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1993 Eurovan Lock cylinder switch

bshayestehbshayesteh Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Volkswagen
We really have to remove the full lock cylinder, not just the switch and it is not clear what we need to do. Thx.


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    fbrawsr0fbrawsr0 Member Posts: 16
    I need help determining what the "circle surrounded by dashed lines" means that lights up on the dashboard on my 2003 Eurovan.Thanks
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    bshayestehbshayesteh Member Posts: 2
    There are circles with parenthesis-type lines on either side that have to do with ABS braking. The one with an exclamation point in the middle is "Brake without ABS." It states in the user manual that the light comes on while the engine is cranking. It goes out after the engine is started and the parking brake is fully released. This is your assurance that the brake warning light is runctioning properly. If the brake warning light does not light up while cranking the engine or setting the parking brake, there may be a malfunction in the electrical system. The book recommends contacting your VW dealer.

    There is also a warning panel that states "If the brake warning light does not go out with the engine running and the parking brake released or light up while driving, the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir may be too low. This may be due to a leak in one of the independently functioning brake circuits. If the brake pedal travel has increased, one of the brake circuits may have failed. Avoid driving the rehicle and have it towed to VW. If the brake pedal travel has not increased and braking performance remains unimpaired, proceed to your VW dealer."

    If you have ABS, the symbol will have a small ABS in the middle instead of the exclamation point.

    I also found a reference to a small circle with lines radiating from it, like a sun graphic and that has to do with the ambient temperature reading, which we do not have. Hope this helps.
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    97evc97evc Member Posts: 2
    It appears that my intermittent problem may also be related to the ignition switch. When the dashboard ABS warning light fails to go out after the engine is started, the wipers and the heater/AC fan will not work. After switching the engine off and back on a few times, the ABS light goes out as it normally should and everything works.

    It looks like others here have experienced similar problems. Before I order a new ignition switch, can anyone help me feel more certain that this, in fact, the problem?

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