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2005 Odyssey intermittent starting problems

botottbotott Posts: 1
edited August 10 in Honda
Over the past several months, my 2005 van periodically simply won't start up, typically, after a day or so of non use, but not always.

I have been to the dealer 5 times, and they can never replicate this issue when its there.

I wonder if it could be the ignition kill switch. However, the green key light does come on when its supposed to when the key is turned to the correct position. The starter does crank, but its like its not getting any gas. Its not a battery issue, thats been checked.

Its appears that there was a recall issue on a 2004 for some cracked wiring in the fuel pump causing the car not to start.

This is truly one of the most frustrating things I have ever gone through in 25 years of car ownership.

Any advice would be most welcome.


  • porkstuporkstu Posts: 4
    edited April 2016
    I know this is nearly a year later but I have this same model van and was wondering if you ever figured out the problem because we're experiencing the same issues!?

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  • I have a 2007 Honda odyssey and I am having problems with the battery dying. If I leave anything on for more than one minute my car is dead. I took the car to the dealer thinking the battery was bad and there is nothing wrong with the battery. I have heard other people complaining about the same thing. When I called Honda they did not have any complaints If anyone else has this same problem please let me know and also call Honda to formally explain what is happening.
  • For over a year I experienced intermittent starting problems. After several trips to the Dealer, several attempts to re-create the problem (without success), the car finally died for good. We had it towed to the Dealer and they could not get it started.

    Battery had full charge, starter/ignition kill switch checked out fine. All cables leading to/from the battery to the starter were fine at the connectors. As a last resort the Technician cut through the MIDDLE of the cable leading from the Battery to the Starter.... MASSIVE CORROSION!!!! He claims to only have seen this in the Honda CRV's.

    SInce the cable was replaced, I have never again experienced the intermittent starting problem.

    I have had PLENTY of other problems with the ca as well, and I am very disappointed with it.
    I have always owned Honda's and have always been very pleased - not so in this case.

    My 2005 Honda Odyssey has 75,000 miles on it and has had, among other things, the following:
    - the above mentioned intermittent starting problem lasted for 2 years until it was fixed.
    - Air Condenser has been replaced TWICE. (have experience several problems with the A/C).
    - BRAND NEW Transmission put in due to Transmission Failure at 70K.

    I am looking at the Toyota Sienna for our next Minivan, my wallet can't handle another Honda like this one.
  • Last night (12/25/2010) I have the same problem. Before I turn the ignition, it looked fine: dashboard lights on, reading lights can be turned on. When I turned ignition, the starting process stopped about 1/3 of the way, and went completely black, no dashboard lighting, no reading lights, cannot produce any response when I turn again. After I take the key out and left the car for one two minutes and before my kids got out, my son noticed dashboard lights on again. I turned ignition, it started the car just fine. I wonder if it will die on me again when I am in a remote parking lot with no cellphone signal.
  • Did you find a fix to this problem? I have the same problem and now while I am driving the car will turn off for just a second and everything dies(radio, lights, etc.) then turns back on and all is back to normal.
  • I have not find a cure. The good news is it has not happened again. I told the Honda shop about this during last regular service. They did not find anything wrong and did not do anything special. So I'll wait for the next occurrence. Hope that's after I've donated it to charity.
  • sandman66sandman66 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else found the wiring corrosion to be the solution to the intermittent starting problem? I am having the same problem with my 2007 Honda Odyssey. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they have not been able to recreate the problem in the shop; one time the kept if for a week and did not recreate the problem. It was happening a lot, i.e. almost every time we drove it. Then the ignition switch was replaced and that did nothing to resolve the issue or reduce the frequency of incidents. I finally convinced the dealer to change the starter and that reduced the frequency tremendously, but the problem was still there. Recently we had to replace the AC coil; since that time, the frequency has increased. If anyone can offer their experience with a successful solution, please let me know.
  • We are just starting down this path with an '07 Honda Odyssey. I agree this has been a very problematic car - transmission and a/c issues for us - definitely not what we expected from a Honda.
    Full disclosure - this is not MY experience, but in researching online - I came across this link - where they discussed this being a "classic" malfunction of the neutral safety switch. If anyone finds anything else would really appreciate a post - as again - our car is sitting at the Honda Service department as we speak due to their inability to reproduce the issue on demand. -t-start-in-park
  • I also found this online sandman - so it seems hopefully one of these 3 issues could be the culprit. (Neutral Switch, Shift Cable, range switch.) The technician online mentioned these are more common than the immobilizer, so I suppose that's a 4th potential root cause. ms.html

  • abarancoabaranco Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem with my 2005 Odyssey. Battery is new, had starter replaced in Dec 2015, and 3 months later, exact same problem. I wonder if it's a bigger overall electrical problem. There's been random times when the windows or door locks don't work for several minutes, but we try again and suddenly everything's fine. There have been other random electrical issues like the back right brake light needed to be replaced 3 times but the left only once. Sometimes when I first open the driver's door there's a "bing" as though the key was in the ignition but it's not. Other weird electrical quirks that happen once in a while but never when I take vehicle to be checked. 
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    I have the same problem of intermittent failure to start with my 2006 Odyssey. Maybe every 20th time I turn the ignition, dash lights come on as normal, but the engine will not turn over. No sound at all. My local Honda dealer service dept kept the car for a day, but could not replicate the problem. They were reluctant to suggest to me to replace the starter. I had it replaced anyway (somewhere else), but the same starter problem continued, randomly, intermittently, and then would inexplicably resolve itself. After being stranded and frustrated a couple of times, I learned by experimentation that if I turn the auxillary power on and place the shifter in neutral (instead of keeping it in park), I can then turn the key and the car will start normally. This solves the issue every time, without fail. I still don't know the root cause of the problem, but I no longer worry about getting stranded somewhere (at least due to this issue).
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