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Pontiac Torrent Strange Noises

samiamlsamiaml Posts: 10
edited June 2015 in Pontiac
Hi i have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and have been havin it in and out of the shop for the long cranking ignition (of which after almost a yr they still cant figure out the problem) but the last time i got it back from a different dealer my truck sounded a lil loud when idling.... i didnt notice it before but my husband says for 1 its a suv so its gonna b a lil louder and for 2 its a Pontiac, there all loud.... Does n e body else wit this same truck notice the idling a lil loud??? Is it normal???? Has mine been doing it all this time and i really never noticed it???



  • hi i have the same vehicle and i have both the problems. sometimes it cranks a long time before it fires and starts...with sometimes it not starting the first time. and i have noticed since i ever had it that it is unusually loud for a car. especially when cold. it has the notorious gm "tick" when its cold which is common on all v6 and v8's made by gm. i have been told on the cranking issue that it has something to do with the fuel pump because it is not priming the engine right away like it is supposed to. going into the cold season i am about to replace the fuel pump in a couple weeks ill let you know if that fixes the problem.
  • I took mine to a Pontiac Dealer because it was idling loud 3 months ago. They replaced a Donut in the exhaust line. I believe it was where the header met the pipe. Pontiac replaced it for no charge.
  • Hi a few times ago when i had my truck in the shop they checked the fuelpump and said everything was fine, they hav also replaced the ignition switch and that wasnt it either... Ive had GM involved since almost the beginin so finally after almost a yr GM is gonna send a GM mach to take a look at my Torrent, so we'll c how that goes!
  • tillman3tillman3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Torrent that has began making a loud roar/whine type noise by the serpintine belt. It does change some when the a.c. is turned on. The nose is there whether in park, drive, or neutral. There is no change in the temp. I would appreciate any info about this. Thanks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I would recommend having a dealer look at your vehicle.
    GM Customer Service

    i have had nothing but major problems with my toreent since i purchased it brand new with only 200 miles on it.

    i am now having a a humming in left front end, which is louder in lower speeds and accompanies vibration from the left front end as well. bearings replaced in september 2011 and went out again in may 2012!!! yeh, and NO they werent defective because something is causing it to happen because NOW almost 4 months later i have had to replace them both AGAIN!!! yes i know they were bad starting to hum/grind again and then finally so loud that i would have my radio cranked as loud as it would go and still the noise over powered the radio. so bearings replaced 3 times in amost 1 year. front end has been completely torn apart and now they are saying that my shocks on front and back needs to replaced because my bearings went out and put stress on all this other crap so now shocks and they say the struts as well on don zo!!! they are telling me that that my bearings caused this not because of how old my torrent is or how many miles i have on it. and they say all my tires need to be replaced too!!! i just put new tires on at the cost of almost $800(top of the lines tires) when i replaced my bearings the first time as well as hte brakes and rotors!!! soo they say the i need all new tires because with the bearings going bad it f'd the struts and shocks and inturn made the tires run uneven so now they are cupped and feathered and that if i replaced the struts and shocks,. etc. that if i dont get new tires then i will wear them out again andstuff. they said they feel bad because my tires are like new with the exceptionof the cupping and feathering and that i have years left on them but they are cuppped and feathered to bad to salvage!! this is crazy!!!!GM should have to cover all these expenses because how the hell can bearings go bad that fast!!! yes the were installed properly, and torked properly, because i did my homework. there is obviously a design problem or a gm parts problem

    had my day time running lamp sensor replaced iwthin 2 weeks of having my car because it just stopped working and in august it went out again!! called the dealer who installed it the first time and he told me they wouldnt cover it because i am out of warrrenty and thats it to bad for me. i argued with hime and said how the hell can this part go bad 2 times in just a couple years??? this is a part that should NEVER go bad and GM you should have to pay for it to be replaced because it broke and was replaced the 1st time under warrenty so u either made a bad part or they installed not right ...GM needs to get their crap together and start paying for stuff going wrong with the torrent because i had many HUGE problems within the first 5 months of having mine and i even went to the GM dealer and told them i obviously had a lemon and they went round and round with me on how why it wasnt it and taht in order to make it a lemon it only covers CERTAIN THINGS!!!! and that nothing i had go wrong was covered under that law//REALLY????
    DRL sensor-almost 200 computer needed to be reaplaced--not sure how much taht is, wheel bearings replaced 3 times a year-1 bearing 100//fuel sensors in gast tank)replaced within 1 month of having my car) shocks and seal on back hatch and spoiler not installed properly the list goes on and on!! GM i want answers!!!!
  • Hello kamsophie,

    We're sorry that you've had these difficulties with your Torrent. If we can look into this further for you, please email us the following information at your name and Edmunds username, your phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I bought my wife an 08 torrent ,,
    in hopes of not having to work on it..
    but instead stabilizer , traction control  lights are on and now tire lights
  • How do you check transmission fluid?  
    200 for actuator for window.. And driver door don't lock was told that's another actuator.. Help with something please !! Cuz instead  of paying 3-4 tho
    cash former a car  and working on it once an a while !! Now I'm making car payments on a car and still having problems that I can't identify to fix..

  • I understand all issues I have one my self but Iv had my problems but I've been working on cars sence I was 3 but I love my torrent they are like every car has its problems but the loudness of the truck was never an issue mine has always been quite and I've put a borla on it but the egr tube thins out an brakeso easy so replace and the tapping sound is nothing major for gm the pvc valve is recommended to be replaced every 15,000 miles that keep ur engines pressure regulated and the fact of wheel bearings the replacement issue when they where put in the wheels where put on with the wrong tourqe spec the warp the hub any other questions please ask thinks.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    Welcome to the community charlatankid! Always nice to see new faces.
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