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Volvo S40



  • My wife convinced me to test drive the S40 Volvo today...we were set to purchase a Honda Accord EX..I was impressed by it speed and handling. Small trunk and small leg space in the back after I adjusted the front seats to fit my profile (H: 5'9" and WT: 158). Fit and finish seemed to be Ok.

    I think this car would fit into the category of a large compact or a small midsize...I was impressed with the safety features however
  • I took an S40 out for a test-drive yesterday.
    Man, what a piece of art.. Good power and cruising capability not to mention sharp braking. Quite liked it, must say. But the Volvo salesman at Smythe, Bay Area, Calif tells me they are selling it at MSRP only, nothing below it. Wondering if this is true everywhere. Anybody around who got a lower price quote ?? Whats the pricing anyone has encountered so far ? Thanks
  • Here in the New York area the V40/S40 is also selling at full sticker price. I test drove the car and was also very impressed, but ultimately decided to get an Audi A4. As good as the handling, braking and fit and finish were in the Volvo, I thought the Audi was a notch or two better, plus AWD in Audi will be a plus in the winter. Also, Audi provides 3 years full maintenance. The 1999.5 Audi was available below invoice which actually made it less than the comparable Volvo. The Audi and Volvo are almost identical in size and anyone looking at one would do well to compare it to the other.
  • I totally agree. Volvo is trying to market the S40 directly against the Audi and will probably do very well, considering a well equipped Audi with leather, etc. would bring you into the A4 2.8 category at a much higher price than the fully loaded S40.

    My husband and I tested the S40 this weekend and really liked it. The Audi has been #1 on our list for a long time and we were ready to put a deposit on a Y2K 2.8 model, but now we are second guessing our intentions because we are moving to Florida within the next two months and quattro won't be a factor, although I am a firm believer that quattro is just as capable in the dry weather as it is the inclemate weather.

    My husband is definitely leaning towards the Audi, and I am 50/50 at this point. I definitely think the fit and finish on the Audi is better, and the Audi is sleeker looking, but the Volvo had a lot more oomph in the 4 cyl., probably because of the weight difference without being burden with the quattro.

    Anyway, I think it is a great alternative to the BMW and Audi, and like you pointed out above, if you are going to go for the 1.8 Audi, it is definitely worth comparing these two cars. The Audi definitely has the performance edge.
  • I test drove the s40 at one Atlanta dealership, and the salesman quoted me a price below MSRP (although not enough to make me buy the car right now). I gave Microsoft CarPoint a shot and received an offer via e-mail from a competing Volvo dealership that stated that they are only willing to sell the car at list.

    I'll let ya'll know if I get anywhere with either dealership on price. If I have to wait out the initial popularity of the s40, I'm willing to do that.
  • Tonight I went for a second test drive of the s40. The saleswoman informed me that they are only selling the car for sticker and that this is a dealership policy and even if she wanted to deal (which she didn't) she couldn't.

    She kept saying over and over that "this is a marketshare car" and "we aren't making a profit on this car - we are only getting $1,500". It is interesting that this is the second dealership where I have heard these exact words - it must be verbiage passed down from Corporate. What I find offensive as a consumer is how a salesperson can claim that a $1,500 profit = "no profit". And of course, that $1,500 markup is only on the base model, so they do make more if the buyer takes any options.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has heard a volvo salesperson make the same "$1,500 is no profit" remark.
  • Haven't heard that line in Houston yet. Find it hard to believe that a salesperson would actually say that with a straight face. I wonder what their cut is of the $1,500? and do they really expect us to believe a dealership could cover salaries, overhead, commissions, rent, etc. by only making $1,500 on each car? Give me a break!!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 34,257
    I just figured out pricing on an S40 since my sister will be going to look at them. Base is reasonable, but the options hurt!

    The salespeople are correct that on a base car the difference between invoice and MSRP is about 1,500 (plus 1% holdback). Less then many other expensive cars.

    If you add some "basic" options (moonroof, CD radio, Leather, P. seat), MSRP becomes $27,175 and invoice $25,049, about $2,100 difference, so they certainly have room to deal. Not quite an Accord beater anymore (although a V6 Accord EX with leather may not be much cheaper). Still cheaper than an Audi A4.

    Actually, all cars are expensive. I loaded Oldsmobile Alero compact stickers for 22K!

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • Just for the record, I vote for a 5spd transmission in the Volvo. If Volvo expects to compete with Audi A4, they are just going to have to certify an MTX. It is shame for a nicely engineered car to be forced to plod along with a slushbox.

    A compromise I believe would work is to offer MTX-equipped cars for the same price as ATXs. MTXs are cheaper to manufacture and this "one price" strategy would recover a lot of the certification cost. Those of us who require manual transmissions are willing to pay a reasonable cost to allow us to drive the only way we know how to really DRIVE.
  • hcdhcd Posts: 1
    Anyone have inside info as to whether/when the S40 might come with all-wheel drive? I now drive a small SUV for bad winter roads. Am looking for a sedan alternative (like an A4 or S40), and would other choices besides Subaru.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    As for the Stick Shift-there is so little demand these days in US that it is difficult to provide this for so few. If a dealer kept one is stock, it would be the wrong color or combo of options for the stick buyer. This person is also more picky on what equipment they want-ie they want what they want. And they do not want to order, they want to buy now! Then resale on all sticks is not good. I have for years dealt with any number of brands with a 5spd. The dealers of these trades do not want them, even BMW, Audi Saab, Honda. It is a tuff resale. Look at % of Stick in any brand that used to sell a lot of them. All of them are off by 50% or more. Just not worth the manufacturer to go through certification or even making one these days.
    AWD? No plans from Volvo for S40- the Winter tranny button, tracs control and FWD are great for snow.
  • I think you are generalizing a little. First off, 15% of new vehicles sold in this country have a manual transmission. That's not a market you can afford to ignore. Obviously, a manual transmission lowers the purchase price so 5spds are somewhat common in economy cars. OTOH, there are people like me who demand MTX for sheer driving pleasure.

    I try to keep up on market trends and I am noticing a resurgence of interest in manual transmissions, especially among Gen-X/Y buyers. I'm 26 myself and took it upon myself to learn to drive a manual, even though I've never needed to drive one. There is a certain level of curiousity among young people about things nostalgic. No, I wouldn't want to drive a manual without modern-day synchronizers, but I want to experience what it is like to DRIVE. I find driving a manual transmission rather romantic, a reflection of more simpler times when highways were wide and open and the landscape uncluttered. Driving a manual gives you a better phsyical and mental connection to the automobile and the road. I have experienced periods of near-euphoria piloting my V6 Contour through twisty back roads, keeping the engine pegged near redline. But enough of this mystical ranting.

    Enough of us demand more from a vehicle than just A-to-B travel. I find a manual transmission so essential to driving, I simply can't consider cars where auto is the only option. Volvo should want people like me. I fall into that upwardly-mobile young urban type (I refuse to use the term "yuppie": too 80s and too pretensious). That's basically who they are courting with the 40 series, right? You've seen the commercials. Now show me the proper transmission.

    Volvo is considered a premium import make. They have to project a non-mainstream, non-another-off-the-assembly-line image. It might not make the best short-term business sense to certify a MTX-equipped S/V40. But in the interest of cultivating long-term customer relations, they've got to do it. Especially with all these A4 comparisons.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    Again the stick shift- love to drive them also. But as for a buying public i am not generalizing. I have dealt with too many upset people who get much less for their car on trade. And that includes Audi, BMW and Saab, dealers, they have trouble finding the used buyer. And to boot the owners admit they tried to sell themselves and got no takers. This is no exageration, actually people your age do not want sticks in great #s. Honda has gone from 50some% to about 5% stick sales. WHen younger people move from sticks in smaller cars to Volvo, they want autos, and I mean virtually all of them. In 11 yrs selling nearly 2000 Volvo cars I see no demand or interest except from an occasional interested person like yourself. Cannot offer a mass production car to so few. CAnnot keep and make all the options for so few, would be a nightmare. BUT I appreciate your interests.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    Volvo has NO plans for AWD for 40 series. With FWD, tracs control, and the winter button to start off in 3rd gear it does wonders in Sweden's snow. Add 4 snow tires and it would be great and equal to many SUVs.
  • My Contour is my first MTX car so I don't have any personal trade-in experience. I hear occasional reports about horrific trade-in values, but it is not so widespread for me to stay up all night and worry.

    My hypothesis for the inability of Audi/BMW/Saab dealer to resell MTX cars is that MTX buyers want new cars, not used. If you drive stick in a luxury marque car, it is rather safe to say you are a driving enthuisiast. You like cars, you like driving them. I love automobiles and I always want to buy them brand new. No wear and tear from somebody else. Fresh mileage and full warranty coverage. It's a sense of pride, if it isn't the most fiscally prudent decision.

    I also think that the resale values on European sport sedans is very high. I constantly see 30K A4s 1.8L/5spd units on the dealer market for $25000. Where's the depreciation? If I am going to buy a car with 30K (likely hard) miles, I want some kind of price relief. I might as well spend the $30000 to get the car brand new. Perhaps *I* am generalizing.

    I realize this is starting to go off-topic and we discuss this stuff all the time in the "Stick Shift Sedans" topic.
  • I have a question regarding the purchase of a Volvo.

    I have a Driver's Edge credit card with some Ford credits. Since Volvo is owned by Ford can I use these credits to buy a S40A?
  • dunn3dunn3 Posts: 29
    You should call the credit card, and they will probably be able to give you another 1800 number for Ford, which will then tell you if your credits apply
  • Beatles,

    I had over $2000 of credits from my Ford Visa card before it was converted to a Driver's Edge card. I recently purchased a Volvo, and contacted Citibank to see if the credits could be applied towards the purchase of a Volvo. Their response was that because Volvo was purchased after the termination of the Ford Visa card, the credits could not be used on a Volvo.

    If they give you a different story, please advise. Good Luck.
  • The Volvo S40 is not built in Belgium bu tin Holland. The difference being that the Dutch tend to be on the whole in the aggregate more organized, disciplined and skilled (aside form cooking, bicycle manufacturing and racing and beer brewing) than their Belgique neighbors. However, there are some distinct cultural and class differences between the Flemish (germanic-ductch) and the Walloons (celtic-frencs) in Belgium's multicultural work force. My point being that to confuse the Netherlands with Belgium is like confusing Texas with Florida. There are significant differences.

    Further, regarding the comments that a S40 loaded is in the 27K range at MSRP and that Volvo won't deal down form MSRP, I would point out that if true, why not get a 9-3 sedan for 27K with a sunroof, manual, CD and maybe even leather for 28K. SAAB does deal and the base SAAB 9-3 has 185 HP, 209 Ft LBS of torque at low rpms and much much more room in the rear seat and truck/hatch. As for saftey, the 9-3 is at least as good as a Volvo s40. The only way the S40 is a deal under this cenario is as a base model without the extras. I looked at Audis before buying the SAAB. If you like the S40 engine, try the trionic 4 cylinder turbo in the 9-3 for a real rocket ride. Also the seats in the SAAB do offer lateral support. Despite all of this, I am interested in bbuying a S40 as second car.
  • Rollie, thanks for the update on the volvo engine. I questioned the dealer on it and he corrected me also. Thanks again.
  • I'm picking up my S40 tomorrow if all goes well.
    I got silver(a premium color $400), leather/ sunroof/trim package, winter package, upgraded CD(not the whole touring package) CD and upgraded speakers only. No sports package. I live in Connecticut.

    OTD = $27,937US this includes 6% sales tax.

    I actually think I could have gotten a better deal, but didn't have the energy to put into it.
    I believe the MFSR on my car is about 27275 including destination charges. However, I let them charge me for the advertising and I've never paid the $180 conveyance fee before in my life, but this time i let them ad both of these charges on top.
    Clearly we negotiated a bit. Assuming my sales rep is honest the dealer makes $1,800 on the car from the start. We started off by spliting that amount and then I payed a couple hundred less than MSRP for each of the packages and/or individual options. Like I said, I let him gross it back up w/advertising and conveyance fee. All in all I feel fine w/my deal. I thought it would help for all of you to have some actual numbers to work with. Best wishes.

    As a mention, I also got my $500 worth of accessories for free in line w/the current promotion.
  • Two of us drove the fully-loaded test model S 40 today. Really liked the way it handled. Trunk is big enough for us -- could easily fit golf clubs (unless clubs are made for 7 footer). However, there were a ton of "problems" with trunk and interior finish. The trunk would not open! Apparently, the dealership was ordering new "software" for the trunk computer. Sounds somewhat dodgy to me (like get a new test model, dude!). Also, plastic moldings below driver seat had come apart. The salesman claimed some "hyper" children had been crawling over the front seat and dislodged them. This requires, we suppose, that we wait on the crash test results to see if other moldings hold up as well as these plastic interior consoles. And the faux wood is REALLY horrible looking and comes with the sunroof/leather package. I asked the salesman if I could get the sunroof/leather combo minus the plastic-wood, and he looked at me in that deer-in-headlights way. We will wait for the 2001 model to clear up these structural faults (at least the car has good rubber bumpers combined with a sleek look).
  • I understated the MSRP for my car in #72. It actually was more like $27725. I paid $27,937 OTD including tax, etc... as stated above. Glad to hear that I wasn't forced to pay sticker.
  • I was looking at an S40 while waiting at the dealership the other day, and it took me a while to figure out how to get in the trunk. Like the S80, there is no interior trunk release. On the S40's trunk, you simply push the the area around the key slot in (it's actually a release button, even though it doesn't look like one) and it opens right up. I don't know if the S40 has a remote release on the key fob, though, but it does have the same hinge design as the S80 which means that when you close the trunk the hinges will never smash any of your packages. Nice!
  • tmg1tmg1 Posts: 1
    I have test driven the S40 twice recently. On the second occasion I asked to look in the trunk again, but the salesman stated that the trunk mechanism was frozen and it would not open. Your experience along with mine leads me to believe that there is definitely a problem in this area. Other areas of concern that I had inluded the cup holders that are almost unusable. Two are under the armrest and another pops out of the dash in a location that will allow any condensation that forms on the outside of cups to fall into either the stereo or seat heater buttons. The lower portion of the dash looks cheap with exposed screws. It only has a fixed interval wiper; you cannot adjust the speed of in the intermittent position. It comes only with off-black bodyside molding, that I'm sure will turn to a dull grey in no time. I think Volvo has compromised too much on this car. Although it performs and handles well, I expected more for the money and more from Volvo.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    You will like the 40 alot. We have sold several, to so far rave reviews from the drivers, at the dealer where I have worked for 11 years. Must point out though, and am backed by Consumer Reports and Edmunds, that the Advertising fee is NOT a gross by dealer, but a charge by the manufacturer to dealer. They cannot be negotiated from bottom line. CR and ED both say consumer has to pay as it is cost to dealer. Yes manufacturers should put them in sticker, but that would raise their base price, which all of them want to keep low for bragging rights.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #73:

    dinas, what did you mean by waiting for crash test results to see how the molding holds up? Are you implying that molding is a safety item? As far as I know, none of the testing organizations looks at how molding should hold up as the result of a crash. Am I missing something?

    Either way, for what it's worth, the S40 has stellar crash test results. It's the only car in the Euro NCAP crash testing (much more comprehensive than what we do here in the U.S.) to score 4 stars (they conducted the tests over a year ago I believe) in frontal and side impacts in it's class (the Audi A4, Mercedes C-class,Saab, and BMW 3 series, E36 series, scored 2 stars). When you consider it's class I think you will find that the test results speak well for the S40.
  • I hope to buy an S40 soon. My only trepidation is this: I've never owned a turbo anything. Does this mean higher maintenance costs, increased chances of malfunctions or any other surprises down the line? I like keep my cars for a long time!
  • From which dealer did you buy in Connecticut? What town / how far from Manhattan? Thanks.
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    Chaz: Edmunds says "Advertising fees, when charged, should
    not exceed one percent of the vehicle's MSRP. Because advertising is a cost of doing business, you should only pay an advertising fee if the deal you've struck on the car
    is a minimum profit deal for the dealer."
    If that was what you meant, I appologize.

    #73: I doubt the build quality will increase. The car has been in manufacturing since 1995 or so. The only thing that seems to be added for the US market are two additional cupholders. In Sweden the V40 starts at under 19K with a 100hp engine, so the interior is probably not intended to match the "near-luxury" cars.
    However, you do get an excellent engine, engineering and the Volvo safety for the US price so I guess it is a choice everyone has to make for themselves.

    #79: The Mitsubishi turbos that have been in Volvos the last few years have an excellent reputation for durability.

  • I looked at the S40 and liked it. Then I saw a S80 in Java metallic w/light beige interior and asked the salesman if that combo was available on the S40. Too bad, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. Others considered are Jetta GLX, Infiniti G20, or a used Seville STS.
  • Sorry for not being clear in posting #80, but my question was for Tom Soltis - from which dealer did you buy your S40? It sounds like you got a good deal, and I am looking for a dealer who will come more than a nudge off the sticker.
  • Regarding the trunk problems during test drives: The first time I went for a test drive, the trunk was broken as well, and would not open. However, when I returned for another look after the initial stock had arrived, I was able to take a peek in the trunk of one of the other cars.


    I do like the car though - it was a blast to drive.
  • I would rather have you email me this same question @ [email protected] in order for me to provide the type of detailed information you are requesting. I'm a great supporter of full disclosure of information as well as a staunch supporter of individual privacy. please don't hesitate to contact me.

    BY the way, every day my s40 gets better and better.
  • just returned from a volvo dealer...they were willing to take $500 off and that's it. i was shooting for 3% over invoice. the salesguy took the information to the sales manager who came out and politelty lectured us why he could not even get close to that. he told us if he went less than $500 on the s40 then volvo would punish his dealership by not replenishing the car he sold us. we had a budget to keep so we walked out went to vw and bought a passat for 2 1/2% over invoice.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    I was browsing the Volvo website earlier today and
    noticed that they have added the S40 to the
    European Delivery program! This means the S40 can
    be had for as low as $21,400 delivered. This is a
    phenomenal price as it includes round-trip airfare,first night hotel charge, shipping, etc.

    [email protected]
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I'm in the market for a S40/V40 so I'm interested in other buyer experiences out there.

    #86: A reason they might not be willing to deal; it is a brand new car model in this market so I bet they think they can get a lot of people who want to be different from their neighbours and are willing to pay for it.
    Also, I'm not sure it is completely relevant, but it is interesting nonetheless: the Audi A4 and the S40 have almost the same invoice price, but the Volvo is 1000 dollars cheaper. It's not entirely clear to me what the reason for this is, either Volvo is pocketing more money than Audi, or Audi thinks the dealers should get a bigger cut of the sales.

  • Re: frozen trunk release. I know from my mom's Volvo that the trunk release button/lock can be "permanently locked," meaning that you can put in your key, turn it all the way to the right to the permanent locking position, and it can't be unlocked by the automatic door locks. The button can still be depressed, but will not open the trunk, unless you use your key to turn the lock back. Perhaps that was the situation with the "broken" trunks some of you encountered?

    Re: S40 driving experience. I test-drove the car (at the end of August) and agree that the ride is great and that the power is quite adequate. I also think the styling is really attractive, especially with the sports package, which adds the side-skirts akin to the BMWs'. And in all honesty, I think it's a *great* value even if there is little budge room on the MSRP. I did wish, however, that the sports package actually added performance upgrade factors instead of just aesthetics, and that it was offered with a manual transmission. I also found the handling to be on the soft side. That's just me, though, since I'm used to, and now look for, more performance-oriented cars. Just MHO.

  • tump90tump90 Posts: 1
    Has anyone in the Chicago area had any dealings with Volvo dealers regarding the S40? If so, what deal were you able to hash out? Current Honda owner, interested in driving the S40...are there any in this area to test drive? Your input about this and pros/cons to this car will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Come to think of it, when I picked up my s40 the salesperson did spend a lot of time explaining how to open the trunk. If I remember correctly, he suggested that you need to click twice on the "unlock" button and only then can you turn the key in the trunk. He mentioned that some people were having a problem w/the concept and it caused the trunk locking mechanism to freeze.

    From my experience, I assume that the trunk is locked whenever I lock the car. I've only opened the trunk when the car doors were unlocked. Maybe this simple approach has allowed me to experience problem free trunk lock issues.

    I've had this car for over two weeks now. I commute over 300 miles per week to work. To date, this car has improved my commute tremendously. I've only seen one other one on the road.

    However, I have to say, if you feel the need to have very efficient and simple to operate cup holders - I'd buy a different car. This car is clearly not for you. If you can go beyond that issue, and accept an automatic transmission I think you're on the right track.
  • Were you ever able to contact my salesperson regarding the S40?
  • Volvo is planning to replace the Volvo S40
    for the year 2001. This is what is gathered at their "spy website".

    The S40/V40 range is due to be replaced in 2001 with a car based on the new P1X platform. The current S40/V40 is built at NedCar in Born, the Netherlands, and shares its structure and factory with the Mitsubishi Carisma. The Ford purchase of Volvo is understood to have come too late to change the plans for the next S40/V40.
    The next V40 will be called V50 because Volvo will start naming the sedans S and then an even number and the station wagons V and then an odd number.

    Here is the website:

    Just scroll down to -- Volvo Spy Pictures --
    and click on Volvo S40/V40. You might wanna check out all the other future cars there too!
  • S40/V40 Replaced by S40/V50.
    S70/V70 Replaced by S60/V70.
    S90/V90 Replaced by S80/V90.
    Volvo SUV.

    * What they mean by replacing for the S40/V40 is changeing the interior and some other minor things including the name of the V40.

    * This is the last year to get the S70(brick model). It will be replaced by the S60. The V70
    will be redesigned.

    * They have already replaced the S90 with the S80. The V90 will also be redesigned.

    * SUV, that might be a while before it comes out.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    S40 handled and braked adequately but the turbo lag was annoying. Engines revs before power develops. Compare this SAAB's 2.3 liter turbo in the 99 9-5 SE (170 Hp and 209 Ft Lbs of torque at 1800 Rpms. No contest since closeouts on loaded 9-5s were selling under invoice. Volvo arrogance and refusals to deal just means more sold SAABs. Steering on SAABs much better. Price difference: loaded 9-5 SE leather seats, ventilated seats, heated rear and front seats, dual climate control, 200 watt harmom kardon sterro etc, just $4000 more for SAAB. Why not buy a 9-3 before buying a S40. The 9-3s sre more fun to drive, offer more storage and SAAB will deal. Leases are great. New models have received rave reviews from press and owners.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Don't mean to say anything bad about them, but I have a relative in Sweden who works at a Saab factory (airplanes) and said he wouldn't be caught dead in one. Volvo is the way to go, they hold together and have higher resale value. All this coming from a Swede. Go figure.
  • I've heard the same about Saab resale values, that they're relatively low compared to other cars in the class. What's up with that?
  • They are owned (partially or all) by GM. Go figure.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    I assume that build quality is the issue here. After reading many car books and the other topics here at Edmunds, Saabs don't hold together to well. Also, they are very quirky. Someone mentioned that the ignition switch on the 9-3 is on the console between the two front seats?

    Beyond that, I was told that if I was set on buying a Saab to stick to the turbo I4. It is pretty much the only thing left that isn't an Opel/GM component.

    As for ownership, I think that GM owns 50% of Saab. I could be wrong. I personally believe that this wouldn't be a problem if they were using American components. Unfortunately, they utilize Opel. The division of GM that has brought us the Catera.

    Personally, I want a luxury car that is going to hold together for a more than a decade. Mercedes and Volvo were at the top of that list.
  • My wife and I have been trying to get a deal on a 2000 S40 and the sales force isn't willing to deal at all. They offered $500 off of the standard invoice and no more. The local dealer here in Dayton, Ohio, USA has free loaner car when we get our Volvo serviced with them, but besides that, it seems to be a take it or leave it. Plus, they say it might take a month or more to get it from order. This is my first new car in a while.... Are us new car buyers supposed to be treated like this Now?
    Maybe I accidentally walked into the Ford Dealer.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    There apparently is a edict from up high in Volvo not to sell these vehicles any lower priced than $500 below invoice. Salesman I spoke to suggested that it may cause more people to demand the S40.

    If you want close to invoice and a trip included, I would suggest that you go Euro Delivery.
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