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I own a 1988 Isuzu Trooper II. It has a rather beaten up old 2.6-liter V4 in it. I want to put in a 3.2 V6 in it or higher, i know this involves alot of remounting and engine rummeging but Im not sure how much. I know I want to get rid of the 2.6 but a 2.8 just isnt enough for me. Would the standard Tranny be able to mate with an engine higher than a 2.8? Ive already got 33" Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's sitting in my garage waiting for when i want my Trooper to really man up but I wont touch it till I have a better engine... Eventually after the engine is done i want to install a snorkel and a grille guard. But 88 grille guards are almost impossibl to find... especially since they discontinued them... My trooper book says 1984-1991 Trooper II parts are interchangable, is this true of brush guards too? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks


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    While waiting for a reply here, you may want to check out Engine Swaps. Also, Isuzu Rodeo Engine Swaps may have some helpful information.

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    I am wanting to change my 4cyl to a 4.3 v6, anyone know where we should start? It is a dad son thing so in 2 or 3 years he is ready for the road. This will be a complete rebuild in the end.
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    I would start with procurement the Motor (v.6) and tranny. Finding this, unless you are going to Swap old for new with a refundable core charge is what you are planing at this time. Definately, use the web and your local part store personel. It will be fun and bond him to you and the vehicle. This way he understands how to maintain his cars.
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    Your transmission will only fit the 2.6 engine. The 2.8 has a different bellhousing, and the 3.2 has one that is different from either. There used to be adapters made to fit other engines, but my understanding is they are no longer made.
    I would stay away from the Isuzu 3.2 V-6. You will need the complete computer system to install one of these including vehicle speed sensors from the transmission. There is no distributor or carberator on these engines so your only option is computerized.
    I have had a: 1987 Trooper II swapped from 2.3 to a 2.6. a 1997 Rodeo 2.6, all stock. A 1994 Trooper 3.2 automatic, and currently am converting a 1991 2.8 automatic Trooper to a 5 speed stick (ouch! more work than I thought it would be) Dennis
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    Hi dctrooper
    im also interested in swapping the same engine into a 1988 trooper.Ofcourse i will have to look for a 3.2 v6 along with the manual tranny and housing..but is it possible?
    will modifications have to be made to the engine bay?or could you direct me to a site/person who could advise me on this or if you know of anyone who has succesfully performed such a swap.the only reason why i want to use the late model 6ve1 engine is cos i used to own 01 swb trooper and i loved the engine to bit.i would really appreciate a reply
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    I can't say whether a 3.2 or 3.5 will fit in the engine bay of the 1988 Trooper. I think the best bet is with the GM V-6s. You don't have to use a 2.8. The 3.1 (91-92 Rodeos) is a direct drop in. If you use the Rodeo transmission, you will need to swap speedometer gears - both of them. There is also the option of using a GM 3.4. This engine was used in the Camaros. The 3.1 or 3.4 has to come from a rear wheel drive car. There are all kinds of goodies available for the GM based V-6s. I don't think there is anything available for the Isuzu (3.2 or 3.5) V-6s other than air filters.
    There are some Trooper sites, but different sites have different information. A goo gle search is your best bet. Dennis
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    Swapping the 4 cyl out of my trooper. Hoping to drop in a 3.1 v6. Is there a computer issue and bellhousing match.
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    I have a 1996 Trooper with 212000 miles and had nothing but problems with it over the years. I really like the vehicle but I would like to swap it out with a more dependable engine. Any Ideas??
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    no its not possible...
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    I'm looking for a 2.6l, 4ZE1, of that vintage. I need to replace the block in mne. Is there anyway we can get in contact without violating the rules of tis forum?
  • mtdelphiamtdelphia Member Posts: 12
    I recently bought an 89 with AT and the trans is acting up, only shifting at or over 4500rpm, and I haven't yet gotten it into top gear.
    I have all the parts from a manual 88 and was thinking to use them to convert.
    What are the problems/difficulties you are having in making this conversion?
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    I have a 96 trooper with a 3.2,with engine issues. There's a 99 trooper 3.5 for sale,($850) engine an transmission are good. What I'm wanting to know is,can I do a engine and transmission swap from the 99, into my 96. And what problems will I have.
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    I have a 3.2L Trooper LS manufactured NOV 1992, standard transmission, 152,000 miles. I acquired it from a friend who had purchased it maybe 5 years and close to 10,000 miles before it came to me. He had it looked at before he purchased it and could not get a clear diagnosis about the excessively loud tapping sound that eminates when it runs. He was told that it might last 50 miles or 50,000. I always wondered that it was a failing valve clattering but would have thought it would have gotten much worse by now. It runs well but is really loud. It seems to flutter less around 3500 rpm. I got it with the intention of just running it till it dies, but the sound has not gotten any worse. Now over the years I've had I've put on new shocks, and tires, and new brakes, and stereo. The 4WD works great! So, I start wondering about keeping it going...

    My friend crashed her Trooper LS, 3.2L, manufactured in April 1993, Automatic transmission, 225,000 miles. Her parents diligently maintained the car before giving it to her. It seemed to run perfectly and the truck was in great shape. The car was totalled but the motor appears to be undamaged.

    The engine family codes do not match. 93-PSZ3.2T5FCK 92-PSZ3.2T5FCH9

    Can I even consider swapping these motors? Should I even consider it?


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    Hi I have Isuzu trooper 2000 model. Wants to mount a 4bd1t engine inside.
    Pls is it possible?
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    The best advice I can give anyone searching for answers like this on the Internet is to talk to someone who has actually done it. You don't want to be the first one.

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