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    I have an 08 Armada that did the same thing. Light went on, ABS kicks in and the brakes start grinding and shaking with almost no braking power. Needless to say when I turn the car off then on again it is fine until it happens again. None of the dealerships said they ever heard of this. But after a mechanic friend of mine told me it was the abs engaging, I called another dealer and told him this "the brake light is coming on and it is engaging the ABS". What do you know he said he knew right away what it was. They replaced the brake booster and it runs great! He did say that although this is not common in the 2008 model it is very common in the 04-06 models. Oh, and when they put it on the diag machine, the code for the booster was in there. It seems that on the older models the code does not store and so the dealers have no clue what it is.
    Go figure
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    I have been dealing with this problem w/ my 05 Armada for over a year.

    I brought my car in the dealer 3 times, the first time w/ the grinding/bake light/ABS problem I spent over $1,200 for new rotors and brake pads. A few months later the same grinding problem occured, I towed my car in the dealer again, but they could not find any problems at all specially when they have records of the new brakes work done. The third time it happened on the freeway and it nearly cause an accident. I took my car back again, all inhouse mechanics there could not figure out what the grinding/noise/brake problem was with my car, except when I'm about to pick up my car, the guy at the frontdesk said the computer shows that I need to replace the brake boosters...! He laso said, if it happens again, pull over, turn off the engine, and restart after a few minutes to reset the boosters, but it is a temporary fix and that will not solve the problem until I replace the parts. He said it will cost about $850...!

    If you have replaced these boosters, please verify that $850 is for 4 boosters or just the 2 front wheels.

    I am planning to have a petition for all you Armada owners to sign. I believe this problem warrants a recall from Nissan.
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    I have a 06 Armada and this brake failure just happen to me. It's Sunday and the Service Department at Nissan in San Diego is closed. Thanks for your post. I'll have them check out the brake boosters. Do you know if there is a recall on this problem?
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    Yes, I have the same problem. I bought my 2006 Armada used from a local dealer in my hometown. Less than 3 weeks after I purchased the vehicle my Brake, Slip and VDC Off light came on in my vehicle. When I pulled up to a stop sign to stop, my brake pedal went to the floor and I had very little breaking ability. The noise was a grinding sound as well as the pulsating in the pedal and the steering wheel began to shake. I took it back to my dealer and they investigated and told me that the brake pads for the Armadas were made to small and that it was causing the problems. Needless to say, I am a single mother of two and I cringe everytime that light comes on for fear that one day I will not be able to stop and my babies will be in the vehicle with me. I have done alot of research today here on Edmunds on this issue and see that we are not the only people with this problem. I like yourself took my Armada to the local Nissan dealer and explained the problem and like you, they looked at me like I was insain. I was told that my vehicle would have to be acting up for them to be able to pull the codes and see what the problem is. I just had new brake pads put on my Armada less than a month ago and last Sunday it happened again. I would love for someone to enlighten me on what the actual problem is with these Armadas so I can get mine fixed. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    I want to be on that petition. My Armada scares me to drive it sometimes as I have 2 daughters that I would just die if something ever happened to them. Please let me know when this petition becomes available.

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    I have had a 2 year struggle now with the dealer about my 2005 Nissan armada. The first time I had the brake issue wAs in 2010. Same exact description as yours. Except I was so frightened by the incident that I couldn't articulate the details you did. If you have further details please advise. My car was in the dealer in 2010 and then again this march 2011. Both times huge issues with brakes going out. They replaced booster this last time. I felt a similar feeling last Friday and because I'm traumatized I took it to the dealer. After 3days, they couldn't replicate the problem. Driving home today, the grinding funny feeling started. If anyone out there has been successful in repairs, Please contact me. Please. [email protected]
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    I feel validated by this website. The Nissan dealership made me feel like I was crazy. Even after my brakes locked/ slipped and I ended up in the middle of an intersection. I was towed to the dealer and they said my brakes seemed normal. My 2005 armada had huge brake repairs in 2010 and again. In 2011. I've replaced booster. I don't trust my car anymore. What should we do?
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    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
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    I am so sorry that you are having this same problem. I did have the brake booster reprogrammed back on 2007 for around $800 at my local dealership, and no it was not covered by the extended warranty I purchased from them when I purchased the car. I did not have the problem again for about 7 months and then it started up again. I had no luck with either Nissan dealership they both acted like I was a stupid uneducated soccer mom who is paranoid. I was frustrated with the the issues I was having so in 2008 I traded the vehicle in. It is unfortunate that a large company has no social conscious and is knowingly endangering the citizens of this country and does not take responsibility for a problem they are well aware of to save a dollar. I will never purchase a Nissan again and have wrote this off as a costly experience, but feel safer driving a different vehicle.
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    Hello all, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I truly need some help with my issue. About a week ago, my 4 year old daughter and I were backing out of a parking space and all of a sudden, i heard this exteremly loud noise, and the brake light came on. I also heard this grinding noise and it scared me sensely. I stopped in the middle of traffic and after panicking, I just turned the truck off and sat there. When I started the truck back up, the brake light went off and I finished backing up. When I put it into drive the noise came back and the brake light came back on. I went through the same procedure and after sitting for about a minute or two, I started the vehicle back up and it ran fine. it hasn't happened anymore since then, but after reading some post on this forum, I have a feeling it will be back. What can we do to fix this problem. I just paid my vehicle off and I have no desire to trade it in and start over with car payments. Is there a solution? :(
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    I can assure youbthe problem will continue. For no rhyme or reason it just happens. I have been around and around with Nissan about this problem. They refused to pay for the break booster to fix my Armada. Their defense is my vehicle is out of warrant so they have no obligation. All I can tell you is good luck. Nissan is aware.of this problem with EVER 2004 to 2007 Armada and Titan but the refuse to make it right. I will be selling my Armada very soon. It's a death trap. I'm afraid to put my children in this vehicle for fear I may not be so fortunate the next time around.
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    We have had this issue with our 2006 Armadaon and off for about a year. Last week the same car started stalling randomly so we searched these foums and decided to ask the mechanic about the brake booster while it was getting looked at for the stalling. Interestingly, in these forums we also found info about the stalling and specifically asked the mechanic to look at the IPDM (Integrated Power Distribution Module). In no time they had it hooked up and replaced the engine control module relay. We then asked them about the braking and they said the two are related and that this would fix it as well. ?? Something about the vdc thinking the car is going downhill because of the engine...not something I can explain but I'll keep my eyes open for the brake issue. OH YEAH, it was a recall so Nissan picked up the tab. :) Recall PC068.
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    I read all these posts about the Armada's ABs and Brake malfunctions, which are similar to the postings on the Nissan Website.

    The bare facts are:

    1. Nissan knows about this problem from many, many owners.
    2. Nissan is not interested in fixing this problem or they would have by now.
    3. Nissan obviously doesn't give a hoot about your safety, your wife's safety or the safety of
    your children.
    4. The dealers can't or won't fixt the problem. They continue to do things which they know don't work. I have a 2004 Armada, one of the original. It has had this ABS and brake problem on and off for 9 years. I have written to Nissan USA, brought it to various dealers and complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (They have a web site where you can e mail your complaint).

    In my opinion, not enough Armada owners file their complaint in appropriate places. If all armada owners would file a complaint with NHTSA, as above, maybe they would order a recall and then Nissan would HAVE to fix the problem.

    My other suggestion, which I have made, to no avail, to other Armada owners is to join me in bringing a Class Action Lawsuit, on behalf of all Nissan Owners similarly afflicted, against Nissan USA and the manufacturer. I happen to be a Long Island Attorney. I would be willing to commence the prosecute the suit, if the fellow owners would pitch in the share the Court costs and disbursements with me. My fee would be paid by Nissan if we win the law suit.

    When I make this suggestion, it would appear that most Armada owners would rather rave about the problem on line, then go back to the football game on TV. Nobody appears sufficiently serious in bringing this matter to a head by making Nissan either fix this problem to pay damages to the owners of the defective vehicles it sold to Armada owners, with knowledge that the vehiclesl have this very dangerous defect.

    So, unless you guys all get serious about this, stop putting these posts on line which are more than copious by now and become redundent. In all fairness, I have been reading these posts since I bought the Armada in 2004 and not one posting owner has thought the problem serious enough to do something about it.

    Thanks for listening. Nissan must love the "sheep" who purchase their defective Armadas and do nothing.

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    Sir, you are so right about everyone taking action, but nobody does - they just like to rail on line and go back to the football game.

    You may think your problem is fixed by rotors and brake pads, but that is not the problem. The real problem is in the ABS system, which actuates when it is not supposed to. Nissan knows this. They supposedly reprogrammed by ABs controler, replaced a sensor for the ABS and performed a recall on a switch/relay in the engine compartment, but the problem persists--worse than ever. Then the dealer took it back and tell me it needs a new brake booster. I asked the service writer " What does a brake booster have to do with the ABs coming on randomly" - His answer
    was " I don't know...that's what the tech says". Perhaps he should had the "tech explain this to me", but no such effort was made. My usual local mechanic says it sounds like hogwash to him too.

    Owners afflicted should join in a Class Action Law Suit in Federal Court.
    The lawyer's fee will be paid by the defendant if we succeed.
    Filing fee disbursements would have to be advanced by a few of us, however.
    If anyone is TRULY interested in solving this problem once and for all, instead of leaving your family's at the mercy of Nissan's inaction and probablly endangering their very lives, I would suggest you get in touch with me and we can get the ball rolling.

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    And two or three years later, if you win, you get a $500 coupon off on a new Nissan.

    If you really want action, just go to small claims court. But no one (much) ever does that either.

    Meanwhile if the recall didn't fix the problem and there's still a safety issue, owners should contact the NHTSA.
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    I have filed a complaint with the BBB several time. Took it to the shop and the so called specialist that came in for my specific case said it needed wheel sensors. Even though I have done all the research and told them that is not the problem they insisted to replace them. As they did free of charge. Less than 3 elweeks later the problem happened again. I contact Nissan again and the BBB as well as Nissan Consumer Affairs. I have exhausted ever effort imaginable with this vehicle and I have gotten nowhere. The last time I took it to the shop I drove it to them will nearly no breaks so they could get the code. The code is pulling I need a break booster. Well duh that what I have told them all along. So when they wet back to Nissan Consumer Affairs with it. Big shocker they denied Fixing it ad said my vehicle is no longer under warranty. Well no sh** Sherlock. My vehicle is an 06. Like it would still have a manufacturers warranty on it being 6 years old. I have been fighting this battle for 3 years now and still nothing. I am however on a class action suit with an attorneys office in California. I just want it fixed period. There is no guarantee that the break booster will fix it an i for one do NOT have 800 dollars for the part and the labor with no guarantee.
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    My saga started nearly 90,000 miles ago, and has finally resulted in them conducting a "Technical Bulletin" to reprogram my PCM--only $90 out of my pocket--in addition, of course, to the $110 "Minimum Diagnostic Fee"...My service advisor is also talking about either the brake booster or the master cylinder as well, but I have news for him there...Has anyone else had the PCM reprogrammed, and did it work for you?
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    Sir: Good for you. Let me know what court the class action is in, if indeed you have filed it.

    Meanwhile, the brake booster is a routine they go through to get you to spend money. I refused to do it, and my mechanic agreed. There is nothing wrong with your brake me. Get it checked out with another mechanic.
    When I refused to do that, I took the car back and went to my gas station mechanic....he put the car on the lift and found that it wasn't even the ABs acting up this time....the brake pad had come off its mounting plate which was clashing with the front rotor. Also he found a broken spring on the same right rear side. I got new brake pads, new rotors and two new front springs. Cost me $1200. but at least the right this was fixed. This was after Smithtown Nissan on Long Island gave me a checklist stating they performed a "safety check". They put my life in danger by writing up a phoney "safety check". Nissan owners out there, learn from my experience.
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    Dear Datsun man. They reprogrammed my ABS controler. I have not had a problem in the six months since, but that doesn't mean anything because this problem, of which Nissan is definitely aware, is sporadic...I have been dealing with this since 2004. Write the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration....they are online. The more complaints the better.
    Put it in the public records so some smart attorney can pull it up when someone is badly injured because of this. In fact, even better, send a letter about it to Nissan USA in California, certified mail, return receipt request and keep the letter and the return receipt so you can give it to an attorney if you hear about an accident because of this problem. Keep them in a place where you can put your hands on it in the future.

    All of you Armada owners should do this. Form a database of letters sent. Someone should organize this and have it ready so anyone hurt can sue Nissan USA and succeed.

    Do yourself a favor. They use this problem to suggest you pay for
    ridiculously repairs which have nothing to do with the abs problem, and they know it.

    Get as far away as you can from any Nissan dealer. They are not honorable..all the way to the top management of Nissan USA.

    Get rid of the Armada when you are able and never buy a Nissan product again. Vote with your dollars and your feet.

    The Japanese just are no honorable people. we knew it in WWII and it is still the same way. Don't do business with them.. Their cars aren't so great anymore and US cars are better...wake up, all you jerks like me who bought a Nissan.

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    This is a scam with the brake booster. Get the booster checked out by a reliable mechanic NOT connected with Nissan. I'm betting there is nothing wrong with your brake booster..Please look elsewhere...Nissan dealers are useles and they make ineffectual and unneeded repairs...I didn't fall for it, but wised up. Read my other postsl NISRJz
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    I have a 2004 Armada I bought new in 2005. 08/2011 was the first time my ABS VDL SLIP lights came on as I was braking, along with a horrible grinding noise with my brakes. I was going about 20 mph and attempted to stop. My braking was impaired, and if I touched the brakes anymore, my foot would go to the floor. Not knowing what to do, after trying the brake several times (which was more grinding noises) I shut the car off, waited a few minutes and started with no further issues until 10/2012 when the exact same thing happened. This time I was going 40mph on a 4 lane highway. I reported it to my Nissan dealer. They told me I had to drive it in when this was happening. I told them I live 40 minutes away and that I would not be driving 10 feet not being able to brake properly. They offered no other information, saying they had not had any similar complaints. Then 04/24/13 & 04/30/13 the problem reoccurred. On 04/24/13, I was driving 40 mph at the time that I attempted to brake. On 04/30/13, I was right by an Autozone when it happened. They read the code while lights were on, and said the code was 1179. Again, the same lights were on, and again, they turned off after restarting the car. I called Nissan service who told me again that they need to read the code with lights on. They stated 1179 "meant nothing to them" because it wasn't done at a Nissan dealer. I called Nissan Consumer affairs who said they didnt know anything of this problem. Was told to bring it in next time to Nissan, even if lights were off. I was to call them back and tell them what happened and what was recommended.

    08/18/13 reoccurrence of same issue while driving downtown Chicago in stop and go traffic. Brought it in with no lights on to Nissan Service (who have said I need the lights on to see what was wrong). Now all of a sudden they are telling me I need brake booster and to reprogram ABS = $1100. That should correct the problem, should is what they said at service. Not what I've read on the Internet.
    I have read it could be the brake booster, could be just a ABS software issue that just needs an upgrade, a delta sensor, etc. Seems like Nissan is throwing parts at these vehicles without truly figuring out this very sporadic, terrifying problem! I called the Nissan dealer where I originally purchased the vehicle. They tell me I just need the brake booster replaced. Called a third dealer, they stated I just needed the ABS reprogrammed.

    So, called Nissan Consumer Affairs, who had closed my previous complaint since it was a few months. Didn't know anything about this situation. Recommend doing what dealer that diagnosed it says, even though I was questioning what the real fix was and all that I've read online. Told me Nissan wouldn't pay for the fix. I told them I didn't care what the cost was, if it truly will fix the problem. I demanded to talk to a zone service manager and was told I couldn't. She said she would and call back. While waiting for her call back, I had it happen twice in the last week. The last time, I had 4 children in the car with me.

    09/03/13. Nissan consumer affairs returned called, stating know nothing but just go ahead with repair. Refused to give out any supervisor or contact information. They provided NTB 06-040, which says to reprogram the ABS, not anything about the brake booster which is what I was told to replace. I asked if they could reimburse diagnostic fee and I would go elsewhere. Refused to do anything.

    It's parked in my driveway, luckily it's a 3 rd vehicle. Nissan needs to recall these vehicles!
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    Hi, I have read all the posts of pretty much the same thing happening to my (out of Warranty) 06 Armada (70,000miles), however I may be slightly luckier at the moment. My lights started coming on the dash 3 weeks ago when I took off fast-ish (but not fast enough to actually skid) and reset once engine was off, I have no braking problems though, or none I can feel. We just did Disney and back in Thanksgiving traffic so feel for a lot of you here but am also terrified in hindsight of what could have happened. Did anyone have just the light problem without the crunching noise. Did it lead up to a brake failure? They are coming on much more frequent and even slow take offs now.

    No idea where to go from here as its not yet interfering with running of the vehicle. I also notice the class action lawsuit one member mentioned is 2 years old but no update.

    Thanks to the forum though as will print off the entire thing to slap in the face of the first service guy who pleads ignorance to the issue. I think I will also do as suggested and record letters /emails sent to Nissan Corp about the issue in case an accident happens in the future.

    I was told that I needed new tyres badly (when the last engine light came on) and that it would wear my brake pads and rotors quickly if I don't, which I don't think is quite right and they discovered a steering fluid leak which cost me $1000 which again I can't confirm if I needed or not but am now not comfortable even taking it to the dealer after reading the dog chasing tail posts here.

    Will ask husband to look at pads this weekend (we did discs and rotors a couple of years ago but only now realize this is a Nissan error and thought just normal wear out)

    I did have the recall engine control module relay replaced just recently does anyone think it could be connected?
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