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Pontiac Grand Am



  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    Buy the car you want and never mind what people that you don't know and will never meet, think!
  • In today's society, that is hard to do. I agree with you, though--don't get me wrong. If we could do that, then people would buy Kias. But, since we are afraid of what the neighbors will think, most folks don't.
  • a44la44l Posts: 1
    Just turned 60 and bought a 2001 Grand Am GT.
    I do not feel too old for the car but my girl friend hates it and called it a kids car. The car is a blast to drive and have had no problems for the first 5,000 miles
  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    One of the car moguls made a comment in the late 40s or early 50s; I think it was Henry Ford or Harley Earl. He said you can sell a young man's car to an old man, but you can't sell an old man's car to a young man.

    Age is just a number and being 'old' is just a state of mind!

    Think young, act young, stay young!

  • azwmmazwmm Posts: 8
    Wife is 55 and drives Grand AM SE 2. She likes it because it's quick off the line and has a tight suspension.
  • I thought that quote was from John Delorean when he was at Pontiac and coming out with the GTO in the early sixtys. Who would have thought John would have done something low like steal a line.
  • azwmmazwmm Posts: 8
    99 Grand AM SE2
    Also have the exact same problem with quirky turn signal. Before I have the combo switch replaced, I'll check the bulbs in the tail lights and directionals. I've replaced one taillight bulb. Bulb was not burned out, but wire in bulb base heated up plastic and no longer made contact with the socket. At 39k I've replaced the drive belt, water pump, battery, and had the plastic on the door panels reglued. The brakes are original and no problems. Anyone have any info on the 2003 Grand Prix? I've searched the web without finding a good spy photo.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    act young and stay young but still die of old age.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "But, since we are afraid of what the neighbors will think, most folks don't."

    I certainly don't frigging care what my neighbors think of my car!

    Anyone who lives like that to me is truly sad.
  • It is sad, but it happens. Just for fun, tell someone you work with that you are going to buy an Elantra because of its roomy interior and 100,000 mile warranty. The reaction you get there will be the same everywhere, and that is why many people can't buy what they want. Sad or not, it happens in real life. I'm on your side, though.
  • Why do you think there are so many big ugly SUV's on the road? Better yet they are 4WD that no one ever uses. Because of the stigma attached to owning a minivan or plain sedan. Most people refuse to buy minivans because they think they will not look "cool".

    The only consideration I have for my neighbors is that the car is not a total eyesore (rust bucket, different color panels, etc) and doesn't wake them out of bed when I start it up in the morning. Other than that - it's my car so I drive what I want!
  • I agree. When we bought our mini van last spring, an SUV was never an option. I have absolutely no use for them. Until they make an SUV with doors that slide back allowing total access to the cabin, they will never be as practical as a mini van. Sorry for the tangent, though.
  • Murphy's Law kicked in the other week when I decided to sell my '99 GA (3.4 V-6, Auto).

    I started smelling coolant (there's no other smell like it), but didn't see ANY fluid on the ground. Days went by, and using a flashlight, I noticed coolant underneath of the intake manifold (that space below the manifold and above the lifter/cam cover)... I've had the car for 1.5 years and have put 20000 miles on it myself (it has just under 50000 miles on it)...

    My first reaction to seeing fluid coming from a gasket is that it's been overheated, and thus warped. But I have never overheated it, so I don't know if it had loose manifold bolts, or a defective gasket...

    Took it to the dealer, and they replaced the gasket...Waiting to see if it holds.

    Has anyone heard of such a serious leak, with relatively few miles?
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Some of you might remember me, I had a '99 GA SE, but lost it in the great Houston flood of last summer. I've missed that car.

    Today, I went and bought a '02 Grand Am SE1, with the option package that includes the chrome wheels off the GT, and moonroof, Monsoon stereo, it in the same color as my '99, gold.

    Had 7 miles on it. Glad to be back a part of the Grand Am family.
  • Yeah I ran into an old freind of mine, turns out he works at the local Pontiac dealer. He said that this was one of the nagging problems that the Grand ams have, besides a bad turn light circut board and the rotor problem. He explained that this does not happen on all of the Grand Ams, but only some. The gasket material that GM uses to seal this section sometimes will fail and you will notice either coolent or oil around the edges. The fix is to bring it in to replace the sealant.
  • Don't forget the nagging tire noise that the Grand Am is infamous for. At 40K miles, my tires make all kinds of noise because they rub on the wheels. This is the first time I've ever encountered this problem, and the dealer has tried to fix it twice with no luck. Guess I have to wait a while and just replace the tires.
  • midlifecrisis,
    What does the tire noise sound like? About 1,000 miles ago (I'm at ~22,000 now) I noticed a pulsating, grinding sound coming from my front wheels at speeds below 20mph, whether or not the brakes were applied. The pulsing frequency seems to be directly proportional to the wheels' rotational speed. The strange thing, though, is that when I first heard the noise, I didn't hear it again for over a week. Now the noise is back and it seems to be louder than before. If this indeed is the tire noise you referred to, I have no intention of replacing the tires while they're still good ($200/tire on the GT). Any thoughts?
  • but it sounds like you've got the same tire noise that a bunch of us are suffering with right now. My tires started making the noise around 25-30K miles. I went back to the dealer twice before the warranty ran out. Both times they tried to fix the noise it was only temporary and the noise came back within a week.

    The noise is definitely proportional to the speed, as the tire rubs on the wheel once per rotation.

    Since there seems to be no cure for this ailment, I will be driving a while before I get new tires. I think you can get tires for less than $200 each, somewhere around $150 I believe.

    Since you are still under warranty, I would take it to the dealer and see what they do for you. If you really want to fight it, tell them you want new tires!
  • I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I haven't experienced this problem with my 2000 Grand Am SE. I have 44k miles on my car now and have never heard any tire noise. What does it sound like? The only problem I have with my tires is that one has a slow leak, and now it looses about 10psi a day. I think it might be the valve stem, does anyone else have an idea of what this could be? Also, just as an update, my turn signal has been working fine now for a few weeks, I haven't heard the sporadic clicking noise.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    You probably have a nail or screw in the tire. 10psi/day is a good size leak, shouldn't be hard to find.
  • I agree with burdawg - sounds like you have more than a valve stem leak. When mine lost pressure like that I found I had a screw in the tread. Does the SE model have a low tire pressure indicator light like the GT does?

    As far as the tire noise, I'm pretty sure that it is only the GT low-profile tires that have the problem.
  • Hi. I have a 1996 Grand Am SE with the 2.4/4-cyl engine approaching 100,000 miles. I bought the car GM Certified in May of 1999 with 30,000 miles. Here are the problems I have had: water pump (replaced under warranty), alternator (rep. under warranty), new control arm (bushing problem, causing steering wheel to pulse when braking). That is it. I keep my car Pontiac dealer maintained with the same mechanic and have had the oil changed every 3,000. I still have 1.5 years left in college and need this car to last (can even think about another payment). Should I follow just the manual's 100K recommended service, or something else? I am also going to ask the mechanic. I have been very impressed with the 2.4 engine in my car since I have heard a lot of horror stories from other people about them. It still has great pick-up for a 4-cyl engine and gets great gas mileage.
  • midlife,
    My husband and I are both engineers and we're scratching our heads trying to figure out how the tire could rub on the wheel (we're not car experts). Could you share the details of the problem with us if you know them? And, if the tire is rubbing in one spot (hence, once per revolution), then wouldn't that create a weak spot on the tire and therefore the potential for a serious problem?

    I need to take the car in for an oil change and to have the rotors machined (they said they'll machine, but not replace them under warranty), so I'll have to add the tire noise to the list. AGH!!! I absolutely love my GT but I'm feeling awfully disappointed right now. No car is perfect, but... My SmartBuy is up in December. My neighbor runs a Chevy dealership and I am quite fond of the TrailBlazers he brings home everyday...but I'm sure they have their own share of problems as well.

    Anyway, if you (or anyone) could elaborate on the tire noise, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  • I am also an engineer, but not a car expert. The problem was explained to me as something to do with the bead of the tire, not the tire structure itself. I think of it sort of like a shoe that squeaks when you walk on a wet floor. There is something about the shape of the tire where it contacts the wheel that causes a rubbing type noise once per tire revolution. It's almost like listening to a steam locomotive chugging at real slow speed. Chug, chug, chug, rub, rub, rub.....

    The dealer twice tried to lubricate the wheels to eliminate the rubbing sound. Once with baby powder (I'm not kidding) and then with some kind of clear coat finish. They gobbed the clear coat on and I spent an hour trying to clean the excess off of my rims! Neither was a permanent solution to the problem, as the noise reestablished itself soon after. And when I rotated my tires recently, the noise just moved from one part of the car to another, and seemed to be louder than ever!
  • midlifecrisis...
    Unfortunately no, the SE model does not have the low tire pressure indicator. That is something that would be nice to have though!
    I'm taking my car in to get it inspected by the end of the month, I'll have them check the tire again to see if they find a leak.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Just to give you a clue that water pump replace would have cost you $800 out of warranty,and its going to fail again.
  • For anyone considering a fun car I still highly recommend the GT1. Very fast and fun. 6 months and no mechanical problems to report. I have noticed some pitting on the front windshield, seems a little more than normal wear I would say but not a problem. I do live in the high desert and alot of dust and particulates have stuck to the white paint, a little bumpy when running fingers over. Looks like small dark pin tip particles. I used meguires clay bar, gloss polish #2 then clear coat gold wax to finish. Wow what a shine, and the paint is smooth again.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Hiya folks, if you wish to replace your current "buried deeply within the caves" instrument guages' illumination with something sportier, go to . This modification is for '99 - 02 SE models.

    This is an interesting site, allowing you to totally customize your instrument cluster, including allowing you to have white-faced guages, among many other colors, and an indiglo (various colors, user-changeable color) illumination scheme.

    About four of us jumped at the chance rather quickly, but there needs to be about eleven more since SpeedHut needs fifteen pre-orders before they can justify tooling up to make the modification.

    At any rate, if you are a SEer wanting to dress up your '99 - '02 instrument cluster, here is a great opportunity. Certainly outclasses the cheap overlay kits.
  • What about GT owners?
  • How did you like the soothsayer joe3891 prediction?

    I'll have to check this out. I assume it has a platinum impeller and is located inside the block where the engine must be removed for replacement.

    Water pumps do have a finite life mostly determined by the condition of the coolant and drive tension. GM went to the Texaco Dexcool phosphate free extended life coolant, with one of the benefits being to extend the life of the water pump. This coolant is incompatabile with regular ethylene glycol and when mixed causes some severe cooling problems.
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