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Lincoln Town Car



  • cleatercleater Posts: 3
    i leased a new tc,in aug/03/for 3 yrs & at a staggering price of 450.00 per mo,plus i traded my beautiful 99 marquis,with only 19,280 miles(what a fool)the marquis was selling for 8500.00 plus my payments adds up to 24280.00,plus if i purchase the car ,after (3)yrs,i can buy for 16900.00 not counting sales tax,so thats well over 40,000.00 when they ar selling lacally for 2999.00new(no loaded)so the moral of this story is ,simply ,dont let the looks of a car sweep you off ur/feet & ur/; the car rides & handles like a dream,however ,i'm only getting 19.2mpg,but they say ,thats because i have only 5712.00 miles,i would appreciate ur/thought & advice""cap""
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't know what you're complaining about! I pay $750/month for my 03 Navigator, and get 12.5 MPG! As much as I love the truck, I'm considering a sedan next time just because of the gas. Sounds like your deal was fair to me. Interest for financing the car adds to the price, you know. It is a $40,000 car.
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    I just returned from a 1100 mile trip in my 2003 town car and averaged abou 24mpg. That 19mpg sounds about right for combination driving. I think that is good mileage for a heavy car with a V8 engine. I haven't seen a new town car for less than 33,000 here but your lease sounds pretty good,it seems you did not get a good price for your Marquis with that low mileage. Well,can't change the past ,just enjoy the present.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Its been many years since I've experienced an old-fashioned, white-knuckled drag race, but the big, glitzy Toyota caved just before curve #1 (although he was gaining on me there at the end).

    2 1/2 gallons of fuel can provide a lot of kicks.
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    Haven't seen any posts for awhile and just wondering what is going on. I just returned from a 1200 mile trip im my 2003 town car and as usual no problems,25mpg and a smooth ride.
    Love that car.Hope you all have a great 4th of July.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It's difficult to keep a thread alive when there's not much to dispute, nor problems to report or argue over. But we're still here :)
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    Good to hear from you. It seems like we could get something going here. Sure don't want it to be politics.
    I am thinking about getting a pick up truck. Any ideas ? I doubt if I will get a new one as I won't use it for any serious work. I have had a couple of trucks but haven't had one for a few years. I like the Ford and the Nissan but think most trucks are good.
    If any one has one for sale ,I might be interested.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Big truck or small truck? Believe it or not, I have opinions that I'm usually happy to share...:)
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    I will probably get a small truck.However I like the regular cab F-150.I don't need or want an extended cab,just a plain truck to haul some garbage and brush in occasionally.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    July 1 was my Ranger's fifth birthday. I love it. Its been one of the best vehicles I've owned and it does the job for me every day - which includes commuting to work and light hauling. Its easy to manuver and park and OK on gas for a truck (22 highway). I've wished for large truck bed space maybe once in five years.

    If a small truck meets your need, get an extended cab with opening back doors. You need someplace to put stuff and somewhere for your elbow to go when you swing your arm around your tight-squeeze. The longer wheel base of the extended cab helps the otherwise rough ride A LOT as does 2WD. 4WD is up to you, I don't need it and don't like it.

    Also, get a small six instead of the anemic four or the loud, thirsty big six.
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    I appreciate the information.I have looked at a Ford 150 V6,manual transmission with 120,000 miles for $6,000. Clean truck but don't want the manual transmission.Looked at a Chev Silverado with 80,000,5.7 liter V8 loaded.It is a 93 but clean. Needs minor body work. Price is $4,000.
    Haven't found a nice Ranger or other small truck yet. I am in no hurry and will keep looking.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Well, you're in the Twilight Zone of choices there.

    120k miles? Yikes! Any long trips planned? Wife or kids gonna drive it? I'd be cautious. A thorough engine exam is called for - tranny too. A V6 stick F150 was likely a work truck. If so, that's a lot of hard miles.

    The Silverado's 5.7 sucks gas worse than most but its a nice truck and probably equipped well. That's the one I'd choose. You can tow, cruise at 100 and generally haul a**! But - do you need to feed all that HP and torque all the time just for occasional light duty?

    There are lots of nice, clean Rangers out there but .... everybody that ownes one thinks they're made of gold. If you see one that's cheap, you can bet it's been beat. If you see "like new" with no price posted, skip that ad and go buy a new one.

    How about a '91 Chev 1500 Z71, 5.7, Super Cab stick, 165k for $3000? Needs paint.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Seeing that we're supposed to be talking about Town Cars here, and that we have a whole board that is able to be a lot more helpful with this decision than this Town Car discussion, may I suggest that this conversation continue on our Pickups board?

  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    Got the message and I agree. Just seems like I started this to just get some conversation going . OK, who wants to talk about Town Cars?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    understood - no problem!
  • limolimo Posts: 20
    We recently had a very puzzling problem with one of our long door cars that we've never seen or heard of before. This car had a flat, so the driver installed the spare and went on his way, but within a day or two (Yes, we had the flat repaired and put it back in the trunk) the car suddenly would not go over thirty miles per hour!! Uh-Oh, now what? Our regular shop just shook their heads and suggested we change the rear wheel ABS sensors. We gave them the go ahead to order the parts, but I mentioned this peculiar behavior to our tire man, who smiled indulgently at me (Don't you just hate it when they do things like that?) and said that we had two different size tires on the same axle and that was the cause of the problem. We re-installed the original tire and the problem went away immediately. The bizarre part was that we had to turn off the traction control button in the glove box every time we started the engine to eliminate the 30 mph barrier. All the miles we drive, all the cars we own and have owned, many with ABS and traction control, all the times we've played mix and match with tires, we never saw this before. Anybody else have this experience?
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    Automotive News is reporting today that the replacements for both the Lincoln LS and Town Car will be based upon the Ford Five Hundred.

    The Lincoln LS replacement is code named D385, and the Town Car replacement, using a stretched wheelbase, is code named E386.

    Both cars will be built in Atlanta. The Atlanta plant will also produce the Five Hundred. The Lincoln Zephyr may also be produced in Atlanta.

    Obviously, Lincoln is moving to FWD/AWD, not RWD, as Cadillac and Chrysler are doing.

    The article said nothing about what engines the cars would use.

    The LS replacement will debut in July 2007 as a 2008 model, while the Town Car replacement will debut in January 2008 as a 2009 model. Ford may continue the Town Car on the Panther platform, and the new sedans may get new names.

    The future of the Wixom plant is uncertain.

    I believe that this is bad news for the future of Lincoln. I predict that Lincoln/Mercury will be dead within 10 years. I cannot see boring V6 FWD sedans being the savior of Lincoln. Ford should have designed new Lincoln sedans on the DEW98 platform.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Six messages on trucks to help out a fellow TC owner doesn't seem like a lot to me, but your wish is our command.

    Anyway, my '88 TC has developed a water leak at the top of the windshield. It has the old fashioned chrome strip/retainer clip trim around it which I've always had trouble not screwing up in the past. Is there a magic tool or product nowadays that I should know about to fix this myself or should I just take it to a glass bandit and pay?
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Is message 1095 indicating that the TC will be FWD by 2009?

    Chrysler's return to RWD was not by accident. Does Bill Jr. read the newspaper much?
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    Yes, the Town Car will be FWD by 2009.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Way to wake up this topic, ehaase. I don't like the sound of this at all. ANT - can you confirm any of this dreadful news about Lincoln?
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Nothing really to say. Just wanted to be Message 1100!
  • ehardisonehardison Posts: 23
    Sur hope my 2003 town car will last a long long time as I don't think I would buy a FWD lincoln. Oh well I am 69 so maybe it will last twenty more years as I will quit driving then.

    I did buy the Silverado truck and am well pleased with it.
  • This is really bad news. It looks like I'm driving my last Town Car.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Don't start drinking heavily yet. 2009 is a long way off.

    Here's what we do. Buy 2008 RWD models and drive them for five years. That will take us to 2013. If all those 60's folk/rock singers were wrong and we're still alive by then, AND Cadillac takes one of Daimlers' smart pills and reintroduces the RWD AND Bill takes some time away from polishing his Mustang long enough to notice that he still has new 2009 TC's on the dealer lots, viola! - New, RWD TC's for 2014!!!
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    I thinks to myself.... wait until the news come out and get one of the last RWDs and drive it until the flying 'cars' are available. By then, I will be ready to trade my 2000 TC.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That is so funny. When I was in the 2nd grade, I think, and that would have been about, uh..... 1960, flying cars were just around the corner....we talked about it all the time.

    Yesterday, at a restaurant, I saw the prettiest Town Car I've ever set eyes on. It was new, and was a two-tone cream color, lighter on the top, with a darker strip down low in the rocker panel area. Man, they have grown on me in this new style. I could drive one just like that if they put an Air Conditioner fan in them again. That's my only real beef with the post 98 models.

    I don't mind FWD if the engine is putting out 100 HP like my Caddys did, but anything over 200 hp, and the torque steer effect turns me off too much. I think you can have either FWD and a small engine, or lots of hp. Not both. I drove FWD Cadillacs in the 80's, and didn't mind them, then I switched to Lincolns in the 90's because of quality issues with the Caddy's. When Caddy's got pretty good again, they had 300 hp going through those front wheels, and I hate that. No matter how balanced it is, if you romp on it, any difference in road surface will jerk the wheel away from you. That has put Caddy out of the market for me ever since. If Lincoln goes that way, I could be moving on to Jaguar or Lexus.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I don't think that torque steer would be a problem with an AWD Lincoln. I am sure that the cars will be very nice. Based upon the Five Hundred I saw two weeks ago, these new Lincolns will have huge interiors. But AWD luxury cars, like the Volvo S80 and Audi A6 and A8, still do not sell as well as RWD Mercedes, Lexuses, and BMW's. Ford is taking a big risk here. These new AWD Lincolns will probably be as heavy or heavier than the current cars and not significantly more fuel efficient. I think that Ford is just trying to get its money's worth out of the expensive Five Hundred platform.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I agree, ehasse. AWD should clear up any torque steer issues, and if it drives well, I'm ok with that. But heavier, they shall be indeed.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    The Taurus has been out to pasture for a few years as the rental fleet beast of burden instead of trying to appeal to the private owner. I think the FWD platform for the TC signals Ford's intent to do the same with the TC by packaging the powertrain in such a fashion to more easily mass produce and drop them in to as many applications as possible without needing to change anything - specifically stretch applications, hearses, etc.

    Economically, FWD makes the most sense for this but the private TC owner and appreciator is being ignored in favor of the big money mass-market.
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