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Volvo S40



  • corbaczcorbacz Posts: 2
    The light has been coming on when I start the car and stays on. To get it to go off I have to hold it down for 50 secs. (we timed it last night). I spoke with the dealer that sold me the car and he told me to bring it back and there may be a computer issue. I am very angry b/c I love the car and selected it above the accord and jetta. The BMW was way out of my price range. Let you all know how this is handled.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Thanks for the thoughts. Sorry it took a while go get back here!

    All the cars you mention are ones I am looking at as well (3 series BMW, Audi A4, Volvo S60, Infinity G35, Lexus IS 300, Acura TSX). For midwest winters, I prefer FWD or AWD (though some of the above cars are RWD).

    My second preference is for something Japanese. This is our first Volvo and the experience is average to negative when it comes to car quality. I like the experience at the Volvo dealer but I am not sure the car is as well put together as it could be.

    I am taking the car in to the dealer soon for the following problems - steering wheel squeak, dead speaker, suspension squeak, plastic cap piece that fell off seat rails. Maybe most cars have these sorts of problems after 40000 miles, but I do not remember my Honda Prelude having them.

    With the problems fixed, the S40 is a nice car that still turns heads and gets compliments. It does ride well and can be sporty if pushed. Remember that mine is a 2000 with some teething pains.

    When I see deals for the 2003 models for $19k, I'd say they are worth it. They have less problems I am sure and what else can you get for $19k? An Accord LX? Even with the problems, the S40 (even year 2000) is nicer than that!
  • I have a 2003 S40 and I am curious as to whether or not anyone has installed a front strut bar? There are two options, one from volvo and one from IPD. Has anyone had any experience with them?
  • cheerfulcheerful Posts: 31
    I have the 2001 S40. It has only 6K miles. I recently have battery drained for unknown reason. There is nothing I left on in the car that could cost it. Is there a known problem with the battery?

    Also, the cruise control failed to engage after I stpped on the brake to disengage it. I tried many times and it just refused to work. After the jump-start (after the battery got drained), the CC got back working. Are these things somehow related?

    I don't know much about car. It is quite inconvenient for me to bring it to the dealer. So any help would be appreicated.

  • gabreugabreu Posts: 5
    hi all;
    my brother is selling his 2001 s60. he has a 10 disc cd changer which the buyer has no interest in. can i install this on my 2002 s40 ? is the s40 pre-wired for a trunk mounted cd player ?

    any help would be appreciated.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Look in your trunk, if you see a cable on the upper left side under the rear package tray you S40 was pre-wired.
    However, the S40 was designed to accept the 6 disc changer.
    I don't know that the 10 disc changer will work in that car.
  • 239239 Posts: 1
    I am getting ready to buy a new car. I have been looking at the S40, but have read so many bad reviews. Please someone tell me that this is great car. Thanks 239
  • sully242sully242 Posts: 7
    The new s40 is a great car for the money. Hugh discounts make it thousands less than Passat. It's a fun comfortable ride.
  • turner555turner555 Posts: 5
    I bought a 2003 S40 and absolutely love it. Got the Sport w/Leather Package as well as the Climate package at a good price.

    yes, the cupholder placement and size
    BRAKE DUST! (anyone know how to minimize this?

    power, big sunroof,sharp silver color, leather, handling, design, etc.

    One question...the battery is still encased in some type of protective (styrofoam?) for lack of better word. Should I remove this? I took it off and I wasn't sure if it was for transport or what?

    After 2700 miles, it's great! I would defnitely buy it again.
  • s40tobuys40tobuy Posts: 2
    Turner555, would you mind telling me what a price you got? Our local (Texas) dealers are offering a $6,000 discount for 2003 S40, I am just thinking if it is possible to get a S40 at around $19K since Edmunds's TMV is $24,595, substracing the $6K discount should get you a $18,595.
  • goldkeygoldkey Posts: 36
    Bought my 2003 S40 six months ago when discount was half of what it is now. After 5K miles have absolutely no regrets (except the fact that I could have it for even less money now).

    Pros: Great driving car for fast errands around the town. Very nice leather interior and good looking too.
    Cons:Maybe a little small for big-sized passangers. Rear-view visibility is obstructed.
  • sully242sully242 Posts: 7
    I got mine for $4,000 under INVOICE. Loaded with premium and climate packages, 22,900 total before sales tax. You can easily get the base model for less than 19,000. Is the $6,000 off Invoice or MSRP?
  • Hello - -

    I have just purchased a used 2000 Volvo S40 in white. It has 34,000 miles on it and looks near perfect. We paid a bit too much for the car (16,997), but if it holds up and runs well for years to come (as we expect from a Volvo) we're ok with paying what we paid. We also have the pre-owned, certified factory warranty (through 2007), which was truly the selling point that got us to drive it home.

    My concern is that many folks are posting comments (with alarming consistency) with respect to what has gone wrong with their 2000 S40's. I'm hearing a lot about poor craftsmanship, cheap parts, bad electronics, poor brakes, faulty wiring, ect...and this is a Volvo?

    I have only put on an additional 1000 miles thus far and have only a few "complaints" to this point:

    1. - The car pulls to the left - - alignment
    2. - The car feels a little light (?) - - not as heavy and "safe" as I'd expect
    3. - The car doesn't always start the first time you turn the key - - strange
    4. - Brake dust on the front wheels is excessive and at times, the brakes in general seem to need to "warm up" to work well
    5. – Radio antenna not working properly

    Please tell me how things are going / have gone with you and your 2000 Volvo S40 and/or what you might know about rectifying some of these problems?

    Has your warranty covered all of this?

    Overall are you happy with the car?

    And finally - - bottom line - - - Is this a quality car with a few bugs or a poor car from a company with a good reputation??

    Thanks so much! Hope to hear from you!

  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Then sign the petition at:
    so far, there are 87 signatures. Add yours and maybe Volvo will build the car. Also join in on the Volvo S100 conversation under Future Vehicles.
  • ddw5ddw5 Posts: 23
    We have a 2001 S40 with 27,000 miles and have not had one problem. I had to replace the rear brake pads at 20k miles and other than that have simply followed the maint. recommendations in the manual. It drives great and gets impressive mileage as well. The dealer/service department has always been friendly/courteous as well, providing free loaners on service days.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Yippee Hurray!
  • Ok so like everyone I've made a few mistakes in life, but other than holding onto my 9 shares of Enron Stock -now worth 50 Cents! I have to say leasing the S40 might have been the worst. Between the endless brake dust on the wheels, the headlights constantly burning out (i've gone through 4 in two and a half years and the power seats shorting out every time I sneeze the car has been a real POS.

    Just today I've just been informed by my dealer that I need all new brakes and the car has 23,000 miles on it and he let me know that I had gotten more wear out of my brakes than most people. Cool another $350 I didn't want in my bank account anyway.

    Luckily my lease is up soon and I will be all too happy to give this car back to the dealer.

    I know this post my be a bit of a rant but because this website has been invaluable in my search for the other car in the house (a 2003 Honda Accord which has been amazing, well behaved and purchased at invoice. ) I figure if I can convince one person not to buy or at least think twice before picking up an S40 I've given something back.
  • karljrkarljr Posts: 3
    I have an '01 S40 with about 15,000 miles. I've
    seen similar messages elsewhere in this discussion but haven't come across any solutions. I have weird transmission happenings. It's quite unpredictable although it seems to be somehow related to sudden stops or stop-and-go traffic.
    While slowing to a stop, the car appears to slam directly from 3rd to 1st. There is a mighty clunk and the whole car shutters. Seems to happen very shortly after a short stop....although, as I said, it's really quite unpredictable. The dealer has no has been said before....they always claim there are "no codes" and the transmission is at factory specs. I suspect the problem is somwehere in the "adaptive" brain of the transmission. But, obviously, there are NO situations under which the computer should tell the transmission to shift THAT HARD...or skip a gear completely or whatever.
    I'm concerned there is permanent damage being done here, meanwhile the dealer can't figure it out.
    Otherwise, the car has been terrific.
    Any help/ideas out there?
  • ddw5ddw5 Posts: 23
    Our '01 S40 had the same problem. Dealer fixed by updating the software...I thought this was from the factory. Regardless it has not happened once since. I will try to dig up the paperwork and let you know exactly what the description was. This was at Volvo Fort Washington in Pennsylvania.
  • I have had the care for 2 years and it has not had any problems since after the first 6 months. There was a leak in the air conditioner condenser box which leaked. It has the dealer baffled as to how to fix it, but after a month, it was fine. My ONLY complaint is the BRAKE Dust which seans to be a very common problem. I am thinking of getting dustless pads from IPDUSA.COM and then having a midas install them. I have 22500 miles so far.
  • Like jonmac7227, I too am counting the days till my lease expires and I can return this POS to the dealer....

    I have an S40 with 33000 miles on it and I am to say the least not very pleased with the quality of this vehicle. Although I have not had any major failures, the constant maintenance of the "little" items have led to a major headache.

    To list a few:
    1)Had to have rear brake pads replaced at 18,000miles.
    2)Had to replace both headlights twice(4 bulbs)
    3)Check engine light constantly comes on. (even after recall servicing to fix the problem with the check engine light )
    4) Temperature gauge gives inaccurate reading of temperatures ranging from -99 to 140 degrees.
    5) Rear taillight bulb burned out. (Oh did I mention that I had to replace both headlights TWICE...)
    6) The cover on the Side air curtain on the rear drivers side keeps falling off.
    7)Strange noise (sounds like grinding metal) comes from the center air console when you turn on the air conditioning.

    While these individual items, if taken separately might sound like I am being nitpickey. The effort combined with the time and cost of having to have these things fixed, replaced, adjusted; has convinced me to stay far away from any VOLVOS in the future.
  • jhorljhorl Posts: 89
    I've been a regular contributor to the Dakota Site here on edmunds and I will be taking delivery on a 2004 S-40 LSE tomorrow. I have a few questions about the vehicle.
    First can anybody recommend a good engine and brake break in procedure for the car. I am a firm believer that the first few thousand miles on an engine will dictate the long term reliability. I've never driven a turbo vehicle so i'm not sure if there are any special precautions. Also after reading the Owners manual it states that the engine runs best on 91 or higher octane with 87 being a minimum. Are people acutally always running high octane or will 87 be fine. My 2000 Dakota actually warns against running High octane all the time.
    One more thing is I am considering running Mobil 1 in the car after a proper break in period. The manual uses 7500 miles between oil changes and that seems a little long. I guess I still have 3000 miles stuck in my head and cant seem to get rid of that habit. Is 7500 miles on Mobil 1 5w30 acceptable?
    Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing my experiences with everybody.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Congrats on the new car!

    As far as break in is concerned, Volvo asks that you keep it out of redline for the first 1000 miles.
    Use the 91 octane gas, thats what the car is designed for. It can burn reg unleaded, you just won't get the same performance or mileage.

    Synthetic oil is fine, believe it or not the 7500 mile interval is fine unless your racing the car every week. Volvo's standard oil now is a synthetic blend, don't know if you'll see any major benefits from full synthetic.
    Anyway, enjoy you new car!
  • jhorljhorl Posts: 89
    Just picked the car up this morning and I love it. I was weary about getting a black car but this Black Saphire is sharp looking. Looking forward to its first road trip after break in.
  • What is this about the oil being a synthetic blend? This is the first I heard. I assume I now have to be careful about "mixing" different oils. Any further information or links would be appreciated. I have 7,500 miles and have changed the oil twice already, but at different dealers. Thanks.

    I've got the Black Sapphire too, but as good as it looks, I think it will be my last black car.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    My daughter's 2001 S-40 is falling apart! Both of her interior side panels on her front doors are loose, and the service people are telling her it's not covered by her warranty. She is well under 2 years, and under 24,000 miles. She didn't buy a Volvo to have it fall apart like a Kia. Has anyone else had this problem, and was it covered by your warranty? Thanks! By the way, our family has owned 5 Volvos, currently we have a C-70 and an S-80. All have been very dependable, but a quick look at this discussion tells me that the S-40 is not as well built as our other Volvos. Isn't this deceptive marketing, to sell such a piece of junk as a Volvo?
  • I just bought a 2004 Volvo S40 and I really like it, however...the steering wheel vibrates when reaching hwy speed (65-70mph) when driving below 65 mph I am fine, does anybody else has or had this problem?.
  • You probably just need an alignment. It's not uncommon for a new car to need one; they go through a lot during shipping.
  • I was considering a S40 as a replacement for my 2003 Accord coupe. I like the S40's safety rep and looks but some of the posts are scaring me away. I've owned pretty much nothing but Hondas over the last 8 years and they have always been good to me with very few trips to the shop for anything other than an oil change, timing belt, etc.

    So is the S40 a safe bet with an extended warranty or should I stay away from it all together? I don't want to get rid of a flawless Accord for a problematic Volvo.

    Another question ... do any of you S40 owners have small children? If so, is the S40 roomy enough for 2 adults and a baby? We have an LS400 so we would have an alternate trip car but the S40 would probably be the car of choice.
  • I would say don't get rid of it just yet. The 2004 S40 is a brand-new design and will be a much better car. Safety, interior room, and performance will all be better.

    It was introduced this week at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. I don't know why Edmunds says nothing about it in their coverage. Other websites have a lot of information and photos.
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