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I have a 2006 Liberty Limited. My problem is the key is stuck in the ignition and the shifter moves freely, without the button being pressed in.

Has anyone had a similar issue or have any thoughts?


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    Usually, turning the steering wheel will allow you to remove the key. It may take considerable force to accomplish that. However, if it still refuses to budge, you may need to replace a part inside the steering column. A car dealer will charge you almost $200 to repair it but a locksmith will do it for less than $80! :)

    Yes! I had to have that done recently but not with a Jeep

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    That would explain the key stuck in the ignition but that would not explain the free flowing shifter.
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    I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport 4X4 Auto. I have 32,000 miles on it. About two months ago that happened to me. The dealer replaced the shifter. That cost about $198.00.
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    Same happened to me a couple of days ago - '06 liberty sport. The shifter is cheap plastic junk and something has failed inside relating to the lock mechanism on the knob. The stuck key issue is just a side effect. If you need to get the key out remove the center console and disconnect the interlock cable - the thinner one on the drivers side.

    If you get this fixed be sure to have it documented by the dealer and file a complaint

    I believe this is a fairly common occurrence and a safety issue so it should be recalled.
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    Hi i have pink liquid leaking from the front of the jeep , its not alot but just curious what this can be
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