Armada and had the ABS brake issue, I took it to the Nissan Dealer. The first time they re-set the computer. The second time they tried to do the same thing and I said I was in already for that. They called technical support and had to order a new brake "booster"/box. We were leaving for vacation the next day and she told me that it was "unsafe" to drive the truck, apparently the first time they didn't care?
    They said the part was about $1200. I have the extended warranty, not sure if it helped or not with only having to deal with it twice. Good Luck
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    I love my “Night in Shining Armor” silver Nisson Armada 2004 SE 4 wheel drive w/ off road pkg. It looks great and drives comfortably and safely here in the hills of Hanover, NH, if you invest in good tires like Dueler Revo P265/70R18. You must rotate tires and change oil every 3,000 miles religiously. Inside seats v. comfortable. Carries 8 people including driver with small storage in rear. I have versatile middle row that flatten or half flatten and a 3rd row that flattens for large flat bed carry all. 6 DVD changer is great. Cloth seats clean up better that optional leather. Great cup storage.

    I had the same problem with the computer which was fixed and charged for with the 60,000 mile maintenance service $443. I hope the problem is fixed as my warrenty expires after another 4,000 miles.

    Now for the really bad con’s: brake rear and front pads/rotors replaced v. often.
    Wears out tires too soon, v. expensive for both.

    City mileage advertised as 14 mph/ highway 18 mph. I averaged 11 city/13 highway. Very disappointing!!

    After use of 4 wheel drive or low 4 WD seem to have problem with lights on for repair. Brake rotors recalled but still v. frequent pad and rotor replacement. Power steering leak and transmition leak at 58,000. Make sure to get everything on the warranty checked before the warranty Expires. I was lucky the that a replacement of the manifold ???? , stated by the service manager as a $2000 repair was caught and repaired before warranty expired.

    I would buy a 2012 Armada again if the gas mileage was lower, and the brake/tire replacement needed less often. The dealership could give
    discount coupons for replacement of brake pads and rotor all around
    if they could not correct the extreme wear in the 2011+ Armadas.
    If the manufacturer could not lesson the tire wear, the dealership could
    include discount for owners that agreed to buy the best tire (like the Dueler
    Revo) with 3,000 mile rotation mandatory. If the price for the tires were
    comparable to the cheapest available price this would be a great incentive to buy Nisson Armada.

    I would buy a used 2004 Armada and take the preventions needed to lower the tire and break replacement expense. This would not be such a great expense if you lived in a flatter area.

    I would recommend the Armada especially if the manufacturer was upfront
    about the flaws and offered discounts for the dealership to use as incentives to the buyers.
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    In September 2007 I experienced the same brake problem at 33,000 miles with the VDC locking the brakes. Victory Nissan of Macomb County Michigan diagnosed the problem and reprogramed the VDC. Now at 66,000 miles the problem is re-occuring again. Nissan of McKinney Texas upon examination of the vehicle state they can not duplicate the problem and deny any service bulletins on the subject. I will pursue the issue as this is a major driving hazard. Shades of Toyota.
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    I believe the last model year for the Armada will be the current 2010 model.
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    We are having the same problems The VDC\Slip\Brake lights all come on and the front brakes feel like they are about to fall off the car. I just had the brake booster replaced at my local mechanic shop and as my wife was drving around on Saturday the lights came back on. I just spent over 700.00 and the problem is not fixed it has to be something electrical now. I am going to bring it to Nissan tommorrow to see if they can check the computer system any suggestions? We love the car but hate the problems that we are having.
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    We had our Armada fixed a few years ago. They did find it was a computer problem in the electrical area. They reprogramed and haven't had a problem since! :)
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    I finally found a dealer that knows what the hell is wrong with this car. Champion Nissan didn't know anything or they just wanted to get rid of me. My mechanic told me to go to Mossy Nissan and when I arrived these guys told me they have seen this problem a thousand times. :mad: They told me that its a computer problem and needed to be updated in the cars computer. Champion Nissan told me that the booster needed to be changed even after I had a new one installed by my local mechanic. So to get rid of me they suggested that my local mechanic did not replaced the booster but just clean the old one up so I left thinking that my local mechanic pulled a fast one on me. So when I made it to my local mechanic furious I told him what Champion Nissan told me and he got mad and said thats [non-permissible content removed] I have your old booster right here which he showed me. So he called the service manager at Champion and gave them a piece of his mind. So he buys all his nissan parts from Mossy and this is where I went this morning and the guy knew about this problem on this model Armada and it should be fixed this evening . I'm going back to Champion today to try to get all my money back for the times I went there and they misdiagnosed my problem. I'm so glad I didn't let them change my Booster, I going to try to get reimbursed for the new booster that I had replaced.
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    Glad you found someone that can fix it. As soon as they reprogrammed our computer, we have not had a problem. I thought Nissan had put out information on this to all dealers. I would complain as well for it seems they were just trying to take your money. :)
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    I want to add that the brake power booster is defective as well. I just got back from the Dealer and they are charging me $833 to repair the brake booster. It’s not the fee, Im disappointed with the fact that this happened to me several times and was not addressed properly. The first time it happened was in 2006. This was months after I had my brake rotors/pads fixed (part of their recall) I own a 2005 Nissan Armada. Yesterday, I almost got into an accident when my brakes failed to engage. Fortunately, I was driving on the fast lane and was able to merge to the emergency lane. It all started when I stepped on the brake pedal, there was this grinding sound, shook the vehicle and the brake light went on, I slowed down and eventually stopped. Have your brake booster checked! In addition to the recall fix from 2005, have this inspected before you get into an accident.
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    Come to Find out after I got my Brake Booster replaced I still had the lights on the dash coming on and the brake were still malfunctioning so I took it to another Nissan dealership and they found out that the problem is in the Master Cylinder. The sensors were bad and they charged me 384.00 to fix this and we haven't had any problems since I got this fixed 2 weeks ago.
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    We have been having these problems since about 30K, at 33K, under warranty, the dealer said they couldn't duplicate the problem (brakes lose 75% effectiveness, loud noises, brake light comes on, shaking, vibrations, etc...) My wife drives the vehicle the most. It was sporadic, but she knew the "fix" was to pull over asap and turn the truck off then on. (To me this says ELECTRICAL). Whenever it happened, she couldn't get it to the dealer without turning it off and we knew they would say "Can't duplicate". Then last year I started doing some research. Lo and behold others have same problem and there are service bulletins out! Why weren't we informed?

    So we take it in to have VDC reprogrammed and promised this would fix the issue. (Why didn't they do this when we had 33K, the bulletin was out then). So we thought everything was good until 2 days ago. Same problem. Now they say brake booster and we have to pay. I have heard brake booster doesn't solve it. Replacing Master cylinder doesn't solve it. Does anyone have the details of any ELECTRICAL fix besides the TSB?? Currently truck is at the shop and I am on the phone with Nissan 1.

    Any help much appreciated.
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    On ours the problem was bad sensors in the Master Cylinder 2004 Nissan Armada with 60000 and it cost 384.00 to get it repaired at the dealer
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    yup my friend,replace by nissan patrol(toyota lndcruiser rival) w/ 400plus hp..cant wait to get 1..
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    i just braught my 2010 nissan armada to my dealer(baker n jackson) for the brakepin hey recall (d's is my frst time 2 b a recall victim)when its recall do they need to replace the dffective parts?cuz mine,they didnt replace my brakepin they just check it n told me that my vehicle is ok n my brkepin is intact that theres no need to replace it..but im still worried. :( :mad: :cry: :confuse:
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    I've had the brakes go out twice and am taking it to the dealer today hopefully to get the electrical upgraded, ABS software upgrade along with the VDC upgrade. Thats what I've gathered from all the previous threads about this. I've only ready of one person actually having the problem fixed and that was user name (shopinful). I'm not expecting much to get fixed from the dealer to be honest.
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    I had amy brake booster replaced at my expense of course and haven't had any furhter problems. That was just a few months ago so knock on wood it doesn't start again. From what I've gathered it depends if your dealer bothers to research your complaints. When these problems 1st started the engineers had to wait until enough people brought their cars in to figure out the issue, Supposedly they either reboot the brake booster and if that doesn't work then replace it. But this all is out of your pocket and will run about $800-1000. Hope this helps a bit.
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    i actually did end up getting my ABS system replaced for free by NISSAN. Its been about 1 year and I havent been having any issues at all. YES, I did have to go thru a few channels to get it done. But, when they decided to handle it, they came thru. Once again,. I went thru CARMAX and NISSAN and called them until they knew my number on their caller I.D. if it is truly as important as it SHOULD BE to you.. You'll say on them until they take care of it. I wish you all the best. :shades:
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    hi steve,im done w/ my brake issues(hope it keeps me safe my my fam) prob ryt now is my steering it shakes n gtters when driving through bump,hump,roads w/ lots of cracks..mine is armada titanium evrything is stck..any ideas my frnd?tnx..
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    I too along with hundreds of other people are having serious brake issues. I bought my 04 Armada in January 2010 and I fell in love with it. Till about three weeks after I had it the ABS went out on it but at the time I had no idea what went on. All I knew was it felt like I had no brakes and I had my child in the car. I live in a town with a lot of people where the streets are always congested and sometimes you have to make quick stops. I immediately took my car to a local mechanic but made the mistake of turning off the vehicle. Everyone thought I was so idiotic woman we had no clue what she was talking about. The very next day it happened again so I took it back and this time didn't turn off the car just to prove I was not an idiot!! They confirmed it was the ABS and to take it to Nissan so that is what I did. I drove straight over there. They reprogrammed the VDC code ($200) and all was well for about a week. This time I had my car full of family that had came to visit so I just turned off the car and turned it back on. It was fine and once I got the opportunity I took it back to Nissan where they proceeded to tell me that the reprogram didn't work and I needed a brake booster ($775). It has been one month and what do you know It happened again. So I filed a complaint with Nissan and it was referred to a regional specialist who proceeded to tell me that Nissan is not in a position to help me becuase my car is out of warrenty. Are you serious?? They can't fix their own problem?? I have been researching this and there is a service bullentin out , several law suits and hundreds of complaints. So my suggestion to you all is don't stop complaining. I am going to hire a lawyer, call the local tv station, newspaper, file a complaint with the attorney general's office. Do WHATEVER I have to do to keep my family safe and to make them own up to there mistake!! :mad:
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    almost the same thing happened to me and after a few tries at the dealership years ago a company rep came out and said it was an electrical problem. They had one more chance to fix or we got a new car. They got serious and fixed it and have not had a problem with it since. You may want to try and get a rep to personally come and see the problem.
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    i was driving my armada to pick up my boys and was in traffic and trying to stop the brake light (only) came on and the brake pedal started to bounce back and shudder as i pushed it down. Felt like i had very little stopping power. I pulled over and stopped at a gas station to check the brake fluid and it was fine. I started the truck and the light was off and the brakes seemed to be fine the rest of the way home. I see some posts related here, but not clear to what exact the problem was, and i dont want to spend big money at the dealership if they are just guessing. Has anyone that has had this problem identified the long term fix?
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    Same thing for us years ago. Nissan tried to fix 3 times and we gave them one more try and they had a rep come to dealership. It was an electrical problem that once fixed, we haven't had the problem. Has been running great ever since. :)
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    Do you know exactly what the electrical problem was that the dealership fixed? My fiance has experienced severe brake failure twice (thankfully at low speeds). One of these failures occurred after Nissan claimed to correct the problem after updating and resting the computer. I would really appreciate some help before we are stuck dishing out piles of money.
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    On my Nissan armada the problem was a faulty sensor in the master cylinder the dealer charged me 384.00 to fix the problem. Haven't had no problems since.
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    I have the same exact problem with my '06 Armada.About a year ago I took it in to the Nissan dealer and because I turned the car off they couldnt find anything wrong. I was finally close enough to the dealership the next time it happened and I insisted someone drive the car and see what I was talking about. I was told it was a software issue and they are supose to be fixing it. We will see...
    What was the outcome of your situation?
    I have small kids also and it is scary when it feels like the car wont stop!
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    I have lost my brakes like this 5 times and the dealership has given me a run around. There are youtube videos on this occurrences THANK GOD as my husband thought I was making it up.
    There is also a bracket holding up the ER cable near the rear differential that is rusting out and snapping off. When this happens the ER cable wraps around the differential and pulls the drive train out of the rear axle creating an instant stop no matter what speed you are going. Nissan will not address or even check this part when the vehicle is in for repair or safety inspection. The State Troopers and Local Sheriff responding to the resulting accident said it was a miracle I kept the Armada from rolling.
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    I own a 2005 Armada and have had the ABS off lights come on numerous times and have tried to put on the brakes only to have them fail. I have had the brake light come on 4 seperate times and when I apply the brakes it sounds like someone is grinding up tin cans and I have no brakes. Fortunately no one has been stopped in front of me nor have I had a red light with cross traffic as I would not have been able to stop. Someone told me about this forum and when I read it I learned about the service bulletins that apply to this vehicle. I printed them off and went to Scott Evans Nissan in Carrollton Georgia and they told me that I would have to pay them to correct these problems. I filed a complaint with the NTSA and of course hundreds of people will have to die before these idiots do anything. Except for the brake problems and low gas mileage this is one of the best road vehicles I have ever had. HOWEVER; I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT ANYONE I KNOW WILL HAVE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS.
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    I was driving home one day. . .children in car. . .applied pressure to brake pedal and no brakes at all! I shifted down and used parking brake to slow the vehicle down. After there was no brakes they started grinding. . .it's hard to describe. . .it was like metal against metal if you applied pressure it pushed you forward too. I made it home and turned the car off, my husband drove it around the block. Of course it didn't do it for him because once you turn it off it stops the problem temporarily. Took it to Les Schwab they said there was nothing wrong with it, just needed an alignment. . .I knew it didn't need an alignment. Then the TBMS and Brake light came on at the same time. . .the grinding happened a couple more times. We took it to the dealership with the "hundreds" of same problem complaints from different web sites. They couldn't fix it. . .didn't have a clue what was wrong. We were in an accident and when we got our truck back from the collision shop it was fixed?!?!?!? Hasn't done it again. . . .YET!
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    Thanks god UR OK,
    I know this is old post, but I'm having the same problems. What do you think is the best solution?

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    I have a 2006 armada. Back in 2008 the brakes went out and brake light did go on. We managed to get home very slowly. Next day we were going to have it towed but turned the car on and no problem. We still took it into Cambell Nelson Nissan In Seattle where they rebooted the VDC control unit (basically the computor) Well then again today 3 yrs later, it did it again!!!! I made the mistake of turning the car off waiting for my Husband to drive it to the dealer and low
    and behold, no problem! He took it to the dealer and now not under warranty (when it was in 2008) they said we need to replace the CNR sensor at $900! Also need new front brakes! WOW is all I am saying since it could have been done back in 2008! We are not going to have it taken care of at this time and are having an Import repair place do research on this to fix it for a lot less then dealer!
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    I've got this problem now with my 04 armada...brake light would come on at low speeds and had some braking left but made a nasty grinding noise. Would reset when car was turned off and on. This morning went to the dealer after it happened... They hooked up the computer and the ABS code of delta S Sen popped up C1179. They think its the brake booster seal causing it to loose vacuum and thus triggering the delta sensor...

    make sense to anyone else before I spend the money?
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    hello everyone i have a 04 armada purchased used in 06 from hilltop nissan in nj . i noticed that besides the bogging and loss of power issue that nissan never found the problem ! they said it was the rear tubes from the cataletic converter and they were not covered under my platinum warranty ! and that i had to pay $900 to fix it , so i did then then problem was still there , so then one day the engine started to misfire then i took it back , right away they said you need a new engine , so they had the car 21 days ,changed the engine never gave me a loaner car either. but then the bogging and loss of power was still there , then eventually the misfire came back worse! then i went to another dealer in nyc called nissan of manhattan then they tried to blame the misfire on my upgraded stereo system cause they saw my aftermarket radio and my second alternator on the vehicle so i took it back then removed the 2nd alternator and went to another dealer and told them i had the bogging loss of power upon accelration and the missfire this time this dealer also said i needed a new engine ! (when i had the new engine replaced by other dealer! and clearly was not the problem!) so they proceeded to replace the engine again and cataletic converter ,and told me i needed a new belt tensioner , and told me i needed the original nissan coils for sparkplugs so nissan could warranty the work but theyt still didnt fix both the bogging loss of power and the misfire ! this time this dealer had the vehile 2 months ! and they gave me the vehicle in worse condition. so i left and got the lemon law attorney and got nissan to reimburse me with $5000. so i went to my mechanic and he found i wire from the coils that needed to be repaired and that fixed the misfire and i bought a new fuel pump and that fixed the bogging. so all those new parts ,new engine and stuff was not necessary ,maybe they were just trying to milk the warranty? but my current brake porblem is that the brake light comes on either while driving or parked with engine on then when i drive and apply the brake the pedal sinks in some followed by a spring noise and decreased braking but still braking left, does anyone know what this can be? i repalaced the wheel hubs and nothing , the rotors and nothing new brakes , nothing.....maybe a computer or electrical issue? any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Hello everyone, I bought one of the first Nissan Armada LE models when they first came out in 2004. I burned through my first set of front brake pads off the Armada in 3,500 miles. Then I went every 7,500 miles to the dealer to have them replaced under warranty and finally they admitted they were having a recall on many of the brake parts. Another problem came about around 10,000 miles - I was also having another problem with the brakes. THE PEDAL GOES ALMOST TO THE FOOR at times and you can hear the Anti-Lock module and other body control modules growling and making all kinds of noise. I drove it straight to the dealer and went inside to talk to the service advisor and when he walked out to drive the Armada it did nothing. He told me that if he wrote it up and had the mechanic look at it that he would find nothing. I said so you want me to drive away and get into an accident and he looked at me like I was crazy. This problem with the brake pedal going to the floor and all the noise didn't happen again for another few months and again I drove it to the dealer. I finally figured out that turning the ignition key off and back on again reset something and it temporarily fixed the problem. I have had it to the dealer at least 6 times while they kept replacing my brake pads and dealing with the annoying brake problems that they knew how to fix and every time I mentioned the brake pedal going to the floor - I always got the same response - They looked at me like I was crazy and they swore they never heard of this problem. I wrote Nissan on a couple different occasions and NEVER GOT A REPLY!!!

    I just recently had it to the dealer for new exhaust manifold under a recall warranty fix at around 98,000 miles. At that time I drove away from the dealer after they completed the exhaust work and all the lights were on - on my dashboard. I drove it back in the service department and said they needed to do more work. They ended up replacing the BCM (Body Control Module) and when I drove out of the driveway of the dealer I noticed that the Engine Service light was on. He told me I needed to make anther appointment and bring it back - so I did. I got it back with the light still on and they told me I needed a sensor replaced in the exhaust (Which they just worked on) and it would be $240. I passed and said you guys broke something and you should fix it. A week later the brake pedal went to the floor and I reset the ignition key and it cleared the brake pedal problem. In the past 1,000 miles the brakes have gone to the floor with the grinding and growling noise as many times as four times in one day.

    Does anyone have these problems with their Armada's and "What is the FIX"???

    Thank you so much... Gary
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    I reading the post of brake problems and it is the same thing happening with me, and the 2005 Armada, I also took the truck to the dearlership and they said that it was the brake booster and it would cost min. $850. to fix it but that I would still have trouble. I love my ARMADA but I do not feel safe anymore driving it. The company obviously needs to looking into the part and making it a recall issue, any suggestions to get the ball rolling........very frustrated Armada owner
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    Hi, I am having brake problems and the Nissan dealership suggested to replace the Brake Booster, did your problem with the brakes fix after you replaced the booster or did the problem continue....very worried driver:(
  • ritz23ritz23 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Gary,
    Everything you are describing is happening to my 2005 Nissan Armada. Everything you had replaced I also had replaced and my brakes are making the same horrible grinding noise and I have to restart the engine, and all lights turn off for about 15 minutes and then the problem initiates again. I have taken the truck to the dealership and they indicated that the problem was the brake booster and it would cost about $800 to fix. I would fix it but they keep saying its something else and I have had this problem for over a year, off and on. I am waiting for a reply from a person who posted their video on youtube to see what was the final verdict.
    Check out the video, see if this is what is happening to your truck, it is what is happening to mine :cry:
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    I was also in need of front brakes as well..was told by someone with same problem that replacing their front brakes worked not replacing booster. I was going to just do that but with my consistant complaining to the dealer they replace the booster (me just having to buy part, no labor charge..$450 mind you!)Still feel un safe since I keep hearing this issue will re apear!!! Front brakes still should have been good for more miles as well.

    Attorney general is my only thought on this with a number of us all fileing complants
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    I had that problem and it is the brakebooster.
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    I had the same brake problem with my 2004 Armada except that my brake would lock up on me when warning lights would appear. It didn't matter how fast I was driving (5mph or 80mph) when warning lights came on (I usually wouldn't notice it) and I used my brakes, they would lock up on me. Initially they reset computer and that was only a temporary fix.They did replace my rotors though. There was a recall on those so pursue it. I eventually traded in my 2004 Armada for for a 2008 Armada and mentioned nothing about my continued issues to dealership. I was told that the only way that they could figure out my problem was to witness the activity while the problem was active (it happened periodically without any rhyme or reason). That was highly risky considering the consequences. My son was just born when I decided to trade it in. I didn't want to take any chances. The 2008 model is heaven on earth. Good luck
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    I just bought an '06 Armada 40 days ago. While driving at speeds of about 35-40 also had the same symptoms that everyone else is talking about on here......question, did your breaks actually "lock up" and tires skid to a stop, or did it just have the crunchy noise that others share in this blogg?

    I took ours to the Nissan dealership today and spent $75 to have the tec look at the computer....he said the reprograming of the computer was already done (prob from previous owner). So I was told that it could continue with the same problem as all other Armada owners on here....My wife just wants to make sue they won't lock up on her and skid to a stop like you wrote.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Please go back and read my VERY FIRST post. I was driving on I-20. going over 70 miles with kids in the trucks. i had my digital camera in the car and taped my trucks brakes going out. Several times. I think i went to NISSAN 7 different times. But the cake was me CONTACTING NISSAN CORP and CARMAZ CORP. if your break light comes on and its early enough to take it to the DEALER take it.. do NOT turn the TRUCK OFF.. keep all the receipts of you going and contact the corporate office. make them aware that you belong to a group. a group of people that all have ARMADAS that all are getting a LAWYER and will be trying to get a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. i did.. They replaced my computer. I've had my truck for 3 years and I haven't had an issue. I even get calls from NISSAN and CARMAX checking on me to make sure that the car is doing okay. If you give up and don't keep pushing the fact that you fear for your safety.. Which is NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. then they don't take you seriously. What we need to remember is that NISSAN can replace parts and their trucks.. but we can't be replaced. I wish you all the best!
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    I never did state the brakes locked up. The brake light went on and they grinded and pulsed to a stop. Not full braking. Like the power brakes went out and I had to really push the pedal down to stop. Mind you I was only in a parking lot when this happend thank goodness. Not sure how the vechicle would have responded at a higher speed!
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    i have armada 2006
    i have the same problem

    The brake light comes on while driving. I have to turn off truck and turn it back on to reset break light. If I use brakes when light is on the brake does not work good , It makes a springy crunching noise when brake is pressed

    I am doping my kids to school every day in my car , Anyone have a solution to my problem please post it ASAP
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    My husband recently replaced the brake booster and we had the back rotors turned. The truck is running great. I hope this helps.
    More info can be found on the following thread

    Hope this helps
  • abdulaziz119abdulaziz119 Member Posts: 2
    I have Armada 2006
    i ma in Saudi arabia - Jeddah
    i Hve the same problem

    please nay one can help how to fix it

  • fixedthearmadafixedthearmada Member Posts: 2
    It is fixed!!!!! 2 days ago my brake light came on suddenly and it made this noise everyone is talking about. I immediately called every dealership in town who all told me they never heard of this problem. The next morning it happened again while the car was parked. The light came on so I tried to reverse and sure enough. It then happened like every hour

    Anyway, called a friend of mine who told me that when the light comes on it is triggering the ABS, that's the noise you here. He was right!! Found one dealer who knew off the back what it was. He said it was the booster. They put it on the machine and the code for the booster was in there! A few hours later and a new brake booster and I am good to go.

    ******He said that this is not common in the 2008 Armadas but he sees it all the time in the 04-06 models!
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