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Audi A8



  • To anyone looking for a used A8 or plans to keep it for more than 100,000 miles, please be aware that maintenance is outrageous. My 1997 A8 just turned 90,000 miles and I am told the transmission is starting to go. I WAS QUOTED $9,000 to replace it by the dealer. A local transmission shop told me the dealer is only going to rebuild the unit!!!!!! Buyer Beware!
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Volkswagen/Audi in Massive Recall

    More than 850,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles --
    about 530,000 sedans and hatchbacks sold in the
    U.S. alone -- are being recalled for a faulty
    ignition coil. Volkswagen announced the recall last
    week, noting that the problem could cause spark
    plug failure and rough running, which is usually
    indicated by the vehicle's "Check Engine" light.
    Most of the cars affected carry the VW corporate
    1.8-liter turbo four (which includes the Audi A4
    and TT coupe; the VW Golf, GTI, Jetta, New Beetle
    and Passat), the 2.8-liter VR6 and the 3.0-liter
    V6 engines, as well as the VW Passat's W8.
  • If what I've seen concerning the price of the new A8 is correct, it will be priced at around 75K. That's about 12k more than the base car is this year. The A8 has been known as value leader at this price point, now it plays in the same price league as the Mercedes or BMW and the lexus is about 18-20K cheaper. It's absolutely stunning but at 75K, I may be forced to pass on it.
  • My quote for a new transmission is $10,000 for my 1998 A8 with 60k miles.
  • I saw the new A-8 at the auto show and was impressed. As with everything from luxury cars to widgets, I suspect the price will be set based on relative supply and demand, so that list price will only hold up if people are willing to pay it. From what I saw and have read, the new model is quite a bit improved and so an increase seems justified, but I agree that they will have to price at a discount to Mercedes and BMW until people accept them in that league. I would be surprised if the normal A-8 lists at $75k (maybe that was for an L model), which I believe would be 10% more than a normal 745; although come to think of it I believe a 745L starts at "only" $73k.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well the price difference between the 2003 A8 and 2004 A8 can be explained very easily. Audi is no longer importing the short-wheelbase model, they're starting out for 2004 with the A8L and only going up from there. If they price the new A8L at 75K thats about 8K more than the current A8L. Sales of the A8L were much better than the short wheelbase model in the latter years of the current car's production run, so this time they aren't going to bother with a "base" A8.

    The next short wheelbase A8 will the be the 2005 S8.

  • sanders8sanders8 Posts: 1
    I have owned a great 2000A8 for 3 years and will probably purchase the 2004 model. I do not own the L - I just like the shorter base. Do you know if I can order a 'non-L' version soon? Also, at 50,000 miles it seems to me that a subtle change is taking place with the transmission - could I possiblly be feeling a difference? The AWD has been amazing...
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    Does anyone know exactly the time the 2004 A8 will be available at Audi dealers? Does Audi have a European Delivery program like MB and BMW?

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    saw the interior of the A8 at the autoshow (but couldn't sit in it). Was skeptical about it in photos but seemed impressive in the flesh.

    Why anyone would look at a 7 series boggles my mind. The Sclass, new Jag XJ, and A8 are more attractive and aren't saddled with the lame joystick.
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Posts: 139
    I just attended the launch of the new A8L; awesome car; Audi has really hit a homerun this time.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Anyone ordered an A8 yet? Anyone in the U.S. driven the car yet?

  • dsilver2dsilver2 Posts: 12
    The new A8L will be at the dealers on june 12th
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    Really like it, aside from the bare center console area. But that new XJ only 3700 pounds in full dress (RWD only). I think the A8 and the XJ will bite huge chunks out of the 7series (ahem, slug) and Sclass (ahem, dated) market.
  • pegleggerpeglegger Posts: 40
    My understanding is that Audi hasn't had a Euro delivery option for 20 years or's a great thing and I will be going in August for 2 weeks to pick up and drive my 04 Volvo S60R.

    Too bad Audi doesn't offer. Volvo's is a really sweet deal, BMW and Mercedes not incentive-laced, like Volvo, but you still get to drive a sweet car and not have to pay exorbitant rental fees.
  • From what I have seen of the new A8, it looks beautiful. The entire car is a marvel to look at in my opinion. I have never owned an Audi, but this car is changing my mind. I hope Audi strikes success with the A8. And, let us not forget the interior. The best I have seen in a very long time. Well done.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Couldn't agree more - it was love at first sight for me as well (I spent a LOT of time admiring it at our local Auto Show last February, even though they wouldn't let you open the doors). I hope it proves to be put together as well as it looks. If it gets a good reputation for reliability, it could be a big profit maker for Audi, even thought they will never sell it in volume due to the price.

    P.S. My neighbor just bought a slightly used '02 A8L model with 21,000 miles, for what he says was a very good price. He's a commerical realtor, and he chose the Audi in part due to its very roomy back seat, as he often takes clients with him to show the properties that he has listed. And being in Minnesota, he also said that he needed something that would safely get him to where he needs to go, even on the worst winter days. Seems like he made a smart choice.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I received information from Audi that the U.S. base price on the A-8L is just under $70k. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first ones!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Our local dealer has one on the floor and I checked it out on Thursday. The base price was right around $69,000 and with a few options it was something like $73,000. Out of my range, but it sure is a good looking car. The back seat is unbelievably roomy, and the interior materials and build quality are superb. Maybe some day....
  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    My company provide the infotainment system for A8 and as a test engineer I have been driven this car for past 2 month, at first it doesn't feel as solid as BMW/Benz, but it's more nimber and became solid if driven more aggressively, it's not over powerful on low end but more easy to drive on local road because it felt much smaller and lighter, on free way it is a blast to drive, the amazing thing about it is you don't feel the different between 50m/h and 100m/h, I drove the new MB E500 and I started to felt the speed at around 70 m/h and that really suprised me, BMW 745i is very good too but if you get bored of them and want something diffrent, it's good choice I think.
  • paul1266paul1266 Posts: 4
    Just test drove the 2004 A8. Excellent ride and handling. One of the nicest interiors I have ever seen. Coming out of a 540i Sport, so there is some loss of shear power but it was easily made up for in ride quality and interior material upgrades. I passed on a 745il, I felt the A8 was equal in all performance aspects, had a nicer interior and a much more logical system than the i-drive system. MSRP on an equally loaded 745il was a little over $81k As for price: I ordered with the following options: WPD convenience package, PRQ 19" Alloy wheels, PAW cold weather package, 7HB door armrest and center console in leather, PDE dual-paned security glass, 9AU Dual rear seat climate control. MSRP $76,640 Bought for $73,476. 3 dealers quoted me, local dealer was at full MSRP, a dealer 90 miles away wanted $75,000 and the dealer 76 miles away gave me the $73,476 quote. Local dealer was ticked that any one would discount so early into the release of the new A8. Hope this info helps any interested buyers. I should take delivery in mid-August.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    What color did you get? I'm so wanting for this car to meet its sales targets.

  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    Congratuation Paul on your A8, It's good to know you like the car.
  • hage45hage45 Posts: 13
    Paul-I also have a Lexus, LS430 Custom 2001, but my previous car was a 1998 Audi A8. How do you compare the new A8 to the Lexus.
  • cjack53cjack53 Posts: 1
    I also test drove the 04 A8L on Thursday afternoon. I own a 2000 S-Type, my lease is up soon so I'm very interested in this vehicle. I'm very happy with the S-Type but thinking about something different. I was also impressed with the exterior styling. The car is very long but the lines are amazing that you don't care about the length. The interior says style. The sales lady had just returned from the ride and drive 2 day test on the car in Las Vegas and was ready to demo what the car could do. She noticed my driving expertise and told me to drive the car to a spot going to Balboa Park where the road is up hill and very ziz zag like. As we approached the first turn she told me not to break, I did because of the speed I was at. The next turn she said it again, I covered the brake was didn't press it. The next turn she said go the car will take it and I did. For the next 5 turns I just went for it and the car went through turns that I have never done so fast in my life. AMAZING! what he car can do. After that we went on the freeway and the select shift, engine and ride was equally amazing. The only flaw I noticed wad the cabin noise level. I was told that that may improve if I selected comfort on the ride selection. Audi has a bad rep. fpr for losing value, but after that test drive, makes you want to rethink Audi and a contender. I've test drove the S-430, Lexus L-430, and the 04 Maxima. I sell Fords and Hondas. Own a 01 Accord, and 00 S-Type 4.0. You owe it to yourself to test drive this car and don't be suprised to hear the salesperson say it can take it. 50 MPH around a hairpin turn gave me motion sickness, almost.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The local Audi dealer hear has one outside. Man this is a gorgeous car. If any car deserves to sell better this is it. It is a very long car though and I suspect it will look ever better in darker colors, the one on display was silver. The 19-inch wheels look good, but will no doubt be hard to keep clean. This car is the total and exact opposite of the 7-Series. It's actually very, attractive and functional.....and appears to be simpler to use.

  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    Nice article Charles.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Can't wait to hear (read) about it!

  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    I am still testing the Satellite radio on A8, both XM and Sirius will be supported.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Wow I'm surprised to hear that the 3rd dealer actually would deal the 04 A8L at below MSRP at all. Congrats though.

  • Ok I am thinking about purchasing a used a8 for my wife and have some questions. First of all I live in Ohio so I want to know how well the aluminum is holding up in the salt and if I decide to buy should I go to a southern state to buy one or is this not an issue??

    How is reliability on these years??We would buy one with between 20,000 and 40,000 miles and then plan on running it till 120,000 or 8 more years whichever comes first

    Are there any years that we should stay away from due to corrosion or reliability??

    Are there any years that had alot of differences in the features??

    Also I want to know what towing you can do with it if prepared properly. Towing isn't our primary concern but if it could tow 3500 pounds that would be a plus. That way we could get rid of my 3/4 ton GMC that we keep around just for the boat we own. If not we will just keep it.

    Sorry I'm so ignorant on these cars but I am new to them and no one around here seams to know much about them. Thank's Kevin
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