BMW X5 Headlight bulb replacement

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I have an 2001 BMW X5 I am attempting to change the low beam bulb. It is on the Driver side, I have removed the three bolts that hold the AFI oil & the Coolant overflow. Thier looks to be a cover over the rear of the Bulb w/ a rubber boot & a wire running out of the boot. Do I need to remove the rear cover? The entire headlamp? Need a little direction... I have purchased the bulb it is a D2S 35 Watt Metal Halide.


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    I have a 2004 Z4. The passenger headlight keeps filling with water condensing on the inside of the lense. I have a way to clean it out. I remove both the bulbs and use low flow air hose purge in the low beam with dry air. It takes about 3-4 hours but the lense goes totally clean on the inside. I reinsert the bulbs and close it up. I'm good for weeks or days depending on how rainy it is outside.

    I figure there must be a leak in the headlamp seal. When the light is on, it heats the air up and leaks out the headlamp seal. When the headlight cools, it sucks in moist humid air. This happens often enough the amount of condensing water inside the lense just continues to build.

    I was never happy with the standard headlamps on my Z4. They really are kind of dim. Anyone have suggestions on after market upgrades? :confuse:

    The BMW dealership said they wanted $800 in parts (labor not included mind you). $300 for a new bulb and $500 for a replacing the entire headlight assembly (they claimed it was cracked with no attempt to find the crack, seal the crack or even verify the headlamp actually is cracked). I have no explanation as to how it would have gotten cracked either - there is no visible sign of a crack.

    The gasket to the cover seal did have signs of compromise. Most likely that's all it needs is a new cover gasket or at most a new cover plate with gasket.

    Anyway, I'm sick of the entire situation (unhappy with dealership gouging) and am ready to upgrade (hopefully a full set with better performance for less than the price of one BMW headlight assembly).

    Thanks in advance.
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    While the Z4 forums don't have a discussion specifically for headlamps, you might get more replies here:

    BMW Z4 Care and Maintenance

    Also, if you have a good body shop, you might have them take a look at that gasket... Maybe check with your BMW parts department to see if you can even order the gasket, separately from the entire assembly.

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