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Chrysler Concorde



  • larryk5larryk5 Posts: 25
    Need new company car and thinking about the Concorde LXI. Test drove one today and was not happy with wind noise and road noise at highway speeds. It had Michilin tires and not the Goodyears. I had a 99 Intrepid ES and loved it until about 65k and things started going out. Drove it until 90k and would not have wanted to buy it off company.

    I saw some post here that say the new 02's have had some additional sound deadening but I am not convinced. Anyone out there with 99 vs 02 experience that can chime in and any former Intrigue or Sable owners comment would be appreciated.

  • sheriff1sheriff1 Posts: 1
    I will be buying a Concorde LXi....think it's a great value for the $.I need the size for luggage and golf clubs and also appreciate the way this auto drives given its size.

    Has anybody seen info on what changes are in store for '03? If anyone could list reference web sites, etc. I'd surely appreciate it!

    I'd HATE to get my new ride and then kick myself when that model goes next generation the following model year. Don't all car lovers have this same problem/fear?

    Thanks for your consideration.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I haven't heard of any changes coming for '03. Of course, the '02 also gets you $1500 cash back and a 7 yr/100K warranty.

    The Concorde is a lot of car for the money.

    P.S. I'm still waiting for my '02 Concorde Limited (company car) to arrive. For what it's worth, I did find out that it will be blue.
  • jab02lhsjab02lhs Posts: 122
    Your 02 Limited is identical to my wife"s 01 LHS, also steel blue. She says she has gotten more compliments on it than all her other cars combined.
    I love it , good power, ride, and looks all for 25 grand. What kind of company considers this a company car? Most company now go with Taurus or malibu's. Good luck with your new ride.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    When I first chose the Concorde LTD, I did it without the benefit of a test drive. I based my decision on the size, horsepower, and standard amenities. Now that I have test driven the car, I am glad I ordered it. It has a nice ride, good power, nimble handling (for such a big car), and a well finished interior.

    BTW, the brochure I have indicates that there are two blue colours, steel and dark metallic. I prefer the steel blue and have been hoping to get one in that colour.

    I'll let you know which one I get in about a month.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    all that confiscated drug money lets you guys get to drive around in those mafiaesque LHSes (oops, I mean Concordes)!!! ;^)
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Actually, the GSA price of the LTD was about $21,300.

    The Mustang GT and Firebird Formula V8 were $19,800, as was the Ford Escape, Dodge Intrepid, and Buick LeSabre. The Taurus and Regal were about $18,500.

    I considered all of the above cars, and I ultimately chose the Concorde. I think we (the taxpayers) got our money's worth. $20,000+/- is not unreasonable for a G-Ride that will see six or seven years of service.

    frito - Personally, I prefer to think of the Concorde as a pimpin mofo ;)
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    The best review of the Concorde (2nd Gen) I've seen, stated: 'Why buy a Taurus when you can have the Concorde...?'

    and speakin' of a pimped Concorde, check out my homie Diego's ride at:

    Mijo is right on top!! She's a work in progress... Cast your vote while you're there!!

    fedlawman: I can now rest assured that you g-boys are doin' your homework in the car department!

  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think the old style nose is much more attractive than the current snout.

    The window tint looks good.

    The rims? At least he likes them, that's what counts...
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    Yes, I agree the wide-oval grille is much more sleek 'n sexy than the one on the LHS (now Concorde). Thus, IMO Chrysler eliminated the better looking Concorde and not the LHS. Oh well, now my '99 LXi will be just that much more unique!
  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    I recently installed a 1999 LHS electroluminescent gage cluster into my '99 Concorde. Very easy to do. 100% functional. Looks fabulous. Odometer reading is stored in the drive train computer, so that stays with the vehicle.

    Been done before? Anyone interested?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    I'm on the brink of buying 16" Mille Miglia Cello wheels ( for my Candy Apple Red '99 (LX, so came from factory with steel wheels with plastic covers). Anyone have these and have opinions on those wheels. I like what I see on the Tire Rack web site on these. Look very similar to the 15-spoke factory alloys, except these have 14 slightly narrower spokes - more open looking. Good brand?
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    That's a big YES on both items. I always liked the retro-looking indiglo gauges in the LHS. Also those Mille Miglia wheels would be my choice as well! Thanks for any info - did you get the cluster off of eBay?
  • riv86riv86 Posts: 12
    I plan to buy a `98 Concorde LXi and O wonder if this car has this option. I don`t know if this is the correct name for it but let me describe what I need. Me and my wife drive the same car so every time we switch seats we have to adjust mirrors and the seat. Some more luxurious cars have this option that remember setting of at least two drivers. I`m sure that a lot of Concorde owners will read this message so please respond. Thanks a lot.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    I'm pretty sure that this feature was NOT available on the Concorde. Maybe the LHS?
  • riv86riv86 Posts: 12
    That`s what I thought but I hoped it may be added as an extra option. Thanks
  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    Well - I knew I wanted to try it - I bought the FSM soon after I bought my '99 used this past November, and was convinced that electrically, the gage clusters were compatible. I was willing to risk a coupla hundred $$ on the chance that it could work, so on a long shot posted to a general Chrysler newsgroup ( that I was looking for a '99 LHS cluster. There just happened to be a guy there that works for a very large salvage company that has an internet presence that replied and said he had the exact cluster that I was looking for. Bottom line, I bought it from him ($200US), it was in mint condition, and it plugged right in with some small amount of instrument panel disassembly to gain access.

    Recently, a customer of the company I work for showed up in an '02 Concorde rental - I took a peak inside, and lo and behold, it basically has the dash of a Concorde but the cluster out of an LHS (but not as nice looking as the '99 cluster - '99 one has black retro-looking letters on creme background; '02 cluster has white plain looking letters on black background - I assume it's electroluminescent - maybe not - possibly a variation of the non-electroluminescent Intrepid gages).

    If you get serious about doing this, let me know - there's a few little tips that I can pass on.
  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    I had given up looking for a decent Concorde forum a few months ago - seems there are come viable 300M and Intrepid forums, but not real good activity for Concorde forums - I hope this one goes well to fill the niche. The 300M, Intrepid, and Concorde each have their own distinct personalities and it's best if Concorde interest is not watered down and dominated by the other LH's.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    What you described is called memory seats and the concorde does not have that in the year you are looking at.
    I have a 99 Concorde that I have leased for 3 years and I have 78,000 miles on it and will be returning it back to the dealer for the end of my lease in a few days.
    Good luck with your new Concorde purchase.
  • riv86riv86 Posts: 12
    Thanks mimi 919. From your msg I assume that `99
    has this feature. But I am afraid `99 would gor a little more than I can afford. Still Thanks a lot.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    My 99 Concorde LXI does not have the memory seats...The 2 features I thought it lacked was the memory seats and the automatic headlights...the 300M for that year does have both features but it was at a higher price.
    As you can see from my last post I do a lot of road driving and I have to say that my Concorde handled really great on the highway and I often got over 30 mpg on the highway with my air on.
    I also found my car to be very comfortable on long trips but my 2 concerns with the car was there was a blind spot when looking thru the mirrors and my biggest complaint was the road
    noise and if you scroll back throgh the older posts for that year car you will see many other complaints about the road noise but all cars have their drawbacks and overall the Concorde was a good car for me.
    I wish you the best of luck with the Concorde if that is what you do end up buying.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    rolling in this forum! I must be out-of-town (hall) this week, but will get back to you all next!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    Looks like this thread is dying. I guess Concorde owners would rather be out driving their cars than talking about them and exchanging ideas.
  • frank58frank58 Posts: 54
    I love driving the Concorde, open the sunroof and crank the tunes.
    The car is 2 years old and still looks great. I love the front end on the 2000 model better than the new one. Only issues have been small and have been fixed ASAP by South Shore Chrysler in Braintree Ma.
  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    I agree with you about the looks of the front end. As far as I'm concerned, those wings on the facia make the look.

    I have some 16" alloy wheels (along with some tires) on order thru - getting the Mille Miglia Cello (with Dunlop Sport A2 tires). Should be here by this coming Tuesday. Yay!
  • I loved my test drive with the Concorde and hope to buy one soon. Have checked out with CR, dealership with Better Business Bureau, etc. all set, just waiting for my car now. Interested in owners opinions of this car.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Anyone installed an after-market spoiler on their Concorde? I saw a 2002 Inferno Red LXi with a rear spoiler recently, and it looked great (not too large, followed the rear trunk lid very closely). Mine's a 2001 Bright Silver LXi, and thought this would be a great addition. Dealer states there isn't a stock version available for purchase.
  • pevapeva Posts: 42
    Tell your parts counter guy to get off his butt and LOOK IN HIS LATEST ACCESSORIES CATALOG. According to the Chrysler web site, the P/N for the spoiler is 82204620. Go to and drill down to "External appearance" via your Concorde model and "Shop for Accessories". They even show a picture of it installed.

    (I had a similar experience recently - I asked my local parts guy to look up a certain alloy wheel that I identified on the Chrylser web page - he pulled the accessory catalog out and said that that P/N wasn't listed. Come to find out, he was looking in a year old catalog. Sure enough , it was in the latest accessory catalog that was sitting right on his shelf. So if your parts guy is like mine, and apparently he is, you may have to walk him over to the shelf and point to the right book.)
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