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Chrysler LHS



  • I am shopping for an LHS and Autobytel told me that Chrysler announced a $2000 incentive yesterday. Incidentally, Autobytel seems to be coming up with the best price - $25770 for the 99 vs 26600 or so from the dealers in my area (Northern VA). What they do is start at the invoice price and just subtract the incentive. They must be making their money on the dealer holdback...
  • jyanuljyanul Posts: 9
    Can anyone tell me how much better the UPGRADED
    stereo system sounds compared to the base stereo?
    Is it worth the extra $300.00? I'll be ordering
    a 2000 LHS in a few months. I have never had a "great" factory stereo system. I have to believe
    its because of the very CHEAP speakers the mfg puts in these cars. I have a 98 PARK AVENUE ULTRA
    (top of line Buick with everything) and its stereo
    sytem sounds horrible! I read somewhere that they
    upgraded it on the 99 & up models. I have a 99 NEON also and its stereo sounds TREMENDOUSLY better than the Park's..figure that!
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    I'm seriously considering an LHS and, with the recently announced $2,000 dealer cash and a dealer offer to deduct that amount from invoice, it seems like an attractive deal. (I like the LHS over the 300M primarily because of the trunk size and the little extra interior room. I have an Aurora and the Aurora and 300M trunk openings are comparable: you can hardly get anything of an size (like two large suitcases) in either of them. And I don't like/need/want the AutoStick.) Questions: (1) Anybody know what if any changes have been made to the 2000 models? Sticker price on the 2000 is down about $300 from the start of '99, which would make the invoice to invoice comparison, exclusive of the $2,000 cash, only about $1,700, assuming one could get a 2000 at invoice reasonably soon after introduction.
    (2) An article in the Detroit Press commented that the LHS air conditioning is somewhat weak and inefficient. Anyone had any real world experience with it? (3) There are always "anecdotal" problems with every car. Are there known problems with the LHS/300M that would, in your opinion, disqualify the car from your consideration? I keep cars about 3 years and drive them about 50-55K miles. The Aurora has a 50K warranty, which made most of my driving covered, but the LHS/300M warranty is 36K, as I recall. Should I be leery of 20K unwarranted miles with the LHS? (4) Has anyone had any experience with the in-trunk CD changer? I like the ones that connect directly to the amplifier, but have had bad experiences with the type that connect through the antenna input and are "tuned" through the radio. How does the Chrysler LHS/300M type work? I need to get whatever info I can by the end of next week (by Aug. 14). Any input would be greatly appreciated, including your opinions about a 1999 versus a 2000 model.
  • I have a '99 LHS in platinum pearl w/5 chrome 17" wheels, a moon roof, upgraded stereo and an added in-trunk CD magazine. It is a fine auto. It was purchased in 5/21/99 and I had a few problems for my early purchase but they were cosmetic and fixed by the dealer/DC.

    I, too, skipped the 300M because of its size and looks. I consider the front end unattractive when compared w/that of the LHS. Also, condsider that the 300M is based upon the Intreped body while the LHS is based upon the slightly larger Concorde body. Trunk space and rear seat room were a prime consideration for me and the LHS had all that in spades.

    Regarding the AC, I can only say after 17200 mi that I have never had a better AC system and this is my 59th new car since 1950. I have mostly had just about all brands; some were better than others and all had some problems, even the 2 Mercedes which I owned in the mid eighties.

    If you have any problem anticipated with exceeding the warranty, simply buy an appropriate length extended warranty to cover the anticipated time you will own the car.

    I do have a trunk-installed CD changer. It is a Sony -- would NOT have the Chrysler version for several reasons. First, my unit playss the same magazines in the house or in the car, so I simply take the MAGAZINES back and forth, never have to touch the disks at all. Second, the 10 disk Sony has considerably more capacity than the DC version and probably is made by Pioneer, a brand I have never had much faith in for reliability. Mine does connect via an RF amplifier w/no appreciable problem in sound quality, IMHO.

    I have painted my outside mirrors to body color and added two small cinammon-colored stripes to generally match the interior. The appearance of the auto is outstanding Vs the plai black mirrors as it comes. I also hear that DC will finally go back to painting the outside mirrors to body color again (they did on the LHS in '94 and '95).

    Regarding the '99 Vs '00 model -- if you must have the newest, by all means buy the '00, but if you want to save a bit, buy a '99 -- there probably will be minimal changes. I can tell you how to paint the mirrors if you wish. Cost me about $60 and it looks like a factory job.

    Have fun, by all means.
  • jrigbyjrigby Posts: 2
    Any new information on the changes from 1999 to the 2000 model (I know that any changes will probably be small). Does anyone of any color changes. Thanks
  • lynn45lynn45 Posts: 1
    I have driven minivans for 12 years. Want to go to a car. Still have two teens and need room for friends. Looking at LHS and 300M. 300M is more sporty but insurance is much higher. Anyone have an LHS used as a family car care to answer? Also how do either cars handle on snow and or ice?
  • We had a pretty mild winter, but what snow & ice we did get posed no problem for my 99 LHS. The ABS and traction control help significantly.

    I have put 21,000 miles on to date and the only problem is the sticking window. I've cleaned the slots time and time again, but they still will stick if I roll them up tight. I've found that if I stop the window before it "cements" itself in place, the sicking doesn't occur. I suppose that I'm losing some of the quietness, but I seem to live in a bank or fast-food drive-thru lane, so the trade off is worth it.

    Anyone else have a better suggestion on getting the sticking to stop? Two trips to the dealer have resulted in zip!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I'm not sure if you are the one who posted about the sticking windows before, but I had the same problem on my 300M. I don't remember EXACTLY what I used to solve the problem, but, looking on the shelf in my garage, the ONLY thing that I see that I could have possibly used is Turtle Wax- Clear Guard. I have had this stuff for a long time, so I'm not sure if they still sell it.

    I put some on the edge of a wash cloth and coated all the rubber around the front and rear windows even though it was just the rear windows that were sticking. I did this a long time ago and only did it once. If it wasn't going to work, it would have showed up by now because I rarely open the back windows except to wash the dirt marks at the top of the window because I think they look stupid only going halfway down.

    Hope this helps you out.

  • Thanks for the tip. I'll try a wax-type product this weekend. I've tried cleaners in the past, but they seem to have no effect on the problem.

    I wasn't the previous "sticking windows" post as yesterday's post was my first to this forum. Strangely enough, only the front windows have stuck on my LHS, never the rear!

  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Thanks for your comments. I was especially pleased to hear of your AC experience. Since I posted my note I read in one of the auto mags that the '00 will have a 4-disc in dash changer. The article didn't mention anything else as being new for '00. My question about '99 vs. '00 is more economic than anything else. I have a $1,000 certificate from DC, good on a '99 purchased until September 30, so the issue is whether a '00 is worth $2,700 more than a '99, again assuming one could buy both at invoice and then get $3,000 off the '99, and taking the '00 price reduction into account.

    Re: the DC in-trunk CD changer, does anyone know if that connects directly through the amp, or through the antennae input connector? I guess my prior poor experience with an RF changer has made me "twice shy" of that type of unit. Perhaps they've improved.

    Much will depend on the bottom line numbers the dealer actually comes up with. While they are located in my area, I've never dealt with them and don't know (yet) if the preliminary talk was a lowball. But I think I should be able to find that deal without much trouble, considering the relative popularity of the LHS vs. the 300M.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Forgot to take you up on your offer of information on painting the mirrors. I am interested.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    One other question re: the '99 LHS: what is the build-date that incorporates all the mid-year changes? Also, do the currently built U.S. cars have daytime running lights?
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    During the recent heat wave here in the East (hotter than it's been the rest of the stinking hot summer), my front windows began to stick. I took some baby powder and coated as much of the "in the groove" rubber as I could. The sticking stopped immediately. I don't know if this will help any of the others with the sticking windows or not.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Hey, if it's safe enough for a baby's behind, how could it hurt the rubber molding around the windows?

  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Need a fast answer. Do either the 300M or LHS come with automatic Daylight Running Lights? Are they available as an add-on? Thanks.
  • When I ask "The dealer incentive" that your guy talking about, $1000 ended 08/02/99 and $2000 for now. The dealer's answer "only apply to leasing"
    not buying. Is it true.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    That's dealer BS. The $2000 is cash from DM to him for selling or leasing a car. He can pass it on to the buyer or put it in his pocket. I've spoken to five dealers recently, while looking for a 1999 LHS, and every one started out by passing it on to me, buy or lease. Problem is, if you buy they can't get more $$$ by leasing it. That's why your dealer doesn't want you to buy. I don't know how many DC dealers are in your area, but you can get the full $2000 off of invoice on a purchase by looking around.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Thanks for the reply. I knew about the 2000s and should have clarified I was referring to the 1999 model, that is, if I get a 1999, will I be able to add the DLR?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I JUST read today, in another Chrysler forum, that you can buy a module that plugs into the fuse box and have DRL's. Try this site to read about it- If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll cut and paste the message here for you.

  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    The manual makes no distinction between the US and Canadian flavor 99 300M except that the US doesn't have the module. The manual shows a dotted line for it but not the associated wireing. It installs in the engine room fuze panel. I can't say for sure but looks like just plug it in and you have DRL's. Makes sense.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Thanks for the correction. I was just repeating what was said in the other forum.

  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Thanks for the inpute. The link worked and I will try to find the module when I get my LHS, which should be within the next 4 weeks.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Interesting results from research/negotiations on a 1999 and 2000 LHS. The 1999 is offered at $2000 under invoice (the amount of the cash-to- dealer incentive), plus an additional $1000 off for a coupon sent to former Chrysler owners (which I am not) and some people who requested info on the LHS over the Internet (which I did). HOWEVER, Chrysler has subsidized ("program") leases on 2000 model cars, but no program leases on 1999s. So the 36 month lease cost for a 2000, car for car (except the 2000 has the 4 disk in-dash CD changer), is $30/month LESS than a 1999! In very round numbers, $30/month is equal to about $1000 reduction in cap cost, which means the 2000 lease capitalized cost is the equivalent of $4000 less than invoice, compared to the $3000 less than invoice for a 1999 model car!!! (Or $2000 less than invoice if you don't have the $1000 coupon.) Moral of story seems to be to get a 2000 car if you want to lease an LHS, and get a 1999 if you want to buy (but evaluate the relative cost of buying both cars to determine if the more costly 2000 is worth the difference to you).
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Additional item of interest on the DRL LHS issue: A dealer told me they have been advised by Chrysler that they can only order the $40 DRL option on 2000 fleet cars, at least for the time being. Doesn't make any sense, but there is no reason for them to lie, since we are talking about an "ordered" car, not an excuse about why an in-stock car doesn't have the module.
  • charlesfcharlesf Posts: 28
    What is going on with the LHS?
    I just read the following information over at Production of the following 2000 models: Intrepid 45%, Concordes 25%, 300m's 20% & LHS's 10%. I called my local dealer last week and asked him if he had any 200 model LHS in yet and he said he had not ordered any of them. I rented a 1999 LHS from Dollar Car Rental for two days last week and my wife and I thought it was a great car. We are going to buy a new car soon and we wanted to try it out with out salesman bothering us. We drove it for 400 miles in all kinds of driving, freeway, mountains, backroads and lots of LA traffic.
  • pepe5pepe5 Posts: 16
    In two more weeks at the most dealers are going to have the new LHS.About your local dealer,don´t trust him,I can see he has not been honest with you,the truth is what you read,and as a Chrysler dealer he MUST have LHS for sale.
    Maybe he said that to you because he was out of LHS,and wanted to sell you another car.
    Please try another dealer,the LHS is a great car,if you wait for the new one to come,and buy it you will love it,many improvments had been made to the new one.
    In my opinion the bright silver looks sharp.
  • charlesfcharlesf Posts: 28
    pepe, I have noticed every dealer I go to has 99 LHS's setting in there lots. I guess that should tell me something. I really want to hang on and buy 2000 model. If you have seen them how about giving me a run down on what is new.

    My wife and I test drove a 2000 model 300m today and we saw a bright silver. You are right it is sharp looking. The car is for my wife and she gets a little testy if I start making to many suggestions. If living with the gal for 47yrs. I have learned to bite my tongue. No wonder the dam thing is sore all the time.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    About the only difference I can see is the 4 CD in-dash changer and the daylight running lights. Someone wrote the gearshift handle was different, but it didn't seem changed in the Y2K 300M I saw. The silver is new and Platinum is gone. There may be under-the-skin changes, but nothing I could see. The LHS list has been reduced to make the 300M $1,000 more than the LHS, because of supply and demand, I'm sure. If you are leasing, the 2000 Chrysler Financial lease is subsidized, so you can lease it for less than a 1999!!! Don't let you dealer tell you otherwise. But buying the '99 is a little cheaper. Question is, is the differential worth the added depreciation?
  • tlott1tlott1 Posts: 1
    In regards to the $2000 dealer incentive until 10/4, why hasn't the Dailmer/Chrysler site listed the incentive yet? Thanks, tlott
  • pepe5pepe5 Posts: 16
    Buying a 2000 is a better decision,it is a new model,it is has been improved,plus the 99 is already one year old.
    In my opinion it pays if the new one is more expensive.
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