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Volvo S40



  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #100:L

    onerobb, I'm not too surprised about the relative inflexibility in pricing. I've seen this from all of the premium European manufacturers over the past few years when they introduce a new model. Volvo did it with the S80 last year when there was an unwritten rule about significant discounts and the fact that they couldn't be issued for the first few months or a dealership would not get their stock replenished! Premium manufacturers want to preserve their brand equity and having to discount a new model upon introduction to the market wouldn't do it. My guess is that by December you will find more flexibility in pricing on the S40. In the meantime, you could always opt for Euro delivery if you are going to have to place a custom order anyway. Under this option you will save $1,500 of MSRP (you will pay invoice price) but will pay full MSRP for options. If you order before 12/15 you will get a free round-trip ticket and first night hotel charge thrown in on top of the standard program offerings (free shipping to dealership, marine insurance, etc.). I did this earlier this year for my S80 T6, saved a bundle, and had a great weekend in Sweden.

    If I can answer any questions let me know.


    [email protected]
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Yes...SAABs are quirkey...EVERYONE stay away from anything DIFERENT...different is BAD.

    Just kidding.

    In New Englad, Saabs are everywhere and known for their longevity and build quality, go figure.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #103:

    sporin, I live in New England (Boston) and can assure Saabs are not known for their build quality (at least not good build quality anyways). They are known for their durability which is a different issue. If you have the money and patience to keep fixing a Saab it will outlast 90% of the other makes out there (Volvo is similar but has fewer quirks and problems to deal with).

    [email protected]
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Good point, I did use the wrong term.

    Lot's of people think that Saabs (and Audis for that matter) fall apart when they get old, but in my area (northern NH/VT), they are everywhere and are highly sought after used cars. These cars DO require regular maintnance, but like you said, they are durable.
  • I test drove one of these very nice cars the other day. Only problem is it doesn't have much of a back seat and it is a 4 banger. For the cost $24000 base I think you can do a lot better for the same money. Unless of course you just have to have the European feel. Remember though that Volvo's mother country is a lot north of Germany!
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #106:

    halwelch, the base price is $22,900 and if you opt. for European delivery the price is closer to $21.5k. Further, that 4 banger is turbo charged and puts out 170 lb. ft. of torque at 1,800 rpm; comes with a very proven safety cage design; anti-whiplash seats that the IIHS ( says are the best on the planet; side impact airbags; etc.

    This car is the only car in its class to earn 4 stars in European NCAP crash scores (besting the offerings from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Saab, etc.).

    Personally, I don't think you can do better for the money in the US market at this point. Now in a few years the prices will have moved up and might be closer to the prices of cars like the Audi A4 so the equation could change significantly.

    [email protected]
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    hey rollie:

    i know that the S40 comes with the WHIPS, but does the S70. As I read through the brochure, it does not mention anything about it and the sales person didn't know either. Looks like someone didn't do their homework.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #108:

    GBrianK, if what I've read is accurate, the 'S70' won't be getting WHIPS until next year. Of course the S70 is supposed to be replaced with the S80-based S60 next year so I suspect the current 854 platform will never have WHIPS but I could be wrong.

    [email protected]
  • LeffeLeffe Posts: 2
    All Volvo models of year 2000 will get the WHIPS, even the S70 and V70.
  • I called and talked to the dealer in Scottsdale Az. about getting Euro delivery and he thought I was nuts. I want a manual and dont want to wait till next year, so I inquired. What is the deal with the Euro delivery? And what is up with the trip?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #111:

    greenguy, you spoke to a salesman which is the problem. Call back and ask to speak to the overseas delivery representative. A salesman can not match the Euro delivery price because he earns a commission. This is why they will try to discourage you from this route. Under this program you will pay factory invoice for the car ($21,400 for the S40) and full MSRP for options. The dealership receives a 5% fee in lieu of 'profit' for cars sold under this program so don't feel bad for them! If you order before 12/15, you will get free airfare to Europe and the first night hotel charge will be free. For further details on the free trip and car pricing go to this page:

    I bought a S80 T6 under this option earlier this year, saved a bundle, and had a blast driving my car in Sweden for the weekend. If I can answer any questions let me know.

    [email protected]
  • If you were going to respond thanks, just read about it. Could I still get the S40 with the manual? Also I am interested in this car for the performance aspect, ie; touring racing is where i fell in love. Is this a good platform for performance? Any info is appreciated
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #113:

    greenguy, I don't know that you can get the manual through Euro delivery yet (if ever). As far as I know, Volvo hasn't opted to spend the $ to get the stick for the 40 series certified by the US government. I don't know if their stick will make it to Canada or not (they get different options than the US).

    Is this car a good platform for performance? YES. The S40 is the current reigning BTCC champion. I haven't checked recently but I don't think they are winning this year and further Ford has announced they are pulling Volvo out of the BTCC series starting next year! For what it's worth, the BTCC S40 I believe has a 300+ hp naturally aspirated 2.0 litre engine!
    In Europe there is a T4 version of the S40 that has a high pressure turbo engine but it's not ready for the US yet.

    In the end, I would suggest you call the Overseas Delivery program in New Jersey (?) and ask them about the availability of the stick for the North American market.

    Good luck.

    [email protected]
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220

    when do we get to see this car???? major reason i haven't bought yet is the horsepower. a high pressure version of the S40 would kick [non-permissible content removed]!

    also, i took your advice and got a longer test-drive. unfortunately, racing the engine for a period of time didn't change the transmission performance settings. it still seems slow, but the price is definitely right.

    while talking to the euro rep at the dealer, he attempted to "tack" on extra fees. Is this allowed? Can I directly order the S40 from the Jersey office to avoid the dealer? I know you can do this now with the S80 at the new Volvo website.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #115:

    GBrianK, oddly, I haven't read any projections for an arrival date for the T4. I know the T4 had some engine / software issues for the first 2 years of production Europe and I don't know if they've been solved. Can any of our European posters shed some light here?

    Regarding the Euro Delivery option,what type of fees were they trying to add on? The only potential add ons are for the case where you decide to drive your car in Europe (you have to buy European auto insurance) and if you opt for pickup or drop-off in a location other than Sweden (you have to pay a delivery / pickup charge that varies depending on which European location you choose). Other than these 2 items, I don't know of any other charges that could be tacked on for this program.

    The ability to order the S80 directly through the Internet is new. As you are aware, the 40 can't be ordered directly through the Internet yet but if you call the program office and tell them you would prefer to order directly through them and select a dealership of choice for delivery you MIGHT get lucky. Conceptually, it's the same as ordering the S80 outside of the dealership so I would try my luck.

    Good luck.

    [email protected]
  • So could a stock S40, if it arives with a stick, be upgraded to the T4? Is the engine different, ie; pistons, clutch, trans.. will it handle the bigger turbo? Is there a web site that has the specs on the T4?
    Mucos gracias
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #117:

    greenguy, there are a combination of 7 engine types that can be ordered for a 40 series car from what I see on the U.K. site. If you use the link pasted below, you will be able to select each engine and see the specs. by using the entries in the drop-down box:

    Hope this helps.

    [email protected]
  • Thats cool how you are helping and giving your time to educate those that are in need, want desire ;)
  • the site would not let me in :(
    Ill try to find another way in, say by clicking the UK site on volvo casr web site?.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Well, that stinks. I hope that we hear more about this IMPROVED engine from Volvo :)

    As for extra fees, he attempted to stick me with a dealer prep fee, fuel fee (says that Volvo fills up the tank and I have to reimburse them for this), and something or other about teflon coating. After first hearing this, he lost my interest totally.

    I thought that the Euro Delivery Program was supposed to save you $$$ (get the car under sticker). With all this crap, it kinda reminds me of the Honda dealers of the 1980's. Well, he can stick it! I'll wait until next year.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #121:

    GBRianK, try this link and then select 'Petrol Engines' from the drop-down box:

    The charges your dealer is trying to stick you with are a scam and very shocking. I would call the Oversea Delivery program office with this info. if I were you. The gas is paid for by Volvo and is not charged to the customer! There should be no dealer prep charge because the car is prepared at the factory - otherwise you couldn't drive it in Europe. I picked mine up at the port after shipping it from Sweden and drove it for a couple of thousand miles before it ever made it to a dealer. Come to think of it they tried to charge me for dealer prep (PDI?) and I said no way because the only thing they do is look the car over for you at that point. Teflon coating??? Wow, I thought this mentality left even the used car lots by now. Unless you don't have another dealer available, I would use a different dealership to place my order. Either way, call the program office and complain!

    [email protected]
  • Just requested a brochure about the T4 from the UK web site. Hope they will send me one :)
    Crazy questions on the request like Initial, Title all sorts of crazy British stuff, no offence its just odd to us Yanks ;>
    I hate how other countrys get all the great cars and we are left with the watered down versions of true driving machines.
    For example,
    Subaru WRX, cant get one, you get a 2.5RS
    Nissan Skyline, not even a substatute.
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. Not a chance
    And the most important the S40 T4!
    I love America but the lack of automobiles that we are teased with really gets to me. But hey, other countrys dont get our Buick, Plymoth or just take your pick of any American CRAP!

    Off my soap box now.
  • I'm almost ready to go for Euro delivery. The $1500 savings is too tempting. There's been talk of extra fees that dealerships want to tack on. My dealer has been pretty straight about it. She didn't even wince when I mentioned Euro delivery. She did, however, say that on top of the car, $21,400, and any options, I would have to pay 2.5% import duty. Has anyone had this experience or are they trying to pad their profit?

    Thanks for any info on this.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #124:

    dlcerny, there are no import duties if you are participating in the program as a tourist. If you are participating under the military option I believe there is a duty paid but you will also notice that the MSRP for military is offset by the amount of the duty to make the prices equivalent for military or tourist. If you are participating under the tourist program, all delivery charges and duties are included in the price of the car. If your dealer needs clarification, or you want to verify, call the Overseas Delivery program office in New Jersey (?).

    [email protected]
  • Rollie, you've been very helpful. Thanks a lot.
  • sidwasidwa Posts: 1
    I just bought S40 after 2 months of research and after couple of test drives. It certainly is an excellent car. When I bought the car the dealer suggested extended warrenty for 100K.
    Is this worth going for. It costs approximately $1400 with $200 deductable.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    No manual can be brought into the US> Does not matter that you buy in Europe. Will not meet US standards and Volvo cannot sell the model that does not meet US specs.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    greenguy said he spoke to dealer not salesperson. i presume he spoke to correct person to handle overseas.
  • Hey thread, I have driven the S40 and like many things about it. I think it is very fast once you get it spooled up a little. The trunk access is not great and I hate the standard seat fabric (they must have swiped it from a Tercel!) but the leather seating is terrific. I have one very big problem with this car. Granted, it just doesn't handle like a German car, but the steering at speeds over 50-60 was miserable. I mean, you could turn the wheel a full quarter turn and get no response at all. Talk about loose! And no road feel at speed either. I am thinking that the lack of "variable" boost is the culprit. My other annoying complaint is that the gauges can't be read in daylight. But I am really curious to know if I just had a bad egg or do any other of you have the same impression of the S40 steering? Thanks.
  • Hi...
    I notice that not many people online seem to have bought a S40 in the last few weeks. My husband and I are seriously looking into one but the dealer was pretty stiff on the price. He offered us the car, metallic paint, sunroof package, tax and all other misc fees for $27 and change. That is really no "DEAL" at all. Plus, the car is on backorder until December 29th. Has anyone out there in the DC/Baltimore area found anything better? It seems to us that it is MSRP or no S40.

  • Have you tried emailing dealers in your area asking for their best price closest to invoice? I did this about 5 weeks ago (on an S70), and ended up with 5 offers, the best $250 over invoice.I bought it, and it is wonderful.
    You let the dealers know you are going to buy an S40 this week, and are currently receiving offers closest to invoice. Address your email to sales or fleet mgrs. Tell them you are aware of invoice prices,dealer holdback, etc., and will be able to determine the best deal from the email responses. Tell them you would like to compare their offer to the others you will be receiving.
    It might not work on your specific model, but you have nothing to lose.
  • I haven't talked to any dealers since September, but something I have noticed is this: they are barely advertising the S40 in the Los Angeles Times. There may be some teeny-weeny type that dealers are accepting orders or that leasing is available but that's it. Judging by the ads, I think the dealers are more concerned about selling off their 1999 S70 and convertibles.

    I probably won't wait until the dealers are ready to negotiate because I'm more concerned about getting my wife out of her tin box and into a safer vehicle.
  • Here is another update. I tried Autobytel today. The dealer reached me in about 4 hours. He has an S40 coming in this Friday that has most of what I want.

    No deals, though. All sticker, including the advertising fee. He said that they might be dealing in January, but that the MSRP would also be going up by then.
  • Just started reading this info and have a couple of questions:

    1. I currently have a 3 year old Honda and the seat really hurts my back. I sat in various Honda and Toyotas lately and they also don't seem comfortable. When I sat in the S40 last night, it felt great! Do you agree, especially over longer rides?

    2. I like the overseas idea. When I priced out what I'm looking for, it comes out to $300 over invoice. If I go to Sweden, do I have to pay the destination charge I see in Edmunds ($575)? Also, do I pay the 6% tax in NJ when the car arrives?

    3. Finally, do you think the free air and hotel will continue after 12/15?

    Thanks for your input.
  • debs1debs1 Posts: 1
    I picked up my S40 today. I can't say much except that I enjoyed the drive home. I paid 22500 for the car including all costs. I traded a car that had been hit. So I was a little upside down on the trade. I feel that I got a fair price for the base car. No extra's.I got it in red.
  • How do the warranties differ between buying the Volvo at a Dealer in the States and buying it as
    part of the Overseas program?
  • Here is my understanding of the warranty policies for Euro. delivery vehicles. Your mileage may vary.

    While you're in Europe you are covered by Volvo's 12-month international warranty with unlimited mileage. It's not clear what would happen if you stayed longer than one year. They also include a plan called Volvo Assistance Europe which has, according to the brochure, reasonable conditions and stipulations which provide coverage for towing, rental car, travel and accomodations, plus transportation to pick up a repaired car in the event of an accident.

    Once your vehicle arrives back in the U.S. or Canada and you take delivery, the normal warranty for your North American location begins. So, it would appear that another "benefit" of the Euro. delivery program is to provide you with an extra period of warranty coverage, depending on how long you stay in Europe!

    Hope this helps.
  • I have just purchased the S40 on the Euro Delivery Program and wanted to find out if there are any other hidden charges when buying your car through this program.

    I have a few friends telling me that I'l probably be charged some fees while in Sweden and some hidden fees for delivering that car to the US.

    Has anyone gone through this program completely without having to pay anything else but the price of the car?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #143:

    hieudao, I bought my S80 T6 through this program earlier this year and I can tell you that there are no hidden costs. Volvo is very up front with the fact that if you want to drive the car you have to buy Euro insurance which isn't cheap. You can drive the car without insurance on the tiny test track in front of the delivery center if you like but that's it without insurance. If you opt to take delivery or drop-off the car anywhere other than Sweden you will pay a handling charge. Other than these two items there are no other charges associated with the car other than those you will pay in your state which are the same taxes and fees you pay when you buy a car from a local dealership (no more and no less).

    You are required to stay for a Saturday night at minimum and since the delivery center is only open on weekdays, that means at a minimum you will have to pay for one hotel night on your own which will cost $105 or $115 depending on where you stay (prices current as of 6 months ago).

    If I can answer any specific questions let me know.

    [email protected]
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    hieudao, I forgot to clarify one of my points. You won't have to pay destination charges, advertising, or any of the other miscellaneous charges you would pay if you were to buy from a dealership directly.

  • I would like to order a V40 through European Delivery, but I am expecting our first child in March. I am not willing to gamble that the baby won't come early. Is there any way to have a family member take delivery of the car for me? What does it mean when the person who's name the car is registered in? That certainly does not mean registered in my state, because that is done after it arrives in the states. Is there anyway to have the loan in my name, but the ED paper work to be in another family members name? Surely, there is some way to work this. I don't need a co-signer, but if I had one on my loan would that work?

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • Is it possible to purchase a full spare tire and replace the doughnut in the S40. Is this a dealer option?
  • I just ran a S40 thru and got back a price quote of only $800 over invoice ($800 over invoice on the base and all options at invoice). From everything I've read here and what the salesperson stated when I test drove over the weekend, the dealers are reluctant to go below MSRP!

    So my question is, has anyone dealt with and what was your experience?


    PS By the way, fell in love with the S40 after the test drive.
  • I have not tried CarOrder but I will after reading your post. I tried Carsdirect and got a quote at $300 below sticker.

    I think I will throw in the towel with my local dealer. He and his manager won't call my back. I asked for a weather package. The response was "let me make some phone calls" and that was that. Here I am, cash in hand, no negotiations even ocurred. Aren't these people hungry? But then again, this is Southern California.
  • Does anyone know when the replacement for the S 70 is due? I heard that it will be called S 60 and be based on the S 80 platform, shortened.
  • rvkrvk Posts: 2
    I am trying to find out the dealer prices for the Volvo S40 A Sedan. I have gone to the Edmunds web address: " seriesasedan.html."
    This page has helped me learn the Invoice and MSRP prices of the optional equipment packages.
    Where may I go to find out the actual dealer prices for the equipment packages as well as the individual accessories?
  • Hi there,

    I'm torn between a Volvo S40 and a Honda Civic EX. That may seem like a strange choice, but safety and reliability are my primary criteria and I don't want to sacrifice either. The Volvo is pushing what I can afford, but I plan on keeping this car a while.

    Consumer Reports (the version currently online) doesn't rate the S40; it's too new. But their predicted reliability for the S70 is marginal and the rating for the S80 is poor. I thought I might be able to find data online about how the S40 has been faring in Europe (since it's already been out for a few years), but no luck so far. Anyone have any leads/URLs? I don't want to take out a 5-year loan on an albatross.

    Also related: if I were to buy it, I'd probably go through the overseas program and save a few thousand dollars. I've only seen one person comment on the overseas program so far. If reliability is going to be an issue, might I be better off buying it locally from a dealer who will give me loaner cars/rides to work?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #155:

    Susan, under Volvo's overseas delivery program you select the dealership where you want your car delivered. Volvo pays the dealership a 5% fee for your order and you receive all of the normal dealership amenities at the specified dealership. Regarding reliability - it's too early to tell. Volvo didn't originally design the 40 series for the North American market. They finally gave into VCNA's screams for an entry level car and decided to ship the 40 series but they had to wait 2+ years to get the bugs out of the car. The first few years for the 40s in Europe were problematic. At this point it seems that most of the bugs are gone with the possible exception of the ECU issue for the S40 T4 (which is why it isn't here yet).

    Regarding the S70 and S80, well that's a different issue. The 850 had matured very nicely and was essentially about as trouble free as European sedans get. The S70 looked to be even more reliable but there have been some minor endemic issues with things like the turning signal bulb sockets on the S70. It's actually the V70 which has had an inordinate number of problems including rattles. I think it is the bad showing of the V70 that casts a large part of the shadow over the S70. The S80 is simply too new to truly predict its reliability. A couple of reviewers including CR got hold of some of the early build models which did have problems. Volvo corrected these issues around 1/99 of their first production year. The car has since won multiple initial quality awards but if anybody put an early build car in their long-term test fleet there are still bad reviews to be written possibly! My point here is that until CR got hold of a S80 with a bum tranny, Volvo was rated as 30% better than average as a line of cars. The top end was 50% better than average and was Toyota or Honda (I forget which).

    In general, a car like the Civic is going to be more reliable than any European or Domestic choice. However, the S40 is going to be much safer. It is the only car in Euro NCAP crash tests to earn 4 stars (Mercedes C-class, Saab 9-3, etc. earned 2 stars).

    [email protected]
  • rollie, I agree with you. What burns me about most, if not all, of the reviews concerning reliability is a differentiation between what are minor problems (although annoying), like faulty bulb sockets, rattles, etc. and what will leave you stranded. You are correct that last year CR rated Volvo S70 as 30% better, with ToyHonda at the top (although I think Infiniti was up there too). If you look in CR's most recent pub re:2000 cars, Volvo's are all RED on major systems like engine, brakes, etc. and 1/2 RED or empty circle on most everything else, even electrical. This is what I pay attention to, not the overall rating. One last point, if you look at braking distances (wet and dry), pedal effort after multiple panic stops, turning radius, safety (front and side, driver and passenger), seat comfort front and rear, headlight performance, ability to track a straight line without pulling left or right, a good "on center" feel in the steering wheel, etc. it is clear that Volvo, and other Euro cars, in many cases far exceed the Japanese and American brands. Just look at the stopping distances for a new Infiniti G20 (a smaller and lighter car) versus the Volvo S70, or the Toyota Avalon or Camry, where there is a large difference between wet and dry stopping distances. These are the important things to consider when buying a car.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #157:

    joel2468, well said! I might have to borrow your response next time I read someone's concerns about a potential S70 purchase!

    [email protected]
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