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Chrysler LHS



  • pepe5pepe5 Posts: 16
    Besides you can still go to any dealer,and he can order to the factory a special car built just for you,you can have it built the way YOU like it,instead of buying what the dealer has in stock,or what he ordered to the factory,according what HE likes.
    And believe me it is true,if a dealer tells you,it is impossible, he is not telling you the truth.You only have to take a brochure and select what you want,it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to have the car specially built for you in your hands.
  • tomjobetomjobe Posts: 6
    My '99 lhs is two weeks old and has been perfect. I waited for th 2000 and drove it. the only difference is a chrome ring around the windows, removed the chrysler emblem on the rear door, the 4 cd changer and the chromed plastic buttons inside. They are not shipping 2000 with sun roof because of a shortage. i took the 99 because i liked it better than the 2000s on the lots and i got almost 6000 off sticker.
  • I bought a 99 LHS last weekend and I love it! I went to the Chrysler/Dodge dealer to get an Intrepid, but fell in love with the LHS. I was ill when I saw the $349/3year lease on the Chrysler web site though. My 99 lease was a little more than that!
  • I can't get the "low lease rate button" on the Chrysler site to work. Can you tell be what it says, or give me the URL when you get to that site? Maybe that will work for me. I am interested in the 2000 36 month lease rate.
  • tomjobe,
    Good deal ($6k under sticker). What promotions did you use to ???
  • I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a 99 LHS with all options except the smokers group and the cold weather it has the upgraded radio, sunroof, chrome wheels and full spare with matching wheel....MSRP $31,420. I can't seem to get the price below $27, this a good deal?....Any negotiating help would be appreciated!
  • pepe5pepe5 Posts: 16
    Buy the 2000,it is going to be cheaper,and it is a better buy,the 99 is already one model year old.
  • rhb1rhb1 Posts: 3
    I am in the same situation with the same options if the dealer had said $27,500. I would have already bought, instead they are playing the dealer game. I know better and was frustrated the other day after the dealer started the ritual. I am also torn between the idea of getting a good deal and the fact that the 2000 is now (about $800 cheaper) pepe5 may be right.

    I won't really use the moon roof and the rims are nice looking but way over priced. Only option I really like the idea of is the radio with 4 CD in dash. I know you can buy the 2000 at invoice or a little over. My only problem is having some kind of relationship with the dealer. I wonder though if DC has done anything to fix or upgrade the quality of the window motor, many posts have discussed the problem, same with trim coming lose and pressure adjustments of the transmission. So the question is are they learning and improving the product. It would be nice to say if we bought the 2000 those problems would not occur.
  • Don't worry about your relationship with the dealer. He won't sell the car at a loss, the only question is how much he will make, and he will be happy to have you as a service customer.

    I think the reason that there are so few (if any) 2000s delivered is that they are a better buy than the 1999. If there were 2Ks all over the lot, they would have to discount the '99s even more.

    BTW, I doubt if the window motors or switch problem has been "solved," the problem, whatever it is, is a matter of DC's quality control over their suppliers. At some point they will realize that the dissemination of adverse information over the Internet, on boards like this one, causes them more lost dollars (in sales) than paying for higher quality components. It's purely a matter of $$$ to them. If people will put up with problems like the "phantom power window," they will never fix it.
  • pepe5pepe5 Posts: 16
    Just for your info. the supplier of the power windows,is the same that makes business with,GM,FORD,NISSAN,just to mention some,AND the motors are the same,they change very little sometimes from the outside,(mount holes).

    The problem should be long ago solved,because Chrysler charges every dollar spent because of any defective part to the supplier,and that goes to all and every supplier in the world.I witness that.
  • I doubt if there is only one supplier of power window motors in the world, and if whoever DC uses can't deliver, there are others who can, if DC is willing to pay for it. Look at the quality control that Toyota and Honda insist on and get from their suppliers. Even if the suppliers absorb the cost, the issue is the same: it may be cheaper for the supplier to pay for replacements than to manufacture 100% perfect devices. But perhaps the DC problem is in the switches or controls.
  • I've read that Chrysler will be offering an optional touring suspension on the Y2K LHS. Is there any information available on the setup, (e.g. wheels, tires, springs, etc) or the cost?
  • The MSRP on the 99 LHS I am considering is $31,720, not $31,420 as I stated in my previous post....the invoice cost is $29,062. Therefore, the $27,500 I was offered is $1,562 under invoice. I realize that there is a $2,000 dealer incentive, which is how they are making their $438, but the point is that the same deal could not be made on a model 2000, which doesn't carry the same incentive. Combine that with 0.9% financing for up to 60's hard to pass up.....I guess it makes sense to buy the 2000 if you can afford to pay more, but this deal is stretching things as it is.......
  • Hey david53, is that a local incentive, or where are you getting .9% finance. Looking to close deal tonight, immediate response would be appreciated...
  • I think that the .9% rate is only available in the northeast - I'm in Mass. and I know that New Hampshire has it too. I was in New Orleans last weekend and was perusing the car ads and didn't see Chrysler offering it there. Good luck closing your deal!
  • Test drove the aforementioned LHS last night with all intentions of buying.....but had a less than positive experience.....first of all, the engine seemed to be a little rough....then I thought that there was more road noise than other LHS's I had test-driven....and lastly I noticed that the rear door on the passenger's side didn't close flush to the body of the car. I asked what kind of fuel they had in the car, and the answer was 87 octane, which might account for the engine roughness. It could also be that the road noise was all in my head, that it was no noiser than other LHS's. The door concerns me, however. First of all, can this be easily adjusted to fit correctly? What are the chances that this is a symptom of a poorly put together car? Could the door thing account for the road noise? (It didn't sound like the noise was coming from that direction - it was more from the driver's window area).....any help or opinions on the above concerns would be greatly appreciated....they told me they are going to adjust the door, and check out the engine and the rest of the car, so that I can take another test drive before I decide......
  • david53, All I use in our 300 is 87 octane so I don't think that is the problem. Maybe you should do some more test driving of othe LHS's. I dove a few before we bought our 300 and none of them had those symptoms and the bodies and doors fit good. We even went as far as renting a LHS for an over nite trip from Dollar Car Rental so we could check one out without being bothered by salesman. I still think if it had been my decision we would have bought a LHS but the car was for my wife. I like the back of the LHS better than the 300.
    Good luck with your choice.
  • That should read drove, I haven't dove any LHS's lately.
  • I recently purchased my 94 LHS very happy with what I have.
    It has 73K, recently it started to display the dashboard gas tank empty light on. That is fantastic if it were true, the tank is 3/4 full. At a stop light the gage will drop from showing 3/4 full to empty and the overhead DTE will show -0- only when I put my foot on the gas to start will the gage resume to normal position.
    I contacted the dealership, they said it will start at $77 just to look at it. This is not even to begin to correct it. Hopefully it is something I can take care of myself.

    I am not experiencing any mechanical difficulties but don't want to either.
    Any ideas on what this could be? or What can be done?
  • rhb1rhb1 Posts: 3
    I did not buy yet but dealer did come down on LHS with same options you were looking at to 27709. I offered the 27,500 but would buy at 27609 If they include extra key. But I am wondering - dealer mentioned that dealer incentive was going to be changed to customer cash on 20 Sep. I have not seen that anywhere else. Nor do know the amount. Edmunds mentions 2000 - 2500 as the dealer incentive. I don't know what makes the difference. If I can't work a deal will order a 2000 with only the radio upgrade. I have seen a couple of invoices it seems the advertising is a two entry item on the invoice. I believe it was 200. and 260. The dealer invoice was 29,610 on a MSRP of 31,740 so he said he was selling at invoice minuw the 2K dealer incentive. Wanted to then add $99.00 for the salesman. If you do buy what price are you going to buy at?
  • A local dealer here in Connecticut is advertising a '99 at $4,000 off of sticker. It must be a base model with no extras, as the sale price was a little under $25,600. Base invoice is $26,500, so it looks like they still would be making over a grand on the deal given the $2K dealer incentive.
  • I test drove a 300M and after about 30 minutes my butt and the tops of my leg hurt. I noticed that if I pushed at the rear of the seat (the "sitting" part - not the back) I could actually feel the bars/tracks that run down either side (yeah, I had to press kind of hard). I am 6'3" and weigh 240lbs and I was thinking that over the length of my test drive, the seat foam must have compressed enough to enable me to actually feel like I was riding on those two bars (from about 6-8 inches from the front of the seat to the back). Note that the first 25 minutes were leading me to a "buy" decision and then all of a sudden - bang, I thought that this car may literally be a pain in the butt.

    Anyway, I am interested in finding out if ANY other LHS or 300M drivers experience(d) the same problem (since the seats are the same). Yeah, I am also torn between the LHS and 300M but am leaning more toward the LHS. I've even went as far as making a call to a Recaro seat distributor to see if I could get a new seat that would fit (still awaiting to find out if they have a mounting bracket). I just wonder if I am one of those people who happen to be an "outlier" on the bell-curve distribution of ergonomics or if there really is a design flaw in the nice-looking leather seats. I am posting this because today on the way into work, I noticed a nice new 300M and the drivers seat had an additional "back-saver" cushion that provided additional padding for the butt side of the seat as well as the back and I thought ---- I wonder if other people have this problem and what they do about it. Responses would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  • Since my last post, I discovered a much better deal, it seems. Found a dealer who is discounting $5,000 off MSRP for a 99 LHS and $4,000 off on a 99 300M. Specifics: 99 LHS, including upgraded radio, moonroof, and chrome wheels; sticker $31,355, sale price $26,355!! Plus 0,9% financing!!.......Also, 300M, radio, roof, chrome wheels, and full spare with matching wheel; sticker $31,720, sale price $27,720!! Again, with the 0,9% can I go wrong?...These cars are just not selling in the Northeast....what am I missing?????....anyway, I have to decide which model I want the most.....the LHS is by far the best deal, although I like the better handling of the 300M. Also, I hate the fact that the front license plate frame is already installed...I only have a rear completely spoils the look of the front grill.....I would appreciate anyone's comments as to the relative merits of one model over the other.....I need help deciding!!!! Thanks in advance!!
  • The call on which car to get is really going to come down to which car YOU like best. They both a good cars. It is a personal decision. During the buying process I told the salesmanager I did not want the front license bracket put on the car. When we got home there that damn thing was staring back at me. I got out my screwdriver and removed it on the spot. A week later the dealer called to ask how things were going with the car and I unloaded on the poor guy. They have ordered some plugs that will match the paint and will put them in.

    Good luck on which ever car you decide on.
  • In case you didn't notice, the 2000 prices are posted on Edmunds, and The daylight running lights are shown as an option only on the Carprices site, but not the others. I was told by a dealer that they could only be ordered as a fleet option, for some reason.
  • A few days ago, I posted (#80)the Chrysler terms from their site for the 300M and LHS "program" leases. The LHS fine print said it was based on, among other things, "application of $1,000 consumer lease cash," and I asked what that meant. No one else knew, or at least no one
    responded, but interestingly, when I checked back
    there today, I found the fine print had changed,
    or, more accurately it seems, been corrected! I
    guess that language didn't mean anything, because
    they deleted it.

    OLD LANGUAGE: [brackets added to highlight deleted

    .....Total : $2,198.89 includes down payment of
    $1,500, first month's payment of $348.89 and
    refundable security deposit of $350.00 monthly
    payments of $348.89 [__after application of $1,000
    consumer lease cash__]. Participating dealers only.
    Assumes $1,170 dealer


    ....Total : $2,198.89 includes down payment of
    $1,500, first month's payment of $348.89 and
    refundable security deposit of $350.00 monthly
    payments of $348.89. Participating dealers only.
    Assumes $1,170 dealer participation.....
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Did you ever doubt that Chrysler people read these posts? I'm sure they know EXACTLY what is going on. Will it make a difference? Time will tell.

  • Saw my first 2K LHS today and picked up a Chrysler line brochure (someone had asked if they are available). Didn't have individual car brochures, 300M, LHS, etc. (Yes, it had a hole in the roof.) They've apparently delivered many 300M's, but this is the first gen-u-ine 2K I've actually seen with my own eyeballs.

    I can't understand the compulsion carmakers have to ruin a good thing. The shiny chrome window trim really cheapens the car. I wish they would confine their changes to real improvements and leave well enough alone. Wish I knew what goes on in their little brains.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Did you CALL your State Consumer Protection Department? I would speak to them in person and explain the circumstances. Just out of curiosity- is Cutrubus Motors a "5-STAR" dealer?

    Try this link even though I think you have this info- Then follow it up with a call. Good luck.

  • I am considering an LHS. Does anyone know if the suspension is the same on the LHS as the Concorde LXi?

    Also, on price my dealer said he would sell it to me at invoice and I get .9% financing. Sound good?
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