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Buick LeSabre



  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Neil - Thanks for the update on your 2000 Ltd. I have a 2000 Bonneville SE - very similar car to your LeSabre - and our situations are very much the same too. I just turned 46 and have 3 kids, 12,10, 8. These G platform cars are wonderful driving vehicles and I personally think that our 2 are the best of the lot.

    Question about the touring suspension - do you find that it feels any different than when you first picked it up? The reason I ask is that I seem to remember others in this forum a while back complaining that the ride deteriorates after 10K miles or so. Other comments were that it is too harsh in general whereas the standard set-up is still plenty firm with the 16 inch tires. What are your observations?

    BTW - feel free to join us in the Bonneville forum - we would welcome your insights and participation.

    Best wishes with your "American Jag"

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    I guess you ordered the jacuzzi option on your LeSabre! You've got a hole somewhere, that's the only way water can get in from underneath. Your dealer is going to have to take your carpet up and see where the water is coming in. Good luck.

    Glad your car is giving you so many trouble free miles. The GT suspension is great, isn't it? The car still has a great ride, but the handling is there when you need it. Perfect combination.

    Still glad you're sticking your head in here from time to time.

  • Ken

    Thanks for the introduction. Send me an email sometime and we can talk cars and kids. My suspension still feels great, no deterioration at all. Best riding car that I have ever had. Thank's for the invite to the Bonny forum. If I get a chance I'll mosey on in sometime :)


    It certainly is a great combination. How many miles do you have on your's now, Mike ?

  • jsistjsist Posts: 1
    I've got a problem, but the buck dealer can't find what's wrong. I was wondering if any other LeSabre owners have come across this. My car will turn over just like it's going to start, but there's a clicking noise coming from the glove box at the same time, and it won't start. Sometimes it will eventually start, other times I have to leave it for a while and come back and it'll start right up, minus the clicking noise. The dealer put it through every test he could, but everything checked out okay. I'm weary about getting in it now, never knowing when I'll be left stranded. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.
  • indrekindrek Posts: 6
    My 2001 Le sabre Limited is coming up to three months and 2,500 mostly city km. No complaints so far except for a minor difficulty with the door locks that was resolved thanks to some good advice from the people in this conference. Fuel consumption is 13.8 litres per 100 km. which is not too bad considering the winter weather and the fact that I have a city commute of only 8 km. each way.

    I drove my wife's Neon today and now really appreciate the comfort and quiet of the Le sabre!

    I am planning to have a tow hitch installed on the Le sabre so that I can tow a small boat (trailer and boat probably weighs about 600 lbs.).

    Does anyone have any advice as to the best type of hitch to use?

  • Having trouble with interior lights. Not working at all with door open, any door, or with the interior light switch on dash. At times, not very often, they will start working. Is there a relay or a timer that I could replace? Did not notice any switches on the doors, are they mounted on the interior of the door with the door latch assemblies? The car is a 1992 Buick LeSabre Custom. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    There is a loaded 2001 LeSabre Ltd on E-Bay with 461 miles, preassigned lease that refused acceptance of vehicle due to $400 fender damage - since repaired. Naples Fla dealer has the vehicle - what a great excuse to take a quick flight to the sunshine state! Dealer says he will let it go for $22.9K - sounds like a super deal for someone!

    Best wishes to all

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    Just rolled over to 4000 miles. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive. Almost makes rush hour tolerable.

    If the stereo were a little better and the "bucket seats" had more lateral support, I would just about call this the perfect car.

    I just love the combination of ride, power, and handling this thing has. Buick keeps making this car better and better.

    Enjoy your car!

  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Hope you don't mind me chiming in for a sec.

    Took my Bonneville in today for an oil change and to get a section of the headliner around the astroroof replaced (little loose when I bought the car; dealer said they'd fix it and I could pick it up the next day, but I couldn't wait! Finally got around to doing it) and they gave me a 2000 LeSabre for a loaner.

    Spent the day driving it around and its a fine car indeed. Standard suspension, so a bit more body roll than I'm used to, but nothing excessive. I like the dash setup (far cry from my Bonnie!) and the bucket seats were nice. Definetly a great car, inside and out.

    Oh, and also I wanted to echo Ken's invitation for anyone here to check out the Bonnie forum if you want. Maybe we can have a G-Body exchange program here...:)

    Ok, I won't waste anymore space here. Take care, everyone and enjoy your fine autos!

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    What a great idea - I'll offer my Bonneville as an exchange for one of these nice new LeSabres. In fact - is anyone interested in potentially getting together at a mutually convenient location to see and compare these fine cars? Weather in the Northeast is improving to the point that we can consider these events for summer - I'd go for a Northeast meet anywhere in New England or New York or New Jersey, even PA. Any takers?

  • Hey Mike,

    Thank's for your response. I have the bench seat in mine, and I have no problems with the lateral support I get. I have the back support adjustment set all the way forward to the hardest setting. That might help with your support. Let me know if it does the trick. Happy and Safe Driving !

  • andrew47andrew47 Posts: 14
    Hello everyone. I've heard nothing but complaints about the 2000 LeSabre stereo stystem. First of all, is this true? Also, is it true that modifying (privately upgrading) the stereo is very complicated for these cars? (Something about the stereo being connected to the car's entire electrical system). Thanks for the help.
  • yoksoryoksor Posts: 1
    My new LeSabre does not "Track" Straight down a road at 70 MPH. This is noticeable on Interstate 75 between Naples and Ft Myers - admittedly a road heavily used by trucks and is rutted. But, I feel there is something wrong with the alinment of this car because I did not feel this movement in my 96 Park Ave. The dealer says nothing is wrong! Has anyone had this same experience?
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Check out for available hitches. They have a great search engine. There is a hitch for the LeSabre that should be fairly easy to install.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    My 2000 LeSabre recommends 30psi in the tires. I run 34 (the limit is 35 on my 16" tires). Firms it up just a bit and should make the tires last longer also. Yes it is still well within the tire manufacturers recommendations. 30psi gives you more sidewall flex and a softer ride, but you pay for that in extra treadwear.
  • Hello. I've test driven a LeSabre and found one problem that may keep me from buying this car. I'm hoping that someone can tell me a solution. The vent on the dashboard reflects onto the windshield in my line of vision so badly that it could be a safety issue. The car was silver with a silver interior. Could this be a function of the color? Has anyone else notice this?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    My LeSabre is Titanium blue with blue interior and there is no reflection. I could be the lighter colored dash
  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    andrew47 - the LeSabre stereo, at least the Concert II system I have, sounds OK at best, but then again, I'm very picky about car sounds. The problem I see is that the sound as a whole sounds very thin. The bass response sounds very artificial and there is little or no midtone response. The highs come out well, but then again, the tweeters are mounted in an excellent location at the top of each door panel. Personally, I believe that the system could use a better amplifier and probably a couple of more speakers. The amplifier is located in the head unit and the wiring isn't there to connect an external amplifier easily. From what I've heard, you really don't want to mess around with this setup unless you want to replace everything, and even at that, you might run into some problems. My only adivce is test drive a LeSabre, bring along some CDs and hear for yourself. You might find the quality acceptable, but if I had my way, I would change several components to make the sound cleaner and fuller.

    yoksor - My LeSabre had a bit of a tracking problem as well, but it was probably because I hit a rock about as big as a baseball the first week I had the car. Dealer had to replace the wheel and tire and they did align the front end again. No problems since. If you car is having a tracking problem, its either a real problem or you are driving on roads with a bad crown or alot of imperfections. Alot of dealers are blaming alignment problems on roads nowadays. My advice is find another dealer to have the alignment checked. If all else fails, try an independent shop. You might have to pay for the alignment, but if they can document the fact that the alignment was out of wack, you might have a case to take back to your Buick (or other GM dealer) for some reimbursement. Good luck. Remember, you should be able to take your car to any GM dealer, not just a Buick dealer.

    macarthur2 - Great minds think alike. I did the same thing to my car - I keep mine at 35psi. I feel it gives the car a much more confident feel, especially arounds twists and turns. At some point, I'll replace the 16" set with a 17" set. Just have to find a wheel I like first. Then I'm really going to attack some curves and see what this thing can do.

    florence4 - I've got the same problem in mine as well. I've got a Taupe (tan) interior and the reflection is quite noticable. Most cars I've driven have some type of reflection, so this was nothing new. Darker interiors should hide the reflection more, but I think the LeSabre looks better with the lighter interiors. Just my opinion.

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    Just finished one of my spring projects, which was to rearrange the garage, put up some more shelving, and mount some more tool hooks. So, once everything was done, I suddenly had a very clean, very well organized garage, with hardly anything on the ground except for the freezer, lawn mower and trash cans.

    So as I'm admiring my work, I took a quick look at my LeSabre and realized that it might actually fit in the garage now. I measured the garage months ago and came to realize that even if I could get the car inside, there would not be enough room to move around. But now that I was actually looking at the garage, I thought there might be a chance.

    So, I grabbed the keys, started up the now gleaming medium red sedan, and slowly pulled into the garage. When I got out of the car, I looked at the rear and I still needed another foot.

    No sweat!! Moved the freezer to a difference wall, moved a few trash cans around, pulled the LeSabre up a little more, and ....

    .... I now have a garaged car!!

    Had to tell this story! I've owner a few darker colored cars and the sun is murder this time of the year. I have a car cover, but why use a car cover when you can use a garage!

    Happy Motoring everyone!

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Neil - where are you in NY?

    If anywhere close to NJ border you may be interested in our proposed gathering in Rockaway off Rt 80 on Sun Apr 22 anytime after noon. We in the Bonneville forum hope to attract a number of cars to meet and check out great rides.

    Any others (lurkers perhaps) in that area are surely welcome. Don't have to live nearby either - I'm coming from Maine!

    Best wishes to you folks and your LeSabres

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    Hey Ken:

    Sounds like a great idea, but that is a bad time for me. Maybe some other time.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I've got a one bay attached as well and it presently houses our 66 Mustang convertible as well as one million and one things that I'll never need. I've got to clean it out and make it presentable - right now I'd be embarrassed to open the door. Of course my dream is for a stand alone 3 bay garage to house the boat, Suburban and Bonneville - that and a million dollars!!

  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    Leather/power seats, auto climate control, yards of interior space, good performance, stability, low speed traction control, and a very sturdy a very good price.

    I think I am spoiled for life..these things are available only in the top of the line sedans and you get used to them so fast.
  • rhraaschrhraasch Posts: 9
    I currently have a 2000 Buick LeSabre. The car currently has 7800 miles on it. I've changed the oil twice since purchasing the car in Jun of 00. Before the first oil change I drove about 2500 miles and I had used about 3/4 quart of oil. Between the first and second oil change I drove about 2500 miles and used a little over 1/2 quart of oil. I have driven about 800 miles since the second oil change and the dipstick shows the oil to be about a half a quart down. Is this anything to be concerned about?
  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    Well, Ken, if I had to choose between keeping the Mustang, the Bonnie, the boat, or the USS Ronald Regan (the Surburban) in your garage, I would pick the Mustang.

    Actually, my ideal garage would be two bays wide. really wide, and long enough to hold two cars in each bay. Also, I would love to have a garage that opens on both sides.

    Getting the LeSabre in the garage was the icing on the cake. The real purpose was to organize the garage and get stuff off the floor. Even bought a bicycle mounting rack for my daughters bike.

    Now my only problem is keeping myself from grabbing the nearest polishing cloth and going over the car everytime I walk into the garage. My neighbor was watching me wash my car the other day and made the following comment:

    "You wash and polish that car more than I brush my teeth.

    My reply was:

    "You need to brush your teeth more often, then."


  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I really don't care how many bedrooms or bathrooms or what the kitchen looks like - just give me a garage the size of an airplane hanger and I'll be ecstatic!

    Now go floss that LeSabre!

  • tpken

    Thank you for the invite, but I can not make it on the 22nd. I live in Rockland County, New York. Maybe another time and place we can get together.


    Hey Mike, you inspired me. Yesterday I cleaned out my garage and discovered that I have 4 extra feet of space that I never had before. Not enough room for a boat, but anyone know where I can get a good,used Harley-Davidson ? Hope all you guys are enjoying your LeSabres. Hey, anybody have any summer road trips planned ? I'm heading to New Hampshire at some point so far, still thinking of more to do. Keep on traveling !

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Neil - You'll probably be driving right past my camp (southern part of state near Salem off Rt 93). Please feel free to stop by for a swim, lunch or dinner and a boat ride. When do plan on coming this way? Maybe that would be the time for a Mass and NH LeSabre and Bonneville meet.

  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    87 LeSabre 3.8L

    Had check engine lights twice with this. Both times while the vehicle was idling in gear. (A parking garage exit that was really slow, and a very slow drive through.)

    Anyway, I got the code from the first time which was a code 44, lean mixture or something to that effect.

    I am looking for a troubleshooting flow chart. I didn't see it in my Haynes manual for the car. I just returned from my library and Chiltons doesn't have it either.

    Does anyone know a good online exhaustive reference for that type of information? Or can someone post the troubleshooting tree for this code. I don't want to just throw parts at it.

    But if I need to start pitching, I'm thinking:

    1. Vacuum Leak/Intake leak.
    2. MAF dirty
    3. Low voltages
    4. Bad O2 sensor

    The light goes out when the vehicle gets moving.

    Any thoughts, help etc. The vehicle drives well, but trips this light during extended idling.


  • Hey Ken,

    I drive up 91 and then goto Troy, just southeast of Keene. Stay at a Inn there, very nice. Thanks for the camp invite, might take you up on it.

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