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GMC Yukon Denali Bench seats and spare tire

realtriferealtrife Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in GMC
The mechanism which holds my spare tire under my 2004 gmc yukon denalli xl broke off i had to stop and put my spare tire in my vehicle.. so i actually have three questions.
1. what cause the mechanism to break off?
2. how espensive is it to repair
3. i guess having the tire lean against the back of my second row of seats was too much preasure because now i cant pull the seat part of the 2/3 bench forward to fold the seats. What can I do?


  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Depends on which part of the mechanism that's broken, but, in general its due to either corrosion or otherwise cranked your spare tire too tight...

    Again, depends on where its broken, if its just a matter or replacing the crank and cable and etc, or does it require any welding... and also your particular hoist model (with or without lock and etc..); starting at around $110 and up.

    Not sure what have you tried, but I would let some air out of the tire first then try and to move the 2nd row seat/seat-back forward manually (if your's is equipped with electrical flip&tumble feature).

    Good Luck!
  • with the seat its not electrical and the tire is no longer there
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Make sure the latch/mechanism (i.e. cable etc.) are not broken or disengaged for whatever reason... Sometimes, if not already tried, having someone sit on the seat (his/her body weight) may help as you pull the latch to fold or move the seat forward... If that works, then it sounds like you need to lubricate the anchor and those moving parts in between to the latch. Hope that works.
  • I have captains chairs for my Yukon. we have a total of 7 in our family. I need to find out if it is possible to find a bench seat for the second or third rows of this vehicle. Anyone have any suggestions?
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