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Jeep Wrangler Transmission Troubles



  • snellensnellen Posts: 1
    This morning when I started to back up the jeep, it wouldn’t move as if the brakes were on! Checked the emergency brake, it was off. Set it on and off to be sure. Still won’t move. Won’t go forward or backwards. In neutral, I cannot move it even by pushing it by hand. I tried shifting to 4wd, same. Put transmission in N, same. Won’t move. I jacked up the rear tires and they won’t move and they should. The front tire will rotate. I used the vehicle about a week ago and it ran fine and shifted fine. The 4wd and 4wd low also worked fine. I simply drove it into the garage and turned it off. Now it won’t budge. Details: 1991 Jeep Wrangler, 174k miles. Runs fine, no serious leaks, shifts fine, engine is strong.

    Can’t get it to a shop unless I flat bed it. Expense!! Thoughts? Ideas on how to unlock the transmission so I can get it to a shop? Thanks for any suggestions.
  • Do I have the tranny rebuilt or replaced? I am ready to purchase a master rebuild kit from quadratec and have the work done at my local shop but I want to make sure that this is the right move. Replies welcome
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Ideas on how to unlock the transmission so I can get it to a shop?

    While it may be the transmission or the transfer case, it could also be the differential.

    To establish which it is, disconnect the rear driveshaft. If it then rolls easily it's a transmission problem, if it's still locked up it's the rear axle causing the problem.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Any tip, suggestions?

    1: Throttle pedal extension.

    2: Bigger shoes.

    3: Change your technique. You should really be using the sole of your foot for both pedals. A good description is given in an Edmunds article here: Heel and Toe Downshift

    4: Accept that while being able to brake, change gear, and balance the revs at the same time can buy you fractions of a second at the track, it's not a manipulation of the controls that's required to drive a Jeep Wrangler smoothly and quickly in traffic or on the highway.
  • I just wonder if JK's throttle pedal or brake pedal can be adjusted?

    If not, how much work will it cost to extend throttle pedal?
  • what year jeep hard top's will fit a 2005 wrangler
  • Wish I could help you out. I'd check with my local dealer. Good luck.
  • I recently purchased a 2004 Jeep Wrangler X with a 5sp and 31,000 miles. I am hearing a "spinning" noise when the Jeep is in N, but when I push the clutch in it goes away. I was wondering if you ever figured out what the problem was?
  • i have a 97 wrangler sport 5 speed and my 5th gear doesn't hold speeds compared to my brothers 97 wranger sahara 5 .speed. My brothers jeep holds 80 easy were mine can hold 65 when i am lucky but usual only 60. has anyone had this problem. I have a cold air intake and a throttle body spacer. Resently had to replace o2 sensor in back of the cat. talk with some people and they said the rattling i had some time back might have been the cat breaking apart which might block the exhaust flow but i would think that would effect all gears not just 5th.
  • my 1995 jeep grinds when i'm shifting to 2nd gear but when i let the clutch in for a while no problem. Just wandering does the 5spd transmisson take oil what kind and where do you put it in?? It only has 68000 miles. i have the dot clutch oil topped off.
  • I have the same problem with my 95' wrangler. Everyone I talked to seemed to not have a answer. I just drive in 4th. Sometime it will stay at speed in 5th but, most times it dosen't.Does anyone know where the drain plug is located on trassmission? I replaced the clutch master cylinder. It shifts o.k. but, I need to bleed it to make it a 100%.
  • I also have a jeep wrangler 2008, exactly like yourself mine pops out of 1st gear, especially when it's raining outside or when it's cold. i have been driving stick for over twenty years and when i mentioned the problem they suggested that perhaps i wasn't pushing the stick far enough into gear, i then realized that they were not going to even touch the true problem. if anybody got a positive result or found out the true cause please let me know.
  • I have a 79 CJ5 6 cyl with a 3 speed manual. When I put it in neutral it stays in 1st gear, when I put it in reverse its in 1st and reverse. I pulled to top off and the forks are lined up OK. I moved the gears and it don't seem to make a difference. Any ideas about what would be the problem? I can put the transfer case in neutral so I know its not that or the rear-end. Thanks Dick
  • Did you get any fix to this? My 2009 Wrangler has had the same issue. I've had the dealership replace the manual tranny and now the new tranny is doing the same thing. Due to this issue, I've almost got slammed into when I turned left. I've returned into the dealership, they say "we've done all we can" and "not TSB reported on this". I have reported this to Chrysler directly over 2 weeks ago with no response from a district rep or anything. I'm about to the point of driving the jeep into the dealership and give them the keys.

    Any guidance would be helpful.

  • My 2010 Sahara experienced this several times since I purchased it (Sept 09). When I took it to the dealer, the service writer acknowledged he has dealt with several of these. He had them change out the interior boot on the shifter. It now has a more mechanical feel to it, and it is a little harder to shift into 1st. However, since then (2 weeks), it has not popped out of 1st.

    He told me the STAR team (internal technical problem solvers) at JEEP was aware of the problem and were working on a solution. Further, he advised that once they identified what was wrong, and had the solution, a TSB would probably be forthcoming.

    Good luck.
  • mm 2009wrang,

    Sorry it took me so long to get back tp you. My trouble was a noisy trans when the clutch was engaged. I've never had any problem of popping out of gear in either my 1998 Sahara or my recent purchase 2004 Sahara. I took my 2004 to 2 4-wheel drive shops. One diagnosed the problem as a needle gear. I wound up getting a new tranny which was nice and tight and quiet for about, oh, 2 weeks. Then it became as noisy as the one I replaced. The only thing I can suggest is to take it to a reliable 4-wheel shop and see what they say.You know VW service depts. used to say that"they all do it". Well, maybe it's "just a jeep thing". My response would be if you want to be all of this plus a bag of chips, FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

  • It seems most of you know quite a bit about Jeeps, so here it goes:

    I have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 6 cyl 4.0L.
    Yesterday I started the Jeep and let it warm up a bit. I left about 5 minutes later and started down this side street that had patches of ice on it, so the ride was a bit bumpy. Once I got to the main road which had no ice patches on it I accelerated to about 65 mph and notice that the whole vehicle was shaking as if there was something stuck to the tires like ice or as if there were a lot of mini ridges on the road. I got to a smoother part of the road where they had repaved and the shaking continued. The it stopped and the ride was very very smooth. I got on the interstate and accelerated to about 75 mph. About a mile or so later, my engine revved up as there was no more transmission traction or pull. It was as if I was in neutral. I coasted off the freeway onto an exit and almost made it over the ramp hump before the ramp goes back down again. Once the Jeep was stopped, I put it into first and tried moving again. The engine revved up as I hit the gas pedal, but when I let out the clutch, there was no response from first. I tried second gear and the same thing happened. I decided to put it into 4H and I was able to move the Jeep very slowly. When I took it out of 4h, I was able to move in first, but at about 1 mph and the engine was revving pretty high. Itried second gear and went a bit faster and the third and so on. The fastest I got was 30mph in fifth gear with RPMs at about 3500. There was a faint whining noise. When i tried to shift back into third from fifth, as I was going 30 mph, there was resistance and the whining got louder, when I finally got into third (about 2-3 seconds later) the spped dropped and I was barely going over 15 mph.
    I also noticed that at thispoint I could take off from a stand still in fifth gear.
    Once I let the Jeep sit for a minute, I could no longer take off from stand still in fifth gear. It seemed somewhat normal. I put it in first gear, and the first foot or so of movement seemed ok, then the engine revved up, i was barely moving. I shifted to second, third, fourth and then fifth and the same issue occured. I was going about 30 mph with the RPMs at about 3500. I went about a mile like that to a safe location.
    My brother came over and towed me home which is about 30 miles away. When we got to my house, I was going to park it in the garage. I started the Jeep, put it in gear and there was no reaction at all, the same as when I first had the probelm on the freeway. I even tried the other gears and again it was as if I was in neutral. I engaged the 4h and the Jeep leaped forward. I took it out of 4h and was able to move the Jeep into the garage where it is sitting now.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What is happening to this Jeep?
    2. What can I check for to see if it is a simple or inexpensive fix?
    3. If it requires a mechaninc, what questions should I ask or what should I ask him to do as to not pay for something I don't need done?
    4. How much would a repair for this issue cost?

    I would really appreciate your help as this is our second vehicle and it is imperative that it get fixed as cost effectively as possible since using one vehicle for the whole family is not working out so well.

    Thank you very much,
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Here are my questions:
    1. What is happening to this Jeep?
    2. What can I check for to see if it is a simple or inexpensive fix?
    3. If it requires a mechanic, what questions should I ask or what should I ask him to do as to not pay for something I don't need done?
    4. How much would a repair for this issue cost?

    1: Transmission failure. Several possible causes from minor to major but none that can be fixed without removing and tearing down the transmission.
    2: Nothing I'm afraid.
    3: You're going to have to pay for removal and refitting the transmission. Additionally you'll have to pay for labor and parts to strip, fix, and rebuild the transmission, or pay for a remanufactured transmission which will be exchanged for your old unit.
    Ask for a breakdown on pricing for both options, although you won't get an exact one on the first as the parts required will be unknown until it's stripped down.
    Generally the exchange option is the most cost effective. Either way you need to make sure the finished job includes a reasonable warranty.
    4: I've no idea. It all depends on labor rates in your local area and which repair option you choose. Choose a good independent mechanic or transmission specialist, not a chain or franchise or lube shop. Shop around extensively, both locally and on the internet, both for labor costs/reputation and transmissions. Until you do you won't know a good deal from a rip-off.

    Good luck.
  • Ok so new question for you all, you seem to know what your talking about.
    I have a 95 wrangler s 4 cyl. manual. (reminder, my 5th gear is already out because its a 4cyl with 33 12.50 mud rovers on it, but i can still use gears 1-4)-dont know if that has anything to do with this.
    It started with a problem with the clutch pressure which we've fixed, Just replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder.
    BUT, the day after those two things were replaced i start my jeep up, pushing the clutch in obviously, and as soon as i put it in neutral and let the clutch out it starts making this really loud rumbling noise and shaking to the point of where i don't want to keep it in neutral because it sounds so terrible, so i hold the clutch in and it stops the sound. It almost sounds like its not in neutral like im trying to let the clutch out in gear without pushing the gas? and while its doing this rumbling its also like trying to move foward a little bit. I have no clue what this is. Does it sound familiar to anyone or anything. Its the hardest thing to explain. Any comments or ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated. Im trying to sell it anyway, and im not even going to try until i fix that outrageous noise. :confuse:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It started with a problem with the clutch pressure which we've fixed, Just replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder.

    Were you referring to the clutch pressure plate or to the pedal pressure required to operate the clutch?
  • The pedal pressure required to operate the clutch, it was leaking all of the clutch fluid out, but we replaced the slave cylinder and the master cylnder and it fixed it. Maybe in doing that we did something to cause this noise?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Maybe in doing that we did something to cause this noise?

    That's so often the case! ;)

    The sound you're hearing is typical of a misaligned release bearing.
    The bearing itself is probably ok because when it's pressed into place and rotating under load it's silent, but you get the noise when the bearing returns to its resting position.
    It's probable that it somehow became detached from the release fork when you were replacing the slave cylinder, and it's now being lightly struck by the pressure plate as it spins.
    Hopefully you can fiddle it back on again without having to drop the transmission.

  • well thank you, sounds like you really know what your talking about, i understand what you are saying and it sounds like your probably exactly right, but how would i go about fixing it without dropping the transmission, how can i fiddle it back on?
    sorry for so many questions!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910 would i go about fixing it without dropping the transmission, how can i fiddle it back on?

    That's the $64K question! :)
    You'll have to remove the slave cylinder, then using a flashlight and small dental mirror, try to determine what exactly the problem is.
    It my be the release bearing has become detached from the fork, or maybe the fork is no longer on the pivot stud, or possible the return spring has broken or become detached.
    If something has actually broken then you may have to drop the transmission, but if it's just something that needs reseating or repositioning you stand a good chance of fixing it using stiff wire (coat hanger?) and maybe a magnet on a telescopic extension.




    Those examples are from:

    Good luck, and do let us know the final result.
  • Hi,
    I had the exact same problem on my Sep 2009 purchased Sahara, the dealership changed the transmission stating they had instructions from Chrysler to do so. I have had no problems with the transmission since then ofcourse but there is a strange whirring noise coming from the engine that no dealership is able to hear ( I have been to three).
    Hope you don't need to change the transmission.
  • It has been almost seven weeks now with no further issues since the internal shifter boot was exchanged. The service writer did mention at the time that transmission swaps were not correcting the problem. To me, that implied JEEP was aware of the problem.
  • Thanks so much!
    you are very helpful.
    i will let you know how it went after we look at it!
    thanks again :D
  • I have the same issues with my '06 Unlimited. Have you ever gotten an answer to the problem?
  • Keep complaining! I'm having the same problem and now after getting a new tranmission put in...6 months later..same problem! I've complained all the way up the ladder.
  • to those that has happened too...what was the outcome? I noticed these messages were posted in 2008. Thank you.
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