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Chevy Tahoe Battery Problems

I have a 2007 Suburban LTZ. One of the main reasons I purchased this vehicle was to tailgate. However, every time I leave the radio on and the doors open, even with the dome lights off, the battery drains to a point of needing a jump.

The battery tests out fine.

The local dealer says that the iPod would drain it and that the LTZ's have a lot of "modules" that stay on when the key is in the ignition. They say there is nothing they can do to help.

I think that is crazy! or incredibly poor design!

Anyone else have insight?


  • My 2007 Tahoe has drained the battery twice when sitting with the engine off, key in accessory position and the DVD playing. The first time was after 30-40 minutes. Today it happened at a drive in restaurant after no more than 15 minutes. The tow truck driver told me he had the exact same call the day before. Is anyone experiencing this problem?
  • Hi,

    We have a '07 Suburban and have had the battery drain twice and had to jump start it. I was trying to decide if we had a marginal battery or what. One time the kids were watching a DVD in the driveway, another time I was parked on the side of the road with the flashers on. Next time I'm in the dealer I'll have them check the battery. Are you going to have it checked out? We have the Nav-radio set-up, not sure if that means anything...

    Boston, Mass
  • Hi Gregg, I sure hope you call GM open case number with them and then call B.B. Do not let your dealership know what your doing I have a friend that works for another dealership who is a service writer.
    He said once they know your going to lemon the suv out that they will change the invoice on the repair order. I'm trying to Lemon this Tahoe out, I have not tried used my dvd since this my battery went dead a few months ago.

    Its ashame because every weekend I going snowboarding and my kids want to watch a movie, but afraid that my battery will go dead there is no Chevrolet dealership there to fix my Tahoe. :lemon:
  • 2007 Denali XL with the same issue. I was hooking up a radar dectector, had the stereo running and vehicle would not start. Thought it was an anomily until last weekend when I had stereo on for maybe an hour and vehicle would not start. Have you looked at how tiny the battery is in these vehicles? I will see if I can upgrade to something with more amp hour rating.
  • :lemon: My dealership did up grade my battery, but still when I spend over 58K on suv I expect nothing to go wrong with it. Boy was I wrong. I hope that you call G.M place a complaint about it.
    If everyone just [non-permissible content removed] about and doesn't do anything, then your just as bad as they are. I hope you dont have anymore problem with your denali.
  • 12/20/06 update:
    I took the Tahoe to the dealer today and they told me it's an ECM issue and they reprogramed. It makes sense because the ECM is suppose to monitor current draw and shut the electrical system down if it's draining the battery. The ECM also had a recall and they took care of that. I also had them check on the brakes since they squeak terribly and they said they cleaned the rotor and pads.
  • Hey kokomotahoe, I think that great if that is the problem. After you telling me about the ECM, I call my dealership @ first they said there was no recall, but later said there was a recall on my Tahoe. Thank you for that.
    I will say if your battery goes dead again I would report it to GM and B.B keep me updated

  • Recall# 06162 for ECM reprogramming - 2007
  • According to another message board, this recall is for "a flex-fuel sensor upgrade for the ECM"

  • Thank you for the update.

  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    Has anyone else had a problem with the battery not holding a charge? I drove to the store today and came out and the battery was dead. & no I have not left anything on. This is the second time this has happend. I don't think I should have to charge my battery in fifty thou. truck :mad:
  • I had a dead battery overnight. It appears it may be due to an aftermarket dvd/overhead display as it explains at 09/603009.html
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    This still would not explain the problem with a factory vehicle with no aftermarket parts installed.
  • Did you call GM open case number with them and then call B.B.this is the first thing you have to do. Dont wait to long to do it.

  • My 07 Tahoe is at the dealership right now and they are scratching their heads. They are fixing the Recall 06162 ECM item however. For anyone who has experienced this issue, does fixing this recall item resolve the problem? Please follow up with your experience after resolving this issue. If not, for those who have upgraded to a larger battery, does this solve the problem?
  • I have had the same problem...they don't know what to do. Have you had any problems with your audio or your wipers coming on without turning them on? My truck goes back to the shop this week...
  • I have only had the tahoe for a few days -- so nothing yet on the wiper problems. Will post a reply once I know more about the battery issue and what they're willing to do.
  • Update on the Battery Issue:

    Two dealers gave me the run-around and failed to admit there was a problem with the battery on the 07. One dealer even did a load test on my battery, even though I was 40 points below the published threshold, they still declined to change out the battery.

    The third dealer I went to leveled with me - apparently there IS some sort of a major battery issue going on with the Tahoe and they do not have replacements readily available. This dealer was kind enough to provide me with a 7/60 AC Delco battery after they confirmed I had a few dead cells with my current battery.

    After arriving home, I left the navigation system turned on with the car off -- the car turned over without a problem. It's a miracle!
  • In my Internet travels looking for undeniable ways to prove to GM that they have a major problem with the batteries in their Tahoe, I came across this gem. Enjoy.
  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    IMHO, DELCO - which is the GM affiliate that mnfrs. batteries for the TAHOE is the likely culprit.

    The design and manufacturing flaws that I have seen and experienced in my Tahoe batteries are numerous. Quality is not JOB-1 at Delco.

    No battery should be designed with sidewall terminals. It's just common sense - liquid leaks out of the cracks and poor seals at the sidewall terminal locations. There are a disproportionately large number of leaks and other problems from these Delco side terminal battery.

    This is why all other automotive batteries are designed with terminals on top of the battery.

    Why does it take GM so long to fix a problem?
  • My 07 Tahoe has had it's battery completely drained overnight parked in the garage with nothing plugged in, nothing left on, and no key in. Twice. No aftermarket add-ons. No Nav system. No DVD player.

    Both times it was towed to the dealership who did a complete electrical system check, with nothing found to be wrong. Including the battery (After the first time they replaced the battery upon my insistence). Two batteries in two months on a three month old vehicle.

    Each time this occurred, I received an Email from GM Onstar telling me that my vehicle is A-OK literally the day before the dead battery. It's the Onstar feature that sends you updates on your vehicle. Could the communications that occurs up to the satellite be leaving something "on" that drains it overnight, I must wonder?

    The Hoe is in GM Goodwrench's hands and I mentioned this to them. They've very interested in this observation, claiming they've seen this in several others with no explanation, and they are keeping my vehicle a couple days to test out that theory. I'll let you know how that goes. In the mean time, has anyone else been experiencing this?
  • Chevy has a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) There is a software upgrade for the BCM (Body Control Module) that prevents battery rundown caused by the BCM staying awake and allowing the Navigation DVD, and other modules to run continuously. I believe that the TSB number is 06162. If your dealer failed to check for this TBS, you probably should look for a different dealer. Check WWW.MYGMLINK.COM enter your VIN number, click on maintenance, then recalls, you will see a list of all TSB’s related to your truck. Good Luck,.... George
  • Thanks George. I did as you say. No TSBs are listed.

    Got the vehicle home today. Mr Goodwrench says they can't schedule an add-hock vehicle system check from On-Star so we have to wait until the day before our next auto-scheduled On-Star check will occur. The dealership is gonna take the vehicle in the day before our next checkup to put it on monitors and see if the check up is what causes the sickness. They talked with the On-Star folks who admit this crazy theory is actually possible. Will update in a month, and let you know the TSB number this creates...
  • ltpetieltpetie Posts: 3
    We've had three battery replacements and ECM and BCM software upgrades and we just had to use our Mini to jumpstart our Tahoe. Diagnostics come out with flying colors, but the dealers still don't know why the battery keeps dying. I have figured out that the battery dies after not having been started or driven for a day (or after long trips). To me, it is obvious that something is draing it slowly. This has to be the most unreliable vehicle we have ever owned. Too bad we can't drive on the looks.
  • Spotboyko, have you thought of lemoning this Tahoe? I would think about it. What year is your Tahoe? :lemon:
  • It is a 2007, three months since purchase. Yes, Lemmoning is in the back of our minds if they don't figure it out next month, when it's next scheduled to die, on the 20th. If there was a constant drain on the battery, you would think that Mr. Goodwrench could detect that with their electrical system check. And ours dies overnight in the garage after being driven the day(s) before that, so it's draining in a period of 14 hours or less, but so far, only on the 20th of the month. At least I know what day to make alternate plans. BTW, if I thought it was just the crappy Delco battery as some others have pointed out, I'd replace it with a non-GM [gel] battery and problem would be solved.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Yes, Lemmoning is in the back of our minds
    Make sure you document EVERYTHING relating to this problem. Write it down, everything, in case they try to fight you. Check your state laws to find out exactly what proof is needed. You can't be too careful on t his matter.
  • Battery died and I called roadside assistance. Tahoe was sitting in my drive way and I had left nothing on. Roadside assistance said let it run for 30 minutes after it is jumpstarted. Sorry to say, I lost it.. and said NO, tow it to the dealer. I want to know why the battery died.. it's called 'root cause analysis'. The dealer called and said there was a TSB on battery run down and did not know why I had not been notified. He said they'd charge the battery overnight and call me tomorrow. I am going to demand a new battery and insist that I speak with GM rep about this problem. Will update you when I know more.. FYI.. no aftermarket add-ons, but has factory NAV, DVD and other all electriconic gadgets on board.
  • See if you can get the TSB number. I've had my dealer check ,and they keep saying there are no TSB's that apply. I also checked online about a month ago and found nothing, so if this is a real new / recent TSB, I'll need to scream at them again.
  • It's actually not a TSB, but a recall. The number is 07007. There is also antoher one, but I don't remember the number. The recall only applies to certain VIN ranges. If it's not showing up on the GM Link page, call the dealer and verify. My dealer knew exactly what it was when I called to have mine done.

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