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So how have you dressed up your Nox?

Me, so far I've.... painted the muffler black, added the towing hitch, a stainless exhaust tip, splash guards, SilverStar Ultra high beams and last night I installed this little gem.


Stainless steel grill. Makes the front end a little classier than the black plastic mesh.


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    I think you need to set up your CarSpace page and post some pics of your ride in the albums there.
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    That does look sharp. :shades:
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    Let's see if I can figure it out.
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    Are you happy with the grill cover? It looks great in the pictures. My '10 Nox is due in this week and that grill cover looks really good.
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    That looks really nice. I hope that you can get some pictures of your pimped nox up so we can see all the work you put into it.

    Also, how has your mileage been? Do you think the grill might effect air flow, thus hurting your mileage a bit?

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    I drove 300 miles this past weekend and average 27.1 fillup to fillup. You'll notice the grill has flat angled slats. The OEM grill is more like a spider web where the air flow passes through. I think the flat slats will deflect the air up and back due to the angles, so no, I don't see any negative impact on the mpg.
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    Where did you get the chrome tail pipe finisher? Was the installation of the new grille cover easy?
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    The exhaust tip came from Advanced Auto Parts. It's not a Chevy design and matter of fact was not the exact size for the Nox pipe. I had to remove the clamp inside the exhaust and reform it to fit the size of the Nox pipe.

    I plucked the grill off eBay at a big discount from the current price.

    The grill was not an easy job. They promote 60 minutes, plan on more like 4 hours. You can't have big forearms because there is very little room between the OEM grill and the radiator. Both arms were pretty scratched up once I was finished. You have to pry the top half of the grill away from the body and hold it in place with shorts 2x4s.

    There is very little design tolerance in the fit which makes it that much more difficult but that much nicer too, once it's in. Getting it in place without scratching the existing chrome takes patience and lots of masking tape to protect the chrome. At first I thought the new grill was too wide to fit and actually called to return it. The upper lip has to slide under the inside upper lip of the existing grill, then it pops right into place, but they didn't mention that in the instructions.

    Also you need a really odd size thumb ratchet 11/32 or a ratcheting box wrench to turn the tiny nuts on the back side. There's not a whole lot of room for a small socket wrench. I found the 9MM works well enough.
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    Nice Grill. I bought 2010 leather SS Camaro Headrest off ebay for 65 bucks delivered, which dressed up the interior of my 2010 LS awd Nox. I also bought 2010 Camaro 20 inch wheels and tire new take offs for 850 delivered. These rims are the same 120mm bolt pattern and the same 67mm bore center as the Equinox.
    They arrive 12/8 and i will inform ya'all if they fit. Tire height is 28.66 vs the Nox's 28.52 which is damm close. front rims are 8 wide with 35 offset vs Nox's 7.5 wide with 40mm offset. rears are 9 wide with 40 offset. Looks like they are going to fit. There are about 20 sets of these on ebay all the time and the sell for $950-1200
    Wish me luck. Also I was going to put SS silverado brake duct bumper vents in the place of those ugly plastic non foglight hunks of crap, but can't find a body shop brave enough to do it.">
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    Finally got around to taking a pic of the front end.

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    Nice ;) Was it easy to put on..........and do you think it will stay in place.
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    That baby isn't going anywhere. It is held in by compression against the original with about 10 screws.

    Manufacturer says it takes about an hour. HA ! After about 1.5 hours I gave up, called and explained it didn't fit and wanted to return. THEN they give you the real instructions. Just dry fitting it, it looks to be too big for the opening. The top edge has to be pressured upward in order to slide the bottom into place.

    You have to pressure the original forward and hold in place with pieces of 2x4. If have large forearms, look for a little helper. There isn't a whole lot of room behind the grills to work the nuts on the compression screws. 2nd time around it took about 1.5 hours. Also, it really helps to have a thumb socket to turn the nuts. It's real difficult keeping a small wrench on those nuts.
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    I got my 2010 camaro 20 inch new takeoff wheels and tires and they fit and look great on my 2010 Nox. Tried them then put up for winter so no pictures. The wheels sensors are the same GM part #. They would really dress you up especially with that grill. Got mine off ebay for 700 plus shipping.
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    Does anyone know if the springs from a Equinox Sport will fit on a 2005 fwd using the 2005 front struts and stock rear shocks?
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    How's the ride on those 20's? I've driven 18's and 19's and the ride is a little harder than the 17" stock Michelins.

    By the way, those 20's will screw up the recorded vehicle mileage since one full rotation will be longer than the smaller wheel. The recorded mileage will be less than actual. Just keep that in mind for your service records..
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