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2009 Tacoma Extended Factory Warranty Prices and Experience

sandiego99sandiego99 Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I just bought a '09 4X2 Dbl Cab V6 w/ Sport SR5 package. I was of course offered the extended warranty upon purchase but I chose to think about it because I thought I could buy it on-line (finance told me I have 60 days to decide). The dealer originally quoted me $1594 for a 7yr/100K plan. I found the same plan online for $859 from Acton Toyota in MA. I am wondering what price people have paid and where they bought? Are these policies on-line valid Toyota policies and will they be honored anywhere? I'm in California so sometimes know there are issues with contracts being issues in other states - at least I heard Honda America prevents some from selling in CA.

Thanks for your comments.


  • I purchased Platinum Toyota extended warranty 8yr/100K with $0 deductible from Midwest Toyota online. I sent inquiry to their finance department and got a quote for less than $850 immediately. I completed the transaction by phone in less than 5 minutes. I received a copy of the application within a week and the service agreement from Toyota in a month. The pricing is better than Acton Toyota.
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