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Pontiac Grand Am



  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I understand it if they work on a covered repair its $100 deductble,if the cost was less they would charge you that lesser amount.To be sure ask them.
  • I'm not sure how your warranty is structured but the basis for deductables is to avoid people from abusing the warranty. If there were no deductable, someone could take it in for every little squeek, rattle or anything basic.This would double or even triple the initial cost of the warranty. The warranty is supposed to cover the car if it needs major work like a tranny or motor or anything over $300 dollars or so. If you have a small repair under a $100, just pay for it and don't even use the warranty.
  • bill211,
    I had to replace the grease in my sunroof tracks awhile back and the dealership recommended any standard white lithium grease.
  • I replaced grease, and its nice and smooth again...
  • Got the last S9018R oil filter by STP that the nearest Autozone (25 miles from me) had for $7.99.

    Anybody know why the oil filters for the 4 cyl grand ams cost so much more considering they appear to be so much cheaper to make?

    Or am I just living in a high rent area and folks are paying less elsewhere for these?
  • I purchased my 97 GrandAm GT in 98 with 8,000 miles on it. The car currently has 41,000 miles on it. During the factory warranty period, I had to have the weather striping replaced, the front passenger door re aligned, the air conditioning fixed, and an alternator replaced. I have an extended warranty but have not used it for all needed repairs. A knocking and acceleration problem emerged two years ago, but the warranty company refused to approve the diagnosed problem (the lifters) because it wasn't happening all the time. I've replaced on my own the brakes twice, the battery, the driver's side power window motor, and some type of belt bracket. A month ago the alternator failed again and I had it towed to the dealer. The warranty company approved the repair along with fixing several leaky gaskets and connections. I also had other maintenance things done at the time at my expense (engine desludging, fluid flushings, etc) The lifter problem returned last week and I again took it to the dealer who again diagnosed it as a lifter problem. The warranty company after a week of having me provide documentation of regular maintenence and then requiring me to authorize a futher tear down of the engine to determine the cause of the problem was engine sludge buildup (and denied the claim because based on the assumption that this was due to lack of proper maintenance.) I didn't get to speak to the claims adjuster directly but was told by the dealer that there wasn't any sludge there at the time, but it was based on evidence that there had been some sludge buildup in the past. I have documentation that I had the oil changed and other services every 3,000 miles and I'm confused as to what could have caused the sludge buildup if it was not due to my maintenance. I read recently that Toyota customers have had similar engine failures at low mileage and the company first used the same argument to say that the evidence of sludge build up was due to the lack of timely oil changes. After consumers affected by this decision began providing evidence of regular maintenace the company later decided that those who could show at least one oil change a year would be eligible for Toyota to compensate them for the engine work. Toyota won't concede that it was a design flaw that contributed to the problem, but others think that may be the case. My engine is a 3.1L V6. Has anyone else with this engine experienced sludge buildup problems despite regular (every 3,000 miles) oil changes?
  • Re Message 1470
    I have a Grand Prix and the key is now stuck. Dealer showed me that I can put my finger in through the bottom of the steering column cover and push a button up on the bottom of my ignition switch. This allows me to turn the key to the lock position and the key comes out. I found it is easier to get my finger on the button on the bottom of the ignition switch if my steering wheel is all the way up. This is temporary fix until I figure out the real problem.
  • It looks like I may be going thru my 2nd PS pump! Had 1st one done under warranty. Now I'm off warranty. This car is irritating! I have replaced only ONE power steering pump in my history of car ownership (so no "driving habits" excuse!). Has anyone had a consistent power steering pump problems on this car?
  • bill211bill211 Posts: 21
    What kind and what year?
  • ... 1999 SE1, 4-cyl
  • I am starting to have some more problems with my turn signal lever on my 2000 Grand Am SE. Sometimes when I use it, there is no signal. I have to move it up and down a few times and then it will release and start functioning properly. I think what is happening is sometimes when I use it the internal mechanism is not fully releasing after the signal stops, and then when I go to use it again, the lever feels a little loose and no signal comes one.

    So I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? It sounds like something I could fix myself if I get the correct this possible? What part would I be looking for, the turn signal switch lever?

  • moeharrimoeharri Posts: 108
    I have a 2001 GT that had a problem with the turn signal making noise, even when the signal wasn't on (it was loud and very rapid sounding). I got it fixed under warranty and heard that it is a common problem with the Grand Ams (a lady was there earlier that week with the same problem). I think they ended up replacing the emergency lights switch in the dashboard, but I'm not sure.
  • moeharri,

    That sounds like you had the same problem (my turn signal also makes the mysterious clicking noise every once in a while). Unfortunately my car is no longer under warranty, but if I knew what part to look for I could order it and install it myself.

    Do you know exactly which parts(s) were replaced on your you have the invoice to refer to?

    Thanks for your help.
  • moeharrimoeharri Posts: 108
    Sorry, I looked everywhere, but could not find the invoice, as it was almost a year ago (it happened only a few months after I had the car). If I find it, I'll let you know. You could also ask around at, the people there are really helpful as well and know a lot about Grand Ams.


  • I have a 99 GA SE1 V-6 with a constant noise in the front suspension like a creeky old bed.Could it be struts? Vehicle has 41,000 mi. and has had a motor mount and transmission replaced under warranty, but is out of warranty now. Any ideas?
  • ....yeah....mine has a bit of a noisy suspension too. GMs seem to get this problem in "mid life". Sometimes they blame it on the "sway bar bushings" which might need to be lubricated or replaced (usually not that expensive). The last 3 GMs I've owned have had this problem! (they seem to be bad with motor mounts too). That's why I'm trying hard NOT to buy any more American vehicles!
  • I forgot about those bushings! I think there's a couple of TSB's on the front suspension. I just bought an additional vehicle - a new Vibe AWD, mainly because of the Toyota engine/transmission. Hope it's less trouble than the '99 GA has been!
  • Im having trouble with my brakes. I had to replace them 2 times this year. What type of brakes would yall recommend for this model? 98 Pontiac Grandam V-6 Sedan. Also i need advice on some good tires for this car!! Deb.
  • I have a '95 Grand Am and throughout the last year I had replaced my brakes 3 times. I finally figured out that the calipers were sticking on both sides and needed to be replaced. My calipers were only $14 through Autozone so it wasnt a big deal to me b/c I do all the work myself. ** I have major problems with my lights, at first my headlights wouldnt come on right at first and I would have to flash the brights and then all of a sudden the lights would come on. After a while that stopped working and now to have any sort of lights I have to hold the switch back - for the brights - while I am driving. The parking lights always work but the cruise never does. Has anyone ever had a similar problem. I was wondering if it was just the switch itself.
  • netsnets Posts: 1

    I have a '98 GA and I can't figure out how to adjust the damn headlights. They are pointing too high and I would like to adjust them to point a little lower. But, I just can't find the set screws to point them down - now I have owned a few cars, and never had a problem finding the adjustment screws, but these I just can't seem to find.

    I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction with a description of where the adjustment is or a web site, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  • jc1973jc1973 Posts: 63
  • slimjslimj Posts: 1
    was driving my 93 grand am for about 30 min everything seemed fine then for no reason the car started shaking and stalled . after trying three time I got it running ran for a few more min and did the same thing . got it home waited 5 min drove around for about 30 min it was fine anybody have any ideas what's wrong ?
  • sounds like maybe fuel related? injector clog, or fuel filter/line clog...
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Fuel delivery is probably the most likely suspect. You didn't say how many miles, but if it's over 75K the pump would be one of the first places I'd look.
  • Does anyone know what kind of relay I need for the turn signal/hazard lights. Mine is acting up and I've decided to replace it to see it that fixes the problem.
    I just wanted to see if anyone could give me any info before I take off the front panel trim to access the relay.

    Also, my coolant resevoir was really empty (my dash light came on) so I refilled but I'm wondering if I put too much in because I filled it to about 1" from the cap. It's been about a week and I haven't had any problems, no steam or anything. What kind of signs should I watch for if I have overfilled the resevior?

    -2000 Grand Am SE1
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The bottle should be marked where to fill it at when the engine is cold and when the engine is hot. You might do well to get some of the overflow out of there, lest you damage the bottle.
  • What is the specific problem with the signals? If it is the continual and/or intermittent "clicking" after the stalk is turned off, it's not the relay (flasher) behind the trim panel but the "multi-function switch" in the steering column (yes, the flasher is making the noise, but the switch is causing the problem). The flasher unit is a bee-otch to get out, and the fool thing was $42 Canadian with my 20% discount. The "multi-function" switch was $150 Can + labour. I long for "back in the day" and the $4 universal flasher....
  • stumack1...
    It hasn't happened in the last few weeks, but sometimes while my signal is on, it will suddenly stop working (no light or click). I have to reset the turn signal stalk and push the hazard button once or twice to make the turn signal able to work again. Someone said that there might be a short in the relay, and that the turn signal lights are routed through the hazard light switch. But sometimes it feels like the turn signal doesn't release. And yes I have been driving along and all of a sudden I will hear clicking noises, but no turn signal lights come one. What's the deal?

    How do I get the flasher unit and multi-function switch out, would I have to replace both?

  • ...the flasher unit you must remove the trim panel around the radio and heater controls. Its tough to get your fingertips in to get a grip, but it will pop off (there are 4 metal clips holding it). To remove the flasher unit, there are three screws holding another small panel to the back of the first which also must be removed. The flasher is then accessible, but I had to break the clips holding it into the small panel (there is no way to squeeze them in to relase the flasher) to get it out. The new flasher will also come with a hazard button already attached.

    To get at the multi function switch, there are three bolts on the bottom of the steering column holding the 2-piece trim on. Remove these bolts and the trim pieces, and everything is accessible. I let the dealer do it, but I think the multi-function switch comes off with 2 small bolts and one electrical connector. The steering wheel trim pieces are also a pain to get back on..takes a lot of jockeying around to get them to fit together correctly at the back (dash) end. I'm betting your problem is the multi-function switch and that the flasher relay is okay.
  • I have a 1993 pontiac grand am se v-6 3300 and i am looking for performance parts that help it in power and speed.anyone know where i can find anything.all replies appreciated!
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